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It's here! It's finally here! The 2016 superproject, "Insect Nobility"!

Here's how this will work: I'm starting this story in January. GiantessLover writes Chapter 2 in February, makebelieve has Chapter 3 in March, The Shrunken Scholar is on Chapter 4 in April, WrittenVoreArt took Chapter 5 in May, DyingSanity is doing Chapter 6 in June, Thornton is on Chapter 7 in July, and while we haven't filled August to November yet, good old Choreo will end this story, somehow, in December. If we don't get 4 more writers to help out, Choreo will do August, and you guys will vote on which four return to do September through December's chapters.

ANYWAY, we each have to continue the story below: we have to continue as is, and our protagonist can't change. We will not stop following Lady Melissa, under any circumstances, which means she can't die for good until Chapter 12- just to let you know.


Lady Melissa is but one of many corrupt, self-centered, and arrogant nobles of the kingdom of Ruhenne . . . but many would agree her abuses rank of a higher caliber. Murdering and sexually debasing her servants, setting peasant towns on fire for the hell of it, and now attempts in sorcery? However, the universe is the type to right wrongs, sometimes in the most bizarre of ways . . .

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Published: January 01 2016 Updated: May 30 2016

1. Silent-One: Introductions, to Characters and Magic by Silent-One [Reviews - 3] (2621 words)

Hey everybody! I'm Silent-One, doing the chapter for January! Yeah, I know, doing the easy part of starting this damned thing, and letting the real writers do the hard work, but hey. At least I had the idea.

Speaking of which, email me if you wanna join in!

2. The Shrunken Scholar: Castle Mykin by The Shrunken Scholar [Reviews - 0] (1968 words)
Hello, I'm The Shrunken Scholar or just Scholar for short. I will be your writer for chapter two of Insect Nobility. After a rocky couple months, it's finally here! This is my first time doing a collaboration or anything like it, so I'm kind of nervous. Sadly, I had to put a rush on this chapter because I was moving this month. Hopefully it didn't damage it too much. Anyways, I hope you enjoy chapter 2! Please leave a review telling me how I did.

3. WrittenVoreArt: Coping with fate by WrittenVoreArt [Reviews - 0] (1881 words)


So, my name is WrittenVoreArt, also known as Written, or by my acronym WVA. So, I shall be the one writing chapter three for Insect Nobility. Now, judging by my name, you probably know what I’m going to write about. OR DO YOU? Anyways, I suppose you’ll have to read to find out. Normally this would have been chapter five, but oh well, it’s all good.