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"Fucking kids, get out of here!" boomed Stacy from above. Hayley sat shocked and panicked in her enormous pile of clothing. She had left shortly after her sister Elissa, as she wanted to get a quick jog around the neighbourhood in before spending the weekend at Stacy's house. She had inhaled some of the shrinking gas liker her sister did.


Also like her sister, she thought that taking refuge in Stacy's house would be safer than being on the doormat, as other guests would be sure to crush her instantly. The wood floor shook with each small step Stacy took as she returned to the couch. Hayley was very athletic, and ran as quick as she could towards Stacy. She needed to get her attention and help her out.


One thing confused Hayley, and that was Elissa was nowhere to be seen. "Shit, she must've shrunk too. I hope she's alright. She's skinny but not fast" she thought to herself. Stacy moved her leg upwards, setting it down on the arm of the couch. Hayley managed to climb up the gigantic couch, and stood face to sole with Stacy's feet. They were like skyscrapers, she could barely even see the top of them. She then remembered Stacy was known for being ticklish. If she could somehow tickle her feet enough, she would feel it and notice Hayley, and bring her to the hospital for the vaccine. Unlike Elissa, Hayley had seen the news.


Hayley placed one hand on Stacy's foot, and noticed it was like a gigantic, fleshy blanket. "She uses too many skin care products. It's too soft for me too climb... hmm..." muttered Hayley to herself. With not better option, she tried to climb upwards. She figured the middle of her foot would be the most sensitive. Hayley was about the midway point when she lost her grip and fell off, landing back on the arm rest of the couch. She was out of breathe and needed a rest. Hayley leaned against Stacy's heel and fell asleep, but woke up quickly after the doorbell rang.


Stacy stood up and went to answer it, causing Hayley to loose her balance and fall on the cushion. "I swear to god, if it's those kids again..." said Stacy. She opened the door, and sure enough nobody was there, except a third pile of clothing. Again, she took no notice of it. "PISS OFF KIDS" she screamed and slammed the door harder. She layed on her front this time, the loose fitting fabric of her T-shirt laying on top of Hayley. She crawled out from underneath it, and was face to face with Stacy's cleavage, but was also close to her face. "Good, she'll see me if I stand in front of her eye" Hayley thought.


Not so luckly, Stacy shifted her position, and Hayley was trapped in her shirt. Stacy's breast were ungodly in size, almost like mountains. She tried to climb out of her shirt but it was no use. She slid down it like an enormous slide, and landed against her nipple. Another sensitive part of the body, at least. She had to work fast, in fear of another sudden movement from Stacy ending her life.

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