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Story Notes:

Part of a large series. Credit to Nostory for ideas and editing. It begins a bit slowly, but its true plot comes in later chapters. Bear with me as I unveil it and its true self.

Author's Chapter Notes:

I worked hard, a bios page will be up as soon as possible, (yes I am doing another bios page) when that is up, I'll edit this part out of the chapter. Thank you for reading. It felt like an achievment alone writing the plotline. This story is a little over forty chapters. Nostory's side of things will be told in his own story when this story's real plot begins...

Typing. It was her least favorite thing to do at her job in downtown New York City. While her fingers moved across the electronic keyboard embedded in her glass desk, it left her too occupied to reach the phone. As the phone was on her right, she had to key with her left hand, which was difficult.


"You would think, that with all the technological advancements made in today's electronics, they would find a more efficient form of communication... and joy of it all." Linda thought to herself as her fingers made contact with each and every electronically advanced key on her work computer, which displayed a keyboard as a tablet would.


The keyboard, while reasonable, lacked the ability to allow the user to slide their finger from key to key, which made typing really no different from how it had been a few years ago, when regular keyboards were in service. If anything, the new electronic keys were a more expensive hassle, as Linda could not feel the difference in the keys. She had to glance up to her monitor very often to correct a spelling mistake, which was often done due to the close confines of the electronic keys.


Linda did not hate her work, nor did she adore it. Being a receptionist at a large, looming skyscraper, which was imposing even to her, paid okay, and the view of the city was breathtaking... often she would look off to the large windows of the floor she was on and simply stare with lust into the free skies. The tiny birds chirping, the small news helicopters for Normals and Amazons.... She often had to drag her eyes away.


Many Normal, and Amazon people looked up to Linda in Intersizable areas, seeing the imposing sight of a rather beautiful Titan woman, one hundred and fifty four feet tall, and simply wondered how it felt to be so powerful. Linda often gave small smiles at them when the common question was popped by a bystander.


Even in the year 2023, one hundred and forty seven years after the meteorites had struck, Titans, whom made up a reasonable population in well over a million women in most nations on Earth, were still the sight of awe and glory to many who had never seen one. Being in New York, immigrants who had never seen a Titan often stopped when they saw her, and thought she must be the most powerful person in the city.


If only they knew what real power was.


The phone rang. Many on the floor she was on were, but this one was hers. The phones were no ordinary house or business phones at her company, which took every precaution to remain on the heels of modern life and technology. The phones could have they're ringtones changed depending on who in the building was calling, and could also do a multitude of things that was worthy of second glance. A bulkier smartphone that could not be personalized essentially.


Linda listened to the tone. She felt her heart drop as she heard it, and recognize the tone. Three high pitched beeps followed by two low pitch pings. She sighed. Her boss. Reluctantly, Linda picked up the phone. Whenever she heard the sound, she always considered not answering, ignoring the call. But that only meant a pink piece of paper with her name written on it.


Linda sighed, and using the all of the calm façade skills she had gotten from being a receptionist for the past two years, answered the phone in her most kind, and thoughtful voice that separated her companies from others.


"Yes Mr. Harvey? How may I be of assistance?" She asked into the receiver of the phone. She already knew the answer, yet she was obliged to ask.


"Hello Linda. Are you having a good morning?" Came a smooth, even voice that sounded like it came from the mouth of a kind, understanding superior. Full of generosity and honest care.


"Yes Mr. Harvey. Very much so. You wanted something? I am busy with a client's order." Linda asked, in a the same voice he was giving her. She was hoping to skip the talk. It made her feel even more... anxious.


"Well Linda, as a matter of fact I did want something from you. You know. Please come to my office at once, okay?" He asked of her, gently. Linda felt her body go rigid for a second or two. She answered automatically.


"Yes sir. I'll be there in a minute." Linda said, her tone suggested nothing but business. Harvey hung up. Linda put the phone down. "Why?" She asked to nobody in particular. As much as she would like to simply stay in her chair, and continue to work, by now she knew better. Some things could not be worked around.


"Let me just get this over with." She said, allowing her voice to return to normal, not her receptionist voice. Linda stood up, straightened out her work uniform, which was a maroon dress shirt with a deep blue belt. A black pair of dress pants which fit her shapely legs, and the very soft soled and bottomed high heels, and black velvet designer gloves made for an impressive outfit. The male workers, all of whom no bigger than her ring finger, wore a slightly lighter red vest, no blue, and a pair of black dress pants. Due to the size of Titan women, who were about 23 times bigger than men, the shoes had to be soft, and skirts were not allowed, for obvious reasons.


Amazon workers wore a uniform identical to Titans, just proportionate to their bodies.


Linda walked through the halls of the building. She knew the route to the CEO/Owner/Founder all too well. The walls of the hallway were made from a durable, well designed wood, which made the skyscraper appear to be a rather attractive hotel from the inside, but a very modern and sleek place of business from the exterior. Chrome glass windows on the outside, perfect mixtures of glass sliding doors and balcony windows and indoor plants for aesthetics on the inside.


Linda walked through the hallways, passing by her fellow co workers. Men, who were about three inches tall to her, fellow Titans, who were her own size, and Amazons, who were eight inches to her. Sizes smaller than her travelled on specially designed boardwalks attached to the ceiling over her head, or on the walls. Others were on the carpeted grounds which was only allowed for the halls, but most were carried by a friendly Titan from place to place.


Linda simply waved to a few people she knew as she walked to the elevator, making sure not to step on the male janitor, who for some reason, came back to the very same spot each and every day to clean up a stain on the white carpet. She made an issue to raise her foot as high away from him as possible, before stepping like a lady with her heel far from him. When she had nearly stepped on him last year, she had never heard the end of it.


Eventually, Linda reached the near empty elevator, the only person inside was Gus. A male friend of hers who worked as a repair man for whenever the company products failed. He stood on the raised platform on the edge of the elevator, where the railing should be, but was meant for men and Amazon's.


"Hi Linda." He greeted. He looked up at her. Even on the platform, she had to look down at him. He was so small to her, like a doll. In his hands was a toolbox.


"Oh, hey Gus. Somebody have an issue with a tablet on a higher floor?" Linda asked, hoping small talk would ease her nerves. Gus sighed. Linda pressed the up button on the elevator.


"Yeah. One of the clients was trying out a new tablet outfitted in a tuxedo meant for her fiancée, and the thing shorted out." Gus said. As the elevator moved, he obviously became uncomfortable. Due to the sheer size of the elevator, so it could carry Titans, it moved very fast to him, but only a bit above average to Linda.


"I hate heights... and my job." Gus said as he stumbled on his platform. The elevator, just like the rest of the building was clean and modern. The walls were made of complete glass, and were pressed against the side of the tower, so a person in the machine could look out at the city. Linda could make out the Titan neighborhoods, and the tiny, almost unnoticeable Normal and Amazon neighborhoods, only visible by the light from the houses, from the highly electronically dependent populace.


"I'm sorry Gus." Linda said, comforting him. Repair men had it rough. The clothes they wore were nowhere near as fashionable or comfortable as the rest of the workers. They were simple denim. Hard hats were provided. Linda had often thought Gus was cute with his.


"Its not your fault Linda, but I do wish this was a Normal sized building, no offence intended." Gus said, adding that last part quickly, not wanting to piss Linda off. Linda shrugged, and actually smiled.


"Eh, sometimes I wish tiny little Normals like you weren't allowed either. But you don't always get what you want huh?." Linda teased. Gus chuckled at her playfulness.


Linda smiled, she refused to let darker thoughts take her mind. She liked Gus, but she already had a guy for her at home. Not a boyfriend, but certainly somebody she was a bit interested in...



The elevator stopped on the 9thth floor. Gus got out using the Normal railing. Linda would have offered him a ride in her palm, which would have been swifter for him, Linda had other matters to attend to.


She went up to the 19th floor, where her boss's private office was located. She walked through tiled hallways now. Her shoes, which's sole bottoms were covered by a soft, fleece like material to help prevent a man's death underfoot made a very iconic 'tud', over and over again. Linda liked how the shoes looked, very sexy, close toed and covering past the heel, but they were very uncomfortable.


She walked to Mr. Harvey's office without worry of a man or an Amazon. 19th was strictly for Titan women, and Mr. Harvey. Linda walked slowly. There was very little activity on this floor compared to the others.


She reached Harvey's office door, she was about to knock on the translucent glass, when a dirty blond haired woman burst through the door, breezing past Linda. Odd that she was out of uniform. Linda shook off any suspicions, and peered in the room. Sure enough, on top of a rather extravagant desk fit for a Titan, with his own desk, was Harvey. Johnson Harvey.


Johnson was a handsome man, fair skin, short blondish hair, and a good build. He was sitting in his chair, on the desk, fit up. He was wearing an opened up sleeved dress shirt and a pair of dress pants. He had a smile on his face.


"Hello Linda. Glad you could make it." He said, in a sweet, sing song voice.


"Good morning Mr. Harvey." She replied, her body stiff.


"Actually, it is afternoon now..." He said, checking his watch and standing up. He was tiny to her, he could easily be crushed by her hand, with very little effort, yet the owner of SilkTech, was not a man to be trifled with alone.


Harvey stood, and walked towards her. He smiled.


"I see that you took my advice on the gloves. Fold the sleeves upwards." Harvey said, noticing her gloves.


"You do look ravishing." He said, complimenting her. Linda simply nodded. She heard as the doors closed shut behind her after all this time.


"You know Linda, you are exactly the person my mother, God bless her, would have wanted wearing her clothes. You have such a splendid figure... perfect for any dress." He said, examining her from head to toe. Hair, bosom and all.


"Thank you, sir." Linda said, but her voice was quiet. Harvey smiled at her nervousness. It got better every time, he thought.


"However, my mother believed more was better. Ha! No, I take my fathers side. When he made electronics, he knew people preferred less. Tablets, not computers. And I do say, less on a woman..." Harvey trailed off, he began to unzip his pants.


"Sir, your married, please don't make me-" Linda began, hoping to get through.


"You say that every Tuesday. Take off that top. Or, like I say every Tuesday, you'll be fired. Simple." Harvey said. He was now almost fully nude, he held his pen in his mouth as he unbuttoned his suit.


Linda would be innuendo soon as well.

Chapter End Notes:

If you think you know where this story is headed? You are... well, that would be spoilers, but you're wrong.

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