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John sat up in bed, grinning as he read through the countless stories that had been written on his fav GTS site. MCphile.com.

He was currently reading about a story that involved somebody dying, and meeting Death. It was pretty good.

John had been an avid reader of GTS stories for a long time. He spent most of his time online reading about giantesses, he especially enjoyed the big name series, like one called Titan, which was the best of the best.

However, in his four years of reading stories, John had never reviewed one! He often read when the author would add in chapter end notes, begging for a review, and laughed. Like he would take two minutes out of his day to type in his E-mail address and come up with a password! Sheesh!

Even though the site was totally anonymous, he decided that he did not want to contribute whatsoever!

God, so much these people were asking for!

John grinned, and closed the tab, not reviewing a great story called Aftermath.

He got up, and put his tablet down, not reviewing the story. He went over to his window, which overlooked the towns city square in the apartment ge lived in. New York was amazing!

John smiled. He loved not reviewing stories! He could just imagine those hardworking authors, coming back from a bowling game, six hours after they updated THEY'RE FUCKING STORY, ONLY TO FUCKING REALIZE IT HAS TWO FUCKING REVIEWS.

John looked down at the street. He was not afraid of heights. Good, as he was 130 feet from the ground.

BOOM! BOOOM! The thundering sounds of what sounded like bombs roared. Car alarms went off, people dropped they're coffee, joggers turned into runners.

Just then around the corner, appeared a giant woman in cliché fashion. She was wearing tight spandex shorts, showing off her sizeable quad muscles under her awesome thighs. Her beautiful legs were greatly complimented by her washboard abs, poking through her green tanktop. Her B cup boobs held back. She was wearing a pair of newly designed Nike's.

John's jaw dropped. He wet his pants, and then got a boner.

The 140 tall woman was on a mission. She stepped over cars and people with skill. Her Nike's not making any damage in the streets. She was careful not to hurt anybody.

She got in front of John's apartment. She looked down at him. Her light brown mid back length brown hair glamourized by the sun behind her, which she blocked out. Seeing john, the huge girl ripped the roof off the building, and reached inside, sealing John in her fingers.

"Lurker." She boomed, her voice full of hatred and malice.

"WHOA! Look, I'll join the website! Just put me-"

The giantess squeezed, and with her other hand, ripped john's feet away from his body as they stuck out from her grasp. She admired his screams. Then, she dropped a footless john, all the way down from 140 feet.

As he fell, she lifted her knee, which he bounced off of, and hit a taxi below him. He broke the windshield, and the roof of the car with the force of his body.

John wheezed asd the woman looked down at his broken body.

"Before you die, know that I will put under my foot, and grind all lurker's. You would like that, huh!? I know I have real nice feet... but guess what? You never fucking reviewed what I do!" She yelled. She brought her foot down on the taxi, grinding her foot into John, leaving a red stain mixed with the crushed taxi.

As she was doing this, she was aware she was being watched by Alex, John's partner in crime in not reviewing stories. He had a boner from watching her grind John into nothing, like he was, with her sexy feet.

She smiled, and began to stomp over to him, and lifted her shoe over him, and brought it down.

All lurkers would receive this fate at the hands of the GTS Avenger.

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