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I'm really happy to be writing again. Not much action in this chapter. It's more of a recap and kick off point. Hope you enjoy! Please leave a review! Any feedback is good feedback.
Fleeting Love: Chapter 1

Jon flopped down on his bed extremely tired. He'd just gotten through another day of Aphrodite's games and needed a nap. Today, the game was that if Jon looked at any girls feet he would be shrunken and teleported onto that girls foot. After that, he had to stay there for half an hour. Despite his best efforts not to look, it happened three times. The first girl wasn't so bad, Jon just sat on top of her foot angry with himself for looking so quickly. Jon accidentally slipped between the second girls toes and got mashed by them. He was left very sore by the time it was over. Aphrodite mixed it up with the last girl. Jon was admiring her anklet when he suddenly found himself tied to her ankle with it.

The last couple months were, for the most part, nonstop games. Jon became incredibly used to being shrunken. It worried him slightly, but there wasn't much he could do about it. Jon spent nearly every day with a girls feet. He could fill a book with the stories from Aphrodite's games. Once, he had to spend the day in a girls flat. He climbed in and found that the insole was coated with a layer of talcum powder. Jon got covered in the stuff and when the girl took her foot out, he made talcum powder angels. Jon chuckled at the memory, it was one of his more favorites. He was sad when that girl moved, she had very nice feet. Another time, he'd been turned into a girls right flip flop for a week. Thankfully no game was ever as bad as the one with Ingrid and Bridget Aguilar.

Jon still had the occasional nightmare about that one. Since that game finished Jon stopped talking to Bridget. He couldn't look at her the same way anymore. He just tried his best to forget about her. Jon himself had changed quite a bit since then. His hair was longer and had become curly. He kept his promise and started working out after school in the gym with some friends when Aphrodite allowed it. Jon wasn't buff or anything, but he was pretty toned now and could run much further before tiring. He also grew a few inches. None of that really mattered though, it was all in the past. Jon's mind was more focused on the fact that today had been the last day of school!
Summer was officially on.

He knew Aphrodite would be controlling a lot of his time, but he hoped she would let him hang out with his friends some days. " Hello, Jon-Jon. How was today's game? " The goddess of love, Aphrodite, chimed in Jon's head. " About as fun as any of the others. " Jon sighed. " Oh, don't be such a downer. It's summer! The time for fun! And I have plenty of fun ideas. " " If anyone knows about your " fun " ideas it's me. There only fun for you. " " Careful, Jonathan. I don't like your tone. Anyways, I just wanted to check in and tell you to get plenty of sleep tonight. I have a surprise for you tomorrow. " " What is it? " Jon asked already feeling nervous. " You'll have to wait and see. Until tomorrow, Jon-Jon. " Jon sighed again. " No breaks for me. " Jon got off his bed and trudged out to the living room.
* * * *

A woman sat on her marble throne rubbing her lower lip in thought. A man suddenly appeared at the base of the stairs leading up to her throne. " You summoned me? " he said curiously. " Aphrodite is doing exactly what I thought she was going to do. She's going to do it tomorrow, but I want you to wait a day before you do what we discussed. " The man started to pace and brought his hand up to his chin. " Aphrodite isn't going to be happy with me interfering in her business. Zeus will not be either. He's going to call a meeting of the gods to find out why I did it. What am I supposed to say? " " Do not worry. I will tell him the truth at the meeting. He will be mad, but as long as you get Jonathan away from Aphrodite it will be worth it. " The man stopped his pacing. " So be it. I shall wait a day before enacting your plan. I do hope this proves to be as rewarding as you seem to think it will be. " With that, the man disappeared. The woman leaned back in her throne. " Yes, so do I. "
* * * *

Jon woke up groggily, rolling over onto his back and staring at the ceiling. He continued staring for a few minutes, then slid off his bed. " Might as well get Aphrodite's surprise over with as quickly as possible. Aphrodite? You there? " " Get yourself something to eat, and take a shower. Then I'll show you your surprise. " Jon walked into the living room, seeing the digital clock on the entertainment center that read quarter to ten. His mom probably already left for work. This was confirmed by his mothers purse being gone from its usual spot by the front door. Jon made himself a bowl of cereal, eating it quickly. He showered and toweled off even quicker. Jon strode back into his room, deciding what he was going to wear for the day. " Don't worry about clothes, Jon. I'll take care of that. " Aphrodite suddenly spoke.

In the blink of an eye, Jon found himself staring out at the ocean. The sound of waves splashing and people talking filled the air. Jon spun around to see hundreds of people walking by him casually, loaded down with bags. They were all chatting with the people around them, smiling and laughing. " Where the hell am I? " Jon was very disoriented by all of it. He noticed then that he was wearing clothes. A pair of white loafers on his feet, tan khaki shorts, and a light blue polo shirt. Upon further inspection, Jon saw the shirt had two designs on it. On the right breast there was a white sun with a blue heart at its center. Written on the left breast were the words " Foot Masseur " in a white, fancy font. " Foot masseur? " Jon whispered confused. " Look! There's the ship! " someone shouted.

Jon looked up from his new threads and saw a few people pointing in the direction that the crowd was walking. He followed their line of sight to a cruise liner docked further down. There were multiple balloons tied to the ships many railings. On the side of the ship was the same sun-heart symbol on his shirt. Over the symbol were the words " S.S. Aphrodite ". " Aphrodite? What's going on? " Jon was seriously confused now. " No need to speak with thoughts, Jon. I'm right here. " Aphrodite's voice sounded from behind him. Jon turned and saw the goddess of love standing nonchalantly, twining a lock of hair around her finger.

Aphrodite was wearing a long, flowing white dress that went down to her ankles. A golden pair of sandals adorned her feet, her golden ruby necklace still hung around her neck. Her hair fell freely around her shoulders. " This is the surprise? What even is this exactly? " Aphrodite took a few steps forward so she was standing directly in front of Jon. Jon noticed he was a couple inches taller than the goddess. He also felt the aura of power that radiated off of her. He was slightly intimidated by her. Messing with this woman would not end well for anyone, Jon knew that for a fact. " THIS is your reward for winning the game with Ingrid. " Aphrodite said raising her arms in a grand gesture. Jon cringed at the mention of Ingrid's name. He would be completely happy if he never saw that crazy bitch again. " Soooo... You got me a ship? " Aphrodite's arms dropped to her side, she gave Jon a dull stare. " No, you fool, " She put her finger on his shirt right over the words ", I got you a summer job aboard MY ship. "
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