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The school year is almost over and Dan wants to make his dreams come true. What follows next holds many possiblities. 

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Growth: Amazon (7 ft. to 15 ft.)
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Published: April 11 2015 Updated: September 23 2015

1. Chapter 1 A Dream by HuzToru [Reviews - 3] (693 words)

I plan on adding more chapters later on. For now I want to keep my stories short and sweet. Enjoy :)

2. Chapter 2 Understanding by HuzToru [Reviews - 1] (784 words)

We find that Dan awakes near the bed side of his best friend Tori. I'm sorry not to mention that Tori has olive brown skin and also she wears glasses.

3. Chapter 3 Social Experiment by HuzToru [Reviews - 0] (1719 words)

Dan gets to see firsthand what happends when a goddess enters school.

4. Chapter 4 Morals by HuzToru [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1094 words)

So yeah a new chapter. Sorry it took me so long to update this. I promoise that I will try to update my stories as often as I can.

5. Chapter 5 Growing Problem by HuzToru [Reviews - 0] (1379 words)

So yeah, heres a new chapter that I been working on recently. Anyway here you go!

6. Chapter 6 Problem by HuzToru [Reviews - 0] (1630 words)

Yeah I sorry about posting a new chapter. My harddrive failed me and I had no way to edit or post my stories. Anyway, here you guys go.

7. Chapter 7 Now What? by HuzToru [Reviews - 0] (1544 words)

We left off with Dan being able to make it home with a few bumps and bruises. 


8. Chapter 8 Plans by HuzToru [Reviews - 0] (1084 words)

Yeah I finally got around to finishing this story. Im sorry for anybody who aited this long. Also I have a new story that I belive is a great canadiate for this comunity.