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Story Notes:

This is a three part story. Incorporated will be updated Thanksgivng week. Please give feedback.

Wilson strode up the street with his ever so cocky smirk present on his face, a smirk that could only grow more arrogant, but never dissipate.


Despite being pitch black outside, with the sound of crickets going on behind him, in the dense forest that was ever so ominously black, on an abandoned road. The light, warm mist blew gently past his face, messing up his smooth brown hair.


Behind him, Alexander, his... well, perhaps lackey or timid man servant like friend was cowering, in fear of the forest.


Before them, was an enormous manor. The walls were covered in a thin layer of moss and vine, only slightly overgrown as gardeners had been paid to watch over it to the best of their ability. Not full time work, but enough to keep it presentable. This was the reason the many plants in the expansive gardens were so well groomed and furnished. Only the fountain was devoid of water.


It was all at his disposal.


Wilson had been born into a reasonably wealthy family, but this was far beyond anything his own family could afford. But not that far beyond to the point of fantasy like middle classmen.


No, in order to get his hands on this place, he had to have been a complete, utter, douchebag.


This manor actually belonged to a very wealthy man named Rodrigo Winters. Wilson had come by it by attempting to marry Vanessa, Rodrigo's beautiful, and well-endowed granddaughter, who was two years junior to Wilson being 24. Vanessa had disliked Wilson, for a number of reasons. Their parents had set them up on a date, as the families were very close.


Yet, while Vanessa had given him a chance, he had wasted it with his wandering eyes, both on her and other women, his roughness, and insensitivity to her. She grew to hate him, especially when he took advantage of her grandparents love for her.


Wilson purposely took her treasured bracelet, worth thousands, and ran into her house, the hero to a simple minded, and forgetful girl. At least, that was how her grandparents saw it when he did so, making it sound like they had had a wonderful time, before she could say she never wanted to see him again.


Poor Vanessa had to go along with it, for their sake. Rodrigo was ill and she wanted him to pass knowing she was in capable hands, at least, think.


Wilson was able to get his hands on family finances, and manage to earn some of their power, and was able to force Rodrigo to pay him after a poker game, taking advantage of his illness which clouded his judgment into something dreadful.


Rodrigo was to give a... very large sum, by any standard, to Wilson. But unfortunately... his death left the debt unpaid. And worse, Wilson dumped Vanessa and became engaged to her dumber, more naïve sister, who showered him with money.


This house was just a third of the debt. They had just been waiting for the courts to finalize his pay.


"What do ya think, Alex?" Wilson whistled. "Isn't this place going to make for a marvelous party palace?"


"Yes s-sir.... Sir?"




"Can we go inside, I feel cold..." Alexander asked, as the wind picked up.


"It's like seventy degrees outside!"


"My point exactly sir. Freezing."


Wilson backhanded the shorter, scrawny young man, with such a force it drew some blood from his nose.


"Don't talk to me like that." Wilson snarled. "But yes, dumbass, we are about to go inside. Try not to break anything in my nice clean new house." Wilson said, and kicked open the gate, striding inside.


"Hmmm.... Gonna have to get some guys who can hardly speak English on those plants...."


"Um... sir? I don't think we are supposed to be here." Alexander piped up.


"Oh, and why is that?" Wilson retorted.


"Because the people in the courtroom said it would take two more months until we are allowed to be here. Aren't we... trespassing?" Alexander asked, fearful of retribution.


"Fuck, that, fucking, shit, in, it's, dumb, ass, hole." Wilson said. "It'll be my house now, and there is nothing that bimbo bitch Vanessa can do about it. Watch."


Wilson got up on a stone planter, host to some very exquisite roses, which Vanessa had planted when she was a kid when she was here on summer vacation.


Wilson opened his zipper, directed his rod, and a few seconds later, began to pee into the planter.


Alexander cringed in disgust as soil and other contents of the planter, were spilled from it as what seemed like liters of Wilson's piss filled a rather impressive amount of the soil.


"I was saving that for Vanessa's bed, or her. Then again, a good looking guy like me? She should be grateful." Wilson said, jumping down and then kicking open a door into the house.


"Yes... sir." Alexander said. Truth be told... he liked Vanessa a little, though he had only glimpsed her butt once or twice around corners at the law house. But... he felt some pity for her.



(Upstairs, Vanessa's mother's room)

"And this wall I'll break down and put a actual shower, then a better bed, without these stupid four poster curtains." Wilson said, grabbing the curtain and ripping it down, before tossing it to the floor with disrespect for it's antiquity.


Alexander could only look on as Wilson trashed the room, caring none for the plastic covers over most of everything.


But, at least Wilson being loud took away from the scary house. The fact that they had had to go into the BASEMENT and turn on power to the house, was terrifying enough. The house seemed like the set to one of those horror movies, where everything was in a haunted house and everything.


The lights did nothing to diminish this. It seemed even more ominous that the manor was all alone on the path up a mountain, surrounded by trees and forest for miles. You could scream for hours, and only hope a bird may hear you.


Alexander checked his watch.


12:45. The night had hardly begun.


As Alexander coped, Wilson noticed something in the corner, he had missed it on his rampage inside.


"What's this?" He asked. He was looking at a pedestal. Atop was a pearl necklace, the color of matte red. A lone jade colored pendant hung from it, glowing like a flower in a cement field.


Wilson neared it, and as he did so, Alexander joined him.


"What is it?" Alexander said in awe.


Wilson shook his head, and reached for it.


"Whatever it is, mine now."


Big mistake.


Both of their eyes became distorted, before everything went black.


Wilson opened his eyes, slowly, his head pounding. He could sense Alexander was doing the same, recovering from... whatever had just happened.


He looked up, the necklace was still there. Only... about five or so feet more so than where it should be.


Wait, if he was only lying down, why did the ceramic mannequin torso look like it was about his size?


"Wait a minute..." Wilson thought. Alexander looked up.


Wilson began screaming at the top of his lungs in horror.


"We shrunk! I can't be any taller than two feet tall!"


Wilson and Alexander were each about knee height to a shorter person.


Wilson tried to calm himself, Alexander as well, when they heard a car engine.


"Who could that be?" Alexander asked in fear. But deep down, he knew who it was.




Vanessa stepped out of her BMW, confused. She knew she was going to lose the house. She had just known it. Her lawyers were comforting her, rather than helping, at this point. She supposed this had been trying for them as well, how quaint that this was something out of their power to stop.


She had spent her summers here, planting flowers in the gardens, making muffins with her grandma, chasing the dog around the back, playing hide and seek with her sister and friends... having the time of her life...


She knew every crook and cranny of this house. Every secret, every painting, every flowerbed. And yet this did not matter, for Wilson, curse him and his treacherous family, was taking it. He was ruining her late grandpas house. His legacy in the walls would become stained with the slush of alcohol, piss and semen, most likely, after Wilson turned the place into a pathetic party central.


She honestly would much rather burn the place down, than see it come to that. But she was to smart, getting herself in jail would just give Wilson more, and more. Now if she could... she would make him pay, in any way.


But that was just a fantasy.


Vanessa strode up to the house, confused as to why there was a car here, and why the lights were obviously on. Nobody was supposed to be here, she was only here to say goodbye.


Yet... why did it seem somebody was here?


Vanessa was sort of on the short side, 5'3, yet she compensated this with her large double d rack, wide hips, tight yet very ample butt, and firm abs. Her hair was blonde, with a lot of curls in it, stretching past her big breasts. She was fit, very curvy, thick, muscular, and had a tush that women at shopping malls forced women to look into mirrors to critique themselves. Her butt was not huge, but was big and at the same time, tight and fit. One of her many great ASSets.


Vanessa was wearing a black designer shirt, with dark gray beads covering her upper chest, and very tight jeans that cut off at her knees, and a pair of open toed shoes. Her muscular legs, gorgeous, looked like they could break out of those jeans, with a simple flex of her beyond perfect figure.


Her dark brown eyes glanced, and her nose smelled something wretched.


"Did somebody take a piss in this planter!?" She exclaimed, examining it. "Wilson!" She said.


She stormed upstairs.


Wilson and Alexander could only cower as Vanessa entered the room the room, enraged. She stopped short when she saw them.


Everybody was lost for words. Vanessa's mouth dropped, her pearly white teeth gleaming, when her eyes gazed up to the necklace.


"Impossible... I though Grandma was joking... it really does shrink bad people. Not just a funny bedtime story after all..." Vanessa said in awe.


Wilson's heart stopped.


This was really happening.


Vanessa looked down at the person she hated most. Alexander could only hope the woman, who's knees his head did not even come to, would only punish Wilson.


"This... is an, unusual predicament." Vanessa said, getting her bearings.


"How... how can we grow back?"


Vanessa's mouth turned into a cruel smile. Her eyes lit up like a torch and gasoline.


She sauntered towards them. Unlike most, she did not have to purposely sway her hips, it happened naturally. She towered over them. Wilson, pretty tall by himself, only reached her knee.


He gulped. And then he looked up into her face, which looked down at him like a goddess.


Vanessa reached over, and grabbed the necklace. She put it around her neck, where it lost it's glow as she was not a bad person. Well, her vengeance might only be considered karma.


"Oh... you cannot. In the story, it ended with the giant girl stepping on the mean little fuck, then marrying a nice little peasant she loved, creating my family. No part said about growing the mean little fuck." She said with a smile. "Oh... and you must be Alexander." She said, turning her attention to the shorter man at her feet. "Mmmm... this is certainly lovely. Much more so than that little piss you took in the flowers, Wilson." Vanessa said.


Wilson backed up. "Whoa... Vanessa, we're family! What would you're sister say?" He said, trying to keep the terror out of his voice as she simply closed the distance, stepping up into his space, continuing to domineer him with her size and false kindness.


"Hmmm...." Vanessa thought coming up with a retort. As she thought, Alexander noticed he was next to her pillar like legs now. Her attention was on Wilson, the door was open, if he could make it out the door, through the long hallway, get down the stairs, and through a few more halls, he could get out. Ot might take him a while to get past the thin barred gate, but...


Alexander began to run. Vanessa noted this, and turned on her heel. She lifted her leg, and brought it down on the even more little man, not enough to kill, but enough to make him yell in pain, as she firmly held him down with her foot, her heel on his tail bone, and toes a bit down his neck.


"Please! Have mercy!" He yelped.


Vanessa got an idea.


"I know precisely what my dear sister would say." She stated. "Make, it, fair."


"What?" Wilson asked.


"Hmph. Tell you what. Willy, you, me, and scrawny the footstool here are gonna play hide and seek. One round. If you hide until morning, I'll make sure you're comfortable. If not... well, use you're imagination. The same one that killed my grandpa." She said, hiding her anger in those last few words.


She let Alexander go, and picked him up like a fish out of water. He screamed, and struggled, only for her to raise her knee harshly to his head, dazing him and making him bite his tongue.


"Hmph. Now, I am going to make it a bit more fair for you. Just wait here, believe me. You are going to know when the seeking begins, Wilson. But move a single second before that, and I will shove this guy up you're ass." Vanessa said, her tone as serious as could be, as she pointed to Alexander.


She really would.


"W-what sing-gnal?" Wilson asked, terrified of this game.


Vanessa's foot met with his groin, hard, and he doubled over, gasping for air.


"Like I said. You will know." With this in his mind, and testicals, Vanessa left, with an injured Alexander in her hands.


Vanessa went downstairs, ignoring Alexander's pleas, and she slammed the front door. There were other, less conventional ways out of the house, besides the door. Which she deftly locked, for good measure. She travelled down the cellar, and slid Alexander like a bowling ball away from her, just before she entered the cellar.


He looked up at her.


"Oh... I do suggest you my little friend, run right now. I suggest you stay away from Wilson, I like a challenge."


"Please don't kill me." He blurted. She cocked her head.


"Perhaps I won't. But maybe you will. Lot of places to fall in this house. Well, to a person like you. Too bad our pitbull passed..." Vanessa said. "I would have loved that."


Alexander froze for a moment. He burst into tears as she walked to the basement.


Vanessa quickly found what she was looking for, a lever.


"Let's see how they do in my own house?"


With that, she pulled the lever, cutting off all light to the house.


Alexander, somewhere screamed.


Wilson, from the room,, just getting up, found himself with the only light being the reflection of a mirror, and a tiny amount of moonlight.


He thought he could feel his heart stop.

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