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Story Notes:

Not in any way connected to Intersizable.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Happy Halloween! 2014

Even from a block away, Chris could hear the thumping of the music. Just the lightest of vibrations within his ear, rattling his ear drum, along with the senses of his friend, Jordan.

"Dude, can you here that? Tran's party is going strong." Jordan said, whistling in amazement. It was Halloween, and as young college students, they were expected to go to a Halloween party. The passed by several people, of their same or at least general age group in festive costumes of course, as they were in Frat Row. Most Fraternities were on the East Side of campus, Sorority houses on the West. Tran Lee was known infamously as one of the coolest guys ever. Hosting parties of everyone, nerds, jocks, goths, geeks, athletes, future phycologists. Point is, he had amazing parties every festive occasion. He was the de facto leader of Phi Alpha Alpha. Though there was a petition to rename it Tsu Alpha Alpha.

Chris was dressed up as a cop. With a ballistic jacket fake holster and everything. Jordan was dressed in a Aztec warrior garb. His really big feathered helmet, and mask, only worked on him due to his ebony skin tone and muscular physique.

"Lot a hotties out..." Jordan commented. As they passed a small group of girls, dressed up as disaster survivors, with clothes shred in all the right places. Chris smirked.

"Wait until we get into the party. Odds are, girls from the other college will even be there." Chris said.

"We can only hope." Jordan replied.

They gradually neared the frat. There were multiple people outside, dressed in like fashion to them. A few beer bottles were discarded amongst the college kids, who were having the time of their lives. Ninjas, zombies, mechs, soldiers, pirates, vampires, superheroes, they were all there. Chris waved to a few people he knew as he entered.

The blaring music, loud from outside, was thankfully not as loud as it could. But it was still impressively loud nonetheless. Dozens of kids, over a hundred, easily, were cramped in the space, managing to breathe with several windows open. The purple colored carpet and lighter walls had beams of light bouncing off of them.

As their eyes got used to the scenery, a major change from the pitch black outside, a person jumped in front of them.

"Hey guys!" Tran said merrily, carrying a beer bottle in his left hand, and a...

"What the fuck are you supposed to be?" Chris blurted, but he could not withhold a laugh. Tran laughed as well, sloshing some beer on the floor. But he was not drunk, not his style.

Tran was dressed in a camo pair of shorts, sandals, a cut up camo dress shirt, like an army shirt that had been put through a jungle, and a rice hat. In his right hand, he carried what appeared to be an AK 47, over his shoulder.

"I'm a Vietnamese solider." Tran said.

"I would say that's racist but seeing as how you're Vietnamese..." Jordan said.

"Hey, so far I have seen like, fifteen terrorist guys. And Two bloods, and you're saying a VC is raunchy?" Tran laughed.

"I'm glad you guys could make it. Oh man... this party is better than even I could have imagined!"

"Coming from you that must mean something."

"Damn right."

"Heh... Respect." Jordan said.

"You wanna respect something? Respect this motherfucker." Tran said, showing of his gun. He fired it into the air, sending candy corn bullets and marshmellows into the air, with a festive pop.

Many people caught the candy corn, and got even louder.

"Where the hell did you get that?" Chris asked.

"I won it in a poker game. When the guy first handed it to me I'm all like 'Whoa dude! I didn't beat you THAT bad', but this thing can launch candy up to sixty yards on a good day of shooting." Tran explained, firing off a few more candy shots.

"Heh... listen, I'm gonna go see if I can find a nice spot in the pool, I'll catch up with you back in the dorm. Deal?" Jordan asked.

"Sure. Just don't leave with a girl without giving me a heads up." Chris asked, patting his Aztec clad friend on the back as he left.

Tran turned to Chris.

"Lot a couples on the dance floor."

"I don't have a girlfriend." Chris said, simply.

"What happened to Alicia?" Tran asked.

"She dumped me. Moved back to Florida." Chris said.

"Only old people and party people go to Florida...you should find someone. Lotta faces. Faces under zombie masks, that is." Tran suggested.


"I'm serious. I could always set you up with... oh! I think I know just the girl."


"Well, I don't know her, personally, but I saw her on her way in. She's from another school. I don't know I've never seen her before, but she is just you're type. Her name's Brooklyn, I think. She's the girl in black upstairs, dressed like a vampire." Tran suggested.

"I'll... check her out." Chris admitted. Tran patted him on the shoulder, and fired his Halloween candy gun into the air as he left.

Chris marched upstairs, taking great care to avoid the drunken or buzzed kids as they marched sloppily downstairs to get food, or a partner. Or even more booze.

Chris had never been a big drinker, but hey, if this girl was cute, maybe he would buy her and himself a drink or two...

He found a female friend of his, Beth. She was dressed like a fairy.

"Hey uh Beth? You seen a girl named Brooklyn?" He asked.

"Sure! The tall girl over there looking out the window."

"Thanks." Chris said, before heading in the direction Beth had pointed out to him.

Chris, after shoving his way past some kids, was able to see Brooklyn. And cute was not the best word to describe her.

She was remarkably tall, which was only accentuated by her heels. But even then, she was probably 6'3 without them. She was very pale, but not sickly, her lips painted deep, blood red, matching her slightly darker red hair. Her breasts her very large, and her hips very wide compared to her muscular, yet still thinner than her tush. She was wearing all black, a clear contrast to her skin and hair. Black was thinning, but it did nothing to hide her hourglass figure, hugging her large rump. Her eyes were light green.

She turned to him, and had to look down slightly. The top of his head just reached her nose.

Chris froze. He had no idea how to introduce himself! What was he supposed to say?! She probably had some hunky boyfriend around her somewhere...

"Hello. You're Chris, right?" She asked, smoothly. Her smooth voice sent pleasant shivers down his spine.

"Yeah..., and you're Brooklyn, right?"

"I am."

"How do you know my-"

"I overheard a few guys talking about a guy named Chris. You fit the description." She said.

"Oh... pretty observant." He remarked.

"Oh yes. Now, I assume you want to ask me to a dance?"

"Only if you want to!"

"Well, I would rather go somewhere more private, I mean, I am no dancer." Brooklyn said. She flashed a smile.

"Oh, sure. Wow." Chris said. "Those teeth look pretty authentic." Her vampire teeth looked incredibly realistic. Not at all too long, or forced, and did not hinder her voice at all.

"What can I say? I'm good at make up." Brooklyn said, leading him away.



A couple of minutes later, they were alone in the quite harmony of Chris's dorm.

Chris could not believe it! A beautiful girl had basically lead him to a room. No one had ever done that.

"You're really cute." She said, cupping his cheek.

"Thanks, you're really pretty." He replied, looking into her astounding eyes. She gave him a toothy grin, as he wrapped his hands around her waist, feeling the sheer size of her ass, as she pressed her abs into his stomach.

She kissed him, vampire teeth and all, her tongue slithering out to invade his mouth briefly. Chris squeezed her breast, and he felt his member stir. He had to look up to kiss her, as she was still taller. Brooklyn moved down a bit, and began to gently kiss his neck. He moaned as she gently rubbed into his back.

He felt her moistness, and warmth through her clothes. Her fingernails dug gently into him.

"Ow!" He suddenly yelped. He felt a prick in his neck.

"Oh sorry... here, let me make it better." She said. Before he could complain, her tongue began to lap at his neck. He felt a warmth, and he knew he was bleeding. But her tongue seemed to close the wound... and it felt weird.

He found his legs became weak, and failed to hold him up.

He fainted.



When he came to, not two minutes later, he found that he was laying on what was once his costume. Now he was naked.

And tiny. Barely as long as a index finger.

"Hmmmm. That blood was quite splendid. It's always the horny guys who have the best tasting blood." Brooklyn said, towering above him, like a skyscraper. She had some of his red blood staining her cheek, which she deftly licked away.

He was small enough to sit in her mouth easily.

"What happened! What are you!" He demanded. She giggled. Brooklyn bent down, and blew a swift gust of air, knocking him down.

"You shrank. Simple. I did it because I am a vampire." Brooklyn said.

"What? No such thing!" Chris yelled.

Brooklyn made tsking noises with her tongue.

"Oh... such naïveté. You're people can explain an event that occurred billions of years before their lives began, but not believe in vampires? No... zombies are all the rage these days."

"This can't be real!" Chris thought. "Let me go!"

"No." She replied, holding him down with the pad of her index finger, smiling, showing off her pointed teeth.

"W-what are going to do with me?" He stammered.

"Simple. But when I begin, you probably will understand." Brooklyn said. "You see, we vampires have found a way to feed, without making our victims into a rival."

She opened her mouth, and began to lower Chris in by his ankles. Her pointed teeth made a long, horrible bloody scratch from his shoulder to his waist. Her writhing tongue went made, as his delicious blood was spilled all over it, and it licked him, enjoying the taste as he screamed in pain.

Her mouth closed. Sealing him within.

He was tossed around a bit, before she settled on a suitable location, and with her pointed teeth, began to slowly bite down. Her left canine slowly piercing his chest, and her right his pelvis. He screamed.

She chomped down harder. He noticed his blood was not spilling onto her tongue, which licked him furiously, but was being drained into her teeth as she bit.

She readjusted him now, before her mouth opened, and light flooded into his eyes.

He had exactly one second before he saw her teeth slam down into his face.



"Gaaah!" Chris screamed. He sat up, and found himself at Tran's party soaked in red liquid.

Jordan looked down on him with great concern.

"Dude! You nearly drowned!" He said.

"W-what?" Chris asked, confused. He looked around. A few partygoers, just as concerned as Chris were gathered around him. To his shock, a normal sized Brooklyn was kneeling, cradling him.

"You fell into the pool because someone bumped into you while you were ogling at this girl." Jordan said, gesturing to a guilty looking Brooklyn.

"Why is it red? The water?" He asked.

"We dyed it red to make it look like blood." One kid piped up.

"Is that shit safe? I heard it was recalled for giving you crazy dreams if it contacts your skin." Another shouted out.

Chris looked down, wondering.

Brooklyn started to tear up.

"This is my fault. I should have worn something less revealing." She said, shamefully.

"Its okay! It's... Brooklyn, right?" He asked.

"Yeah... how do you know my name?" She asked. She helped him stand, and when people realized he was fine, they dispersed, leaving the two alone.

"You remind me of someone I dreamed about."

Chapter End Notes:

Happy Halloween. I did this rather than trick or treating. It was certainly worth it.

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