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Story Notes:

Second story. I am currently working on another story called Vacation Abroad, but O had the idea fot this one recently, and I couldn't continue Abroad until I got this out of my system. I am a fan of the Amazon section, and I didn't really find any that were really good or realistic, so I began this, tell me what you guys think!

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Author's Chapter Notes:

I spent all of today looking for a story like this, I honestly can't beilieve I did not find one, I mean, some stories do have an island, but not Amazons. Anyways, I recently read a book called Lord Of The Flies, and I played Far Cry 3, which serve as inspiration. This is not the story ALL my attention will be dedicated to, sorry if you really like this one, but updates will be schedueld whenever I am not working on Vacation Abroad. Though Udates will be weekly. ( I hope)

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The rain battered the small research ship as it battered its way through the night storm, 30 foot waves crashed against it, threatening the ship, the walls of the ship groaned, frightening it's small crew. They were not all experienced sailors, this was supposed to be so easy, the researchers had not even considered paying more money for a better crew. Lightning and thunder frequently knocked the lights out.

Scott O'Connor grit his teeth, struggling to keep a hold onto the mast of the ship. What felt like bucket after bucket of ice cold water from the sea attacked his face, if not for his sportswear glasses, they would have been blown away by the 60 mph winds.

"Scott! Get that goddamn line secure!" Yelled Jeff Core, his colleague. Scott had been ordered to climb the main mast of the put of date ship in order to fix a cable than had gotten free, which had caused power in the ship to be lost, and turned back on randomly, which meant the lights on the ship turned on and off like a fucking Christmas tree.

Climbing the mast of a weary old boat in the middle of a tropical storm at 3: a.m. was not in Scott's job description.

They were out here to do a study on the Bermuda Triangle, why so many planes and ships had been lost and such. Most of the people aboard were young researchers, who worked for Arizona State. They had a hunch, that the real spot to look for was much farther south, and several miles off of the Brazilian coast. Unfortunately, the storm they were currently trapped in had appeared out of nowhere, and set them off course.

Scott O'Connor, a 19 year old young man from Oregon, was chosen for the assignment of discovering the secrets of the Bermuda due to his vast knowledge of Geography, History, and Geology. He already had his degrees in the fields, this was supposed to be his way of getting his Ph.D., but now he was fighting for his life. Scott was a bit of a nerd at school, glasses, loved anime, that sorta stuff, he was teased often, but he got past it.

When Scott was told that he would be going on a research trip on a boat to the Caribbean, he had been excited! He could get valuable data in the name of science, make a name for himself, and best of all, nobody on a ship full of scientists would bully him.

Or so he thought.

Jeff Core, 21 on years old, from North Carolina, was chosen for the trip for a different reason. Animals. Jeff was a hunter, he had a lot of knowledge in animals, skinning, killing, and trapping. He was (as far as he was concerned) the coolest guy on the ship. He was good looking, got the girls, and was muscular. Ever since he had come aboard, he had tormented Scott, hiding his glasses, stealing his stuff, shoving him around, etc. Not the best guy on Earth. Right now he was yelling at Scott to fix the cable, so the ship would not be blind in the water.

"Move your fucking ass Connor! My grandpa's whore climbs better than you!" Jeff yelled at Scott, who was struggling to make the climb to the cable box atop the boat.

"I'm trying!" Scott yelled back, but Jeff could not hear him, due the rain pouring down on them. Scott used all his strength to climb the Seeker's mast. Arizona State couldn't afford anything better than the tire old ship, and a rusty crew of kids.

When Scott finally reached where he needed to be on the ship, he looked around him. Waves crashing was all he could see, the dark sky was regularly broken by streaks of lightning here and there. And when he looked ahead, he saw the most terrifying thing a person on the sea could ever witness.

"Maelstrom!" Scott yelled at the top of his lungs. Through the foggy wetness on his glasses, he could make out an enormous whirlpool in the distance, which the ship was headed for.

This Jeff heard. He ran back inside, leaving Scott atop the slippery mast, Scott held on for dear life as the boat lurched and creaked. Scott nearly wet his pants as the boat sailed into the whirlpool. He knew the captain could not see it, due to the lack of lights on the Seeker, coupled with their radar being knocked out.

Scott closed his eyes. He could only pray.

The Seeker was thrashed by the strength of the whirlpool, the passengers all screamed as the Seeker was thrown around and around.

Scott cried. He knew he was going to die, he tried to think of his loving parents and sister. His last thoughts would be happy.

"Get us outta here!" Jeff screamed as he made his way to the pilot's cabin, he kicked the door open, only to find that the men who steered the boat were covered in rubble from the top of the ship. Allowing for gallons of rain to enter the room. One of the co captain's barely breathing, called for help. Jeff ran past him, and fled the room, he could head for the engine room, where every one else was most likely hiding, but he knew he would drown there.

He ran back into the rain, just as the boat capsized. And everything went black, for both Jeff, and Scott.




Jeff awoke with a start. He AWOKE. He was alive.

When he opened his eyes, he was greeted by wet, frothy sand. He exhaled, sending sand and sea water away from his nose.

Jeff was laying on his belly in the sand on a shore on an island. The small waves pushed seaweed all the way onto his thighs. A crab danced near him, just on the rim of his eye sight.

He groaned and tried to stand. His ribs were sore, and ached, he had a nasty gash on his forehead, most likely caused when he had slid across the ocean floor. He hadn't felt this bad since his last tackle football game.

He stood and examined his surroundings. It was morning, he had been laying there all night. In front of him, a thick grove of palms and brush stared at him, he could make out a mountain or valley in the foreground, what appeared to be miles away.

"I must be on some uncharted Island." Jeff thought. He looked behind him. There, what remained of the Seeker was ruined, sandwiched and ripped apart in the rocks.

There was no sign of any other survivors. And that was fine with him.

Jeff turned suddenly. He heard something, coming from the jungle in front of him. It sounded like drums. Jeff waited, he heard it again.

It was obvious that the desecrated remains of the Seeker was not his way home, but there could be people making that sound...

Jeff headed for the sound, cutting through the jungle.



Scott woke up suddenly. He heard voices. He realized that he was not dead. Thank God.

Scott realized that he was no longer on the boat. He laying in a tent of some sort, which was decorated with animal skins, and other hunter like trophies.

The survivors couldn't have made this. Scott realized that wherever he was, he should leave.

Scott got up quietly, he most certainly heard voices, more than one, they almost sounded... feminine.

He carefully exited the tent, by crawling under back of, being careful not to loosen any of the pegs. For some reason, the tent was much too big for one person, yet its shape suggested that it was.

Once outside, he examined his environment. It was nighttime, he was in some sort of tropical jungle, judging from the plants. Scott was only able to see, thanks to the moonlight, and what could only be torches on the opposite side of the tent.

He was glad he had not taken the obvious route and gone out the frontal flaps. But why were there torches on a deserted island off the coat of Brazil?

Scott's heart skipped a beat. The voices could belong to a savage group of primitive islanders, who had found him and put him in the tent for some horrid reason, or the voices were those of pirates, wanting to hold him for ransom, and sell him like a dog! He had played Far Cry 3, he really wished he had a friend with him who was an ex-marine or something, and could help him right now!

But as he was no Jason Brody, Scott did what he did best.

He ran. Ran into the jungle.

Scott kept running, he needed to put some distance between him and whoever had been talking at that camp.

He turned to see if anything was following him, there was nothing.

When he turned back around, he was so shocked and scared that he fell, face first.

Standing in front of him was a woman. She was huge. Not fat, heavens no, she was actually quite pretty and curvaceous, but she was tall. She must have been thirteen feet tall.

Scott looked up nervously, hoping he had imagined her, her boots greeted him, as he had fallen right in front of her.


He leapt back in surprise, and landed on his back. Scott stared up ate her, and noted her features.

Aside from being thirteen feet tall, the woman had gorgeous features. She had pale skin, curly bright red hair which almost seemed a little frizzy, and striking green eyes. Large, double d cup breasts, and curvy hips. She was well toned, but still very feminine, he could see a hefty amount of muscle on her, as if she worked out often.


Scott could tell all of this due to her clothing. Her top only covered her breasts and shoulders, revealing her midriff, and muscular arms. Her bottom was covered by a short, dress like piece that only covered the top parts of her toned thighs, and as Scott noticed, she was wearing normal shoes, but her shins were covered with greaves a Greek hoplite may wear. She also had a machete in a sheath at he side, along with other weapons.


Scott was terrified, he tried to getup and run, but she intercepted him, she grabbed both of his arms, and put them behind his back, in a double chicken wing submission hold. It didn't hurt much, but he could tell that the Amazonian woman was holding back. She lifted him into the air with ease, and began carrying a terrified Scott back to the tents.

Chapter End Notes:

Please Review. Like I said, I was really dissapointed with me not being able to find an Amazon story I really like. If you have already written one you think I'll like, tell me in the revirews.


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