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Disease AX61 has stopped infection as of 4 months ago. There are no remains of the virus on Earth it seems.

“Can you believe it?” Kelly asked me. Her voice shook me out of my thoughts.

“Believe what?”

“Have you SEEN how much has changed?” Kelly pointed down to the street near my foot. I looked down at the super thin strip of black. It was about 8 inches wide with tiny cars laid out along it, some even zooming by. I made sure to keep to the normal sized sidewalk because I knew accidents happened and they were almost never a good thing.

“Everything’s so little! I feel like a giant!” Kelly was a little hyper normally, and some things got her talking. Unfortunately, this was one of those ‘things.’

“Yep, we’re giants” I sighed, unexcited. I’d gotten used to it. My dad had been shrunk from the beginning. I was lucky he discovered it early and refrained from any, ummm, ‘interaction’ with my mom (you can figure out what I mean by yourself.) It was hard but as more and more people became shrunk I felt less like a freak and more relieved I didn’t catch the virus.

“Stop being a sourpuss. I know you’re used to it but I’m still adjusting.” I watched Kelly crouch down to look at the street. She held her beautiful blonde hair back to keep it from interrupting traffic.

“Look at the widdle toy cars. I just want to pick one up and take it home.”

“Kelly, that’s illegal.” I reminded her.

“I know” Kelly sighed as she stood back up. “Doesn’t mean I can’t dream though, right?” We resumed walking to school.

Before I tell you anything further, I have to tell you about our school. Not the school itself but the surrounding neighborhoods and stuff. What happened here was weird. Out of all thousand or so kids to go to the school, only 40 weren’t shrunk. I was extremely lucky to be one of them and luckier yet to have Kelly also be one. Every other student didn’t pass a height of around three inches. Every member of the faculty had also shrunk, with the exception of one teacher.  I forgot to mention why there were mostly small houses. The disease would affect entire families if one individual got infected. Unless it was a spouse. Nobody knew why, it just happened. This caused a huge increase in suicide rates as people killed themselves when they learned a family member became infected. It was only direct family though. Brothers and sisters. Not daughters and sons. Although if a child became infected so did their parents. Who would pass it on. I got really lucky I didn’t shrink.

“Look at the houses too!” Kelly giggled as we passed all the rebuilt tiny houses. They only came up to my knees.

“Why are you so quiet?” Kelly asked, snapping me out of my thoughts again.


“Why are you so quiet Zoey?” I didn’t answer. I looked away so Kelly couldn’t see me.

The reason why I wasn’t as talkative as usual, and I wasn’t too much of a talker anyway, is because I was about to seem my friend Chris for the first time after he became affected. I had a teeny bit of a crush on him before he shrunk but never worked up the nerve to ask him out. I feared he would hate me now that I was huge to him. I could only wait to know. He texted us to meet him in front of school.

“Have you seen Chris any time soon?” Kelly asked as if on cue.

“No…” I murmured.

“I saw him last week! He’s soooo cute!” Kelly giggled again.

“How… How is he?” I asked nervously.

Kelly stopped. “You haven’t seen him since he shrunk?” I shook my head.

“That was six months ago. Have you talked to him at all?”

“Yeah, I’ve called him a couple times and we’ve texted.”

“Did he tell you anything?”

“No… He didn’t really seem like he wanted to talk to me…” I looked at my feet, in their brown Uggs.

“Oh” Kelly frowned. She started walking again and I followed.

“Well, he's the same old Chris, just. you know, three inches tall," My heart skipped a beat as I thought about what Kelly had just said. "I’ll be huge to him! Oh god, he’s gonna think I’m such a giant freak now," I thought wiped my eyes before Kelly could notice.

“That makes me think; Wonder what happened to the bitch and her friends?”

The bitch was what Kelly called Mila, one of the hottest and most popular girls in our grade. She was tall, athletic, blonde, the perfect model for beauty. She also had a personal vendetta against me for reasons I know not. She would go out of her way to make life miserable for me. I never told anyone about her bullying except for Kelly who tried to help me whenever she could. Thinking about Mila now, I wondered how she would look at only 3 inches tall.

“With luck, none of them stayed big” I crossed my fingers.

Our school came into view a few minutes later. Thank goodness we could just walk because of how close we lived. My heart started to beat a little faster as we approached. This is the first time I’ve seen almost anyone except Kelly since the shrinking started affecting our district. I didn’t want to just walk out there and appear like a freak. I hated attracting attention when everyone was around my size, but now I’ll be sure to attract attention with everybody else around the height of my ankle.

“Holy shit…” Kelly breathed “Look at the buses…” She pointed at the new miniature bus lane with tiny buses unloading even tinier students.

“Come on, let’s go meet Chris.” Kelly grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the normal sized sidewalk right next to the bus lane. I could see and feel everybody’s eyes on me as Kelly pulled me along. I blushed red as the tiny people focused all their attention on me.

“He said near the front entrance” Kelly looked impatient as we waited. “It’s not like we’re that hard to spot.” My eyes were on the flock of students swarming in through the tiny doors. I tried to recognize some of them but I couldn’t see their faces clearly enough.

“Hey, let me through!” A voice shouted out. My eyes spotted one figure moving in our direction against the flow of people. Chris. I looked away quickly as if I could just blend in. Too quickly Chris made it to us.

“Hey little guy, how are you doing?” Kelly said. She lowered her hand down. I watched Chris climb on. Kelly brought him up to chest level and held her hand out for me to see.

“I’m fine Kelly.” Chris turned to me. “Hey Zoey.” He smiled brightly.

“H-Hey Chris.” I stammered out turning beet red.

“It’s so different, seeing you like this” my heart hammered inside my chest “You’re huge!”

“She’s not huge stupid, you’re just small.” Kelly chuckled. Chris laughed too. I didn’t get how they acted so calm and collected but I was sweating like crazy right here.

“Probably, but that might change. Most of the world is now small. So maybe small will be ‘normal’ and normal will change to ‘huge’!”

“Maybe. You’ll still be tiny no matter what happens.” Chris smiled but turned back to me. “Maybe.” There was a silence.

“Kelly, can you hand me to Zoey?”

Kelly had a confused look on her face. “Umm, sure…” Kelly looked at me. I nervously held out my hands which had formed a cup. Chris jumped down into them.

“And Kelly; can we talk alone?” Kelly’s face broke out into a grin.

“Oh, I get it. I’ll just head inside I guess.” She disappeared through the only normal sized door. I stood there like an idiot who couldn’t think of anything to say. I was never THIS bad in front of Chris before. Why was I so nervous?

“Why haven’t you seen me at all?” Chris relaxed in my palm. He took a seat and leaned back.

“I-I don’t know. I-I mean, I’ve kind of been busy lately”

“Bullshit. Nobody’s busy every day for six months.” I chewed my lip nervously.

“Look at you Zoey! You’re awesome!” Chris laughed “I never ever thought I’d be sitting in your hand like this.” I laughed nervously with him but this one on one time was making me even more nervous. My heart felt like it would beat out of my chest.

“I don’t know… Maybe it would be better if I was small too…”

“Don’t you say that! You look like you were born to be giant! I’m glad I shrunk because if I get to see you like this, even only this once, I’ll be happy for the rest of my life. You’re so beau-“ Chris covered his mouth before he could finish. I smiled and grew a little braver.

“Do I really look good?” I looked down at myself. I was wearing jeans, a pink t-shirt and a pair of brown Uggs. Not exactly the go-getters look if you ask me.

“You couldn’t look better. Now let’s get inside before school starts.” I noticed the lack of students outside for the first time. My phone said it was 7:00 which meant I had ten minutes before the bell rang to get to first period. I walked inside with Chris in my hand.

I don’t know what I expected the inside of the school to look like. Maybe a smaller version of what we had before. But what was inside was totally different. The hallways were the same except for one change. In the middle, there was a dividing strip for tiny people to walk on the right and ‘giants’ I guess I’ll call us to walk on the left. But the cafeteria was entirely different. There was only two or three tables for giants. Everything else was set up for ‘tinies’ I guess I’ll call them. The tiny tables took up barely any room and most of the the extra space we had for the tables before was blocked off, probably for more classrooms and what not.

“Wow, it’s different.” Chris said. I nodded, not really that nervous anymore.

“I wonder how lunch is going to be. Since only like 40 people are normal sized-“

“Giants!” Chris interrupted

“Whatever. Since 40 people are ‘giants’ and everyone else is small, how are they going to arrange lunches?”

“I don’t know. I just hope I get lunch with you!” I blushed. At that moment Kelly ran up to me, breathless, a wide grin on her face.

“Zo’, guess what?”


“The bitch… she shrunk!” Kelly squealed. I stood there, dumbfounded. Mila was only 3 inches tall... The sound of the intercom broke the moment.

“All those ‘unaffected’ please report to room A3 immediately. All those unaffected please report to A3 immediately.”

“That’s us girl.” Kelly nudged me.

“I guess I’ll see you girls later. I’ve gotta get my schedule. Zoey, could you set me down?” I nodded and set Chris down next to my feet. He looked so small next to my Uggs which towered over him. His head reached just below my ankle. He waved and ran off into the flock of tinies.

“Let’s go!” Kelly dragged me to A3, the front office. We walked in, where the other 40 or so ‘unaffected’ were too. Most were girls but I noticed a few boys in the crowd. Everything was tiny really, but there were a few big things here or there. The only giant teacher stood in the room, Ms. Jones. She was 30 years old or so, unmarried. She was blonde, with green eyes and no wrinkles or any skin flaws. Rumor had it that the woman was a lesbian but nobody knew for sure. In her hand was our principle, Mrs. Towns. She was 42, with age only just starting to show on her body. Her brown hair was tied in a bun and she wore a suit, with high heels to match.

“Okay everyone listen up” Ms. Jones shouted over the general murmur of the students “Mrs. Towns and I called you here because we wanted to speak with you. I’ll let Mrs. Towns talk most of the time. Do NOT interrupt her. If you have a question, raise your hand.” Mrs. Towns stepped forward on Ms. Jones’ hand.

“Thank you Lenora. Now students, I know things are different for you, although I don’t know how that feels myself. As you can see I was shrunk too and stand at about three inches, your scale. You are all now giants in the eyes of every other student and faculty member on campus. You must take care to keep that in mind every second you’re here. At home you can relax, but here you must be cautious. But be warned. The rules will be stricter for you now more than ever.” She looked up to Ms. Jones who took off from where she left.

“Any ‘unaffected’ student caught bullying a shrunken individual will be expelled immediately, end of story. Any unaffected student ignoring a teacher’s rules or directions intentionally because of their size will be expelled immediately. End of story. If you intentionally hurt another student, you will be expelled immediately. If said student happens to be affected, you will be put on trial as an adult for ‘assault’ where you will be tried.” Mrs. Towns stopped her and started speaking again.

“As you can see students, we expect nothing but the best behavior from you. You should treat your fellow colleagues like nothing has changed and the same with teachers.” A hand rose up. A boy I didn’t know. “Yes?”

“Umm… what happens if we, you know… accidentally step on someone because we trip or something?”

“First of all, try not to trip. Second, we’ll have witnesses try to tell us what happened. If it was an accident, nothing will happen to you. But if someone dies, I can’t help you. The legal system will handle it if that happens. Any more questions? Ok.”

“One more thing, lunches will be divided up differently. We still have three lunches but since thirty six of you are unaffected, we’ve decided to split twelve to a lunch.”

“That about finishes all I have to say. Ms. Jones has your schedules for the semester. We’ll hand them out by grade. 9th graders are first.”

As the schedules were handed out I made a mental note of how many normal sized people (I kinda like calling us that... not the stupid ‘unaffected’ all the teachers use) were in each grade. There were 11 freshmen, 12 sophomores, 11 juniors and only 6 seniors (including me and Kelly awesomely); 40 in all. I took my schedule from Ms. Jones. It looked like this.

1st Period- Calculus- C11

2nd Period- Senior American Literature- A26

3rd Period- Physics- D12

4th Period- Senior US History- D15

5th Period- Lunch

6th Period- Spanish II- C16

7th Period- Health- B-2


I left the room. It sucked I had math for first period because I did NOT want to do Precalculus first thing in the morning but at least I ended the day with a super easy class. In fact, from fifth period to the end of the day I had lunch and easy classes. I was awesome at Spanish.

“What’s your schedule?” Kelly caught up with me as I left the office. I showed her.

“Awesome, we got the same lunch! Chris has it too!” My heart skipped a beat. All of us had the same lunch? How lucky!

“I’m glad I didn’t get your schedule though, Math first thing in the morning? Ugh.”

“Yeah, but at least I don’t have hard classes at the end of the day.” I tried to sound happy about the math thing.

“And at least you didn’t get kicked out of chorus.”

“They kicked you out?”

“Yeah, apparently my voice is ‘too loud’ for other students now.”

“What’d you get instead?”

“PE.” The bell rang right then. “Seems we’ve gotta split, I’ll see you at lunch Zoey!” Kelly gave me a hug and ran off torward wherever her class was. I went to mine.

I opened the door to Room C-11 and walked in. Even the classrooms had changed a ton. The room was set on a smaller scale for everyone else one table was set in the back for me to sit at. As soon as I walked in, all talk stopped and everyone’s eyes focused on me. I blushed deeply and shuffled back towards my seat. I set my bookbag on the table and looked forward, at all the tiny people who had gradually started up their conversations again. In the front, they had a small desk and whiteboard like a normal classroom but for me a small, thin TV was attached to my desk with videostream from the whiteboard along with text of what the teacher was saying. Sound would apparently distract everyone including the teacher. I looked at all the tiny people at their tiny desks, all the pretty girls, all the hot boys, people I knew, people I didn’t know, the tallest barely reaching my ankle.

Maybe Kelly was right. It does seem fun to be a giant. 


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