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Oh look, twelve sneak-thieves going after the same girl. And they might have gotten away with it, if they weren't stupid enough to try an unlabeled bottle right in front of the locker they stole from.


The tags will be added as I go along, and you guys can recommend certain fates as I go (I've only planned seven of the twelve punishments thus far).

Why yes, I am borrowing this concept from a story that never got off the ground. 

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Published: October 18 2015 Updated: December 11 2016

1. A Small Introduction, of Sorts . . . by Silent-One [Reviews - 11] starstarstarstarstar (1180 words)

I refuse to apologize for the many inevitable puns I make in the chapter titles.

2. What You'd Least Expect by Silent-One [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstar (898 words)

Oh, boy, here we go.

By the end of this chapter, you'll have a good idea regarding my angle. 

3. Better Than 3D by Silent-One [Reviews - 1] (1571 words)

If you've ever watched "The World God Only Knows", congratulations! You'll be able to guess the chapter ending from the chapter title!

Sorry about the delay, but the shopping season has begun. I've been . . . taxed.

4. Your Definition, Not Mine by Silent-One [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1519 words)

Guess who's back?

And rather disappointed in her lack of new reviews . . .

Anyway, I'm gonna be updating this a little sporadically (I work retail, and Black Friday is coming up), but rest assured I haven't forgotten about this.

5. Hot Feet by Silent-One [Reviews - 4] (1658 words)

6. Revelation by Silent-One [Reviews - 1] (1521 words)

More chapters I'm a really short time? BLASPHEMY! 


Nah, but seriously I'm in a writing mood again. Hope it lasts . . .

Also, news about future projects in the End Notes.

7. Accelerated Agenda by Silent-One [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1326 words)

>Says she's going to update faster

>Goes nearly a week without an update

>Silent-One logic

But seriously, folks, Choreo and I are both excited as fuck about "Corrective Action", our new collab, and I was kinda waiting on my turn for a while. Then I'm like, "Oh right, I have my own shit to do," and so I came back here. Sorry!

Anyway, moving past that, here's where things are going to start going to hell really, really fast. Unless one of you requests that I stop Val somehow, the kinda depressing ending I originally planned will be here kinda soon. You've been warned.

8. Anticipation by Silent-One [Reviews - 1] (1412 words)

This chapter essentially exists because I need to explain some things, and get ready for the upcoming shitstorm. Things are going to happen fast in the next few chapters, with a lot of things going down, possibly including my reputation as a fluffy writer.

Hopefully, by the end of this chapter, you'll be trembling with antici- wait for it . . .

9. Dramatic Irony by Silent-One [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1758 words)

This is the last "setup" chapter: something is going down next chapter, I guarantee that much.

That said, I'm starting to think Choreo is intentionally delaying updating "Corrective Action" until he sees something. Because the longer that gets put off, the more I get the raw drive to write . . . I have ideas, but we agreed to take turns, dammit!

That said, ON WITH IT!

10. From Bad to Worse by Silent-One [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (1618 words)

First off, thanks for making this my most reviewed story yet!

Remember how I said things would go to shit?

Do NOT say I didn't warn you.

11. Phase One: Line It Up by Silent-One [Reviews - 2] (1260 words)

Rei is a smart girl, and will try to save everyone. Question is, is she smarter than Val? Or smart enough to succeed in any capacity?

12. Phase Two: Information Trading by Silent-One [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1198 words)

Place your bets now, because here's where things get . . . sticky. Tell me in a review your approval ratings for various characters (0% meaning you hate them with a passion, 100% meaning "please don't kill my waifu"), because there is, at minimum, one more death in this story. Who it is is another matter . . .

What happens regarding Diana in the following chapter is based on real life events, somewhat. More on that later.

Also, one more thing: I'm at over 163,000 total views! Once I hit 200,000, something special happens!

13. Phase Three: Watch the Shitstorm by Silent-One [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1435 words)

You didn't think I was going to pass up on this opportunity, did you?

Oh, given Natasha's high approval rating (double 100) she gets the best possible ending for her. Which is, unfortunately, not the best possible ending for everyone. 

Oh, and for fans of "Corrective Action", I'm going to push myself to get my next chapter out before Christmas week, because then I'll be tired and busy and hating life because I've been dealing with stupid retail crowds. So there's that. 

14. No Fucks Given by Silent-One [Reviews - 0] (1261 words)

News for anyone who doesn't read "Corrective Action"- I won't be writing anything else until "Insect Nobility" begins in January (but I hope to rush that out New Year's Day). So, essentially, this is the last we'll be seeing of Diana, Natasha, Val, and everyone else until 2016. 

Also, news and such in the End Notes.

15. To the Future by Silent-One [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1880 words)

Now that I'm back on this, I must say it feels good to be back. I find that I'm most comfortable behind the reins of a story.

Anyway, it's a little disheartening to see that this didn't get a single review while I was gone, but I think you guys might like this chapter. Just a feeling I have.

16. Unexpected Complications by Silent-One [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1513 words)

Don't call this a major comeback, 'cause it's not. My Internet is crapping out at random moments, I don't have much time to write, and plus this story needs an assload more tweaking before it's ready.

That said, thank you guys for making this my biggest project, in all forms- this story is now equal in length to "Light and Dark" and "Poor Communication Kills Repeatedly", it has almost double the reviews of "Light and Dark", and it has over 30,000 views on its own. Honestly, without all your guys' wonderful feedback, this wouldn't be anywhere near as far along as it is.

Also, thank Choreo for keeping me going through all this. I got my heart broken again in the gap between the last chapter and this one, and it's private roleplaying with him that got me to get back to this instead of wallowing in my self-pity.

News and stuff in the End Notes.

17. Divine Comedy by Silent-One [Reviews - 2] (1031 words)

Okay, I'm trying here. Pretty much all of my projects have been pushed back, and I'm making a point to try to write the ending. 

It's actually pretty close, number-of-chapter wise. In terms of IRL time, if you believe I'll get this done any time soon I've got a bridge to sell you.

Still, thank you all for your positive comments and uplifting support. I'm actually pretty sure that if it wasn't for giantessworld and its community I would not have it in me to keep going to my shitty job, living in my shitty apartment, and accepting my nonexistent love life. So thank you, GiantessWorld. You guys have kept this lesbian pervert going far longer than she would have otherwise, and for that I thank you.

To the story:

18. Swept Up and Thrown Down by Silent-One [Reviews - 2] (1922 words)

Hey everybody, guess who's going to try to start writing semi- demi- sorta- regularly again? IT'S ME!

If you're wondering about the gap . . . I just had to cut two people from my big project, "Insect Nobility", because they didn't post their chapters during their month. Imagine that: someone not following through on something they said they'd do.

But have no fear, I am not that much of an asshole, I will finish this and continue "Miscalculation", with an update schedule that's closer to acceptable. Turns out, if I'm not doing collabs, I really really suck at keeping on schedule.

On with the chapter::

19. Ohms and Friction by Silent-One [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1353 words)

Yay, another chapter! One that didn't take months getting out!


20. Snakes by Silent-One [Reviews - 1] (1468 words)

So, I'm at an impasse. On one hand, I really don't have much to fill for a few days coming up in-story, and slowing the plot to show each individual day might not be all that entertaining. On the other hand, I have yet to skip over more than a few hours at a time, and in fact it's only been one week in-story since this began. So, I have to ask: Should I skip over a few days where nothing important happens, or write them out anyway?

On that note, on with the chapter::

21. Fuel of Dreams by Silent-One [Reviews - 1] (904 words)

So, I have no new commentary, really, except a small desire to bring up a few things in the End Notes.

The chapter::

22. Schemes by Silent-One [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1048 words)

Oh boy, plans and more plans to plan around plans! This ought to be good!

23. Announcements by Silent-One [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1636 words)

Depending upon the comments I see on this chapter, I'm either going to skip a week or plug it with fluff and attempted smut. That's how little plan I had for this, but honestly if you guys want the filler I'm happy to provide it. Honestly, I'm a writer out to have people like what I make, so obviously if you guys would like this more I'd make the necessary changes to the plan.

Anyway, on with the show::

24. Exchanging Kinks by Silent-One [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1780 words)

I finally managed to come up with a smut chapter I'm okay with that doesn't fuck up the ending or have anyone acting out of character. Sorry it took so long, guys . . . unfortunately, this is all I managed to come up with. Yeah . . . turns out that writing smut that's both good on its own and that doesn't fuck up a good plot is really, really difficult.

Also, anyone who feels up for a writing challenge can feel free to email me . . . I had an idea for a story before I realized I'd suck at it, so I was wondering if someone could take the idea off my hands. Not discussing the idea itself here, it'd eat up waaaay too much space.

That said, here we go::

25. Here It Comes by Silent-One [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1268 words)

I told one, actually. I managed to find enough time to write this before work really picked up and got bad, and since I got a lot of requests . . . think of it as "Crowd Ask 2". I still intend to finish this . . . eventually . . . but for now just think of it as I'm on a hiatus because I still suck at writing smut.

Given that you guys still have two more wishes (plus more if people get in gear and write good CoG shorts before Christmas Eve, the new cutoff), feel free to leave reviews- what abandoned stories should I revisit? Which one-offs need follow-up? If you can make a pitch that piques my interest, this can even just be free request time! Be warned, though . . . first come, first served.

That said, this goliath of a story has more reviews and views than its two closest competitors in my roster combined (if you want the numbers, this monster has over 84,000 views and 71 reviews- CoG has 45 reviews, "Light and Dark" has about 32,000 views and 25 reviews, and "Dream or Nightmare?", of all stories, has 31,000 views). I had initially attributed that to its sheer length (Jesus fuck, this thing is long by my standards, and I might start entering Jacksmith's turf on length [70+ motherfucking chapters, literally a novel of GTS content, for my personal favorite of his] if I do the smut/fluff fillers), but apparently you guys like 17-year-old me interacting with bug-sized ladies based vaguely on real people I tried to ask out. Huh.

And now to my latest awful attempt to write smut with my own teenage self-insert involved . . . yaaaaay . . .