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Twas Christmas Eve in the Martel household and almost everyone was in good spirits. The married couple of Tucker and Jessica Martel were having some good festive fun. A couple of weeks earlier they had worked together to transform their home into a winter wonderland especially for Tucker.

Since marrying Tucker nearly two decades earlier Jessica had agreed to celebrate the festivals that he would normally celebrate on Earth. They would have a party on New Years Eve, make nicely coloured eggs on Easter, scare the living daylights out of people on Hallowe'en, set off fireworks and burn a dummy of a particularly naughty man on the fifth of November and then finally it was Christmas.

Jessica in particular liked Christmas more than the other celebrations and not because of the presents. It was because of the message that it sent, plus the fact that she got to dress up in festive outfits. Each of these outfits had to be specially made for her since she stood at around one hundred and fifty feet tall and had a fairly muscular figure with large breasts. She was big in almost every sense of the word but the only thing that was bigger than her shoe size was her sheer heart.

Her husband was not of this world, he was a human from Earth but had been living on Home ever since his wife accidentally brought him there in what they considered to be a happy accident. Despite the fact that they had been married for so many years they were still madly in love with each other and on occasion they would act like newlyweds rather than a long married couple.

In the corner of the living room was an artificial Christmas tree which was as tall as Jessica. It was decorated from top to bottom with tinsel and other various items which had some importance to Jessica and Tucker. There was one little thing that was missing from the tree and that was the star at the top. They hadn't left it off because the star was missing or out of laziness but because it was normally their only daughter Dawn that placed the star on the top of the tree.

For the first few years Dawn needed Jessica's help to place the star on the tree but eventually Dawn didn't need any help as she grew... and grew. Jessica thought that the tree looked strange without the star on the tree and she was tempted to put it on herself but she felt that it was Dawn who should have the pleasure of doing that. It had happened every year since Dawn's birth and having it any other way just wouldn't be right in the Martel family. There was one other tradition that the family did on Christmas Eve that Jessica intended to keep going as long as they could but it did require Dawn. She was still in her room doing almost whatever she wanted.

In the living room Jessica had set up a large hi-tech camera that had been scaled up to her proportions. It was placed on a stand which again was scaled up, for the moment Tucker stood on the nearby table as he waited for his giant wife to get everything sorted out. If the camera had been his size he could have easily sorted it out himself, unfortunately right now he was a normal person living in a house of giants and there were many things that he needed help with. He just stood there patiently as he knew that Jessica was doing everything that she could to finish.

"Are we ready yet?" asked Tucker from his table. He could see that Jessica wasn't too far away from where he was standing.

"Yep we're ready," replied Jessica with a cheery voice. "But there's just two things that we're missing." She cleared her throat before speaking in a slightly louder voice. "Dawn, family photo!"

There were a few moments of silence before a nearby door opened and the pair saw their daughter entering the room. If anyone had seen Jessica they would have thought that she was the tallest person in the world but they had never met Dawn. Where her mother was close to being one hundred and fifty feet tall Dawn was easily two hundred if not more. Unlike her mother who had brown hair and her father who had black Dawn's hair was completely white. Her body type was completely different as well, her mother had a muscular figure where Dawn was much like a beanpole. She needed to duck to get through the giant size doors and her head was only a few feet from the extremely high ceiling. She was still growing like a weed so it wouldn't be long before she was too tall for the room.

Dawn wore a white top with blue jeans and white sneakers. Thankfully she had a wide range of clothes since she also had the ability to increase the size of inanimate objects. This saved her parents a lot of money when it came to feeding and clothing her but unfortunately she couldn't change her own size.

"Ok I'm here," said Dawn as she came through the door but she could see that her parents were getting into the Christmas spirit. She gave a small sigh as she really wasn't interested in it all. "You're taking this thing seriously again aren't you?"

"Of course Sweetie," replied Jessica with a smile on her face. She had to look straight up at Dawn. "It's one of the most important holidays on Earth so we're going to celebrate, just like we have every year." She could see that there was some dissatisfaction in Dawn's voice. "Don't tell me you're being a grump about it."

"Come on Mom we're the only people on Home who even celebrate this holiday and besides I think I've outgrown Christmas."

"Outgrown Christmas?" replied Tucker. He walked towards the edge of the table and he only had to wait a few moments for Jessica to pick him up so that he could be on a higher level for his daughter. "You can't outgrow Christmas, that's impossible." He was still very much in the Christmas spirit and he wanted to try and rub some of that off on Dawn but it didn't seem to be working.

"If you haven't noticed dad but I've been outgrowing almost everything my whole life." It was obvious that she was talking about her size which she was somewhat self-conscious about.

"But Christmas is one thing you can't outgrow," replied Jessica. "Besides we're not the only ones in the Christmas spirit." She gave a fairly high pitch whistle, this was followed by a small cooing noise. Moments later everyone saw Dawn's pet dinosaur like lizard run in. His name was Lucky and he was only a metre tall and around two metres long. He had green scaly skin and large eyes that allowed him to see in the dark. His snout was somewhat beaklike which was ideal for cracking open eggs. Right now his most distinguishing feature was the fact that he was wearing an elf like costume. This included a green jacket and a red and white striped hat with a small bell on the end of it. As he moved the bell would jingle and he seemed to like the sound of it as he was constantly moving so that he could hear it over and over again.

"Lucky just what are you wearing?" She was greatly surprised but she also bent down so that the small lizard could climb into her hand. He had absolutely no fear of her since to him Dawn was his mother and he would always have her love. She was the first thing that he saw when he cracked out of his egg and the bond that they shared went deeper than mistress and pet. She did bring him close to her enormous eye so that she could take a closer look at his costume. She wasn't too impressed but Lucky was trotting around and cooing as he liked the attention.

"It's an elf costume Dawn." She gave her gigantic daughter a smile. "I had it specially made for him and he seems to like it." Even though Dawn's hand was above her she could still see that Lucky was enjoying his costume. He would sometimes even jump so that he could get more noise out of the bell. "Besides I thought it would be great for him to wear it on this year's family picture."

"You shouldn't have dressed him up without asking me mom." She looked quite annoyed and it made Lucky seem sad as he stopped moving around. She did give him a small stroke which did make him feel better.

"But you have you have to admit that now he's the cutest little thing on Home." She gave another smile and it seemed that Lucky liked her words. He shook his head just so that he could hear the bell again. "Now shall we have the family photo before I have to go to work?" She needed to do a few hours at work and she wanted to get everything done before she had to leave.

Dawn moved towards the back of the room with Lucky still in her hand. She sat down on a nearby sofa and Jessica adjusted the camera so that she was sure of the best shot. Tucker was still standing on the table but she would deal with him in a moment. Instead she just made a couple of adjustments on the camera and quickly she moved to pick up Tucker and she sat down next to Dawn. Sitting down the height difference between the two women was not as extreme but both of them did smile for the camera as it took a picture of the entire Martel family.

No sooner had the picture been taken it printed out at the bottom of the camera. Jessica quickly got up to inspect the picture and it came out better than she expected. This was one Christmas tradition that she wanted to keep going and she went to put the picture with the other family photos. One was taken each year and she couldn't help but look through the previous photos.

There were two particular things that Jessica noticed when she flicked through the photos, the first was she could see her husband Tucker aging. For Jessica she aged at a much slower rate than a normal person but she could see Tucker aging before her very eyes and it was somewhat depressing for her. The second thing that she noticed was just how fast Dawn was growing. In the first picture Dawn was a new born baby but with each photo Dawn grew older and taller. It was almost unbelievable just how much Dawn had grown in a short amount of time, especially when she reached her teenage years and it didn't show any signs of slowing down.

"Now that we've done the photo can we be done with all this Christmas nonsense?" asked Dawn as she stood up from the sofa.

"You can't be done with Christmas Dawn," replied Tucker who was back to standing on the table. Dawn still had Lucky in her hand and he was now lying down in her palm, digging his snout into her skin. "If Santa hears you saying that all you'll be getting tomorrow morning is coal."

"There is no Santa dad." Her words seemed to be harsh and intended on hurting him. "I'm not a little kid anymore, you can't make me think that Santa won't bring me any presents if I haven't been good. Christmas is just a pointless holiday from Earth and if it's all the same with you I don't want anything to do with it now!"

With that Dawn stormed out of the room back to her own. She ducked fast to get through the door and Tucker was stood there a gasped at what Dawn had said. It made him sad to think that Dawn didn't like Christmas. He remembered that when she was a little girl she would always look forward to Christmas and the stories that he would tell about it. Unfortunately now as she grew older it seemed like the Christmas spirit had been completely sucked out of her.

Jessica had only heard a little of what had just happened and she walked towards the table and picked up her husband. She brought him up to her level and although he was so high up Tucker wasn't afraid of her at all. He had even nicknamed her his Big Friendly Giantess and he was her Special Little Guy.

"What was all that about?" asked Jessica with some concern in her voice. She did worry about Dawn because she knew that it was tough growing up when you literally towered above everyone.

"I don't know," replied Tucker. He was also concerned about Dawn, he knew that she was a very sensitive person. "I think she might have lost her Christmas Spirit, didn't even think that was possible."

"Well she is practically an adult now." She gave a small sigh. "She's not a little girl anymore, maybe the Christmas Spirit will come back to her. For now I think she needs space."

"I hope so, I can't imagine her losing her Christmas Spirit forever. She used to be the most excited out of all of us for Christmas."

Inside Dawn's room she lay on her bed and was alone with her thoughts. She had especially increased the size of her bed so that it was better suited for her incredibly tall frame. Lucky was walking around besides her and he was jumping around and trying to do a couple of flips. This was not for his own amusement but an attempt to make Dawn feel better. Whenever she was down he would always do things like that to try and make her feel better. It was one reason why she loved him so much and why they had such a close bond, unfortunately his efforts didn't seem to be working as Dawn didn't seem to be getting any better.

Instead he climbed up to Dawn's cheek and began to lick her. This was another way that he thought he could make her feel better but instead she just sat up. She made sure that he was safely in her hands before she sat up and she cupped him. He looked very small in her enormous hand but to him he wouldn't have it any other way. Even if she were the size of a mountain he would love her all the same.

"Thanks Lucky but it's not working," said Dawn. She even lifted him up and gave him a little kiss for his efforts. To Lucky that made all of his efforts worthwhile. "I'm over all of this Christmas stuff, come on a man flying around a planet and dropping presents for children and then finding time to make it here with mine? You've got to admit Lucky that's pretty farfetched." Lucky stood as tall as he could to indicate that he was listening to her, it did make the bell that he was carrying jingle a little but at this point in time he was ignoring it to focus on Dawn. "All this good spirit to your fellow man business is a load of rubbish, why are you supposed to be good to people on one day rather than every single day? I know that it is mom and dad who really put the presents under the tree. This whole thing is pointless and the sooner I'm done with it the better." Lucky cooed at her and began to march around a little on her hand. She took this as him trying to tell her something but now she just had to try and figure out what that was. "Maybe I'm wrong, maybe there could be a man who delivers presents all over a planet in a single night. If I can't find him then I know that Christmas is fake but if I do well then I don't know."

Dawn knew that most likely she wouldn't find anything there. She had heard from her father that Santa lived in a grotto in the North Pole on Earth. She used to love him telling her those stories and several others (either featuring princess or giants, especially ones about giant princesses). She also liked going to Earth since it was technically a part of who she was. Dawn was half human and one factor for her size since the serum which gave Jessica her size and strength could not be passed down to their offspring. It was Tucker's human DNA that caused the bypass allowing Dawn to be big. It was also the reason why Dawn was taller than her mother, she would have stopped around the same height as her mother but because of her human side it caused her to keep growing. She was still growing now and she or anyone else for that matter didn't know when it was going to stop.

For the next few hours Dawn began to plan her next course of action. The first thing she would do was wait until her parents had gone to sleep before making any kind of move. The first thing she needed to do was get Jessica's VSC device which would allow her to travel to and from Earth. She would still need to use an industrial sized vortex generator to be able to travel. That she would have to worry about when she came to it.

Dawn waited until both her parents were asleep before she snuck into the bedroom. When she opened the door she could just about see the figure of both of her parents in the giant size bed. When Jessica slept she would shrink to a much smaller size, even at this size she was still extremely tall for a normal person but in comparison she looked extremely small. Dawn could see her mother hugging her father tightly and with the grip that she had it was unlikely that anyone could tear them apart.

In the darkness Dawn could see the VSC device on a set of drawers on the side of the bed. Slowly she approached it and with each step she took great care. The last thing she wanted to do was wake up her parents, they would soon put an end to her little plan before it even had a chance to get off the ground.

Closer and closer Dawn approached the VSC and unfortunately one step that she made did make a slight creaking noise. Immediately she stopped and looked over to her parents, they both seemed to be sound asleep and she gave a small sigh of relief before she carried on. She stretched her very long arm and grabbed it without making a single sound. She then carefully crept out of the room without her parents even knowing what had just happened. The first part of Dawn's plan was complete.

Next Dawn began to dress for arctic conditions. She wore a thick cream coat with a woolly hood with matching gloves, thick trousers and snow boots. They were designed for a normal person but Dawn was able to increase their size until they were large enough to fit her. She knew that the VSC device would keep her warm in the arctic conditions but she thought if it failed she didn't want to freeze to death.

Originally Dawn was going to leave Lucky behind but he was yelping and cooing at her so much that she had no choice but to take him. He also had clothing that was ideal for arctic conditions. Like his elf costume before it had been made especially for him. He was covered from head to toe in thick brown clothing that would keep him warm in the icy terrain of the North Pole.

With all of that sorted Dawn attached the VSC to her arm and was actually surprised to find that it was slightly bigger than she expected. This was because Jessica's arms were quite muscular and in recent years her muscles had only gotten bigger due to her training. Dawn on the other hand had very skinny arms so the VSC device was much more loose than if Jessica had been wearing it. Unfortunately her powers couldn't shrink the device to fit so she just wore it over her coat so that it fitted better.

After Dawn was sure that the VSC was secured properly and Lucky was safely in her pocket she quietly made her way out of her home and took the short walk to the main headquarters of Park Incorporated where Jessica had been working for over two centuries. It was a very large building and even though it was the dead of night it was still brisling with activity. There were numerous scientists and agents going about their work and the fact that Dawn was entering didn't seem to turn many heads. She would sometimes go there so that she could travel to Earth and see her grandparents.

In the past when someone travelled back and forth to Earth the path would be unusable for a full month but since then some breakthroughs had been made and thus the Vortex Generators had been improved. The path would only now be down for a week which was an improvement on the previous count.

Dawn made her way to one of the industrial vortex generator which for the moment was being used by a short balding man named Doctor Montana. He had been working there for a few years and he knew how to work the machine through and through. At that moment in time he didn't even notice Dawn approaching despite the fact that she was a two hundred foot giantess.

"Hi," said Dawn. This was the only time that Doctor Montana even noticed her as he looked up to see her. She smiled and waved down at him, she was feeling a little hot in the clothes that she was wearing.

"Oh hello Dawn," replied Doctor Montana. He didn't seem to be afraid of her at all and was treating her as if she were a normal person. "What are you doing here so late?" This instantly made him suspicious.

"I want to make a quick trip to Earth." She gave him a smile as she felt it would make it more likely that he would do what she wanted. "There's a particular place I always wanted to visit."

"You know the rules, you aren't allowed to go to any inhabited place besides the Black Country in England."

"Oh where I want to go isn't inhabited. I want to go to the planet's North Pole. There's supposed to be a beautiful sight that takes place right around now and I really want to see it. As you can see I'm wrapped up for the cold if anything goes wrong and I should only be there for a few minutes."

"I don't know, I really shouldn't be doing this without the permission of your mother." He was on the verge of turning down her request so Dawn went down to her knees and put on her puppy dog eyes.

"It would mean a lot to me if you would do this for me. My mom already said that I could." She continued with her puppy dog eyes. Jessica was resistant to them but Tucker would fall for them each time. Doctor Montana wasn't much different and he gave a sigh as he had to admit defeat.

"Ok I'll send you there." He rolled his eyes somewhat but he saw a huge smile appear on Dawn's face.

"Oh thank you." She put her hands together and her eyes lit up. It was another way of her saying thank you.

Doctor Montana began to type away at the generator's control panel. He fixed onto the planet Earth but rather than placing the location in the Black Country where Tucker and his parents lived he took it to the North Pole. He didn't really want to know why Dawn was going but he wasn't going to stop her. It wouldn't be the first time that she had gone to Earth by herself and so far everything had been fine. If anything this one would be safer for the security of Home since she was going to a place that was uninhabited.

Moments later the large vortex appeared from the generator. Dawn took a quick breath before stepping into the vortex. She always found the experience unpleasant as she began to feel herself flying through the air at an incredible speed. She was attacked by a bombardment of different colours which was difficult for her eyes to adjust to. She just had to close her eyes and wait for the experience to finish.

It didn't take long for Dawn to feel her feet touch solid ground and the wind blowing in her face. She opened her eyes and found herself looking upon a frozen wasteland. Since it was winter it was night time throughout the entire day. Normally Dawn would begin to feel the cold but the VSC she was wearing was making her feel warm despite the cold temperatures around her.

The first thing that she did was put her gloved hand into her pocket and pick out Lucky. He was a little disorientated from his journey. Unlike Dawn he hadn't travelled to Earth too often, whenever the Martels would go to Earth he would be left under the care of a friend until their return. He seemed to be a little dizzy after everything that just happened and Dawn did show some concern.

"Are you alright Lucky?" asked Dawn as she gently stroked the top of Lucky's head. His thick hood prevented him from feeling her touch but he seemed to be fine. He began to coo at her and she could see that he was fine. "Well there's a fat lot of nothing here." She was looking around and she couldn't see anything but miles and miles of frozen wasteland. It was hard for her to see in the dark but there still didn't seem to be a lot out there. "Let's take a walk around, maybe we can find something interesting." She was more expectant to find a man made object lying on the ground rather than anything to do with Santa.

Luckily the ice that Dawn was walking across was strong enough to support her weight. If not she would have plunged into the icy ocean below. There were loud thuds with each step she took but to her knowledge there was no one around to hear her. There might have been a couple of research facilities but they were all miles and miles away from her current location. She thought that she was completely alone out there.

Dawn walked around for half an hour exploring the frozen wasteland. She saw absolutely nothing that was interesting and she gave a bit of a sigh. She knew that it would be unlikely that she would find Santa but she still thought that she would see something that would have been something out there. Lucky was still on her hand and she did think about putting him on the ground so that he could run around a little.

"Well this has been a complete waste of time," said Dawn who didn't really seem to be that impressed. Lucky replied back in his usual chirps and for a moment he turned around to take another look off of her hand. "Do you want Mommy to put you on the ground so you can play in the snow for a little bit?" He then began to loudly chirp and he pointed his snout to a location that was just to Dawn's right. "What is it?" She turned her head to look towards where Lucky was pointed. In the distance she could definitely see lights and she thought that it was amazing that she missed them. She thought that she had looked over that way a few times and had not seen anything. "What do you think that is Lucky?" He chirped at her again as if he was trying to talk to her. "You're right." She pretended to know what he had just said. "We won't know unless we take a look."

Without much hesitation Dawn began to look towards the light. She was expecting it to be some kind of human research facility but as she got closer there seemed to be something that was off about it. She knew that a research facility would be made out of a material that would be resistant to the cold of the Arctic but the structure that she could make out looked to be made out of wood.

Dawn carefully walked closer and closer to the structure and she could definitely see what seemed to be people walking around the outside. Her curiosity was instantly ignited and she thought that it was definitely worth investigating. She was starting to think that it could be the impossible.

She continued to walk further and further forwards and the more that she saw the more that she began to believe the impossible. The structure she could see was a large single storey building that looked to be completely made out of wood. On the outside were several giant size candy canes and there was a very large warehouse like structure on the side of the other building. Once again this was made out of wood and both of them had lights on inside so she could tell that there was definitely someone in.

Dawn got closer and closer with each step and she was further amazed to see that the people working around the structures didn't look human or like the people of her planet. The first thing that she noticed was the fact that they were only roughly half the size of a normal person. She could see them wearing red and white striped underclothing with the men wearing green overalls and the women wearing green dress. They were also wearing green hats with little bells on the top much like Lucky had been wearing some hours before. This was when Dawn realised that she was looking at elves like she had been told about when she was a little girl. It almost seemed impossible in her mind but there was no other way to explain it, she had stumbled upon Santa's grotto.

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