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Story Notes:

Story is just for fun. I don't care about reviews, but they appreciated.

This will be a short story. Only five chapters or six. It is meant to be sexy, arousing, and kinda funny.

Author's Chapter Notes:

One chapter a day, hopefully.

"C'mon man! Its your 21st birthday!" Tyler yelled to his friend for life, Adam. Tyler excitedly put his arm around his friends shoulder as they walked through town at nighttime. Their other friend, Darnell walked parallel to them.

"Look guys, I'll have one drink. That's all. Mom doesn't want me to have too much alcohol." Adam replied, shrugging his friend's arm away, and straitening his tie and fixing his blazer.

"Fuck yo ma! You are stepping into the final phase of manhood, brother. Beer! You ain't a man till you get so wasted you can't feel your dick in the morning!" Darnell said, also in an excited mood.

Adam sighed. Honor roll student since kindergarten, respectful, and slightly submissive. Short brown hair, fair skin. He was wearing a well organized tie and blazer, with a white dress shirt.

His two comrades though...

Darnell, African American quarter back for the college football team. Bald, muscular, and wore a muscle shirt. Okay in academics.

Tyler. Loud, obnoxious high school drop out who was only hanging with Adam cuz he was a life long friend since the third grade. He was wearing a polo shirt, which for him, was like wearing a tuxedo.

"Oh boy, this is gonna be awesome!" Tyler yelled. Adam thanked the lord that nobody was on the streets of small Manhattan but them.

"Hey, it would help if you guys told me where we're headed..." Adam said.

"The White Angel." Darnell said.

"What, is that like a new night club or something?"

Darnell and Tyler looked at each other, grinning.

"Oh, you'll see. It does have a bar." Darnell said, barely containing his laughter at an inside joke.

"Yeah, plenty of cans are all over this place." Tyler said, also struggling not to laugh.

"Oh, so it's a beer place?"

"Eh, you'll see in a minute...."




Never in Adam's life had he ever heard music so loud. The bass of a really loud sound, in a pretty big building, most surprisingly did not wake up all of New England.

As soon as the door opened to the club. They were greeted. And once they got past the bouncer and into the music, and Adam's eyes had settled to the dimmer lights and light shows all over the place, Adam knew exactly what this place was.

"A strip club?! A fucking strip club?!" Adam exclaimed. All around the enormous room, scantily clad women dressed down to the bare minimum sauntered about. Over the loud music, many men were making groans of pleasure at the uh... services being given to them.

But this was not any club, Adam realized. The club was intersizable. A rarity in public places of entertainment. In the world, ever since the enlightening, women were of various sizes, one of three.

Amazon, Normal, Titan.

This rather small room was meant for your average, five to six foot gal, while they're were doors and curtains to other parts of the club.

"This place is fucking great! You can get a lap dance from a Amazon, while you are both in a Titans bra!" Darnell. As he said this, he had his eyes on a pretty dancer with long red hair. She was normal sized however.

Adam sighed. He had a deep respect for women. Growing up in a family of females had taught him that. Seeing them degrade themselves like this... ugh, lets just get this over with.

"OK. I'll have a beer, maybe watch some of the girls on the stage. Seems pretty fun." Adam sighed putting on the most enthusiastic smile that he could. Tyler shook his head.

"Thought you might say that. That is why you my friend are going into the Amazon section. This girls will give you the best dance of your life, whether you like it or not!" Tyler said, ushering his friend over to another door on the opposite side of the room.

As Adam was practically forced to walk, he noticed the décor of the normal part of the club. This part was all deep purple and black, giving it a deeper, more majestic style of partying. The lights were dim, and there was a big, T shaped stage where girls in bikini's, or other scanty outfits danced or twerked. The men were going nuts over their swaying hips and rippling boobs, they threw dollar bills by the twenties, forming clouds of money over the stripper's heads.

Savages. Or just men.

Finally, after what felt like hours of pain staking time wasted in pushing Adam to the Amazon section, Tyler shoved him through the curtains.

"Get pissed while your in there!" Tyler joked, after sending his friend headfirst into the Amazon section.




Meanwhile, Darnell was sticking to the normal sized strippers. Sexy as 140 foot Titan women were, Darnell preferred girls he had a bit more jurisdiction and control over.

"Okay ladies! Show me what you got!" He practically yelled to a small group of girls, looking for a potential customer. Darnell was carrying five hundred dollars in fives and singles. He made it rain with a bit of it.

Party initiated. Over the chorus of Usher, many of the girls began to saunter over to Darnell, shouting 'Hey Baby' to him, before pushing him back slowly in a chair.

Before Darnell knew it, he was surrounded by four blondes, two brunettes, and two redheads, all with great asses, boobs and faces.

Take your pick.

Darnell chose... ALL!




Elsewhere in the club, Adam was greeted by the sight of Amazon girls. 7 to 12 feet. Though most were 8.

At the moment, most of the hotties were preoccupied, dancing for guys, who were showering the place with cash.

One girl however was not busy, and was waiting for a customer. She noticed Adam, and smiled. The eight foot girl made her way over to him, smiling.

"Hi, I'm Amber. What's you're name cutie?" She asked seductively. Amber was 8 feet. Pretty average by Amazon standards. The very top of his head barely scraped the bottom of her humongous breasts, which had to be at least double d's.

Tan skin, with just a hint of caramel, barely noticeable, but still tan. Long, luscious wavy black hair that went to her chest, barely impeding the sight of her bust, curvy hips, full ass, and long legs with muscular thighs.

Holy shit this chick was hot!

It took a while for Adam to register her question. She stood very close to him, rubbing her thighs against him, not over noticeable but pleasant.

"Oh um, I'm Adam." He said, still entranced by her body. Amber smiled. Nervous guys had a huge payout. They were also very sweet, and pleasant. This one though, with his fancy tie and blazer... was kinda hot in her opinion...

"Pleased to meet you Adam... hey, you wanna go to a private room? You look like a man of wealth and, well, special tastes..." Amber said, rubbing her hands down her near naked body, which was barely covered by her light purple bikini.

"Oh, sure." Adam replied. He allowed himself to by lead by her, into one of those private dance rooms shielded by a pink satin curtain and a door.

As soon as he entered, Adam was just happy to have quieter room, with a less powerful thump in his ears. He had just taken his breath of relief when Amber pushed him back into the waiting couch chair on the wall, grinning.




Tyler himself was infatuated with Titan girls. So big and sexy, with their massive tits and rears, towering above him like a Roman Goddess.

Due to the size difference, Tyler was carried into the section via a tray by a Titan woman, with short red hair in a ponytail. Their were no blonde Titans. The darker your hair, the bigger and sexier you were.

"Take you're pick. The ones the cup bras have an Amazon in their boobs for a lap dance. The ones with the sea shells and hearts over their nipples will just give you a dance. You can also pay extra for special services that change daily." She informed him, carrying Tyler about the room, around the women who could crush him like a bug under their shoes.

Tyler smiled. Last time he was here, the special services had been that he would be put in a Titan's panties, while a Amazon would twerk on his crotch until he came. While this had earned police scrutiny, nobody wanted an end to the dances. Word on the street was, that the police commissioner came in weekly, to see the specials himself.

"What are todays specials?" He asked.

"Our first is a lap dance from our Street Dance group members, next is a dance given by two Titans, butt to butt, or breasts to breasts. Next is our famous Amazon in the chest, and if you want, roleplay with a Titan." The woman finished, looking at Tyler from far above, as if to say: which one?

Tyler smiled.

"Two of each session."

Chapter End Notes:

Yes, this is a different perspective each chapter story.

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