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A witch with a dark past sets out to right past wrongs, and as she had feared, discovers that forgiveness is hard to achieve, especially when it is asked of those who have tried to forget their ordeals.

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Published: November 30 2015 Updated: December 03 2015
Story Notes:

An idea I've had that I thought would be a good way for me to return to the site after a long time of planning stories with Nostory. I haven't written really, but I have planned for a long time with my fellow author. This is just a morning flex, but one I hope shows I'm not passed my prime in writing.

This is my first ever first person story, I hope I could get pointers from veterans of the genre, or maybe some feedback that could help out. But either way, I hope you guys enjoy, great to be back to writing an actual story rather than scenes then emails.

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I decided not to include what Samantha looks like for you're own imaginations to decide what she looks like. Something I really don't do.