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The first official partner series to The Masks of Gods this story will be an epistolary work following Soren (or "Enoch") a young miltiamen eager to join the ranks the Tattered Legion. Consisting primarily of letters and several first hand accounts, The Sons of Men will focus on broader societal themes not discussed in The Masks of Gods. Starting on the frontiers of the Pacific Northwest, Soren will face countless conflicts with his power-hungry leaders, desperate criminals, and of course a few malicious giants. Just a warning this will definitely deal with some more obvious, dark content and for those of you not familiar with me or my style the giantess content is meant to be much more implied and symbolic if that makes any sense.

Rated: R
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Published: December 21 2015 Updated: August 04 2016

1. For you, My Dear by Dracobrss [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (1652 words)

Hey guys, guess what, new story! Ok so this I'm going in pretty blind. I know a lot of you expressed interest in my superhero one as well and I decided to hold off on that simply because I actually have quite a bit of writing with a particular character that I'm not sure I want to drag into the whole world of fetishist writing. Anyway, I want to explore more of this world because, to be honest, I've got quite a bit actually worked out about its history and makeup. For one, the chapters will be much shorter, much more different, but I'll try and make them pretty on point with what you all expect. The biggest problem is simply that I don't have an end game in sight so that will be influenced by you all a fair amount. Some will like this more as its a lot less talking and lot more action. Others will not like it as much because the relationships will be a lot more shallow and the giantess content will be...peculiar. Also the format is odd and some of the darker themes that I'll be bringing in may prevent you from really keeping your focus on the "larger" characters. So, as always give me your thoughts, I'd love to hear them and yeah that's about it. Also, again I'm sorry Masks didn't turn out how most people hoped but I think it was necessary for it to end the way it did, it was the one thing I decided on from the start. 

2. Heart of Darkness by Dracobrss [Reviews - 0] (2899 words)

Hey guys, another chapter here for you. I just want to again warn you all that this story will be significantly different from Masks of Gods. Or, at least it feels different writing it. Things are darker and little more gruesome and you won't be getting as much playful banter but this is all still part of the exposition so don't worry! As always I love to hear everyone's comments, reviews, etc. This one will have many more complex characters, none of whom (i believe) anyone will really like. As a result this story probably won't be many people's favorites but I feel like it will go well. I do plan on doing a superhero giantess story as well, but I'm torn between writing an original character or perhaps a Wonder Woman fanfic (i'm pretty familiar with her mythos so it would be fairly in-line with her stuff). Once again enjoy and I'll be back with another chapter hopefully within the next few days. 

3. And Behold a White Horse by Dracobrss [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2182 words)

Well guys I gotta say, I'm not totally sure if I'm gonna keep up with this story. So far the response has been pretty minimal so, depending on how people feel about this chapter, I may put this one aside for a little while. With that in mind I know I had a great deal of interest in my superhero story idea, so if that is something you'd like to see let me know. I'm not sure if I should do an original character (I already have her in mind) or if you guys would be interested in a Wonder Woman giantess story. So again let me know. This chapter doesn't have a ton of interaction in it so you probably won't enjoy it a ton but its got a lot of great literary scenes that I love. Like I said, let me know how you guys are feeling about it thus far. I don't wanna say too much of what is gonna happen but I'll say that there will be more giantess content in future chapters. Thanks again!

4. And We Tremble by Dracobrss [Reviews - 3] (1879 words)

Yet another chapter. This is getting more into the stuff you guys really like so this will probably get more responses. Nevertheless if this chapter still doesn't get a ton of reviews I think I'm gonna switch over to another story. Again, probably going to be the superhero one since I got a great deal of interest in that. If you are interested in that particular set up let me know if you'd rather see an original character/universe or a Wonder Woman gts story. As always leave your comments, thoughts, etc. This one is much more cut and dry than Masks so there isn't nearly as much intentional vague stuff. 

5. The Pit and the Price by Dracobrss [Reviews - 3] (3019 words)

Whew. Alright things in this story are getting better. Interaction will be more prominent, though this chapter is mostly setting up story. Since I don't have much direction on this I will be taking some suggestions. Also keep an eye out for another story of mine that I may be releasing. It will be a superhero/science fiction type thing and I decided to do an original character as that seems to garner the most interest. I would like hear your thoughts on the story so far. I know its a bit esoteric and the actual content is not the usual type of thing you find on here but I promise it will get better. Leave reviews, comments, criticisms, etc. 

6. Down in the Ash by Dracobrss [Reviews - 1] (2823 words)

Wow, ok so this is a bit late I know. I've been so caught up this week with others things, distractions, you al know how it is. Anyway this one has some moderate interaction but, if you haven't yet caught on, I'm not entirely sure how I want to characterize Tryn just yet. So I'm kind of going for this unpredictable type thing to suit that. Hopefully it will be good. As always I love to hear your comments, thoughts, and ideas as it does help me a good bit with how I continue to write. I haven't really worked on the superhero one in a while so don't expect that for at least another week or so. Well, that's about it, hope you enjoy!

7. My Refuge and My Fortress by Dracobrss [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3395 words)

Hey there everybody! Bet you weren't expecting me to return so soon! Ha! But seriously I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long. Real life hit me extra hard this past month so I was not able to work on this story at all, especially with all my other non-giantess related writing projects. But I am back (at least for this chapter) and I've finally gotten the necessary ideas and will to continue on with this story! Now as I've mentioned before this story is a little harder for me because I don't have an ending in mind, plus I'd say the response to this one is noticeably less enthused so I'm not quite as keen to churn this chapters out. But I don't know maybe I'm wrong. Don't worry I definitely will finish it and if you are still interested please let me know! As always I lvoe to hear your thoughts and feedback so post away! That's about it for now, so hope you enjoy! (Also sorry this one is so talking focused, I plan to make the next one much more action oriented)

8. In the Hands of the Living God by Dracobrss [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3371 words)

I promised I'd be back on this one, and here I am. This is an interesting chapter and I'm not sure how I feel about it. On one hand its very heavy with emotions, but on the other not much plot is advanced. Ah well, whatever the case may be I hope you all enjoy it. As always I really hope to hear your feedback as it has a tremendous influence on how I go about writing the next chapter. I like these to be dynamic so all your thoughts, theories, etc. really do not go unnoticed! Also, I think we are venturing into more complicated areas with these characters and I'm interested to see what you all think of them. Do you like Soren and Tryn. Do you think they have any redeeming qualities? That kind of thing. Note that I really am trying to make them vastly different from Ellis and Vera, which I think so far has been holding true. Well, that's about it for now, thanks again for reading!