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         Jake had been waiting for hours to build up the courage to get Mandy’s attention.  After all that he had been through in the past few days, he needed a friend.  Somehow, Jake shrunk to 6 inches tall.  Just like rare cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion, Jake spontaneously shrunk.  After it happened, he turned to his wife, Vicky, for help.  She helped him for awhile and then realized that since he could no longer perform husband duties, she turned on him.  After a month or two after Jake shrunk, Vicky had came home frustrated from work and confronted Jake.  She told him that she couldn’t do it anymore.  She didn’t want to work and she didn’t want to support a husband that was useless.  Vicky told him that he was worth more dead than alive so she was going to squash him for the insurance money and then sell his broken remains to science.
            “It’s nothing personal.”  Jake replayed what she said down to him in his mind.
            When he saw Vicky raise her foot to step on him, he ran underneath the couch and climbed inside the frame.  When Vicky couldn’t find him she became furious and promised Jake a slow death when she found him.  Jake didn’t know who to turn to.  Mandy, his neighbor, has always treated him nice so he took the chance and snuck inside her house.  His impression of Mandy was that she was an out-going and nurturing soul.  She had never had a boyfriend as long as he knew her.  Although she was pretty in the face, she was really overweight.
          Jake hid between a trash can and dresser in Mandy’s bedroom until he could find the right opportunity to get her attention.  It was getting late and Mandy started getting ready for bed.  He listened to her hum a tune as she sat on the edge of the bed and took off her socks and shoes.  Jake panicked when Mandy stood up and began taking off her shirt.  He didn’t have the courage to get her attention yet, but he didn’t want to see a fat woman naked.  He had no choice but to take the chance.  Jake walked out into view.
         “Mandy!  Mandy!  Down here!”  Jake yelled.
          Mandy finished taking off her shirt and dropped it onto the floor.  She stopped  humming and looked down.
“What the…Jake…is that you?”  Mandy stood up with an astonished look.
         “Yes it’s me.  I’m sorry!  I tried to get your attention before you took your shirt off but I couldn’t.”
          “What happened?”  She asked walking towards Jake.
          Jake felt her foot-falls as she approached, making it difficult to concentrate on answering her.  He could hear the sturdy wood beneath her feet groan in protest with each crushing step.  Jake couldn’t help but back away in fear as he saw Mandy’s giant toes step down close to him.
          “I…I…I don’t know!  I just shrank all of a sudden.  I need your help.  You’re the only one I can trust.”
         Mandy smiled at the compliment.
         “What about Vicky?”  She inquired down to him.
         “She wants to kill me for the insurance money.  She tried to step on me.  I barely escaped.  You’ve always treated me nice so I came to you.”
          “I’m glad you did but I was just getting ready for bed.  Let me help you up to the top of the dresser so I can talk to you.”  Mandy said reaching down to grab him.
          When Jake saw Mandy’s giant, thick hand approach him, he panicked.
          “No!  Wait!  Don’t grab me!”  Jake yelled holding out his hands and backing away.
          Mandy stopped shortly before grabbing him.
          “Why?  I’m not gonna hurt you sweetie.”
          “Vicky always grabbed me and she would squeeze me too tight.  Just lay out your hand and I’ll climb on your palm.  Just what ever you do, don’t grab me.”  Jake insisted.
          “Sorry.  I didn’t know.  Sounds like she was real mean to you.”  Mandy said laying out her palm.
          Jake climbed on Mandy’s palm and she lifted him up and placed him on top of the dresser.
          “So how long have you been like this?”  Mandy asked while pulling down her pants.
          “What are you doing?  I’m in the room!”  Jake exclaimed in surprise.
          “Like it matters.  I’m not worried.  It’s not like you’re gonna take advantage of me or anything.”  Mandy justified with a giggle.
          “Yea.  I guess you’re right.”  Jake agreed while averting his eyes away bashfully. 
          The monstrosity of her belly, hip, and thighs were accented by his diminutive size.  Mandy’s belly hung heavy over her waist hiding her panties.  If he didn’t know any better, he’d think that she wasn’t wearing any.
          Mandy moved up close to the dresser, stood in front of Jake, and looked down on him.  Mandy watched him look at her in awe as he uncomfortably stood on the dresser in front of her.  Jake saw his friend’s deep recessed belly button settle from motion right in front of him, nearly at eye level.  Mandy’s colossal girth stole Jake’s breath.  He couldn’t help look up slowly from morbid curiosity.  Jake witnessed her bra stretch dangerously tight as it netted Mandy’s gigantic breasts.  Her mammary mounds spilled over the top of her bra, creating an unimaginable cleavage.  Mandy’s bra straps sank painfully deep into her fatty shoulders.  Jake looked down and saw that the inside of her fleshy thighs pressed tight together; leaving no gap between them.  When he realized that he was staring, Jake looked up to Mandy’s face.  Her expression seemed distant and disturbing.  It looked as if she was in deep thought and in need of something.
         Mandy couldn’t help notice how dangerously close he stood near her pubic region.  The thought of the possibilities of what she could do with him filled her loins with a loving warmth.  It was hard not to snatch him up and sate her sexual longing.  It had been so long and it would be so simple.
         “Just look at him!  He’s scared and helpless!  There’s nothing he could do to stop you!  Just grab him and make him yours!  You own him now!”  Mandy’s wanton evilly persuaded her.
         “So how long has it been?”  She asked again while taking off her bra.
         She had to stop herself from thinking before she gave in.
         “About a week now.”  He said absently.
         Jake couldn’t believe how openly Mandy was about her nudity.  The more he saw of her the more he wish he didn’t.  He pushed those unpleasant thoughts away and reminded himself that Mandy was his friend.
         Mandy’s huge breasts fell hard and slapped against her top belly roll upon their release; sending tremors of rolling flesh down to her stomach.  Jake took a step back in fear that they might fall on him.  He felt that the way her breasts hung made it look as if her nipples were looking down at him.
        “Ah!  That feels better!  You men are lucky you don’t have to wear these.”  Mandy exclaimed in relief tossing her bra in the dirty laundry basket.  “You’re probably exhausted after all you’ve been through.  I know I am.  You’ll be safe on one of my pillows on the bed.  I’ll take good care of you.”  Mandy said as she reached in to grab him.
         Jake watched Mandy’s huge hand approach him and he started backing away.
        “What are you doing?”  He asked with caution.
        “What?  I’m going to help you to the bed.”  Mandy said with innocence.
        “Don’t grab me!”  Jake protested as he turned to run from her approaching grip.
         “Don’t run.  I’m just going to carry you to the bed.” Mandy explained as she hurriedly grabbed him off the dresser.
         “Let go!  You’re squeezing too tight!”  Jake yelled as he pushed down on her constricting thumb.
         “I’m only grabbing you tight because you’re wiggling.  I don’t want to drop you.”  She explained.
         Mandy stood and held Jake against his will as she secretly tested her strength against him.  As she watched him use his whole body to struggle against her one hand, she realized how helpless he was.  She easily dominated him with her thick fingers and lusted for him the more she held him.
         “Mandy please!”  Jake begged.
          He saw that look in her eyes again…that distant look of need.
         “What are you thinking?”  Jake asked in fear.
         “Nothing.”  Mandy lied.  “Let me put you on my pillow.  It should be nice and soft for you.”
         Mandy held Jake dangerously close to her breasts as they quaked and swayed with every step.
         “Here you go sweetie.  Safe and sound.”  Mandy reassured him as she gently placed him on the pillow.
         Mandy climbed on the bed next to him.  After laying down, she frowned.“I forgot to turn off the light.”  Mandy said as she reached over Jake to turn it out.
         “Mandy wa…!”  Jake tried to yell as her giant breast avalanched down onto his little body.
         Her warm, soft, heavy breasts asphyxiated Jake within their mass.  Mandy turned out the light and lay back down.
         “What did you do that for?”  Jake complained with panting breath.
         “Oh I’m sorry Jake.  I wasn’t thinking.”  She whispered to him in the darkness with a guilty smile.
         While they both lay in the dark, they let their minds wonder.  Jake was thankful to finally be on a warm, soft pillow; safe from his wife Vicky.  He was lucky to have a friend like Mandy to nurture him in a time of need.  Mandy, however, was battling her own needs.  She secretly rubbed her panties with her fingers beneath the covers while thinking of Jake.  To have a man who is as helpless as Jake in bed next to her was too tempting.
         “Mandy?”  Jake said breaking the silence.
“Hmm?”  Mandy replied still rubbing herself.
         “I just want to thank you for helping me and keeping me safe.  It’s a dangerous world when you’re this small.”
         “I can protect you from the world easy enough but…”  Mandy started to reply before she reached over and grabbed Jake’s little body.
         “Uhhh!”  He groaned within her crushing grip.
         “…I can’t protect you from myself.”  She finished saying and began pulling off his clothes.
         “What do you mean?  What are you doing?  Leave me alone!”  Jake demanded.
         “I’ve been wanting you for a long time Jake.  But I could never make a move on you since you’re married.  Now that Vicky wants you dead, you’re 6 inches tall, and you are trapped in my fist makes you fair game.”  She explained as she finished stripping him.
         “Mandy no!  Don’t do this!”  Jake begged.
         Jake saw her struggling with something beneath the sheets as Mandy hurriedly peeled off her underwear.
         “What are you doing?!”  Jake panicked.
          Mandy ignored him and moved him down to her vagina.  She bowed out her legs by placing the bottoms of her feet together to help make room for her new dildo…Jake.  He saw that even though her legs were spread, her fat upper thighs still pressed together; sealing off her sexual entrance.  Jake smelt the all-too-familiar smell of vaginal fragrance and began to have flash-backs of recent rapes that Vicky imposed on him.  Sometimes more than once a day,  Vicky would grab him tight, pull down her skirt and panties in a single motion, and masturbate with him.  She would do it without warning.  He remembered a time when they were watching TV together, Vicky grabbed him, lay on the couch, lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties and raped him.  When ever he asked why she did that, she would give a generic answer.
        “Because I can.” or “That’s what you get for being little” as if being shrunk isn’t punishment enough.  No matter how he begged, Vicky would never stop until she came on him.
         Jake’s flash-back ended when he felt himself  being pushed through the fatty creases of Mandy’s thighs and his head rested against her pubic hair.
        “Mandy no!  Friends don’t do this to one another!  I trusted you!!”
        Mandy pinched his torso with the fingers in her left hand and grabbed his flailing legs with her right.
         “I’m glad you did.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do this…”  Mandy answered as she used her fingers that pinched his body to glide his head up and down her pubic hairs and pushed him into the folds of her sexual skin with her right hand.
         Mandy took her time with him as she glided his screaming face up and down her clit.
         “Mmmm!”  Jake heard the deep rumbles of her sexual exaltation.  “You feel nice.”
         After a few moments of teasing herself with her helpless friend, she couldn’t see why she shouldn’t go all the way with him.  After a small debate with herself, Mandy shrugged her shoulders as she gave in to her sexual whim and slowly pushed him in.
         “Ahhhh!...Oh yea!...Get in there Jake.”  She said through heavy breathing.
         As her fantasies became real, Mandy became more dominating and mean.
        “I own you now Jake.  You’re not coming out of there until I cum all over your little body.”
         Several agonizing minutes went by for Jake.  Mandy made his little body race in and out of her when she picked up speed.  Mandy’s breasts rattled on her chest while she continually forced her friend within her.  Jake began to give up both hope and consciousness while waiting for Mandy to be done with him.  Then he felt the familiar feeling of being squeeze along the whole length of his body.  Jake braced himself for what was about to happen.
         “Uhhhh!”  Mandy moaned as she drenched her friend between her legs.
         After a few more mini-orgasms that followed and Mandy felt satisfied, she pulled him out.  She reached over and turned the light back on to see the damage she had done to Jake.  She watched him moan and coughed a loose cough within her fist.  His eyes rolled around dazed as he lay saturated with cum in her fist.  To witness the aftermath of Jake’s vaginal demise gave Mandy a sense of power.
         “Thank you Jake.  That was lovely.”  Mandy said to him right before she climbed out of bed.
         “Here…let me help you.”  She continued as she grabbed a tissue and wiped him off.
         Mandy began to wonder if he noticed he was clean from the way looked; lolling around in her hand.
         “Jake.  Can you hear me?”  Mandy prompted shaking him a bit.
         “Uhh.”  He replied with a moan.
         “Good.  I wasn’t going to say anything until tomorrow but now seems to be a better time.  Vicky showed me how small you are while you were sleeping.  She bragged how she would squish you between her breasts until you were subdued and then let you drop in her lap…which would then lead to other things.  More importantly, she told me that you had came up missing and thought you would come here.”  Mandy began to explain.
         Jake’s eyes opened with more awareness when Mandy mentioned Vicky.  Mandy could see how Jake struggled for consciousness.
         “Vicky promised me half of the insurance money if I delivered you to her.  You’re right.  She really does want to squash you.”  Mandy giggled.
         Jake began struggling again.  He didn’t want to go back to Vicky.
        “Mandy.  Please don’t take me back.  She’ll kill me!”  Jake explained pleadingly.
        “Don’t worry Jake.  I won’t let her squash you.”  Mandy reassured him.
        “Really?”  Jake asked as he began to feel relieved.
        “No.  I’m going to.”  She threatened.
        “What?!  Why?”  He asked in disbelief.
        “I like power I have over you.  I want to experience the power of squashing you.  I want to feel your little body crumble beneath my foot, and I want you to know the power I have over you.”  Mandy explained her needs.
         Jake began to whimper.  He couldn’t believe that he trusted Mandy.  He traded getting crushed by one woman for a heavier one.  Jake felt defeated.  When Jake felt Mandy lowering him down to the floor, his self-pity turned into panic.  He knew that if he was in her hand, she couldn’t step on him.
         “Mandy!  Don’t let me go!  Lift me back up!”  She heard him beg to her ironically.
Mandy placed him on the floor and watched him reach to her hand as he begged to be picked back up.  She stood back up and watched him beg.
         “However I could spare you if you worshipped my feet.”  Mandy considered out loud.
         Jake went silent to let Mandy explain his chances for living.
         “If you worship my feet as hard as your little body can, I won’t squash you.  Are you willing to worship my feet little man?”  Mandy asked.
         Then she lifted her foot and hovered it over his little body.  Jake cried out when Mandy displayed the bottom of her giant, fat foot.  She lowered it dangerously close to his body.  Jake felt trapped.
         “Or should I just squash you?”  He heard her say as he was forced to look up at her bare foot.
        “Ok!  Ok!  I’ll worship!”  Jake conceded.
        “Good.  Start with the sole of my foot.”  Mandy commanded down to him right before she rested her foot on him and buried his face deep into her thick sole.  Jake immediately started kicking and pounding his fist against the bottom of her foot.  After playfully suffocating her friend beneath her bare foot, she lifted it enough to allow him to breath.
         “That was just an incentive in case you changed your mind.”  Mandy instructed him.
         After Jake got his breath, he began kissing the bottom of Mandy’s foot.  Occasionally she would step down on him just hard enough to massage her foot with his body.  She moved her foot around to allow Jake to kiss each part of her sole.
         “Don’t forget about my toes.”  Mandy reminded him as she forcefully pressed her fat toes against his face.
         Jake didn’t waste any time.  He kissed her massive toes with vigor.  He wanted to please his friend and he wanted to stay alive.  Seeing Mandy’s massive foot above his body poised to descend was all the motivation Jake needed.
         “Tell me you love me.”  Mandy demanded down to the little man beneath her toes.
         Jake was caught off guard by the request and paused kissing.  When Mandy felt that Jake didn’t answer fast enough, she stepped down on him and began squishing him.
         “Tell me you love me.”  Mandy demanded again more sternly.
         “I love you.”  Jake managed to grunt out.
         Mandy lifted her foot and hovered it above him.
         “Say it like you mean it.”  He heard her say above her foot.
         “Mandy…I love you.”  Jake said to Mandy’s sole with as much feeling as he could muster.
         “Now…lick my foot.”  Mandy commanded as she slowly lowered her foot to his face.
         Jake was relieved.  He thought for sure Mandy was going to step on him.  Knowing that he had a second chance on life, he gladly licked Mandy’s fat foot.
Mandy smiled with arrogant power as she felt Jake licking her foot without a complaint.  She would have felt sorry for anyone who had to do such a disgusting thing if it wasn’t for her getting so much pleasure out it.  She was getting so much pleasure out of it that she was considering picking up Jake and using him again.
         “Lick my toes little man.”  Mandy said after moving her ominous toes over his little face.
         Jake sighed.  He had been kissing and licking for several minutes and his mouth was dry.  He realized that Mandy was not going to make it easy for him.  Jake gathered as much moisture in his mouth as he could and began licking his giant friend’s toes.
As Mandy felt Jake lick her toes obediently, she relished her power over him and became more aroused.  She loved making a man worship her and wondered how far she could go with him before he’d break.  Mandy wanted an excuse to punish Jake and to demonstrate her power.
         “Clean between my toes with your tongue.”  She challenged him with her giant toes above his head.
         Jake couldn’t believe that Mandy would make him to do such a thing.  But as she dangled her giant toes above him, it made it easy for him to do.  Jake found himself burying his face between Mandy’s giant toes and started licking.
         Mandy couldn’t believe it!  Jake actually started licking between her toes!  Knowing that Jake will do anything for her to spare him was so arousing.  She had to have him.  Mandy removed her foot from Jake’s body and quickly grabbed him off the floor.
         “Oh Jake!”  Mandy exclaimed as she hurried him to the bed.
          Mandy sat down on the edge of the bed, lay back, and spread her legs.
         “Did I worship good enough?”  Jake asked realizing that he was no longer pinned to the floor with Mandy’s bare foot.
          “I need you just one more time.”  He heard Mandy say.
          When he found himself between Mandy’s thighs again he cried out.
         Mandy was so turned on, she had no trouble plummeting Jake’s wiggling body into her vagina.  She wasted no time and fucked him violently.  Mandy’s dominance created an unexpected sexual hunger, and her sexual hunger demanded dominance.  She masturbated with him as quickly as she could for the quick orgasm.  Seconds later, Mandy had her way.
         “Oooh!”  She moaned as she convulsed with sexual satisfaction onto her little friend.
         “Tonight’s not your night Jake.”  Mandy gloated as she continued to use him slowly.
         Once she finished relieving herself, Mandy pulled him out.
         She sat back up and admired Jake in her hands.
         “I can’t believe you licked between my toes.  What’s worse is that I can’t believe that you actually believed me when I said I wouldn’t step on you.”  Mandy said to her vaginally subdued friend.
         Mandy placed Jake’s limp body onto the floor and stood up.
         “Do you have any last words?”  Mandy asked him with her hands on her hips.
         “I trusted you.”  Jake managed to moan.
         Mandy admired Jake’s loyalty and smiled.
         “Never trust a woman who’s big enough to use you as a dildo because she’ll fuck you every time.”  Mandy advised him as she lowered her giant, fat foot onto his tiny body.  

          She decided to demonstrate the power she had over him.  As she rested her heavy foot onto Jake, she savored the moment.  When Jake began to struggle beneath her foot, Mandy stepped down and squashed him.

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