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A love story about two NYC Detectives are get paired up and just don't get along. Things change however when, what they think is a curse, ends up being a gift. This is a long story that has a few plots.

Rated: PG
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Published: May 26 2014 Updated: June 11 2018

1. Chapter 1 An Angry Man by jailerman0 [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarstar (5908 words)

2. Chapter 2 - A Shocking Discovery by jailerman0 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (3218 words)

3. Chapter 3 - Closed Hearts Open by jailerman0 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2603 words)

4. Chapter 4 - Easy Come, Easy Go by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (790 words)

5. Chapter 5 - Sometimes Life Sucks by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] (1759 words)

6. Chapter 6 - A Decent Proposal by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] (1964 words)

7. Chapter 7 - Roles, and the players by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2630 words)

8. Chapter 8 - Quick Thinking by jailerman0 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1719 words)

9. Chapter 9 - The Investigation by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2446 words)

10. Chapter 10 - Like a Glove by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2574 words)

There's a big twist coming in the next chapter. Carlos will find out Deborah is not who he thought she was.

11. Chapter 11 - The Unintentional Setup by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (4139 words)

Our hero is sensing that there is someting more to Deborah that she is not telling him. He is about to find out that he has become an unwitting player in a much larger plot. We're about to head into some pretty unexpected directions with characters new and old.

As a side note, here is a link to a picture that I came across that was one of the inspirations for the Deborah character. http://www.123rf.com/photo_25787553_a-beuatiful-and-sexy-surfer-girl-at-the-beach-with-her-surfboard.html



12. Chapter 12 - The Plot Thickens by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (3666 words)

I hope everyone likes it so far. I have been wanting to complete it for a long time. There's another 35 chapters to come, so stay tuned. Dborah's going to need all the traing she's received in the CIA to get him back. Will she succeed? Maybe, maybe not.




13. Chapter 13 - Oversight and Coverup by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (6470 words)

There are a few twists in this chapter, and a few new characters. 

Hope you enjoy. Love the feedback!



14. Chapter 14 - Missing by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2474 words)

This is a shorter update and is setting up some really neat twists in the plot. There are new characters coming that will be unexpected.

15. Chapter 15 - Getting out by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (4178 words)

Deborah makes her return in this episode. I really like the feedback and have been working in some requests. I am already done the next 2 chapters, just need some editing. I will post over the weekend. Keep the feedback coming. I am a first time writer and really enjoy it, so your comments really help.

16. Chapter 16 - Together Again by jailerman0 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2949 words)

Deborah is starting to show that there is alot more going on that Carlos could have ever imagined. With her cover now blown, she will eventually have to tell him the truth.

17. Chapter 17 - Safe for the Night by jailerman0 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (3056 words)

18. Chapter 18 - She has his Number by jailerman0 [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (4521 words)

It's been a while, but heres the next chapter. Poor Carlos cannot resist Deborah.

19. Chapter 19 - A Very Delicate Process by jailerman0 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4489 words)

I am really having alot of fun with this story and appreciate the feedback.

We are going to get some big action in the next few chapters. We will see that Deborah is highly trained and finally meet the mystery woman in the SUV. Davisdon will find out that he should have not lied to Paige.

20. Chapter 20 - He just can't resist by jailerman0 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4612 words)

Here is a bit more setup before we get into some action on the streets of New York.

21. Chapter 21 - Sock it to Him by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (4298 words)

A few new Twists - many more to come.

22. Chapter 22 - Familiar Faces by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2938 words)

It's been a while since I was able to work on it, but here's the next installment.

23. Chapter 23 - The Truth Comes Out by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (2947 words)

A little long between updates. Hop you enjoy. Keep the feedback coming.

24. Chapter 24 - So close but yet so far by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (4701 words)

25. Chapter 25 - For bigger, for smaller by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] (1837 words)

It's been a while since the last posting. Hopefully I will get more time to complete it.

26. Chapter 26 - Decisions, Decisions by jailerman0 [Reviews - 2] (2722 words)

I am glad that this story is being enjoyed. Being the first time writing, it's been quite fun.

This chapter is lead up to another few big twists in the plots. We know Claire is up to something, just don't know what. Paige will make her return soon enough, and Carlos will have some important decisions to make. There is a still a ton of stuff that will unfold. probably another 20 chapters or more to go yet.

27. Chapter 27 - Another encounter by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] (2203 words)

28. Chapter 28 - The Big Slow Down by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] (3850 words)

29. Chapter 29 Unlikely partnership by jailerman0 [Reviews - 1] (6155 words)

It's been a long delay between chapters. I have quite few more chapter to come. I hope everyone is enjoying it. Keep the feedback coming!

30. Chapter 30 Too Much of a Good Thing? by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (3302 words)

I've been toying with the main character a bit seeing if there was a darker side to our leading female hero. Well, turns out there just might be. We will see if she can resist the tempation.

31. Chapter 31 - Give Me a Ring Sometime by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (4497 words)

It's been a while since the last update. I have had more time to continue it. I hope you enjoy it. Keep the feeback coming.

32. Chapter 32 - Revelations by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (1509 words)

It's been quite a while, but the story is not dead. Just been busy.

This is a short installment that is the setup for the next chapters coming in a few weeks.



33. Chapter 33 - The Antidote by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (1484 words)

After more than 2 years hiatus, I decided to continue this story. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do creating it. it took me a while to get back into the swing of things, but here is the long overdue continuation. This is a short chapter to get things going. I have much longer ones coming up.

Feedback is always appreciated. 

34. Chapter 34 Decisions, decisions. by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (2387 words)

Another installment. Our hero finds out that things get worse before they will get better.

35. Chapter 35 - The Trip by jailerman0 [Reviews - 0] (6531 words)

Lots going on in this chapter.  Our hero is about to see a new side of his love.