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Fairly typical setup. Real world, everything is fine until one day a race of giants not unlike the humans of earth arrive. They aren't organized, in fact they don't even seem to be working together. Yet, in a matter of months most of the world is overrun. Most centers of civilization are wiped out, causing many people to flee to refugee camps. Years later, whilst humankind still struggles to survive, a mysterious organization has begun building special containment chambers to house the few caught. This story follows Ellis, a young man sent to question these captives. His mission is simple, find out what the giants know, find out where they came from, and determine whether or not each captive is too dangerous to keep alive...

This is my first serious story series, so I'm straying from overtly sexual content. But, as things pick up it'll get more interesting.

Rated: R
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Published: June 25 2015 Updated: December 30 2016

1. And There it Was... by Dracobrss [Reviews - 19] starstarstarstarstar (3812 words)

Ok guys, I've got the story pretty much worked out in my head. It may take me a while to upload everything but I should work pretty fast. If people don't seem too interested in the story I'll probably let it go then but if you really want new chapters message me and I'd be happy to add more. Hope you enjoy!

2. A Game of Questions by Dracobrss [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (3340 words)

Alright, second chapter. So far things seem to be going well. I've already gotten a couple good reviews and I'm thrilled you all enjoy it! I'll be sure to keep working on it...

3. When the Water Came by Dracobrss [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (3868 words)

Alright, here we go, Chapter 3! Sorry it took a bit longer than anticipated. these last few days have been hectic. Anyway as I mentioned before if anything is unclear or you have questions that you want answering feel free to message me and I'd be happy to help!

4. Shut Out with the Light by Dracobrss [Reviews - 2] (4187 words)

Ok, here we go, Chapter 4! Things are starting to get a bit more dramatic. I have already decided how I want this series to end, as well as some other major plot points and I'm really excited to figure out how I'm going to link it all together. As always if you have questions or concerns feel free to message me! Also, thank you to all of you have posted your reviews I really appreciate the feedback!

5. Then Sleepless as I Was by Dracobrss [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstar (4594 words)

Another day another chapter! This one has a lot less with Vera but I think you'll all like it. A lot of extra plot points are being thrown in here now so I, if something isn't clear let me know!

6. Of That I am Certain by Dracobrss [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (4096 words)

Finally, here's the next chapter. Sorry it took a bit longer than usual, the last few days have been especially chaotic what with the fourth and all. Anyway, I know a lot of you would've prefered more Vera in the last chapter! However, fear not as this chapter (and the next) will focus on their conversations! Again, thanks to all my reviewers I'm always really thrilled to have feedback!

7. What Rage did Surface Then? by Dracobrss [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (3995 words)

Alright, the story continues. This one's writing is a bit funky so...sorry about that! Anyway, as I mentioned before I'd love to hear more feedback from you guys! Helps me improve as I go. Hope you enjoy!!!

8. This Cold Narrow Bed by Dracobrss [Reviews - 1] (4041 words)

Sorry I'm a little late with this one guys. Yesterday I was caught up in another writing project and work and so on...you know how it is. Anyway this ones sort of half with Vera half without. I've got a feeling it won't be many people's favorites but I think its necessary for the whole story. Well I hope you enjoy, and as always I love to hear your feedback!

9. There Are No Words for That by Dracobrss [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3779 words)

Whew! Sorry about that folks. I was away this past weekend so writing sort of fell on the back burner. Anyway here it is finally. I'll try and be more consistent though I fear interest in this story is starting to plateau. Ah well! I already know how I want it to end and its a fair ways off so no need to panic!

10. And They Were Darker Still by Dracobrss [Reviews - 2] (3106 words)

Damn. So this chapter's coming to ya a lot later than usual. Sorry about that, but I was finishing a horror story earlier this week and this just sorta fell on the back burner. Unfortunately subsequent chapters may become less frequent what with all my other writing projects on the horizon. Ah well, that's also not to say I can't be pressured into churning these out a little more consistently if popular demand is high. Anyway I think you guys will like this one. Its opening a new story arc that I think people will enjoy. All I can say is that there may be a new subject in the near future...


11. Coming This Way by Dracobrss [Reviews - 1] (3936 words)

Hey! What's this? A chapter posted in less than a week? What is this madness? Progress, that's what! Anyway I know some of you are nervous about me shifting this to another character briefly but have no fear Vera is not going anywhere. She will remain the primary foil for Ellis. Anyway, as always feel free to comment/review because (believe it or not!) I do tweak bits of the story based on my reader's preferences. Enjoy!

12. A New Place, A New Face by Dracobrss [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4957 words)

Well here I am, coming to you again a lot later than I had hoped. This chapter is long but its compact. I feel I may have rushed parts of it but ah well it needed to be done. I have a feeling what with everything else I've been doing this will probably be most people's least favorite so far. Rest assured it will all tie in together. Now I know I said before I was shooting for Twenty Chapters and I now realize it will more likely be twenty five. Also, some of you are concerned about certain questions being answered and I understand I do have a lot of different points flying around here. If there's anyting truly pressing you are confused about let me know, compiling a list of things you want answered will help! As always I love to hear feedback and I will tweak my writing if something is especially bothersome. Thanks again to all my readers for sticking with me all this time

13. Keeping With the Times by Dracobrss [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2947 words)

Hey, this posting thing ain't so bad! Anyway here's the next chapter. I think this will be more enjoyable as it does reveal a bit more about Vera's past. As always I look forward to reviews and suggestions. Also, if there's still anything confusing or the like let me know and I'd be happy to clear things up!

14. Nothing Ventured, Mostly Gained by Dracobrss [Reviews - 1] (3414 words)

Wow. So this is coming to ya a lot later than I had originally planned. Most of this was written about a week ago and I just got so distracted writing other stuff. This isn't my favorite chapter, especially because I feel like the mood changes a good bit halfway through...and not in a good way. Anyway that's just me. Next few chapters will be better and for all you Vera fans out there, yes she will be returning shortly. Anyway (shameless plug imminent) as always please comment on the story, it helps me keep track of what people do and do not like. Also, if any of you are potentially interested in reading anything else I've written message me. I do a good deal of other (non giantess) stuff that I think is better and more carefully constructed. Oh and, as always, enjoy!

15. The Sanguine Return by Dracobrss [Reviews - 2] (3449 words)

Hey there everybody! I know, this took a bit longer than I wanted but things have been hectic. I'm getting ready to head back to college so things will be rough the next few weeks but I promise to keep writing. This one doesn't have a ton of Vera in it, I know, but its got a lot of good plot shoved up in there. The tension is building and the big reveal is nearing. The next few chapter will flip flop back and forth between Vera and Amora so I have a feeling my reader count may drop. As always remember to comment with things you are confused, concerned, or curious about! My writing style and plot are semi-dynamic and I will always tweak things when necessary. Anyway hope you all enjoy. 

16. Staying For Now by Dracobrss [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (4058 words)

So, as I mentioned previously, I've been pretty busy getting stuff together for another semester so this is coming much later than I had initially anticipated. Again, I don't think this will be many people's favorite chapter but I'm just trying to pave the way for climactic sections on the horizon. Those of you have been frustrated with how little has been revealed thus far I urge you to stick with it to the end. However, as I said already not everything will be answered. I intend for this to be much more introspective than conclusive. Vera, Amora, Psyn, Ellis...they're all going to be tied back to together one way or another. As always I encourage you to leave reviews and comments as those help me fine tune my writing and may even influence the plot slightly. Anyway enjoy and stay tuned for the next chapter which hopefully will not take a week to post. 

17. Falling Through Again by Dracobrss [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (4025 words)

Alright, so I'm settled in here so I expect things will be a lilttle more consistent. I feel a llittle rushed to get this thing finished but I promise I won't leave any good bits out. This one was a fun one to write and I think it will get mixed reactions. As always remember to post comments and feedback! All forms are welcome and appreciated! Any other questions or concerns be sure to let me know.

18. Pyrrhic or Otherwise by Dracobrss [Reviews - 3] (3695 words)

Hey hey! Another chapter. I for some reason really like this one. While I feel on the surface Ellis and Vera seem to remain stationary socially I think a lot of the subtle interplay amongst them paints an interesting picture. Likewise I'm really starting to set up the big climax. Again I'd like to reiterate my thanks to all of you who have been keeping up with this story. I know its not the site's usual fare and I know it can be a bit of work keeping up with it. As always remember to comment and review! All is welcome and I love to hear feedback on certain plot points from my readers. Also I'm thinking of maybe doing another story when this one is done. I don't have any solid ideas yet so if you are maybe interested in collaborating with me on one let me know!

19. The Will of Good and Evil by Dracobrss [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (5257 words)

Hey everyone! Another chapter! I think people will like this one as well. Not a lot about the greater story is advance or revealed but it has its own chapter. This mostly is just here to add even more depth to the characters. I suspect people's opinions will be all over the place so let me know what you think about the characters after reading this! My goal is to challenge a lot of people's expectations but, with school and all, it can be difficult to really sink a lot of time and effort into this story (especially when working on others). Anyway as always post your thoughts and comments and I will start working on the next chapter post-haste!

20. Through an Earthly Shackle by Dracobrss [Reviews - 2] (4872 words)

Another week has gone by? Damn where does the time go. I know I'm not cranking these out at a desirable rate. Truth be told the combination of outside work, other writing projects, and my own growing frustration with this story is making it more and more difficult to work on. Yet, people seem to enjoy it nonetheless. Again, i don't think this one will be a lot of people's favorite but its still key to the overall story. Its getting a lot harder to decide what precisely I want to include in these last few chapters so we'll see how that all goes. As always remember to comment and review! I love to hear feedback on chapters as well as your personal theories about what the hell is going on. Thanks again to all my readers and hopefully next chapter won't be quite as far off.

21. One Cage into Another by Dracobrss [Reviews - 4] (6180 words)

Whew! How long has it been now? Two months? Jeez. Well school hit me pretty hard. It still is actually, but I found the will and the time to finish this story for you all. Now, this is not the end just yet. Some of you I know are probably happy for my return, others I know just really want this story to wrap up. I understand. These last few chapters have not been my best and they are especially tiring when it comes to actual giantess content. My last chapter did not get stellar reviews and I must reiterate that I am open to all forms of comments and critiques so long as they are constructive. I hope you all like this one, again I know its not my best but its crucial for the story. Its pretty dense and there are points where it feels rushed so...sorry ahead a time. As always remember to leave comments, I love hearing from you guys. I expect their to be at least two more official chapters and then one epilogue. That's about it, hope you like it!

22. It Makes Nothing Happen by Dracobrss [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (4696 words)

Dang, this one was actually surprising easy to write. Which I find weird because its probably one of the most complex chapters. A lot of plot is thrown around, a lot of emotions. Things are building up. In many ways I always consider conclusions to really have two parts. There is the conclusion using words and the conclusion using action. This is really the start to the resolution using words. I hope that makes sense, I didn't put it very eloquently. Anyway, with finals coming up and the Devil's dogs baring their teeth at me I fear that the next chapter might not come quite so quickly. But I promise I won't take two months like I did for the last. Anyway, as always feel free to comment, provide feedback, whatever. I'm starting to think about what I want my next story to be so if you have any preferences or ideas of your own let me know! 

Also, shout out to Stubbornstain for making these awesome renders of Vera and Ellis: http://stubbornstain.deviantart.com/art/Vera-and-Ellis-2-575618196 I gotta say I can't say how happy I am that people like this story enough to produce fan art! So thanks again man really awesome stuff.

To be honest his story has been doing so much better than I initially anticpated and I'm really thankful to all my fans out there who have been following me all the way! I'm just glad I have the oppurtunity to share stories with you all. Anyway that's about it, enjoy!

23. Keeper of the Damned by Dracobrss [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (4403 words)

Hey all, sorry this one's a little late. Been really busy with finals and I will be for some time. But, we are getting close, this is the penultimate chapter (not including the Epilogue) so stay tuned there will be more. As always I love to hear your thoughts and as I mentioned before I will be thinking about a new story to do relatively soon so if you have ideas on that feel free to leave them in the reviews. That's about it. Hope you enjoy this one!

24. So it Goes... by Dracobrss [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (5016 words)

Here it is. The final chapter. It all comes down to the end. Some people will be thrilled some will be disappointed. The ending is a little rushed but I don't think it would be worth dragging it out for another chapter. Emotions run pretty high and editing has been rough but I think you'll mostly be satisified. Finals are over for me so I was finally able to finally finish this thing off. With this conclusion I want to thank everyone once again for sticking with it. I know its been kind of incosistent but I put a lot of time and effort into it so I hope you have been satisfied. I will also be taking votes on my next story. The options are:

1. The Sons of Men - set in the same universe as The Masks of Gods, this will follow a young militiamen working on the frontiers in the Pacific Northwest

2. The Flower and the Crow - A Romanticist interpretation of prose and poetry, this story will follow a writer and musician who both vying for the attention of a lonesome giantess

3. The Man who was a Serpent - set in an animistic world where nature is ruled by tempermental deities, this story follows a young Shaman who sets out to make a name for himself in his small village

4. Dissocia - When a normal woman discovers a race of dimunitive beings in the woods not far from her home they quickly come to view her as a goddess. Things get a little out of hand though when her mental afflictions come into play.

5. I was also thinking of doing a superhero-esque story but I'm not sure how I would go about it. I'd probably invent my own character but I'm not totally opposed to writing about a well known character either. 

25. Epilogue by Dracobrss [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1206 words)

This is it everyone! The series comes to an end. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has been following this since the summer. I know it didn't end how you would have hoped. I know there were times people weren't happy with it but I stand by my choices. It has been a stranger course of events. A lot of strain and a lot of stress but I like how it turned out. I'm glad many of you have expressed your keen interest in this universe and its characters. I really did not expect it to do so well so I'm more than pleased with the outcome. I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on it, final conclusions, likes and dislikes, the whole thing. Likewise if you haven't put in your preference for the next story be sure to do so! You can find the list in the last chapter. Anyway, thanks again! 

26. Masks of Gods 1st Anniversary Special by Dracobrss [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3126 words)

Hey y'all, I know what some of you might be thinking. A new chapter? What is this I thought it was over! Well you're techincally correct, this isn't really a "new" chapter but rather a teaser for the upcoming few chapters of The Sons of Men. This will tie in the events of Masks of Gods with my ongoing stories so I hope you like it. Its short, and it doesn't have too much giantess content but I figured it would be nice to do something special to commemorate the 1 Year Anniversary of the story. Like I said, its nothing super great but I thought you all would like it. I'm also hoping to renew interest in The Sons of Men before I continue on with it. That's about it for now. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year as well!