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Story Notes:

This story contains a lot of kinky stuff. Like, a lot. You thought my other stories were bad? This is going all out, with only a bit of exposition. 


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Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter Synopsis: Introduction to our main characters and their not-so hidden weakness.

The Earth is home to 2 factions, one known as the Enlightened and the other know as the Darkened. Both sides despise each other, and all out war has been in the talks a long time. The Enlightened was lead by the fair and ever so beauitful Estolia, standing at 8 miles tall above her peers. The Darkened was lead by the equally beautiful but opposite in personality Anastasia, who also stood 8 miles tall. The 2 had met in person only once, to discuss a peace treaty. It did not go well, and the 2 sides of the Earth, each consisting of 10 thousand women and not a single man, were still at each other's throats.


Trouble was brewing, as Estolia's side of the Earth, which is known today as the Western Hemisphere, was suddenly wiped clean of resoures. The blame was pinned on Anastasia and the Darkened, who plead innocent and denied all involvement. Eustolia tried to calm her people down but they were certain the Darkened were to blame. Angry that they were accused of the crime, the Darkened threaten to invade the Enlightened. Eustolia sent some of her troops to keep an eye out at the border to see if any of the Darkened were set to invade. The troops was lead by Felicia, who came to report the news of no invasion to Eustolia. "M'lord, there is no sign of the Darkened. We don't believe they are planning an invasion just yet" she informed her. Eustolia, sitting on her massive throne of solid marble, looked down at the miniscule Felicia. "You don't believe they are. That's not a yes or a no, Felicia. I don't want vague answers" Eustolia said, her voice smooth yet menacing. "Yes m'lord, sorry m'lord. I will try to get a definite answer" said Felicia, stuttering a bit. "You'll try you say? Enough of this uncertainity Felicia. 24 hours for you" she responded.


24 hours of what, you might ask? Eustolia wore little clothing, as was common for a goddess like her, to express her immense beauty. Her feet were only covered by a silk band, running from her heel to between her big and second toe. 24 hours meant you would be spending that length of time underneath the band. It was a quite severe punishment, but it was not lethal. They were subject to the intense heat and sweat underneath the goddess' foot. But Eustolia was feeling generous today. "My left foot isn't as hot as my right. You may go under the left" she said to Felicia. "Yes m'lord, thank you" Felicia said, nodding. She went underneath the massive silk band and made herself comfortable. Many thought it odd that most of Eustolia's punishments involved something to do with her body, and sometimes even her breasts and private area. They never questioned her though, out of fear they would be punished themselves. Eustolia was often a forgiving goddess, but would hand out a punishment whenever annoyed by one of her people. That was one of the only things Eustolia had in common with Anastasia. They punished their people a lot, with their own bodies.


However, Anastasia liked to have more fun with her people. On the final day of each month, Anastasia commanded her people to worship their goddess physically. They were to lick, clean and do whatever she commanded to her entire body. Her people did this with no complaints, as that would result in major punishment or even death. Both goddess' poorly failed at trying to keep their lustful personalities hidden, but their people never mentioned it to them. Soon enough, word spread of the Darkened people's unusual ritual. Estolia pretended to be disgusted by the act, but in reality she loved the idea. But Estolia quickly realised that Anastasia's weakness was the same as her's: Lust. Both goddess were, in modern terms, extremely horny all the time, and with no partner their size they couldn't let it out. Eustolia realised that the only other person her size was Anastasia, but there was no chance in hell of them ever getting together. But she decided she would use her newfound knowledge as a way to take down Anastasia. 

"We'll draw first blood" said Eustolia "But we're not going to simply invade them. I have another idea. Anyone currently in punishment is free" she announced. There were tiny sounds of cheers coming from her body as several civilians were freed. Felicia crawled out from the band, wiping sweat from her forehead. "What's your idea, m'lord?" Felicia asked. "Anastasia is extremely lustful. We're going to take advantage of that" Eustolia responded. 

Meanwhile, Anastasia was sitting in her own throne, made of strong volcanic rock. "I bring you news, m'lord" said Karla, the leader of Anastasia's troops. "Fantasic, what is it?" she asked. "We've gotten confirmation that the Enlightened are planning an invasion, but not a normal type of invasion. We don't know exactly what they have planned but it involves Eustolia. Apparently she found out a secret about you" Karla explained. Anastasia laughed. "A secret, you say? I can't wait to see what she has in store for me" she replied. Anastasia, however, had a gut feeling Eustolia knew her weakness. "Oh, and one more thing. We found out one of Eustolia's weaknesses. She's extremely lustful. Prehaps we can use this to our advantage?" Karla continued. Anastasia's eyes grew wide. Did she and Eustolia have the same weakness? Did Eustolia find out before her and planned to attack her in a lustful way? She figured that was the most logical answer. She would fight fire with fire.


"I have an idea" Anastasia announced. "Eustolia is apparently extremely lustful, and she is planning an invasion. Our counter attack will result in pleasing her, sexually. She will climax herself to death!" she said. Her people cheered and prepared for battle. Anastasia was unaware Eustolia had the exact same idea. Things were about to get interesting

Chapter End Notes:

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