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Shopping malls were the worst place to catch your breath, Carrie decided. The hundreds of chattering people, the shouting of vendors, the wretched squeaking and horrendous scratching of those damned coat hangers as they slid, back and forth one their metal rungs as some blond ditz searched desperately for some pair of pants that was her size.

"You should go to the mall Carrie! Get some friends, get out of you're room!" Carrie had said earlier, on her way as she had marched herself from her house, all the way to the mall. Her mom had made her. She just wanted her sixteen year old daughter, a Junior in high school, to 'get out' 'explore' 'have fun' 'YOLO'. It was deadpanning to see her mom try to sound hip. Oh god, "hip"?!

As if going to the mall was not a big enough a waste of her Friday night, she had the very unfortunate chance, of running into some of her classmates.

Not some guys she knew the names of, but them. Other girls. Which were worst than the horniest of all teenage boys.

Two groups. Both were the 'popular girls'. Girls who looked down on Carrie with condescension and laughter. Literally, they looked down, Carrie thought.

Carrie stood at a mere 4'3. But her eyes and facial features gave away her age. She looked a bit nerdy. Wearing a sweater with a pair of tights, and flat running shoes. She had mocha colored hair, really curly and fell past her chin. Caucasian, with fair skin and some freckles. She was flat chested, with not much of a rump either. But she was cute, with her dainty nose and big, light hazel eyes, which were currently filled with fear from the sight of the other girls.

One group, the smaller of the two cliques, had never bothered her in the past, but the other one? So many drinks spilled all over her bookbag...

She kept walking, past both gangs, who had failed to notice each other, and more importantly, her.

"Shit..." She said, when she came to a small group of tables, where underneath a series of mannequins, stuff like bras and panties were laying. She looked behind her, where one of the groups was wandering in her direction, where they would certainly notice if she turned tail.

Michelle Fairweather was the leader of this clique.

Michelle was herself, not the most attractive teen in the school, but she was however wealthy, with a smart mouth and bitch attitude. She was only a few inches taller than Carrie herself, with dyed blonde hair, and way too much makeup. She was however, a sex beacon. Every guy wanted to say he was with her. It meant he was worth looking at in the social ladder.

She was followed closely by five or so taller, more attractive girls who gave Michelle some back up.

Carrie turned back to the table, and began to pretend she was looking at the prices of some of the bras on the table, hoping she would not be noticed.

For the most part, it was working. The girls paid the short brunette no mind, talking about boys and social media rather than notice a plaything with her back turned to them.

This was, until the other clique happened upon the same stash of designer bras.

"Oh no." Carrie muttered, almost tearfully.

Ava Jiang Gonzalez, was the leader of this clique. She and Michelle hated each other. It apparently had something to do with Ava kissing Michelle's boyfriend or something, which led to a huge argument in lunch, and... that was about as far as anybody got into the story before being interrupted somehow.

Whatever it was, they hated each other, the two most popular girls on campus.

Ava was a goddess of a teen girl. She stood at about six feet, but loved wearing heels, bringing her to an intimidating 6'3 or so. She was astoundingly beautiful. Ava was half Chinese on her mothers side, and half Colombian on her fathers side. She had strong oriental features, but had the body of a Colombian girl. She sported a pair of triple d breasts, and an ass that had any boy drooling. Large and firm, with wide hips. Her skin was the perfect level of tan, which along with her Chinese face, made the most for the most exotic and sexually appealing bodies possible. She was clad in an off the shoulder light red top, and a pair of denim short shorts, which framed her long, muscular legs. Her feet were wrapped in a pair of strappy high heels, revealing her carefully done painted toe nails.

She strode next to Carrie, and began to look at some the clothes herself, not taking notice of the girl who sat two rows behind her in Calculus, whose meager stature only reached her lovely bum. Carrie gulped, and tried to keep her cool.

"Calm down Carrie." She told herself. "She's just another person, just pretend you're not here." She told herself, looking down, hoping the black haired Asian girl would leave soon. Carrie found herself staring down at Ava's feet. Her toe nails were painted a light blue, with little red swirls like tree branches on them. She had very pretty feet, actually. Sort of small, but those shoes definitely had something to do with why her toes were so perfect. Weird, she thought. She should be jealous of this girls magnificent chest, or her perfect ass. But no. Her feet were what Carrie wished she had.

"You like the shoes?" A soft, feminine voice asked, almost a whisper. Carrie jumped a little at Ava's words. Ava was looking down knowingly at Carrie, who could not bear looking up to look into her eyes.

"Sorry..." Carrie whispered, her voice cracking slightly. She moved to the right a bit, away from Ava, and picked up a bra, and pretended to be really interested in it. Like her life depended on it.

To her surprise, Ava simply walked over to her, and without saying a word, began to slowly swivel her torso, so her glorious butt loomed closer to Carrie's face. Carrie, for the first time got a good look at Ava's ass. She didn't know why she did it, but she felt... threatened, by this show of femininity. She backed away, allowing Ava full access to the table. Ava smiled to herself.

"Wow Ava, whoring yourself away to some chick now? You're even more fucking slutty than I thought." Michelle said, letting everybody know she saw Ava, who turned.

"Pardon?" She asked.

"Hmph, even this worthless girl could do better than that slosh you call an ass." Michelle said, her posse getting behind her to fold their arms and look catty.

Ava raised an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, my English must not be as good as I thought. It almost sounded like you're saying I have a bad looking ass. James really didn't think that." Ava said, crossing her arms.

Michelle snorted.

"Look at this bitch." She said to her friends. "Thinks she's all that cuz she sleeps around."

Ava cupped her hand to her ear. "I'm sorry, would you like to bring all four feet of you over here and say that shit again?"

"Big talk for a bipedal Chinese sex doll."

"Big talk for a fat ass fake blonde fuck nugget." Ava replied, earning a bit of laughter from her girls.

Michelle, shocked, stepped forward in rage. "What did you just-?!" Michelle's sentence was cutoff, the very second Ava's open palm rocketed across her face.

A resounding smack, and Michelle backed off.

"Not my fault guys wanna motorboat by ass and not go to a surgeon afterwards!" Ava called, as Michelle and her girls stormed off.

Carrie just stood there, dumbstruck at what she had just witnessed. Girls laughing at someone but her. It was certainly a nice change of pace, at the very least.

Ava turned now to Carrie, who immediately regretted not bolting while she had the chance. Ava stopped laughing, but a grin remained on her perfect face.

"You girls go ahead. I'll catch up to you later." It was more an order than a request by Ava. The other girls obeyed, and walked off, leaving Ava with Carrie.

"What's your name, shorty?" Ava asked, her hands on those wide hips of hers, towering over Carrie, who no looked into her hungry eyes.

"C-carrie." She squeaked.

"Carrie? Hmph. I like shorty better. I'll call you shorty from now on." Ava stated.


"Jesus, I'm not gonna fucking eat you, calm down Shorty." Ava said, tried of her stammering through sentences.

"R-right... sorry, Miss Ava." Carrie said.

"Miss Ava?" Ava repeated, then began laughing.

"Oh, you're a lot of fun, Shorty. What, you wanna be my little servant?" Ava asked, leaning in, using her massive chest to force Carrie into the table, putting her under immense stress from having Ava so close.

"I uh..."

Ava's face lit up.

"I'll take you're breathless enthusiasm as a yes! Hmph. I want you in my house tomorrow morning. You're going to do some things for me, Shorty."

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