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Story Notes:

All rights to the characters, locations, and themes of this story belong to Disney. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the first installment of my Nickelodeon and Disney Channel giantess stories. It is a mini story that is focused more on the storyline than detailed descriptions. The full story is posted all at once, so don't expect more chapters. I hope you like it!



"Guess who got a job at the Miami science laboratory!" Trish De la Rosa exclaimed as she walked into the A & A Music Factory. Her best friend Ally Dawson stopped what she was doing and smiled at her.


"That's great, Trish. But can you really get a job at a laboratory as an unqualified teenager?" Ally asked.


"Well, I'm not working on any of the equipment. I'm just helping with some paperwork."


"That's cool. Hey, do you mind if I borrow your physics text book. I need it for homework and I left mine at school."


"Sure thing! I have it right here in my bag." Trish opened up the bag she was holding and gave a confused look.


"What's wrong?"


"I must have picked up the wrong bag at the lab. My books aren't in here, just this weird gun."


"Let me see it." Trish pulled the futuristic gun out and handed it to Ally. She examined the device and noticed a label. "Hmm, right here it says 'size changing ray'."


"So, it's a shrink ray? That is so cool!" At that moment, Austin Moon and his best friend Dez walked in.


"Hey, guys! What do you have there, Ally?" Austin questioned.


"It appears to be some sort of a shrink ray."


"A shrink ray! That is so cool!"


"Yeah, it's cool, but it's also very convenient." Dez mentioned.


"How so?" Ally replied.


"Well, as you know, Austin's newest song is 'My Love Can Only Grow'. I wanted to make a music video for it and this shrink ray will make it awesome."


"Sounds great to me! Let's go test this thing out." The four friends all moved to the upstairs room so they could be alone and film.


"Okay, now here is what I want to happen," Dez instructed. "First I need Ally to change into a bikini. Then we are going to shrink Austin and he will perform his song on Ally's stomach."


"That sounds epic, Dez!" Austin said. He knocked his fist against Dez's and they said in unison, "What up!"


Ally then walked into another room and came back in her swimsuit. "Okay, guys, let's get to filming," She said.


Trish had figured out how to work the shrink ray. There was simply a touchable screen where you could input the desired size. She set the device for 3 inches and fired at Austin. He quickly shrunk down before their eyes.


"Wow! This is so awesome!" Austin exclaimed as he looked up at his giant friends. Ally lay down on her back and Austin ran over to climb onto her belly. "Ally, your belly is so squishy and soft!" Ally giggled which caused her stomach to shake and knock Austin over. He laughed and stood back up.


"Okay, Austin, it's time to shoot this. Just perform the dance moves you practiced and I'll do the rest." Dez said. He held up his video camera and pressed record. Austin performed his moves and sang the lyrics to his song. Ally struggled not to giggle since Austin's movement tickled her. When Austin finished, he sat down on Ally's belly.


"That was a lot of fun!" he said. Just then, there was a knock on the door.

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