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Author's Chapter Notes:

For those of you just looking for erotic scenes, the first one is at chapter two.


IMPORTANT: Please note this story branches into multiple "scenarios" after the first chapter. Each scenario can be thought of as an alternate version of events that occurs within the story. In a sence, each schenario has it's own complete ending and functions as a complete story.


Scenario 1 consists of chapters 1,2,3, and 4. Scenario 2 consists of chapters 1,5,6,7, and 8. Scenario 3 consists of chapters 1,9,10,11 and 12. Scenario 4 consists of chapters 1,13,14,15,16. Scenario 5 consists of chapters 1,17,18 So when transitioning from chapter 4 to 5, please remember that it is part of a seperate "storyline". The same goes for chapters 8 to 9 and so on.



Please point out any minor grammer or spelling errors you encounter, I'm a perfectionist and will probably correct them right away.



I woke up in a strange place.  Weird, I was sure I was in class when I fell asleep. The teacher had been going on about some confusing subject, so I put my head down on my desk and took a quick nap. Now I have no idea where I am. I look around; I seem to be on a flat wooden surface, though quite a big one. There seems to be things scattered around, strange long objects... giant pencils? Yeah, they do kind of look like giant pencils. I think I see a giant eraser, and a giant sheet of paper. Looking past the wooden surface I was standing on, I see large yet familiar walls. The walls seem to be my classroom walls, only much larger. Then, it hits me. I must've shrunk!

How is this possible? I have no idea. Was this all an elaborate scheme? I doubt it. Did someone invent a shrinking ray and decide to test it on me? Does magic really exist? Did someone use a shrink spell on me? Perhaps a real life genie shrunk me down? Who would wish me shrunk? A sudden wave of panic over my new predicament fills me as I feel tempted to curl up in a ball.

Suddenly, I hear a noise like a door opening; I turn and see a girl opening the door. She's one of my classmates, though I never paid much attention to her before now. She was wearing a white t-shirt, a short pink skirt, and clean white knee socks. She was probably 17 years old, the same age as me. "I hope it's still here" I heard her say. Perhaps talking about her bag? I didn't know what to do, should I hide and hope she doesn't notice me? Or should I scream and hope she does notice me. What would she do if she found me?

While I was thinking about what to do, I noticed her gaze fall on me. She began to approach my desk. Still unsure what to do, I just stood still, silently panicking.

"Huh, what's that" she said as she leaned over the desk.

Suddenly a shadow was cast over me, as I looked up and saw her face overshadow the bright fluorescent lights. Her short brown hair normally reached down to her neck, though now it was hanging freely as she was looking down, right at me. She was wearing glasses, but I could see beautiful blue eyes beyond those glasses.

 "Is that... A tiny doll?" she said. "It kind of looks like one of my classmates"

As she brought her face closer, I decided that I would probably need her help figuring out what happened to me and tried to make contact.

"Err... hello" I said.

"Did it just talk?” she said to herself, confused.

She brought her hand close to me, as if to pick me up. Panicking at this sudden development, I yelled "STOP" But this didn't stop her. This strange girl still thought I was a doll, and suddenly my entire body, from my feet to my arms was in her grip, which I noticed was surprisingly gentle despite her not knowing that I was human. Her warm hand felt almost pleasant as it smothered my body entirely and began to bring me up to her chest level.

"It’s strangely warm" she said, reflecting my thoughts on her hand.  

I finally realised I couldn't just stammer around anymore, and decided to take action.

"I'm not a doll! I'm a person!" I yelled. "I've been shrunk somehow and I don't know why or how to get back to normal!”

"Huh? What?" she said, bringing me closer to her face.

I was staring right into her beautiful blue eyes veiled by glasses; I could see her flush pink lips up close from here.

"A person?" she said.

I saw her lips move to form those words up close. I was awestruck at her size. I realized she could swallow me if she chose, but luckily she didn't seem to be so cruel.

This giant girl eventually realised the meaning and magnitude of what I just said, and her expression changed from one of quiet interest to one of shock. “Oh no! I'm sorry for picking you up!" she said, as she gently yet abruptly placed me down on the desk.

"It's ok, I'm fine. You had a very gentle grip." I said.  

"How did you get like this?" she asked.

"I don't know" I responded "I was sleeping in class like normal, but when I woke up I was lying down on my desk and everything seemed really big." 

"So you don't have any way to go back to normal?" she asked.

"No" I admitted "All I can do is wait and hope I eventually turn back to normal".

"So what are you going to do till then?"

"I don't know, I'm really helpless to be honest, if you hadn't come here I might have been trapped on this desk until tomorrow".

"How about I bring you to your house, your parents can sort it out from there, right?"

"Actually, I'm in an awkward situation right now, my parents are away and I'm sort of home alone right now. I can't exactly live by myself the way I am, as hard as that is to admit"

"So you have no one you can stay with?" she asked.

"Nope, no one" I responded.

"Hmmm" she said aloud. "Why don't you stay with me than!" she said excitedly.

"Huh" I said, shocked at the idea of staying over at a girl’s house. Much less a girl I barely knew. "Oh n-no, I couldn't impose" I stammered.

"Nah you won't be imposing!" she said cheerfully "you'll hardly eat anything at your size, and besides, I've always wanted a... little brother" she said, though she hesitated a bit on the last two words, as if she wanted to say something else instead.

"... Fine" I said, realising I had no other choice.

"Great" she said, suddenly picking me up with her warm hand once more, bringing me to her chest level. "I'll just carry you in my shirt pocket" she said, smiling.

She brought me closer to her shirt pocket, located over her right breast. I was gently placed in her shirt pocket; it was small enough that if I was standing I could poke my head out. I noticed that her chest was rising and falling slightly, that must be her breathing.

The cloth felt soft and a bit warm on the part where it contacted her skin, at this point I realised how close I was to her breast. I’ve never been this close to a girl’s breast before. I blushed a little but acted like nothing was off. "Is it alright in there?" she said, as I looked up at her face, which was in turn looking down on me.

"Yeah... it's fine" I said "Great, let's head off to your new home than" she said as she began walking.

The walking rocked me gently back and forth inside her shirt pocket, it was relaxing in a sense, being wrapped up in her pocket, listening to her heart beating, smelling her sweet smelling perfume that I hadn't noticed till now. I feel a shift in my lower area. Is this turning me on? Suddenly her voice snapped me out of my own world.

"I'm Chelsea by the way" I heard and felt her say as her chest vibrated with each sound produced. 

"Mark" I responded.

"Great to meet you!" she exclaimed "I'm sure we'll get along great from now on!"

Chapter End Notes:

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