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  For Janet Van Dyne her life had been a lot of fun and heroics since she helped form the Avengers. Like the other Avengers she was blessed with a superhuman ability and that was to shrink in size but as she did she would grow wasp wings and gain the ability to fire energy bolts from her hands. Another ability that she possessed was the ability to increase her size until she was a giant but she rarely used these powers since they would tire her quickly and sometimes even cause her to lose consciousness. Her codename was Wasp for reasons that were obvious to her. Her superhuman abilities were not natural however, she relied on a compound called Pym Particles that were created by her fellow Avenger and Lover Doctor Hank Pym.

  Since forming the Avengers she had fought against monsters, villains, aliens, a killer robot who wanted to destroy all of humanity and even a Norse God. If anything Janet was having the time of her life and as a bonus she was genuinely helping people. She shuddered to think what would have happened to humanity if the Avengers hadn’t been there to save the day. She wasn’t getting paid for her actions and in a way she didn’t care, she was already the heiress to an incredible fortune but even so she wouldn’t even ask for money for saving people. To her it was what came natural and it would be wrong for her to ask for money for something that she was willing to do for free.

  By all means Janet was a beautiful young woman. She had only just reached her twenties and had short brown hair and stunning eyes. She was not all that tall and had a slim figure but she had another talent besides her size changing capabilities. She also had a keen eye for fashion and on this particular day that was exactly what she was doing.

  Ever since the Avengers had returned from their adventure in Asgard most of them had been having some down time. There had not been much trouble from the various villains that the Avengers thought so they were taking advantage of the quiet period with some much needed rest and relaxation. They were still on alert for any kind of danger since practically anything could happen on any given day.

  As part of her downtime Janet was shopping in New York City. She was going into several high end clothing stores and buying what was the latest fashion from Paris. If she had any one true weakness it was clothes. Already she had spent a thousand dollars on her shopping and she had only really just gotten started. There were so many places that she wanted to visit and she didn’t think that she would have that much time to visit them all. She had even wanted Hank to join her but he had declined. He claimed that he still had more work to do in his lab so he would catch up with her later. This had disappointed her slightly but she would have been more surprised if he had actually come along.

  In one particular store she was just purchasing a new pair of shoes which she thought would look stunning. Everything had been going well and she was just giving the clerk in the store her credit card when suddenly she heard a crashing sound coming from the outside. Quickly she turned her head to take a look outside and just across the street was a high end jewellery store which was going to be her next destination. She could hear the alarm going off and with a bag of ill gotten goods she could see a man running out. He didn’t seem to be any normal man since he was covered from head to toe with a white suit that was covered with large black spots. He also had a fancy looking belt which what seemed to be a small device attached to it.

  “You don’t mind holding onto this for a moment would you?” asked Janet as she gave the clerk a quick look. In some surprise the clerk shook his head. “Thanks, this should only take me a moment.”

  In an instant Janet seemed to disappear but the clothes that she was wearing remained behind. There was a gasp from everyone who was standing around her but mere moments later they saw her again. This time however she was now only a few inches tall and wearing Avengers costume which was a black and yellow dress along with yellow gloves and what seemed to be antennas attached to each of her ears. These were mainly for communication amongst her fellow Avengers. She also had grown her famous wasp wings which were fluttering constantly to keep her airborne.

  No sooner had Wasp shrunk down she flew right passed the people in the store and eventually to the outside. Despite her small size she could still fly very fast and that took many of her opponents by surprise. She had also read about the Spot in the Avengers files since it contained data on many superpowered beings. Despite the fact that the Spot had only really fought Spider-Man there was still a file about him on their system and from what she had read she didn’t think that he would be too much of a problem for her. She didn’t even think that she had to call in the other Avengers.

  The Spot was just about to use the device on his belt to conjure up another portal when suddenly the tiny Wasp appeared right in front of his face. Her sudden appearance did catch him by surprise and he jumped back slightly as he was startled. He could see that she had her arms crossed and that she had an annoyed look on her face. She hovered right where she was and it was anyone’s guess what was going to happen next.

  “Hey Spot is it?” asked Wasp as she continued to float right in front of her face. “You have to be stupid to rob a place like this since everyone knows that I shop here. Now why don’t you be a good little supervillain and return everything that you’ve stolen and maybe I just won’t have to beat you until you do.”

  “No you won’t stop me,” replied the Spot in a defiant voice. On more than one occasion he had felt inadequate in comparison to other supervillains. He was sick of this and he thought that if he defeated an Avenger it would get him some much needed respect and in his mind it would open doors for him.

  The Spot tried to swat Wasp away but she was faster than he expected as she dodged out of the way before striking him with one of her famous Wasp Blasts. This did cause him some pain but just to add insult to injury she added a verbal jab along with her attack which only got him more and more annoyed.

  In an effort to take Wasp by surprise the Spot opened smaller portals and used them to make his hand appear behind her and he still tried to swat her away. It worked first time he did swat her but thankfully for her she was tougher than she looked. She was able to withstand the first attack and since she knew what was coming for the others she was able to dodge accordingly while she was also striking the Spot with her Wasp Blasts.

  One thing that Wasp did notice was that the small device which was attached to his belt was the source of his power. She might not have been the smartest of the Avengers but she had enough brains to know that if she destroyed it she would making him powerless. It was a little something that she would have to tell to the other Avengers when she was done.

  “Ok these little portal things that you have here are beginning to annoy me,” said Wasp as she was continuously moving to avoid his hands trying to swat her from portals that were appearing instantly. “I think I better do something about it, wouldn’t you agree?” She gave him a smile as she flew close to his belt and she unleashed a series of Wasp Blasts that caused the small device to begin to short circuit. The Spot took several steps back as he could hear the device going haywire. He now knew that staying around wasn’t going to help him and in his desperation he opened another portal which was large enough for him to fit through. At this point he had no idea exactly where it was going to take him but all he cared about was getting away as soon as he could. Without much hesitation he jumped through the portal and disappeared in an instant. The portal didn’t disappear too quickly and Wasp could see exactly what he had done. “Oh no, you’re not getting away that easily.”

  Without any hesitation of her own Wasp flew straight into the portal and she expected to find herself somewhere that was relatively close by but the next thing she knew she was in what seemed to be a vortex of flashing black and white lights. She felt extremely light-headed and she also like her body was being stretched and squashed at the same time. She wasn’t so much as flying but rather floating aimlessly as she felt herself spin round and round in endless circles.

  The sensation eventually subsided as Wasp felt herself land on the ground. It was a relatively hard impact but thankfully there was nothing broken. For the first few moments she wasn’t sure exactly what had just happened to her. She began to remember about her fight with the Spot and how she had flown into his portal to try and catch him. She tried to get back up to her feet but as soon as she tried she felt herself falling over. She also felt like she was going to throw up and it took everything she had to prevent herself from throwing up everywhere.

  “Remind me to never do that again,” said Wasp as she was gaining her bearings again. The dizziness that she was experiencing was beginning to subside and she felt that she could actually stay on her feet. For the moment she hadn’t really being paying attention to her surroundings. It had taken her a few moments to realise that something was wrong with what she was seeing.

  The first thing she noticed that the sky above her was pink rather than the standard blue and the clouds were a bright yellow colour. She was on what seemed to be a plain with a few trees scattered about from place to place. The grass and the leaves on the trees were green as she had expected. She was still at her shrunken size but rather than trying to increase her size she flew into the air so that she could have a better look at her surroundings. The plains stretched as far as the eye could see in every direction. For the first time all day she actually felt worried.

  “I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore,” said Wasp to herself as she continued to look around. She wanted to believe that she was still on Earth but she didn’t need to be a genius to see that it wasn’t the case. Her next idea was take out her Avengers card which she kept on her at all times. Thankfully it had shrunk along with her, to her it was the size of a credit card with a small screen in the top right corner and the Avengers logo to the left. Not only did it allow access to the Avengers Mansion and numerous other places it also acted as a communicator for the team that was on a secure line. “Hey guys can you hear me at all?” She had brought the card close to her lips when she had spoken. Unfortunately all she was getting back was static. “If anyone can hear me I don’t know where I am. Maybe Iron Man has something that can get me out of here.” There was still no answer and all she got again was static. She highly doubted that the transmission even got to any of her fellow Avengers. Like it or not she knew that she was stuck there by herself. She did wonder if the Spot was also there. There had only been a few moments between each of them going into the portal so she doubted that he could have gotten very far.

  As a last resort Wasp did fly higher into the air so that she could get a better view of her surroundings. She was looking for any signs of civilization or anything that could help her in her time of need. She was more terrified than she would like to admit and all she wanted to do was to get back home as soon as possible.

  For the first time since arriving Wasp did feel that things were beginning to go her way when she saw what seemed to be a village a couple of miles away. For the moment it looked to be her best way home and was her first indication that there was intelligent life in whatever this place was. She didn’t hesitate flying over to the village as fast as he wings could carry her.

  It only took Wasp a few minutes to reach the village and she did feel a little chilly. There had been a cool gust of wind which was keeping her cool but she didn’t really notice that much as she fixated on arriving at the village. She could see that it was inhabited by humanoid figures but one thing that made them different to humans was that their skin was a bright green colour. They all wore what looked to be primitive clothing and the town itself looked to be frozen in time. If Wasp had to guess she would have thought that this village would be similar to one that was found in medieval Europe. There were some primitive houses that weren’t much more than tents and a few stores that were simple stands with a shopkeeper.

  For the moment no one even noticed that Wasp was there because she was still in her tiny form. She didn’t want to reveal herself just yet as she wanted to see whether she could speak to these people and that they were somewhat civilized. The last thing that she wanted was for them to try and attack her because they thought she was some kind of demon.

  Before Wasp could make up her mind she heard something that sounded like a loud engine. Almost immediately she saw the villagers freeze in fear, some of the women and children even went indoors. She looked up into the sky and saw what she could only describe as a hover vehicle that she had seen in science fiction films. It was a relatively small vehicle but it still had a large platform with six people standing on it. Like the villagers they also had green skin but unlike the villagers their attire looked more modern. They also carried weapons that seemed to be beyond that of the villagers and she watched as the hover vehicle began to slowly lower to the ground.

  At this point there were only men remaining and many of them were carrying weapons such as swords and bows and arrows. One elderly man stepped close to where the vehicle was landing and he had a somewhat worried look upon his face. He could hear some laughter coming from the vehicle and he was more afraid than he would like to admit. He didn’t know that Wasp was watching but for the moment she wasn’t going to get involved. She just sat on a nearby roof so she could watch what took place.

  As soon as the vehicle touched the ground the men on-board quickly got off and formed a perimeter around it. They were giggling like jackals as they did this and they pointed their hi-tech guns at the villagers that were remaining. One of them walked towards the old man, he had a smile on his face as his old man looked to be very worried.

  “Greetings Chief Junon,” said the man with much confidence in his voice. Wasp was surprised to hear that he was speaking English but if anything this was a coincidence that she was thankful for. “I think you know why my men are here.”

  “Please I beg you,” replied Chief Junon. “We need more time.” There was much sorrow in his voice and the fact that he was practically begging. Wasp did feel some sympathy towards him but his pleas seemed to fall upon deaf ears.

  “Sorry but you remember the agreement.” There was a hint of anger in his voice but it was more out of annoyance than actual rage. “Since you couldn’t keep your end of the bargain you know what happens next.”

  He quickly nodded to one of the other men who walked to one of the hut like buildings. He shoved his way passed the warriors to get into the building and none of them seemed to have the courage to stop him. There were a few seconds where nothing seemed to happen but then the man appeared again but this time he was holding onto a young woman who was trying to get free but unfortunately didn’t have the strength. There was some shock in the face of Chief Junon and he looked towards the leader of the pack.

  “Please no she is my only daughter,” said Chief Junon. “If you have a heart at all Reg you will grant me more time and return my daughter.” This was being said more out of hope than actual expectation. Unfortunately he knew that most likely his pleas would fall onto deaf ears as he could see Reg laughing.

  “Well since I’m in a giving move I’ll fulfil half of your request,” replied Reg. “I’m prepared to give you three more rotations to bring us what we need but in that time your daughter stays with us.” He then looked towards the men under his command. One of them still had the Chief’s Daughter and despite her struggles she knew that she wasn’t going to be free. “Pack it up we’re out of here.”

  “No please I beg of you.” He went to move closer to Reg but he had a backhand across the cheek for his efforts. This was when Wasp knew that she couldn’t stand back and watch anymore. She wouldn’t allow someone to be kidnapped while she could do something to stop it. Without much thought for her own safety she flew forwards as fast as she could and again due to her small stature she couldn’t be seen by anyone.

  Moments later Wasp flew right into the face of Reg and he jumped back in utter surprise. She had her hands on her hips and she seemed to have an annoyed look. She hoped that it would startle him enough to make some kind of mistake.

  “Hey if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were blackmailing these poor people and trying to kidnap an innocent woman,” said Wasp in a tone that made it all seem like a joke. “Now why don’t we be good little mercs and give the chief back his daughter. That way I don’t have to hurt any of you or your men.”

  “What the heck is that!” shouted Reg as he pointed at Wasp with an extremely shocked looked on his face. The men under his command also didn’t know exactly what they were looking at. To them they were seeing a tiny woman with wings who was hovering right in front of their leader.

  “Hey I’m not a what I’m a who.” She still felt very confident and she didn’t mind playing to the crowd. “Wasp’s the name and kicking bad guy’s butts is my game. As I said I suggest you leave now before I have to get rough.” She lifted her fists up as if she was ready for a fight. Reg didn’t react at first but it took him a few moments to begin to burst out laughing. It was so loud that it almost deafened the tiny Wasp but she didn’t show that she was intimidated at all.

  “Oh that’s a good one.” He continued to laugh and soon the rest of his men began to laugh as well. Chief Junon had a worried look on his face as he thought that he had his people were close to being murdered. “A tiny little thing like you against the lot of us. That’s the best joke I’ve heard all day.”

  “I’m not laughing and believe me I might be small but I’m no pushover.” Wasp still acted tough and she couldn’t afford to allow these men to think that she was weak. Like it or not she knew that she was by herself.

  With that Wasp fired one of her energy blasts right into the face of Reg. He was startled from the sudden attack and instinctively he tried to swat her away but once again she was able to fly just out of his reach. She was so used to people trying to swat her that it almost became second nature to move in the manner that she did. It had kept her from harm for some time now and it would continue to do so for some time to come. All she had to do was stay one step ahead of her enemy.

  The other soldiers there wanted to shoot at Wasp but unfortunately she was too small of a target for them to strike and there was a good chance that they would accidentally strike Reg rather than their target. She just continued to fire multiple times at Reg and she flew so fast that it was difficult to focus on her.

 She didn’t let the other soldiers miss out on the action. One by one she flew to each soldier and blasted them with some of her energy blasts. They were almost defenceless against such an attack and they were doing everything that they could to try and stop her. Nothing was working and it seemed that Wasp had a clear advantage.

  “This is almost too easy,” said Wasp as she decided to mock her foes. It wasn’t just to make herself look good but to also keep her opponents off balance. If she made them angry it would also make them more sloppy. “I’ve fought snails that were faster than you guys. Maybe I’m just trying too hard.”

  She laughed at them as each of the soldiers tried to attack her but none of them were successful. The Chief’s daughter had also been released as they had been trying to strike Wasp. She had run to safety and so far thankfully none of them were hitting any of the warriors. They had also ducked for cover and right now only Chief Junon remained since he was in disbelief over what he was seeing. He thought that it was all some kind of nightmare and he thought that this would truly be the end of his village.

  Wasp was full of confidence as she thought that she was mere moments away from victory. Unfortunately she felt something bubbling inside of her body and it was a sensation that she had felt many times before. It was the sensation that she felt when she was changing size but this worried her incredibly. She wasn’t willing herself to change size and she knew that if she grew she would lose her wings and energy blasts. She would also be easily captured by the soldiers and she shuddered to think what they would do to her. On the flip side if she shrank again she was afraid that she would shrink so small that bacteria and microbes would become a threat to her.

  Wasp was powerless to watch as the world around her shrank and she realised that she was growing. She felt her wings retreat back into her body as her size increased rapidly. The soldiers stood there for a moment as the once tiny woman was growing right before them. There were two reasons why they didn’t attack, the first was because they were awestruck by what they could see but they also wanted to wait until she had stopped before they continued their attack.

  Everyone watched as Wasp continued to grow and it wasn’t long before she reached her normal size and she expected her growth to stop. She was extremely surprised to find that she was still rocketing up. She could hear a few gasps and one of them was even her own as she continued to grow bigger and bigger. She soon dwarfed the buildings around her as she grew taller, there was a sense of fear in everyone including Wasp. She had only grown beyond her normal size a handful of times but never against her will.

  Everyone was in absolute fear as they could see Wasp growing taller and taller as the seconds went by. Even she was in fear of what was happening, she closed her eyes and hoped that it would end soon. A part of her even wanted to shed a tear but she was too strong for that, she wouldn’t show anyone that she was afraid. If she did she thought that she would already lose.

  Almost as suddenly as it began Wasp felt her growth spurt stop and she gave out a huge sigh of relief. When she finally opened her eyes she saw that she was looking over the horizon. It was not until she looked down that she realised just how big she had gotten. Everyone that she could see looked to be only around four inches tall and she guessed that she was about one hundred feet tall. She was in some shock over what had just happened but she could also see that Reg and his men were absolutely terrified. When she had been at her shrunken size they felt that they had some chance against her but now they knew that all their chances of victory had just flown right out of the window.

  “RETREAT!” shouted Reg and as soon as he shouted this the soldiers under his command quickly boarded the vehicle that they had just ridden. None of them wasted any time getting back up into the air and flying back to their headquarters as fast as possible. They were in absolute fear over what had just happened. One thing that they knew was that their boss wouldn’t be very happy with them but they liked their chances better rather than sticking around.

  With the soldiers gone Chief Junon’s fears had only been replaced. Rather than having half a dozen soldiers threatening him and his loved ones he now had a one hundred foot giant in the middle of his village. A few of the warriors had gathered around Chief Junon to try and keep him safe. For now he wouldn’t make any commands against Wasp until she made the first move.

  Wasp was still in disbelief that she had grown. She was looking at her hands and trying to make sense of everything that had just happened. She didn’t know whether it was the atmosphere of this place which was having some kind of effect on her powers or if this was a new angle to her abilities. One thing she did try and do was to will herself smaller but it wouldn’t work. No matter how much she concentrated she just couldn’t shrink herself down in size.

  In the end Wasp had to resort to crouching down to the level of the Chief and the warriors. His daughter had also gone to his side and they were in fear of Wasp. The warriors were on the verge of attacking if there was a simple command from their chief. She had to be careful with what she was doing. At her size every movement was magnified to a point that was almost beyond her comprehension. She get thinking about all the times that Hank had grown in size and he had made it seem quite easy. She thought that if he could do it so could she, but she had to admit that it would be difficult trying to communicate with these people when they were the size of dolls to her.

  “I’m sorry that I’ve scared you,” said Wasp. She tried to smile at him to show that she wasn’t a threat. She was down on her knees and then leaning down so that she didn’t seem so high up to them. “Believe me the last thing I want to do is hurt any of you, I just saw that you were in trouble and I came to help. Before I go any further my name is Wasp and I am from a place which I believe is far away from here.” She gave a pause as she thought about her next move, she wasn’t sure if the Chief would order his men to attack or stand down. She hoped that he would see reason.

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