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Matt wiped the sweat off his face as he was finishing off his set. He had been at the gym for two hours and was finishing his last exercise of the day. Matt dropped the dumbbell and flexed his lats while admiring his body in the mirror. He saw Cynthia, his agent, walking up to him. Her heels sunk deep into the foam flooring which was installed throughout the weight room.

“Always in the gym, huh?” She adjusted her glasses.

“This business is all about looking good. So, I consider this part of my work.” He bent down and continued doing lat-raises while Cynthia continued talking.

“I got you another job.” She opened her binder full of loose papers and documents. “This one’s interesting and pretty unique. I don’t think it has been ever attempted.”

“I don’t like the sound of that.” Matt dropped the weights and stood upright. Again, he wiped the sweat off his forehead and looked down at Cynthia. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail making her look mature for her age. “What do I have to do now?”

He was dreading the answer. The porn industry had a variety of fetishes and weird kinks that Matt didn’t understand. He had his limits, however. The girl had to be pretty and he didn’t like any situations where he would have to naked with another man. Because of his standards in what he was willing to do, opportunities and jobs dwindled down. He was finding it hard to find any gigs, but still wouldn’t lower his rigid standards.

“No, it’s nothing disgusting. There’s a new studio in town and they want to cater to a niche market. They just bought a PRD™ and want to start filming immediately.” Cynthia continued to fumble through her papers.

“A PR- what?”

“PRD™ stands for Portable Resizer Device™. You probably heard about it on the news. Anyway, the studio is new and now flat broke after buying all the necessary equipment.” She found what she was looking for and handed the studio’s profile to Matt.

“I think I’ve heard of those PREs before.” He examined the studio profile. It looked very amateurish and littered with clip art.

“PRD™. Anyway, the studio consists of two brothers and one of their girlfriend.” Cynthia handed a wallet size photo of the girlfriend to Matt. He took it and scrutinized the pretty redhead in the photo. “They are in so much debt that they can’t hire an actress, so they want you to fuck her. Isn’t that funny?” She laughed at the idea.

“Um, I don’t understand what any of this means? I mean…okay, it’s me fucking this chick on camera; where does the PRD™ come into play.” He handed all the papers back to Cynthia and headed to the male locker rooms. Cynthia jammed the papers back into her binder and tried to keep up with Matt.

“Oh, okay, so the porno they want you to make isn’t…traditional.” Matt walked into the locker room; Cynthia followed him right in. “They are going to shrink some people, and they want you and Felicia to play with them.”

Matt raised an eyebrow. “Weird.” He was unfazed that Cynthia was in the locker room with him. There was no one else around, so he didn’t think it was a big deal. He started to undress. “How small are the people going to be?” He threw his dirty shirt and shorts into his locker.

“They didn’t say. But first they want to do a screen test with you and Felicia, to make sure this will work they want it to.” Cynthia has seen Matt naked a dozen times before, but blushed when she gazed at his huge flaccid cock.

“A porno with a bunch of tiny people? But I get to fuck Felicia at normal size, right? Normal-sized women could barely handle me.” For emphasis, he yanked on his cock to show Cynthia how big it was.

“Felicia will be normal size.” She blushed. “Just come by tonight at this address.” She handed the studio’s business card to Matt. He looked at it and tossed it into his locker.

“Fine, I’ll be there. I still don’t understand how me playing with a bunch tiny people could possibly be considered porn.”

“Thank you.” She turned to leave.

“Hey, Cynth.” She turned back. “How about a quick fuck before I head to the showers?”

She smiled, “you know I can’t date clients.” She reached out and grabbed his meat in her diminutive hand. It felt warm and heavy; she gave it a quick squeeze. “Maybe some other time.”

She turned and left.

Matt showered at the gym. His mind was swimming with thoughts. He didn’t understand what he was supposed to do with a bunch of tiny people. Whatever, as long it paid the bills.




“But Josh, I’m not comfortable with this.” Felicia whined to her boyfriend.

“Honey, it will be okay.” He was busy preparing his bedroom for the upcoming video shoot. “We are out of money, and if you don’t make this video and start selling it soon, we will be living on the streets!” He moved to the different lights set up around the room and made sure they were pointed right at the bed.

“But, I don’t understand why you couldn’t get another porn star instead of choosing your girlfriend!” She crossed her arms and starred at him from the bedroom door.

“Baby, please! We went over this. I can’t afford to hire anybody else. You are the prettiest person I know that is willing to do this. Besides, with you and a well-known actor, we will be selling these videos left and right.” He then placed a newly bought camera on the tripod.

“Why couldn’t you play the male role, instead of getting a porn star?”

“Me? Look at me. I don’t even understand why you are with me.” He was talking about his physical characteristics. He was out of shape and insecure about his dick. He wanted his studio to take off, and hiring a pro would help. Secretly, he fantasized his girlfriend as a giantess being fucked by an even bigger giant. He would never admit this to Felicia, however.

The back and forth argument continued while Josh prepared the room. Felicia grew frustrated and went to the living room of the small apartment. She grabbed her laptop and started looking up Matt, the man she was going to have sex with in front of the camera.

She liked what she saw. He was fit and was packing a considerable sized cock. She flipped through multiple pornos of him fucking many beautiful girls. Girls she deemed more attractive than herself. She had always considered herself as plain Jane type – that was even truer now after seeing the women Matt had copulated with. Click-click. She browsed more videos and was growing hot. She rubbed her moistening pussy through her jeans. She glanced at her watch. He was going to arrive any minute.




Matt looked at the business card and then the apartment outside his car window. “A fucking apartment?” He shut off his car and walked outside. “This studio is in a fucking apartment?” He said aloud.


Matt turned and saw Cynthia walking up to him. “What are you doing here?”

“Just making sure you made it to your appointment.” She said looking up at him.

“You came to watch, didn’t you?” He smiled.


They walked together to the apartment unit listed on the card. They rang the doorbell and were greeted by Rob, Josh’s brother. Greetings were exchanged and Rob guided Matt and Cynthia to the crowded bedroom. They greeted Josh who was installing a macro lens on the camera.

“So, this is just a test.” Josh was getting excited that his fantasy was about to become a reality. “We just want to see how all this will look on camera. Also, we want to iron out any problems we might find before we film the real thing. So, Rob is going to shrink with a camera and I will record from a normal-sized one here.” He pointed at the camera with macro lens installed.

Matt walked to the bed and made sure not to trip on any of the wires scattered on the floor. He sat on the bed and felt its softness under his butt. All the lights were on and they actually warmed his face. “So, where’s Felicia?”

“She’s getting ready in the bathroom.” Josh answered. He turned towards Cynthia. “Cynthia, would you like to shrink with Rob? We didn’t know you were coming, but it’d be great if you’d join Rob.”

Cynthia smiled at Josh and then Matt. “Yea, why not?” She practically laughed.

“Great!” Josh was happy to hear that answer and pulled out the PRD™ from a dresser drawer. It looked like a plastic, bubbly, orange gun. Matt chuckled at its appearance.

“So, what am I going to do exactly, with tiny people?” Matt shrugged his shoulder.

“Rub them on Felicia’s boobs, rub them on you dick, make them worship you…Whatever you think is hot. Remember, they will be at your mercy and your bodies will be magnified to them.” Josh set the PRD™ to four inches.

“Hear that, Cynthia?” He was staring at her. “I’m going to make you worship my cock.” They both laughed. But the more Matt thought about the idea, the more he liked it.

There was a winding up sound like a camera flash charging. Then the sound turned into a zap—almost cartoonish—and then Rob, with his camera, disappeared. Cynthia looked down and saw tiny Rob by her high heels.

“Oh, my god! I’ve never seen someone shrunk before. How cute!” Cynthia kneeled down to get a better look at Rob.

“Your turn Cynthia.” Josh winded up the PRD™ again.

“Okay. Hang on; I don’t want to lose my shoes.” She unstrapped her heels and set them aside by Rob. She laughed seeing how her heels were almost as tall as the little man. Rob had the camera viewfinder to his face and was recording all of the blonde giantess’ movements. “Ready!” She squeaked.

There was another flash and zap. Cynthia’s world expanded around her. The carpet fibers became very thick and coarse under her feet. She ran towards Rob, who was still filming her, and struck a pose. “How do I look?” She smiled.

“Looking pretty as always, Cynthia.” Rob said without taking his eyes away from the camera’s viewfinder. “Look behind you.”

Cynthia turned and saw Josh bending down to pick them up. She felt a bit of apprehension seeing Josh in his gigantic form. Josh placed his hand down on the floor with his palm pointed up. Rob was the first to move and hopped onto his brother’s hand. He promptly sat down and filmed Cynthia’s expression. Cynthia swallowed her fear and walked up to Josh’s hand. His palm felt warm and rough under her feet. She felt his skin give way to her tiny weight as she sat next to Rob.

There was a sudden feeling of light headedness as Josh stood up and walked to the bed. He put his hand down on the bed next to Matt and let his tiny friends jump off. Cynthia was starting to have second thoughts. She thought her eyes were deceiving her; she was having a hard time comprehending what she saw. Matt was as large as a skyscraper.

Josh walked back behind his camera. “We can get started while we wait for Felicia. Matt, why don’t you undress?”

Matt didn’t like hearing that from another guy, but he couldn’t wait to show off his body to Cynthia and the tiny camera. He started with his shirt and threw it on the floor. He kicked off his shoes and took off his jeans and boxers in one move. He could see that Cynthia never took her eyes off him. He placed his hands on his hip and pointed his growing erection towards Cynthia.

“Like what you see, you little slut?” From the corner of his eyes, Matt could see Josh moving with the camera to get a better shot. He ignored Josh. His attention was on Cynthia, who seemed to be cowering behind Rob.

“I—I want to be big again. I don’t think I like this.” Cynthia tried to hide behind Rob.

Rob kept shrugging Cynthia off of him. “Relax Cynthia. He’s just playing for the camera. Now get off and walk towards him and let me get a shot of you two.”

With another shrug, Rob was freed from Cynthia’s grasp. He took a few steps back and framed his shot. It was a shot of Cynthia’s back turned to the camera, and in the background, was Matt’s muscular legs spread apart slightly with his 11-foot growing cock. It was an erotic scene and Rob couldn’t help but be aroused by it.

Cynthia took a small step forward. Her eyes were locked to Matt’s. Her tiny bare feet sunk into the soft bed sheets as she moved forward. She crossed her arms and held them tightly to her chest. She looked at Matt’s cock which was almost fully erect. It was easily twice as tall as she was.

“You like how my cock looks from down there?” Matt could see that Cynthia was transfixed on his cock. It was so weird that he was being turned on by this. Maybe they had something with this fetish. “Let me give you a better look.”

Matt got on the bed, careful not squish Rob or Cynthia. He got on his back and carefully lifted Cynthia and placed her on his chest. And then with a second thought, he carefully picked up Rob and placed him next to Cynthia.

“Go on, worship your giant.” Cynthia marveled how Matt’s bare chest felt under her feet. It was a lot firmer then the bed and felt warm. She could feel his heartbeat pulsate under her toes. She started to walk towards his cock. Her heart raced as fast as Matt’s. They both loved what they were experiencing.

Rob was close by to film the action. Cynthia was starting to relax and enjoyed the rise and fall from Matt’s breathing. As a porn star, Matt kept himself clean shaven all over. Still, the little stubbles spread throughout his body were rough and sharp under Cynthia’s foot. The prickles under her foot increased the closer she got to Matt’s cock.

Josh was doing a good job of being unseen. Everyone in the room pretty much forgot about him. He zoomed his camera at little Cynthia who was dwarfed by Matt’s pulsating cock.

Cynthia reached out her hand and felt the warm, soft skin. She became more comfortable and leaned her whole body into Matt’s cock. She let her cheek rub up against the soft skin. She was growing wet imagining all the women Matt has fucked with his monstrous cock. Her breaths became shallow as she rubbed her body more and more.

“You are wearing too much clothing, missy.” Matt thundered, “I need you to get rid of them.”

Cynthia didn’t need to be told twice. She tore off her blouse and kicked off her business skirt and panties. She turned and hugged Matt’s cock as if she was holding onto a pillar. She licked his cock until her tongue ran dry. She gyrated and bucked her hips in a futile attempt to be pleasured by Matt.

Josh and Rob were recording everything. They liked what they saw and knew they had a hit.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Felicia innocently asked Josh. “Did you guys start without me?”

“Oh honey.” The mood in the room was broken. Matt and Cynthia’s trance was broken. They looked up to Felicia who was only wore a white bathrobe.

Josh continued, “this is Matt, your partner. And right there is Cynthia, Matt’s agent, and Rob.” He pointed at Matt’s cock. “We didn’t really do anything but film Cynthia exploring her giant world.”

“Please to meet you Felicia.” Matt grabbed Rob and placed him somewhere on the bed. He then stood up and got off the bed. Meanwhile, Cynthia held on Matt’s cock, fearing she would fall to her death.

“Nice to meet you.” Felicia shook Matt’s outreached hand. He was much taller than her petite frame. Not only taller, but bulkier with ropey muscles. She couldn’t help but steal a glance at his hard cock with tiny Cynthia straddling it.

“By the way…” Matt put his hands on his hip and looked down at the pretty redhead. “I think I’m going to have a lot of fun making your movies.”

“Okay so what would you like me to do?” Felicia sounded very shy and timid. She couldn’t help but blush when looking at Matt’s huge cock. It was a lot bigger and more prominent than Josh’s.

“First you need to take off your clothes.” Matt commented. Felicia complied and undid her robes slowly. She let it fall to her bare feet. Matt didn’t think Felicia was the hottest thing he had fucked, but she had a striking figure. His cock pulsed hard and Cynthia gripped tighter, which only gave Matt more pleasure. His cock was so big, it started to hurt.

“Okay, I’m naked.” Felicia smiled timidly.

“Well, in most movies, this is the part where you would start sucking me off.” Matt grinned.

Felicia’s face turned red in embarrassment. Josh was never this confident in bedroom. Felicia got to her knees and moved her face in front of Matt’s hard cock. Rob, still on the bed, was unable to film anything from his vantage point. Josh on the other hand, moved to their side and filmed Felicia’s opening mouth.

Cynthia saw what was happening and slid herself towards the base of Matt’s cock. Felicia’s mouth was watering in anticipation. She opened wide and took in the monster cock. She started slowly, coating the engorged cock with her saliva. She switched her gaze from Cynthia who had a look of terror on her face to Matt, who had closed his eyes to concentrate on Felicia’s tongue.

She let her tongue slip and slide underneath his cock. Matt was experiencing the best blowjob of his life. He opened his eyes and looked at the redhead work his cock into her mouth while Cynthia held on for dear life. It was taking a lot of concentration from him not to cum right then and there.

Felicia had known about Josh’s fantasy for months now. They often role-played in bed. She enjoyed both aspects of the fantasy—that is, she likes the idea of being a giantess and being shrunk. She loved the idea of being abused by a giant, but also abusing tiny people. When Josh told her his intention of making this video, she was on board. At the time, she thought Josh was going to be her giant and that both of them would mistreat tiny people.

But this was even better.

She loved Josh, but Matt was much more physically attractive. He was also much bigger than her, unlike Josh who was almost her height. She felt like Matt was dominating her—which she liked. But here was Cynthia—with look of terror on her face. Felicia was in complete control of Cynthia who was practically a stranger to her. Cynthia seemed so tiny and fragile when compared to Matt’s veiny meat.

Felicia swallowed more and more. She moved Matt’s cock deeper and deeper into her throat. She gagged slightly. Her nose almost came close to Cynthia who couldn’t back up anymore.

Matt reached down and lifted Felicia from her kneeling position. He lowered his face and forced his tongue into her mouth. Felicia didn’t fight back but instead enjoyed how Matt was taking on a dominant role.

They broke their kiss and stared into each other’s eyes. Matt was feeling a connection he hadn’t felt with any porn star in the past. Felicia moved toward the bed and seductively crawled on. She lied on her back and spread her legs.

Rob realized Felicia forgot about him and dodged her mountain sized body as she crawled onto bed. When she was done moving, he was looking straight at Felicia’s red painted toes. He sighed in relief and continued filming. He panned the camera from her cute toes up her legs. He then walked into the valley between Felicia’s legs and centered the camera on Felicia’s pussy.

Felicia was shaking in nervousness. Yes, she had agreed to have sex with Matt in front of the camera, but she didn’t think she was capable of doing such a thing. Here she was sucking off a guy she just met, and now she was going to be fucked by him. This was very unlike her.

Matt lifted Cynthia from his cock and brought her to his face. “I didn’t forget about you, baby.” Matt stuck out his tongue and slithered it between her legs.

Cynthia wasn’t having fun. At least, she wasn’t having fun anymore. It was all nice and dandy until Felicia showed up. “Make me big again Matt. I don’t want to be little anymore.” She couldn’t help but moan as Matt’s hot, slippery tongue probed her nether regions.

“I’ll make you big when I decide to make you big.” He grinned and lowered Cynthia on top of Felicia’s round breast.

Felicia couldn’t help but smile at the tiny naked blonde trying to gain her balance. Felicia brought her hand down on Cynthia and kneaded her into her breast. Cynthia cried out and tried to fight Felicia’s car-sized hand, but it was no use.

Josh loved what he was seeing. He zoomed in and recorded Cynthia’s struggles. He also got a shot of Felicia’s cute expressions on her face as she tormented little Cynthia with her breast.

Matt moved his head down between Felicia’s legs, but not before moving Rob from the bed to Felicia’s pelvis. Matt moved close to Felicia’s wet pussy and started lapping her up. He moved his skill tongue around her pussy lips and played with her clit.

Felicia shot an O-face and pressed Cynthia deep into her soft boob flesh. Felicia let out involuntary moans as she felt great pleasure, pleasure that until now were unknown to her. Josh had never been good at eating her out. Matt was experienced and knew what spots to hit. Felicia convulsed and bucked her hips.

Cynthia was having hard time breathing. She opened her mouth to breathe, but instead was met with Felicia soft boob flesh pressing into her mouth. The pressure of Felicia’s hand wasn’t enough to suffocate her, but it was slowly squeezing the air out of her tiny lungs.

Rob moved from recording Matt’s slippery tongue to Cynthia’s cry for help. He lost his footing multiple times as Felicia writhed in pleasure. Finally, he fell on his belly but didn’t lose the camera. He crawled forward and got an action shot of Felicia’s swollen pussy being wiped clean by a lightning fast tongue.

Josh was starting to have mixed feelings about what he was seeing. This was his fantasy to see his girlfriend as a giantess being pleasured by a true giant. But he grew jealous. He’s never seen Felicia in the state of ecstasy that she was in. He knew he was an underperformer, but seeing the difference started to hurt his feelings. Did Felicia feel bad for what she was doing? He thought.

Matt got Felicia to orgasm in record time. He sucked on her pussy lips and gave it a playful bite between his teeth. He heard her yelp. He looked down at Rob who had a tiny camera pointed at his face. He gave a wink to the camera and lifted his head away from the dripping wet pussy.

“Hey Cynth, wanna have some more fun?” Matt meant it more as a statement than question. He leaned forward and plucked Cynthia by her hips.

“Please Matt, I don’t want to do this anymore.” She was all battered up and exhausted. “Make me big again.” She pleaded.

“You don’t have any say in the matter, baby.” He stuck her into his mouth, feet first, and proceeded to coat her in a film of saliva. “Please me, and I might make you big again.”

Matt was totally digging this fetish. He was so into the mood that he forgot about the cameras pointed at him. He lowered Cynthia towards Felicia’s sweating, panting body. Cynthia’s struggles grew anew when she realized where she was going.

“No!” She let out a shrill scream. “Stop, I don’t want to do this!”

Matt shoved Cynthia feet first into Felicia’s hungry pussy. Felicia, who was coming down from her previous orgasm, nearly jumped out of bed when she felt the struggling tiny woman enter her pussy.

“Oh, my god!” She wailed and bucked her hips. She crumpled the bed sheets in her hands as she tried to deal with the explosion of pleasure that entered her body. “Don’t stop!” Her eyes were shut as her body convulsed.

Rob grabbed a handful of Felicia’s bush with one hand, and with the other he pointed the camera at Cynthia who was trying to fight her descent. Cynthia kicked her legs and pounded her fists at the pussy’s opening. This only gave more pleasure to Felicia.

Josh moved his camera to capture Felicia’s emotion. It almost looked like she was in pain, but it was extreme pleasure that was causing her to pant and moan. “Don’t stop!” She repeated to herself.

Matt couldn’t take it anymore. He let go of Cynthia and moved his hips in between Felicia’s open legs. With Matt’s hand no longer holding Cynthia inside the carnivorous pussy, she pulled herself out and fell to the bed in a goopy mess made by the giantess’ excited pussy. Cynthia had no time to compose herself before she saw Matt’s boulder-sized balls coming at her.


Matt’s wrecking balls hit Cynthia’s torso causing her to careen back, lodging herself between Felicia’s butt cheeks.

Felicia screamed as she felt Matt enter her unceremoniously. She almost forgot about Cynthia’s escape attempt, but felt her near her asshole. Felicia had no time to think of her. She was in a state of painful pleasure. She was so happy she decided to do this video. As long it was Matt as her giant, she could do these pornos all day long.

Josh was still growing more concern about the unfolding events. The scene was hot and he was sure many would go for this type of porn. But seeing Felicia—his girlfriend—being railed by this Adonis, was making him angry. What was I thinking? He thought. I should be fucking Felicia. Still, he recorded the scene. This was only the test shooting, too. That meant Matt and Felicia would fuck again, but with many tiny volunteers. I’m going to have to cancel that shoot.

Rob was sporting a chubby in his pants watching Matt’s veiny cock penetrate Felicia’s innocent pussy. The slurping sounds added to terrific sound effect accompanied by Felicia animalistic moans. His world around him bounced every which way, but he managed to stay on.

Cynthia was now covered in sweat from Felicia’s red hot body and Matt’s pounding balls. Her throat was going hoarse from screaming. All her attempts to escape from her prison were met with the same result: she would get up and try to run when Matt pulled out but would then be knocked back by his balls as Matt pumped back in. Tears ran Cynthia as she was violently put into her place. To get some relief from the pounding balls, she pushed herself backwards, inadvertently, wedging herself deeper into Felicia.

Matt loved his new gig. He was getting paid to fuck some dude’s girlfriend, and that boyfriend was recording it, and adding the tiny people to mix just made sex so much better. He was going to love making more videos.

“Cum in me.” Felicia moaned.

“You on the pill?” He asked while thrusting.

“Mmm hmm.” She nodded yes.

“You asked for it.”

Matt moved his hands to Felicia’s ass and squeezed as his cock entered deeper into Felicia. He then used his powerful arm muscles to pull Felicia’s dainty body into his gigantic frame. She wailed in pleasure again, not caring if she woke up the neighbors.

Josh couldn’t believe his ears. She wants him to cum in her? That’s not supposed to happen. Josh, foolishly, didn’t think he would be jealous of his girlfriend fucking another guy. Here he was, not only jealous but becoming angry. He wanted to say something, to put an end to this madness, but he couldn’t find the courage to do so. Matt was much bigger and stronger than him; it was probably best not to start an argument with him. He would let this slide and then cancel the actual shoot tomorrow. There was no need cuckold himself ever again.

Rob nearly lost the camera when he was catapulted forward into Matt’s rock hard abdomen. He lost his grip when Felicia bucked while Matt was holding her from under her ass. He fell down and dodged the tons of moving flesh until he landed flat on the bed. He was in the area behind Matt’s swinging balls, right between his muscular thighs. Like a true journalist, Rob moved the camera’s viewfinder to his eyes and filmed.

Felicia tried to move away from Matt’s monster cock, but couldn’t. He had a firm grip on her and wouldn’t let her free herself. He was in total control of her body. And she loved it. Another deep thrust, and she could feel Matt enter all of his cock into her tiny body. His balls slapped her hard, and it was then she remembered about Cynthia. She could feel her being pinned between her ass cheeks and Matt’s excited balls. She smiled and couldn’t imagine sex any better than this moment. She felt Matt’s hot seed enter her.

Matt pumped and pumped. He had a lot of cum stored up from a few days and he could’ve filled a bucket right there.

Rob was shaking in excitement. He was recording everything from the best angle. In the background, he could see Cynthia flailing around, trapped in Felicia. In the foreground was Matt’s sack swinging away. When Matt started to cum, Rob recorded the giant balls pump a water tower’s worth of cum into Felicia.

When he was finished, Matt slowly pulled his softening cock from Felicia who went limp. A web of his cum clung from his cock to Felicia’s pussy like a web until it fell straight down. Straight down it fell, right onto the whimpering Cynthia.

Some of cum landed on Cynthia’s hair, but it mostly fell on her shoulder and chest. She was no longer crying, mainly because she was exhausted and knew it was over. She felt Felicia’s body right behind her, panting for air. It took a lot of effort, but she looked up to see Matt looking right back at her.

“Make me big?” She asked sweetly.

“Sure thing.”




Rob and Cynthia were returned to normal size. Cynthia’s tiny clothing were found and also returned to normal size. She didn’t bother wiping cum and pussy juice off her body. She simply put her blouse and business skirt on top of the mess. The room instantly filled with the smell of sex. She was in a catatonic state—obviously traumatized by what she went through. She kept her eyes to the floor and only spoke one phrase: “I’m going home now.”

She ignored the reassurance and support from the other people in the room. Even Felicia apologized for being rough, but Cynthia ignored them all. She slipped on her heels and walked out of the apartment, messy and sore.




“I’ll make sure she gets home.” Matt said as he dressed. “So, did the test shoot go well? Are we still doing this tomorrow?” He had his pants on and was tying his shoes at the moment.

“Um.” Josh wanted to call it off. He couldn’t bear to see this man violate his girlfriend anymore. Matt stood up and looked down at Josh. The top of his head barely made it to Matt’s chiseled pecs. “Yea.” Josh gulped, “we are still shooting tomorrow.” He chickened out.

“Good.” Matt was afraid for a second that Josh was going to back down. “Felicia, babe.” He turned and bent down to Felicia who was still on the bed unable to move. She moved the covers over her nude body and was fighting off a deep sleep that wanted to overtake her. “I will be seeing you tomorrow.” Matt kissed Felicia on the lips. She stuck out her tongue groggily and Matt accepted it into his mouth. They kissed deeply for a moment.

“Okay see you guys.” He threw on his shirt and bolted out the apartment.




After returning to normal size, Rob took both cameras and went to the computer room. He didn’t have time to deal with the rest of the folks. He started ripping the video and taking screenshots from the test shoot.

The screenshots came out good.

Better than good, they were hot as hell. He couldn’t wait for Josh; he had to share these images with internet. He uploaded a dozen of screenshots with teasers. They were going to make a boatload of money from these fetish videos. He wouldn’t have to work a crummy office job anymore. Just watch people having sex while dominating little people.

What could go wrong?




“I don’t think we should do these videos with you.” Josh told Felicia. She had her eyes closed, but was listening.

“What? For the months, I kept hearing you whine about these stupid videos with me in them. Now you want to get rid me?” She became heated. “I’m going to do more of these videos. I am going to fuck Matt tomorrow.”

“No, Matt’s not good. He hardly interacted with Cynthia at all.”

“Wait. Are you jealous?” She opened her eyes slightly, but had to shield them from all the lighting in the room.

“I’m not jealous. It was my idea, remember?”

“Then you shouldn’t have any problems with me fucking him tomorrow.”




“Hey, Cynth, wait up.” Matt jogged up to Cynthia who had only reached the parking lot. “You okay?”

Cynthia had a blank stare on her face. “I told you to stop.” She whispered.

Matt reached over and wiped some of his cum off her hair. “Come on, babe. I was caught up in the moment. You know I would never hurt you.”

“It was horrible Matt.” She lost her composure and began to sob.

“It’s okay now Cynth. How about I take you home? You shouldn’t be home alone tonight.” He held her close to his body and patted her back. He could smell Felicia’s scent on her.

“Even though I thought I was going to die…I think I liked it.” She cried more at the bizarre realization.

Matt guided her to his car and they drove off to his home. She would shower at his place and clean the sexual juices off her body. She would then let Matt fuck her repeatedly that night at her normal height.

She savored it.




Josh cracked open a cold beer and walked to the computer room where Rob was typing away at something.

“So, what do you think?” Josh asked while he plopped down on a vacant computer chair. He took a long swig of his beer.

“Dude, we going to be rich. I’ve uploaded these screenshots on a bunch of websites and people are going crazy over it. Not just the fetish sites, even the mainstream websites. Even sites against male giants want to see more.” Rob clicked through a bunch of websites to show Josh.

Josh nearly spat out his beer. The reviews and comments on the various sites were mostly positive. There were, expectantly, some people aghast and appalled as to what they saw. But the consensus couldn’t believe how realistic everything appeared to be.

“Look, three comments in an hour.” Rob pointed at the screen.

“Well, shit. Maybe we should go ahead and make more videos.” Josh drank some more beer.

“What do you mean ‘maybe?’ Of course, we need to make more videos. This is going to be huge. By the way, did you get the volunteers for the shoot tomorrow?”

“Well…” Josh took another gulp of beer. “They’re not exactly volunteers. That, and I don’t have them.”

“The fuck are you talking about?” Rob stopped his typing and turned to his brother. “What do you mean you don’t have the volunteers for tomorrow?”

“I’m going to go trolling the streets tonight and tomorrow. They may not be volunteers, but I’ll convince them to do the shoot. It’ll make their pleas for help all the more authentic.”

Rob stood silent for a second. “How many ‘volunteers’ should we get?

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