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Author's Chapter Notes:

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Jack Davis stepped out of the plane terminal lazily. His family had taken decided to go to

vacation out of the U.S. for vacation for the very first time. To many other families,

leaving the U.S. for Spring Break was exciting and expensive. Not for his family though,

which was actually very wealthy. But this mattered very little to him, when his parents

had told him that they would be taking a trip for spring break, he had been excited,

maybe they were going to Daytona, Richmond, or maybe even New Orleans! But

instead, his family of country folks and rich rednecks had packed up their bags, left from

Vicksburg, Mississippi, and take a 12 hour flight to Beirut, Lebanon. John, a 17 year old

patriotic young man, was PISSED.



"Mom, why couldn't we have just gone to a Holiday Inn or something, I don't wanna go to some slapdash poor person motel." Jack complained to his mother as they made their way to the taxis. To his right, his younger sister Amber texted her friends on her smartphone. Jack's father Robert walked parallel to him.

"Because Jack, there were no rooms available, besides we should immerse ourselves in this places culture." She said, not bothering to turn to talk to her son directly.

Jack scoffed, he knew his mother did not really care about the culture of Lebanon, she was just trying to cover up the fact that the Lebanese wouldn't accept her bribe to open a suite for them.

"What is the motels name anyways?" Jack asked.

"Can't pronounce it, but I know they have five stars and a good view." Said Robert.

"Do they have Wi-Fi?" Amber asked, barely looking up from her phone.

"Maybe." Robert replied.

When the family got out onto the street from the airport, Jack took some time to gaze upon the new countries people. He was actually quiet surprised, Jack had expected to see a bunch of men wearing dress like robes and eccentric and conspicuous turbans on their heads, and those men followed by women who wore black blankets on their faces. Instead, the men were dressed in every day attire you may see back in the States, jeans, shirts, shorts, and not too many women actually wore the veil.



The taxi pulled up to them, and it's driver welcomed them in.

"Welcome to Beirut!" He exclaimed as he held the door open for them. Jack, his mother and sister got in the back, and Robert in the passenger seat.

"Where would you like to go?" The cab driver asked, he had a thick Middle Eastern accent.

"Where ever this thing says." Said Robert, handing a paper with the hotels name on it to the driver, not even attempting to pronounce its name.

"Ah, the Al-Hasir hotel...very nice hotel indeed." He said. The cab driver set off east, and began talking to dad about what brought him to Lebanon and everything.

"So, are you here on a business trip?"

"If I was on a business trip, then why would my family be with me?" Said Robert, somewhat rudely.

"Oh sorry, I was just-"

"Will you shut up and drive better? Your ruining my e-mail!" Said Amber, still obsessed with her phone. The taxi driver decided to be quiet.

"Good, the rat knows his place." Thought Jack. Being wealthy, he viewed almost anybody who was not loaded with cash as an average nobody who did not deserve his time. His parents had drilled that into him. The drive to the hotel was silent.

They reached the hotel in another fifteen minutes. They got out of the car, collected their luggage from the trunk, and paid the driver without a tip.

The hotel was actually pretty big, there must have been forty to fifty stories. They walked in to the registration table, cutting several people without a glance. Though nobody decided to stop them. Most likely not to cause a public disturbance, which in this part of the world could get you in BIG trouble.

"Ahlan! Welcome to the Al-Hasir hotel." Said the man behind the desk.

"We have a reservation." Said Jack's mother.


"Davis." The desk worker typed a few things into the computer, before nodding.

"Oh, you're the American family! Our hotel's owner will see you to your suite personally." The desk worker said, pointing to man across the lobby who was speaking with someone.

"Hmph." Was all Jack's mother did to acknowledge the employee. The group walked over to the man the desk worker had indicated to who turned to face them.

"Can I help you?" He asked. The man was rather chubby, with a short black hair. Had he not been wearing an expensive looking suit Jack may have ignored him.

"We are the Davis family? We would like to go to our rooms." Said Robert. The man nodded.

"Of course. I am Jadid Al-Nassar, owner of this hotel." Jadid said proudly.

"This is my daughter, Sarah." Jadid said, indicating the person he had been speaking with. Jack's eyes bulged when he saw her. Sarah had slightly tanned skin, dark brunette hair and beautiful hazel eyes. He also noted her curvaceous features, large, firm breasts and well rounded hips.

Jack smiled, before he left, she would have a good memory of him in her brain. Whether she wanted it now or not.

"Sarah, help them with their bags." Jadid said to her. Sarah nodded, she relived Both Jack's mother and his sister of their bags, loading them onto a cart and pushing them. The party followed her to the elevators. Jack made sure to walk next to her.

"Hi, I'm Jack." Jack said to her, flashing her a smile.

"Pleasure to meet you." She replied, her voice was friendly, and pleasant, her Lebanese accent made her sound sultry. Though it was not what Jack wanted, whenever he talked to a girl in school, they immediately, giggled, and flipped their hair a bit. He was a very influential person at school because of his families history and wealth in Mississippi.

Women loved a rich man.

"So... do you have any plans for spring break?" Jack asked, trying to make conversation.

"Oh not really, I was just going to help my dad out around the hotel. Get some work experience." Sarah replied, still pushing the cart of luggage.

"So you're going to be in the hotel a lot huh?" Jack said, happy knowing that he could talk to this girl all the time. Sarah nodded.

They soon reached the elevators, and began to pile into them.

"It would appear there is not enough space." Said Jadid. With him, Robert, Amber and Jack's mother plus the luggage, there was not enough room in the elevator.

"I can take the stairs." Sarah offered.

"Me too." Jack said.

"Whatever you want Jackie." Said Robert, not caring that his son would have to climb about thirty stories of stairs because Robert had brought way more clothes than he needed.

"We'll see you too on the 38th floor." Said Jadid as the elevator doors closed. Sarah and Jack began to climb the stairwell.

"So Sarah," Jack began.

"do you have a boyfriend or anything?" He asked her.

"Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering. A pretty girl like you could have any guy she wanted..." Jack said, walking faster so he was right next to her.

"Oh, thank you..." She said, walking at a much faster pace. Jack grinned, she must be playing hard to get.

After a few minutes, they reached the 38th floor, they got there so fast due to Sarah walking very fast, and Jack right behind her.

Just before they stepped out of the stairwell, Jack decided to press his luck.

He grabbed Sarah's curvy rear. She yelped a bit, and instinctively slapped him. Jack stumbled back from the force of the blow, as they were on the stairs, a fell down and rolled down a few painfully.

"You whore!" He yelled at her. She put her hands over her mouth.

"I'm sorry! I am so sorry!" She said several times, she quickly ran down to where he was and helped him up. She began dusting him off.

"It's fine, it's fine!" Jack said,

"Just don't tell my dad!" Sarah pleaded.

"We'll see. Just stay away from me." Jack said to her. He had lost interest in her already. If she wasn't smart enough to realize what a catch he was, she did not deserve his time.

Sarah led Jack to his private suite, which was right next to his sister's without a word being spoken.



Jack awoke to the sound of someone knocking on the door. He closed his eyes, ignoring whoever they were. He did not need any warm towels from housekeeping. He heard the knocking again. Jack sighed.

He got out of bed, not bothering to cover himself (Jack slept nude) he answered the door. And was surprised to see Sarah standing there. Though Sarah was even more surprised at seeing Jack not wearing his underwear more than anything.

"What do you want?" Jack asked her groggily, wiping matter away from his eye.

"I wanted to give you these." Sarah said, keeping eye contact, making sure not to look at Jack's AHEM!

She handed Jack a platter of freshly made cookies. Jack looked up at her and took the cookies.

"Keep this up and your father MAY not hear about what happened earlier." Jack said, before closing the door on Sarah's face.

Jack grinned, and took a bite out of a cookie. Sarah might be worth some time after-

Jack stopped. Something felt wrong, he felt dizzy as if he had been on a merry go round for way to long.

He dropped the cookies, which made a loud crashing sound. He looked up, the ceiling of his room was getting farther and farther away, as if he was falling. He closed his eyes, and felt his clothes slip away from his body.

When he opened his eyes, Jack Davis nearly screamed. He had SHRUNK!

"Oh God, Oh God!" He said to himself. He was two inches tall, how was this possible? He had to find a way to get his family to notice him-

Jack stopped when he heard a noise behind him. His room door opened, flooding the room with light from the hallway, blinding Jack.

When Jack's vision returned, he saw who had opened the door.

It was Sarah. And she was huge! She was also staring down at him, hands over her mouth. Though Jack couldn't tell if she was happy or scared...

Chapter End Notes:

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