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Story Notes:

Written on a Kindle, so low quality. I was also bored.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This was a spoof and parody.

Johnny woke up, he rubbed the matter from his eyes. 

"That was some party huh Karen?" He said aloud. He was in a bed in a friends place,which was in Manhattan. He did not know who's bed it was. Johnny was 21, with- ohwho gives a fuck, he is the good guy, good looking, twenty-ish, white, blah blah blah.


To his surprise, Karen, a really hot brunette whom had been his girlfriend for a while,was not there, but her shape on the bed left an imprint.


"Karen?" He asked aloud. Johnny put on his shorts, but nothing else. He wandered about the place, stepping over his friends, mostly drunk, passed out, laying on each other in the hallway. He found his friend Mark. 


"Hey Mark? Have you seen Karen?"




"Karen, my girlfriend, brunette, tan, big boobs, ya know, the sort of person in a giantess story like the one we are in where the author uses me like a Family Guy person as I am not talking about what is happening but what the reader is thinking in a attempt to create comedic affect?" Johnny asked.


"Ohhhh, Karen!" 


Johnny nodded, hoping he was getting some where.


"No, I don't know her. You can ask me a question, but do not use me as a fucking prop." Mark said. Johnny sighed.


He was walking to retrieve his clothes when he heard, surprise! Thumping. Sounded like thunder, or something.


"What the fuck?" He asked nobody, because you people have no idea what that sound is. Your just on a site called giantess world expecting Harry Potter fanfic. That thumping must be so mysterious and unknown. 


Johnny ran outside with his shirt on. To his shock, he saw Karen. Even though the movie producers said she was fifty feet tall she was somehow as tall as the statue of liberty but that is not important.


Somehow, Karen could see, and hear him.


"Hey Johnny!" She said, but of course nobody but Johnny knew what she was saying. And of course this is Manhattan, so no cars are being stomped on to ruin the sexiness of the story. 


"How did this happen?" He asked, which she heard.


"Nobody cares, my boobs are the size of cars, I'm in a bikini, and I am about the size of a skyscraper."


"I thought it was Lady Liberty?" Johnny asked, as everybody had seemingly disappeared from the streets, letting the lovers flirt. Or what ever this was....


"Shhh, authors always change sizes of their girls, no biggie." She said, picking him up and putting him on her shoulder, giving Johnny a good view of her dd tits as they jiggled.


"Okay, I've become a giantess for some impossible reason, walked through town and not hurt anybody despite me stomping cars, got my boyfriend who is totally calm, what is left?" She pondered.


"The military stepping in after like, six hours?" 


"Yep!" Here come the out of date planes now! Let me just walk off in the sunset and the

story is done. Bam, one giantess story which is all you could find back in like, the 90's."

Karen turned and began to walk away as the out of date jets chose only to emit

warnings rather than, oh i don't know, fire?

"We can make out later." Johnny said to his giantess girlfriend.

"Big time, get it?


Chapter End Notes:

This was all the giantess material you could find a while ago... amazing how the fetish has... well, become more than a fetish!

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