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Story Notes:

This series basically takes place in a futuristic world. Where humans and other creatures we discovered freely travel on an Interstellar scale.

"Private! Why in god's name is it taking you so long to sort out people's mail!" Master Sergeant Irwin yelled at Private Bruce Collins, who cringed in fear as his superior officer, who was particularly vocal about his screw ups around the ship.


The CSS Headhunter, a fine military starship. Belonging to the North American European Coalition. The ship itself was mostly American though. The 'C' in the CSS meant coalition, but that did not mean the military was about to mix up soldiers from around the world for the sake of diversity. It was far too overzealous to do so. So, Private Bruce Collins was stuck with pretty much the same few men he had left the American Interstellar Armed Forces Academy in Oregon, as his fellow comrades in arms.


Not that he should have expected any different. He was always seeing the same old things throughout his entire life. It did not matter anyways. It was not like he was poorly mistreated, hazed, bullied, or treated like less of a human being by most of them to the point where he was always sad. But it did feel every day like he was picked on to an abnormal extent. Mostly by his Commanding Officers.


Bruce was a bit of a softie. Well... a bit on the shy side at the very least. He was always quiet, trying to be by himself, avoiding talking as he was afraid of reprisal from his Superiors.


Which was precisely the reason he increased the tempo tenfold as he plucked letters from the small satchel he had retrieved from the shuttle area in the bottom deck. Every seven weeks, letters, handwritten and typed, the old school method, were shipped in to the men and women's families on board. Due to the nature of the vessel, the Headhunter, it was deemed to risky to have open comms communication via hologram, or to get an open line on the phone while travelling through the galaxy.


It was his turn to do the day long duty of delivering each letter to every soldier who had received one, which had been building up for weeks on end. They were not exactly sorted, so Bruce had to bounce back, sometimes giving a Corporal a letter on one side of the ship, jogging across the entire ship without using the elevator, give another package to a Lieutenant, the finding out he had to run back as the next letter in the satchels sleeve happened to belong to the same corporal.


So it was far from an ideal job. Especially considering that this was a special day where hot, solid food that was not the vile, lukewarm and rough beef with a cup of water they usually got while on the ship. Maybe a candy bar if they were lucky. But no, they had recently past a depot, allowing them to splurge on warm rice, soup, soft bread, beans, steaks, burgers, potatoes, turkey, and ham. Along with fruit juice, beer, rum, wine, and coffee with SUGAR. So yeah, he was really missing out as his fellow soldiers dined in the mess hall, and he was stuck giving these damned letters out, sliding them under doors.


He was messed up even more, as Master Sergeant Irwin loved pushing him around, with tough discipline, and yelling. He was rough on him, cold, and uncaring. But he was his superior, and he was to follow orders.


"Move! I've seen old ladies walk out of grocery stores faster than you!" Master Sergeant Irwin screamed, as Bruce fumbled with a small package, the size of his fist, struggling to get it to stay in the mailbox for packages next to the door button next to the door.


"Why can't a put the letters in the mailboxes!?" Bruce asked, panting. "The packages go in there."


"Because, dick for brains, the slots for the packages are to angular. You put in a letter, it will rip on it's way out, after crumpling on it's way in."




"Quit you're yammering Private and work! Just for that you're going to clean the mess hall, after the men are finished eating. Then you can have supper." Irwin said.


Bruce just looked down, and kept at it, delivering mail.


"Yes, sir."


A while later, Bruce was almost done. He was just about to slide the last, goddamned letter under a door, when Private Isaac walked around the corner.


"Master Sergeant! The cooks just brought out the jelly doughnuts. Chef Mike ordered me to tell you sir."


Irwin's eyes lit up in delight.


"Thank you Private. I will be on my way."


"I also ran into Captain Shay, he said that this-" Private Isaac handed Irwin a crisp, white envelope "was left behind by Private Collins, it seems when he was stocking the mail satchel."


Bruce's eyes lit up in fear. "Fuck... I was in such a hurry I must have missed a letter. Eh, it's probably just for a recruit. No worry if it is late."


Irwin looked at Bruce disapprovingly.


"Well son, you could have just screwed over some poor chap. This is an urgent letter, made for-" Irwin stopped, and his mouth dropped.


"Is there something the matter Sergeant?" Bruce asked, when he saw Irwin's reaction to reading who it was from.


"Yeah, you're damned right!" Irwin said, shoving the letter into Bruce's hands. "That is an urgent letter, which was supposed to be delivered hours ago, for Commander Jane Trass!" Irwin yelled, much to Bruce's horror.


"Commander... Jane?" Bruce managed. Irwin slapped him, sending shocks of pain through Bruce's face.


"Yes! Commander Jane, we only have one Commander here now don't we!"


"Uh Yes sir!"


"Good! Now you have exactly five minutes, and I am being very generous with that time, Private, to get that bloody letter, on Commander Jane's desk in her cabin. Do I make myself clear?!"


"Sir yes sir!" Bruce said, as proud as I could.


"The why are you still in front of me?!"


"Sir sorry sir!" Bruce turned on his heel, and began to bolt across the ship. He was on the lowest deck, farthest to the front of the ship. The Commander's Cabin was to the back, on the highest deck.


Bruce was ashamed and embarrassed. He held the letter in his hands like it was his lifeblood, terrified of the consequence if he did it deliver it in time. He bypassed a few onlookers, who were a bit confused as to why he was bolting down the hallways, darting up ladders, and maintaining his speed.


Bruce was short, only 5'4. He had barely passed his physical tests at the Academy, but that did not mean it was any easier to be surrounded by well-built soldiers, who's necks he barely reached. He was fair skinned, with a tan, short dark brown hair. He also had very nice blue eyes. He was pretty good looking, and has reasonably muscular, but not the sheer bodybuilder body of many others on the ship.


Bruce managed to get to the Commander's Cabin, Superior to any other area on the ship. With a private shower, study, bed, holo tv, and hologram communicator.


He knocked on the door, gently, sweating. He had sprinted all the way here after all. The cold, gun metal color metal was not exactly the most welcoming, but the coolest.


No answer.


He tried again, a bit louder this time. But again, he received no answer from within. Not ideal for him.


Bruce thought of simply slipping the letter underneath the door, but that might get him in trouble if Irwin found out he had not put it on the bed. Even though the chances of him discovering it was slim, Bruce was rattled enough from the earlier yelling to do this as best he could.


Bruce closed his eyes, and pushed the purple button, allowing him to open the door. He hoped it was locked, but instead, it hissed, and opened quickly, revealing the all too impressive interior. Warm bed, holo tv, private study, all just as how he had heard or imagined it to be, whether from logic in his head, or gossip in the mess hall.


Bruce looked around, there was no sign of the Commander, but the sound of water hitting the floor of a shower was certainly present.


"She's bathing... good, all I have to do is leave this thing here on her bed, get out, close the door behind me, and apologize again to the Master Sergeant. Then, it is nothing but nice warm mashed potatoes, and some meatloaf." Bruce thought to himself, happily. Then he snapped out of his mashed potato trance. He had a habit of trapping himself in a trance, thinking about something like he was writing a poem about it. Like when he over described how a strange flower looked on an alien planet he had never been on before. It had gotten him in some trouble before, because he had not paid attention while someone was giving directions.


He strode down three small steps to the bed, which was on the left of the room, while the door to the bathroom was on the right.


Bruce set the letter down, on the edge of the bed. Briefly, he thought of opening it, out of a natural whim to do the dangerous. He had only glimpsed the Commander on two occasions, as she was often up in the bridge. He knew she was a Commander, with a reputation for discipline and a tactical mind.


He was just straightening up as he set it down, when the bathroom door opened. Bruce jumped a bit. He turned suddenly, against his logical mind screaming at him not to.


"Oh god!" He blurted, when he saw the near nude full body of the Commander.


He had said what he had not because he did not think she was pretty, no, far from it, it was just the shock of meeting you're commander like this was certainly shocking.


Commander Jane was tall, unlike him, about 6'4, maybe 6'5. Either or, she towered above him. He barely reached her chest. Speaking of such assets, Commander Jane was well endowed, her bosoms were large, definitely within the high D range of breasts, and her hips were wide. Her belly was toned with muscle, and her long, thick legs, shapely and fit, were hairless, like the rest of her body, she obviously waxed or something to get her skin to be so smooth and shine so much.


She had a strong jaw, with dark brown eyes. Her hair was dark red, neck length with a few strands coming in front of her left eye, the rest was simply behind her ear, contrasting her very fair skin. She was very beautiful, but at the same time, intimidating and imposing. Not to mention the fact that she looked angry. Very angry.


Her sopping wet breasts jiggled as she turned towards him. She crossed her arms, and turned her lower body away, so he could not see anything private.


He gulped.


"I am so sorry Commander! I was just delivering an letter, I did not mean to-"


"Silence, Private." She said, louder than he was speaking, and powerfully. Her voice was deep, sexy, but domineering, she could control him like he was a puppet.


He shut his mouth. He looked down at her feet, as she sized him up. He had to remind himself that not all girls were into it when a guy liked their feet, but he could not help it as she stood there. Her feet her smooth looking, her toenails painted dark purple.


She had the prettiest of toes... he could not help but notice when she wiggled them experimentally, and he peered at them even more.


She noticed this, but chose not to pine over it. As long as he was staring at something other than her bosom, she was fine with it.


She snapped her fingers, snapping him out of the daze.


He jumped a bit, but managed to pay attention.


"What is you're name, Private?" She asked, simply.


"Er, Private Bruce Collins, ma'am." He said, standing at attention.


"I prefer Commander over ma'am." She informed him.


"Of course, Commander." He said. She began to pace around him.


"You said you had a letter for me, Private Bruce Collins?" She asked, pacing in a circle around him, her voice calm.


"Yes... I placed it on you're bed, Commander."


Commander Jane noticed the letter, and picked it up. She read who it was from, nodded, before tossing it over her shoulder, landing deftly on her desk.


She walked in front of him, and Bruce could not help but notice how much taller she was. He reached her ample chest, and nothing more. She was more muscular, powerful... and thousands of times smarter as well. She was probably in her late twenties.


"Private, I cannot tell if a person in my situation should be angry, humiliated, or otherwise pissed. Yet, I am not any of these." She said.


"My sincerest of apologies Comma-"


"Quiet." She said, causing him to shut up. "Speak when spoken to for now. Am I clear?"


"Yes, Commander."


"Well, I think some form of punishment is in order." She said, as she grabbed her bath robe, finally defusing some of the tension in the air, as her body was no longer on display. But his heart clenched with fear.


"I want you to report back to this room in exactly forty minutes. And don't go to the mess hall. I don't want you all stuffed with food, and I also do not want you to tell anybody of what you saw in here." She said.


He had seen her nude and she was only taking away his dinner!? Well, that and whatever else she had planned. But she was being very lenient.


"Be presentable. I want a clean, groomed solider in front of me in forty minutes. Am I clear?"




"Then leave my room." She said, using a single, powerful arm to drag him out, and shutting the door behind him, locking it this time.


True to the order, Bruce presented himself in front of her cabin door forty minutes later. He had washed his face, brushed his teeth, and made sure to look his best to be as presentable as possible.


He stood nervously at the door. He knocked.


With a considerable hiss, the door opened briskly, Commander Jane's imposing form stood there.


"Reporting, Commander." He said, polite as possible.


She paid this no mind, however. She ushered him inside of the room, and told him to stand straight at attention.


She stood right in front of him, fully clothed in a formal suit.


Bruce gulped. He had tried to remain calm, but forty minutes of thinking what she had planned for him was torture by itself, he thought. It was not like there was anything in a book that specifically told anybody what exactly to do in this case, though he assumed it would not be as bad as a court martial, oh heavens no, but probably a bit more than cleaning the bathrooms for a week.


He just stood there, and hoped for the best, all things considered.


Commander Jane spoke up.


"I am going to ask you a few questions, and give you a few orders. And you are going to answer each question with complete honesty. You will follow every order I give you with absolute enthusiasm, and pride. If you fail to meet any of these simple tasks, you will find yourself in a difficult situation, Private."


"Of course, Commander."


"And it should be duly noted that anything that occurs while you are in this room, remains in this room, as would anything spoken in the bunks with you're comrades. Clear?"


"Yes Commander."


"Now, I want you to stand still. You're feet will not move no matter what. That is my final rule."




Commander Jane nodded in satisfaction.


"First question. Did you see me fully nude? Or did I cover myself too quickly?" She asked.


Bruce's first instincts were to lie, and say she had been too fast. It might be a solution for him to get out of this entire ordeal now. But her eyes were calculating, she knew what the right answer was. And that was not it.


"Y-yes... commander." He admitted.


She looked none to nonplussed.


"Did you like what you saw?" She asked. This made Bruce stop. That was... a very seductive question, but was spoken as a serious one. He thought for a few moments, trying to formulate a response.


"Well... yes." He managed. Commander Jane cocked her head.


"Oh? You don't sound so."


"NO!" Bruce cried. "I mean, you are really very beautiful. I was... attracted."


She did not blush, bud instead, took a step towards him, closing the distance. Her 6'5 body towering over his meager 5'4 one. He instinctively took a step backwards. Bad idea to disobey an order.


Her fist, propelled by her muscular arms, stronger than all of his puny muscles could possible hope to amass to even if they were to be combined, rocketed into his stomach. It was a solid punch. Nothing to murder with, but solid. Even still, it still knocked everything out of Bruce, who cried out in pain, and doubled over, struggling to stay on his feet.


"I told you not to move." She said.


"I am sorry, Commander." He managed, as her hand found his head. Her powerful fingers gripped his hair, and squeezed, causing him to grit his teeth as pain from his hair being pulled showed. He was about to try to fend her off, but realized it was suicide to do so.


Roughly, she forced him to look upwards, into her gleaming dark brown eyes.


Surprisingly, her eyes bore no malice. Yet this was very little comfort.


Even more surprisingly, she had unzipped her outfit. Well, the top half at least. Her considerable bosom was now exposed. A black, front hook bra was all that kept her girls bound.


His eyes widened at her beauty.


"Now, do you still like what you see?" She asked, in her usual, domineering voice of a Commanding Officer.


All he could do was nod, her tight grasp made it hard, however.


She nodded, and then thrust his head in between her breasts, rubbing his face into them like his face was a washcloth for her bosoms.


He had no choice... but to enjoy their softness. Wow...


He was entranced in her breast flesh, as both precipices blocked out any hearing from the outside. She rubbed his face from side to side, smearing his face into her chest, not too roughly, it was actually very nice. His member told him to open his mouth and lick the flesh, but logic told him no. The magnificent orbs before him may be large and firm, but they belonged to Commander Jane, who he was to serve, not get off of. Though he wondered if she was getting off on this.


Maybe not, she had only moved her right hand, the hand that grabbed him and forced his head into her chest. Her left hand was still behind her back in a fist over her glorious butt, military stance style. She was still standing straight as well. And unlike him, who had unwittingly given off moans of pleasure, she was still silent.


Bruce was enamored by his gorgeous Commander. She was so beautiful... tall, strong... but how could a person like Commander Jane ever love a weakling, and a low ranking soldier, on top of being weak. But then, why was she doing this? He pondered, distracting himself.


This allowed for her to walk him over to her bathroom, where next to the shower, a shower like pod with a glass wall was. Without further notice, she shoved and trapped him inside.


Bruce was just getting his bearings, when her foot slammed into his chest, forcing him back against the wall. He was still trying to get her massive bust's image out of his brain, but her dominating him was just not as powerful as it needed to be to wipe it out from his mind.


Once she was sure he was secure, not going anywhere, Jane left the pod, and closed the door, the glass wall shut off any sound from the outside.


She began fiddling with buttons, and a few beeps later, a dark blue gas began to fill the small pod.


Bruce was to confused and aroused to notice as he, and thankfully his uniform, began to shrink. Not until he was about four inches tall, and everything was enormous, did he panic.


Commander Jane opened the pod door after the gas dissipated. She looked down on him with raised eyebrows.


"What did you do to me!?" Bruce asked, yelling. He was terrified.


Jane's hand deftly entered the pod, and picked him up. He was now small enough to fit in her fist. He struggled to breathe within it. She dropped him to the floor, and gave him less than a nanosecond to react, before her boot thudded down on top of him, and began senselessly grinding him against the cold metal floor.


This continued for about twenty seconds, before her foot lifted. To Bruce's shock. He was not hurt. Well it did hurt, but he was not a smear.


"I-I'm alive...." He managed to say.


"Glad you noticed, Private. But regardless, I won't tolerate rudeness."


"I should be dead... you crushed me..." He said, looking at his palms.


Commander Jane stood at attention, looking down at him, like this was a normal encounter, like a few moments ago.


"The shrinking greatly increases durability. You will live as long as you are shrunken." She informed him. Bruce looked up, and asked her:


"Why did you shrink me!?"


She frowned, and her boot thudded down again, this time, it only covered his neck down. But it hurt worse than anything he had ever felt. His body might be durable, but the pain was still present.


"Respect, Private. You will call me Commander and speak with respect. But, I do understand you're predicament. Relax, before I go on, you should know that this can very easily be reversed. But, I want you to earn you're stature back."




"For one, stand at attention. Properly." Jane said, she towered over him like never before. Her hands were on her hips as she looked down at his diminutive form. She removed her boot from him.


Bruce was still adjusting to seeing a human like this, when she lost a bit of her patience. She stamped her foot, not on him, but on the ground in front of him. He snapped to attention.


"Yes Commander!" He said, loud as he could.


She nodded in satisfaction.


"Private, I suppose I owe you an explanation. I find you cute." Commander Jane said. At this size, her voice thundered in his head, raping his senses dry. But he could still hear her words well enough.


She found him cute?! What could that mean?!


He gulped, and not just because he was, well, in his system of measurement, about ten feet from her boots. Her muscular legs were like pillars of black steel, shapely, with thick thighs and sexy as hell in general. He was not as into legs as he was breasts or feet, but oh, hers were so athletically toned he was getting hard just looking at them. Even though her pants covered them up.


"Unlike the other attractive males on board, you are more submissive. More pliable. You follow orders well, and when you do screw up from time to time, I get the feeling you try to fix it in a very comical fashion. Am I right about you?" She asked, looking down.


"Yes... Commander."


"Am I also right in saying that you have a liking for my feet?" Jane asked.


Bruce's heart stopped. She knew.


"Well?" She asked, sternly. Her toes wiggled underneath her boots, the thought of them scrunching around his body, tightly squeezing the essence out of him was such a turn on for some reason.


"Yes, Commander."


"Yes what?"


"I do have an... attraction to you're feet. I am sorry."


"I see." She said, clicking her tongue from above. But like he said earlier, it may as well have been next to his ear. "Well, then, I want you to remove my boots, Private." Commander Jane said.


Bruce stopped breathing for a second, before regaining his senses.


"You want me to... remove you're boots?"


"There are zippers on the back of them. Undo them, and you will find me barefoot. I am not wearing socks. We will go from there. This is so if and when I do step on you, it does not hurt quite as much. Now double time on my shoes, Private." Commander Jane ordered.


Bruce chose to think about what had just transpired, after, he removed her boots. He did not want to get stepped on again like that, for sure. Pretty feet and toes or not, her stomps hurt like a bitch.


He darted around her feet, which remained perfectly still. True to her words, there were zippers stretching from the Achilles tendon, to the very top near the knee. The zipper was not too wide, but was over his head, well over. He would have to climb up the back of her shins in order to remove her boots.


He did not hesitate.


He wrapped his arms as best he could around the back of her heel and ankle, but it was too wide for him to wrap his arms around enough to get a good grip like he would have hoped. Too make matters even less ideal, the shoes were not the leather combat boots used in training, like he wore. They were made of a latex like material, used for dress purposes. Commander Jane herself was wearing a CSS SIO jacket, which was dark gray, with a gray pair of pants, without any of the camo used on some planets military's ops.


As Bruce looked up, aside from her amazing derriere, he noticed she had maintained her perfect stance. Her hands in fists behind her back, in a simple stance. She maintained this as he struggled to climb the material.


He was lucky these were the shiny latex like boots, and not the metal combat ones used for combat gear and suits. Now those would have been freezing cold, and impossible to grip.


Bruce managed to get on her heel by hugging her ankle, and began to shimmy himself up, letting her zipper be a form of friction for him to work with. He did so, and began climbing her muscled calves.


He was making good progress, still astounded by the fact that everything under the material was human flesh and muscle, rather than some huge alien creature, when he realized something. Her well-toned calf muscles were much thicker across than her heel, so he could no longer wrap his arms around anything on the other side, even as slightly so as before.


So he climbed with the zipper, like a ladder. He found that the zipper's teeth were just enough for him to use. It was tough, but he made it to the clasp, and grabbed it. It took all of his body strength and weight to do so, but Bruce managed to pull it down, and it slid down the path, unzipping her left boot.


"You had better not take as much time on this boot. Be quick." Commander Jane said, softly yet firmly. Bruce did not even bother to acknowledge her order, and instead, repeated the same process on her right boot, but this time, he skipped bear hugging and shimmying, and instead, went straight for the ladder like use of the zipper's teeth. It took him almost no time at all.


He ran back in front of her, and saluted.


"I finished with the zippers, Commander. But I don't think I am anywhere near strong enough to make any further progress." He said, reporting. He just hoped she did not demand that he remove them in the sense that they come off her feet totally. He had done what he could.


"I see." She said simply. Commander Jane lifted her foot, and brought it behind her like she was going to punt him across the room. Bruce's eyes opened in fear as the latex wall imposingly hung there, like a freeze motion of a soccer game, with him as the ball.


It came forward, in a kicking motion. Instinctively, he dropped to the floor, in a fetal position as dirt and wind rocketed into him from her foot's motion. But no shoe flew into him. Instead, it flew off her foot, and bounced off the ground way behind him, loudly, but harmlessly. She did the same with the other foot, kicking her shoes off and not him into a smear on the other side of the room, thankfully.


He opened his eyes slowly, and looked back in front of him. Her barefeet were there, pretty, with dark purple nail polish.


"Private, I am going to instill you with trust. I have stepped on you, correct?" She asked, looking down at him on the cold metal floor.


"Yes Commander, you have... it hurt." Bruce said, fearful of being stepped on again. But a part of his mind, remembered all the fetish stories he had read as a teen. Well, that wasn't all that long ago he was in his early twenties, but the way feet were described in those stories was very different than the feet in front of him.


Jane's feet did not smell bad, in fact they smelled very pleasant, maybe some form of bodywash gave them a pleasant aroma. The skin was not wrinkled, either, very smooth, actually.


Was he getting hard? Oh shit...


"Let's get down to it. First, remove you're top, pants, shoes, and everything other than you're underwear and socks."


"What?" Bruce asked, petrified. His boner would be revealed for sure! Why did her feet have to be so damn sexy?


"Take off everything but you're socks and underwear. That was an order, Private. Do so now." Jane commanded.


"Er, yes ma'am." He said, sadly. He began to take off his clothes, as she watched.


He hesitated on his pants, but her gaze was to imposing for him to resist. He dropped them to his ankles, and tossed them aside.


His erection stood firm in his underwear, a clear tent. She could see his hard dick easily, and smiled.


"What's this?"


"I-I, I-" Bruce tried to speak, but no words were to be found to object or respond to the utter humiliation he felt. He wanted to shrivel up and die.


"Hmph, are my feet so attractive? Well, I must be sure to wear strappy heels next time I head to an important business meeting." She joked, idly wiggling her toes.


"Lay on you're back, I don't care how cold the metal is." She ordered. Bruce did so, revealing himself even more to her.


"Now, let's see how much of a man you are, Private. I am curious..." Commander Jane said, seductively mocking him.


She lifted her barefoot off the ground, and lowered it to him, and stopped just as it made contact with his erection through his underwear. She began to rub, up and down, rhythmically stimulating his now throbbing cock.


Each rub sent wave after wave of pleasure throughout his entire body, reverberating back to it's node focused at the tip of his penis.


He moaned as she did so, and the coldness of the ground, like a doctor's table, disappeared in pleasure.


She kept this up, and then, suddenly removed her foot, leaving him on the ground, without climax. Unable to handle getting blue balls, he tried stimulating himself, with his hands, but found that hard as she picked him up, and dropped him back in the shower, and fiddled with the buttons again.


Red mist filled it, and Bruce was back to his normal size, jacking off through his underwear in his socks. Jane grabbed him, and shoved him out of the door, with his erection growing and him about to climax. She was fully clothed, but he was about to orgasm in his underwear and socks, in the hallway.


She said to him "A single word about this, and you're dead. But consider yourself forgiven Private." Jane said, winking, before she sealed the door, but not before she shoved him away from her door, down the hall so he was flat on his back on the cold metal at normal size.


His eyes lit up in fear, but he came right there in the hall. His cries were so loud, that a young officer, a built young lady, heard, exited her chambers, and saw a sight to behold. Private Bruce Collins, having a loud orgasm in his socks and underwear, laying down on the cold metal floor.


She stopped for a moment, not believing what she was seeing, until she began to laugh uncontrollably. This caught the attention of a few other Privates, who ran up to see what was going on, and then they started laughing at him as well.


Then a few more from another hall, then an entire barrack followed suite in a domino effect.


Soon, Bruce was laying with his underwear stained with his own stuff. Being laughed at as his tiny tent went down by at least two dozen other soldiers.


Commander Jane meanwhile, overheard the laughter. She chuckled softly to herself. She read over the letter Bruce had given her. It was from her friend Commander Zoe Tundra, who had also acquired her own shrinking device. And had used it to put a marine in his place a week ago, and was currently telling her about the last time she had used just now.


"Oh... now I have a story for her!" Commander Jane laughed, leaning back and wiggling her toes.

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