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After a nuclear holocaust, civilization had to move into enourmous cities. During this time humanity discovered an alternet source of power called Eyous. However several years after this discovery, people have been disapearing off the streets from both the middle level and the lower level.

The story begins with the lead protaginist named Alice Vermire. Her parents and herself are driving on the highway when a tragedy befalls them. There she caught a glimps of what looked like a monster and another human sized figure covered in a blood colored tattered cloak called Red Raven.

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I actually was in the process of writing a different story but I wanted to test some of the ideas for it here. Any criticism is greatly appreciated. And I don't want to sound like a jerk but Some more reviews would be nice.

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Published: August 23 2011 Updated: March 08 2015
Story Notes:

Just as a reminder if you skipped the summary, this story is more Sci-Fi driven with some comic book elements and not as Erotic. Just letting you know that now if this doesn't rock your boat. Ok so I don't have to make a major prolouge to explain the world itself.

It's basically planet Earth that was slammed by nukes about 300 years ago starting at the year 2143. Current year is 2467. Every continent has one really big city that can be seen from space. The city this story takes part in is the one in North America and it's specific design is circular with a three level system and based on standard society. High Class is on top with alot of the aristocrats, governmental leaders and big company owners. Middle is the average joe where most of the actual tax payers are. And lastly the lowerlevel is essentially slums & industry completly void of even sunlight since the other two levels are built over top of it.

1. Chapter 1: Ravens fly towards Death by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 7] (3418 words)

This is basically the get started part, so any long time story readers can guess some of the parts that happen. Please give me any heads up if there's anything I should change or if I made any mistakes.

2. Chapter 2: The Future is the Pasts Treasure by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (3429 words)

This chapter is basically the aftermath of what happened in chapter 1. I do want to make Alice feel more like a human being. It's a bit difficult for me since I have a difficult time making female characters. Any feedback or suggestions would be welcome. Most of this chapter will just be used to set the stage for future scenes and other characters that have yet to come.

3. Chapter 3: District 37 by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (3380 words)

I decided to redo this chapter because the reasonong for getting everyone to a specific location felt stupid to me after I looked it over. I still don't know if this next idea is much better or not but I think this one might be more suited.

4. Chapter 4: The Dayon, Hive by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (4154 words)

I'm sorry for my lateness. Yesterday when I was writing this chapter, I accidently backspaced to the main page before I could post my work. And it was close to the end of the day so I pretty much just gave up and put it off for the next day. But now I think this might be better then what I had previously. Here's hoping you like it.

5. Chapter 5: New Leads by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (1891 words)

Finally free to make changes and thanking AsukaFan2001 for the correction. I might make attempts to write this on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on how well I can think about it.

6. Chapter 6: Crypter & Invasion by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (3800 words)

I think I can get started on a role now that I'm getting to the action parts. Might even try for releasing these faster.

7. Chapter 7: The Raven's Shadow by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (4098 words)

There was scene I was going to include but I didn't get the time to put it in. I'll probably include it in the next chapter.

8. Chapter 8: Pied Piper by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (4470 words)

Took some time to figure out how to get to this part. Also tried to avoid making any plot errors but feel free to let me know about any.

9. Chapter 9: Frozen Fiction by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (9155 words)

Ok this is a bigger one then normal. Also I decided to try and break out of my comfort zone a little bit here. Not sure if anyone will notice but I hope you enjoy.

10. Chapter 10: Advent of Peace by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (5001 words)

Been busy with a few personal problems so sorry for the delay. Was also trying to come up with a faster way to type but so far nothing good came around.

11. Chapter 11: Unstable Hearts by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (3707 words)

 Dayon Classes

Class E: Most common of all Dayon. As a result of Ayous contamination, this class suffers multiple disfigurments. Although they cannot transform like the other classes, they are physically superior to their original human form. As well as resistant to radioactive areas and other harsh environments. On occasions they can develope a unique mutation that makes them more dangerous. They range from 7 feet to 9 feet tall.

Class D: They are capable of transformation but only to a point. A common example is to only transform half of their body into a beast like state while the other remains the same. The disfigurements are the most intense on this particular class even in their human form. Range from 10 to 15 feet tall.

Class C: Less disfigurements are inflicted on this class and it's easier to hide them. This class can fully transform and is the most commonly encountered Dayon in the upper levels of the city. It is often that they bare a resemblance to another animal and has the easiest time with transformation. Ranging from 15 feet to 30 feet tall.

Class B: This is where Dayon begin to stand out from one to another. These Dayon develope some rather interesting mutations. They rely on a natural element such as hydrogen or they can create a chemical compound. The downside to their power is that their mental stability begins to break down at this level and can suffer minor memory loss or even a psychotic break. Another downside is that they take a few hours to return to their human forms. Usually ranging from 35 feet to 95 feet tall.

Class A: Probably the most vicious of all the classes. It can take from a week to a whole month for them to regain their human form and with each transformation they become more savage and disfigured. They wield great power but they struggle to determine who is friend or foe because to them all the others seem so small that they mistaken them for food. In the lower levels of cities they tend to prey on other Dayon as they are the only life form with enough nourishment to maintain their large bodies. Their scale ranges from 100 feet to 700 feet tall.

12. Chapter 12: Dividing Line by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (5093 words)


Tuwa Foundation: Non-Profit organization determined to repair the damage dealt by the Nuclear Holocaust. Other groups have been trying to shut it down for various reasons.

Omenyx Inc: The worlds most powerful independant corporation and where Ayous energy originated. It is believed that they are working on a new breakthrough that will benifit the world.

The Conclave: They are the group that united the cities and brought order to the ruined world. Capable of managing almost all activities within the Cities.

The Al Capone Syndicate: Considered to be the rulers of the city, second only to the Conclave. They are responcible for massive orphan trafficing and many other illegal activities.

Devil Scar: A group that showed up only a few years ago. But they are a force that has become increasingly threatening to the order that was established. Unlike the Syndicate, all of the members are proud to speak the name of their leader, Spicule.

13. Chapter 13: Spicule by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (2261 words)

Time for the first real battle with one of my main antagonists. I might come back to improve this chapter later as I kind of ended it a bit early.

14. Chapter 14: Down to Earth by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (3125 words)

Finally back after awhile. I do apologies for my delay. The Christmas Rush was heavy this year. Please note that this chapter is incomplete and I plan on continuing it within the next few days. Normally I don't do this and just save the part of the work to a private file but I cannot do that at this time and I ain't throwing away the work itself.

15. Chapter 15: The Outcasts by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (5776 words)

After this chapter there will be some heavy stuff happening. If anyone has trouble keeping up then please let me know. I can always fix mistakes if I am aware of them.

16. Chapter 16: Al'Capone & The Conclave by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (5438 words)

Please note this chapter is currently incomplete. I will be finishing it within the course of this week.

17. Chapter 17: The Brothers Quarrel by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (2868 words)

Class S Dayon: Was only updates in recent months. Outside of the cities there are Dayon that make even class A look like a rag doll. They are nicknamed the Devils and often are given a code name from the Devil of a religion (Lucifer, Satan, Mephistopheles, Asmodeus, etc). They are more then just savage beasts as they are capable of thinking and communication. But for the most part consider themselves as a transendant form of life and only speak to others on a whim. They are incapable of taking on a human form may have even forgotten they were once human themselves. Class S would only consider an Advent Ranked Reaver to be a true threat. Because of the planets inability to support a creature 3000+ feet in diameter, they have evolved a biological core to sustain themselves. While other Dayon evolve a trait that relies on elements (Puriotic Table Elements, Not Fire, Earth, Wind & Water) or compounds. Class S are capable of using energy similar to Reavers (although usually a very unnatural with high polluting effects.)

Spicule has defied all the noticable traits of a Class S Dayon, with the only exception being his Nuclear Core.

18. Chapter 18: Plasma Storm by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (3462 words)

I might try to create some character profiles later once I have completly established all my primary characters (There really is only 1 - 3 left anyway so don't worry). Granted I don't exactly have the best artistic skills of drawing humans. (Usually a bit easier to create monsters and weapons).

19. Chapter 19: . . . RUN! . . . by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (5362 words)

Apologies about the long wait. Had to do some thinking about this nex part. There is a possibility that I will redo this part. Granted I will probably edit the whole thing once I finally finish it. And completion of this story is something I really do want to do so if anyone feels as though I have quit then there is no need to fret.

20. Chapter 20: Back to the Top by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (3280 words)

I finally got all my key parts out there. There may be some other secondary characters in the future but they will most likely be a hurdle as opposed to anything. I am glad I am done this section of the story. I'd estimate the total ammount of chapters should be around 50. I want to try and keep it under 50 at least.

21. Chapter 21: Hope and Despair by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (6357 words)

I'll probably have a bit easier of a time with this next arc. So hopefully I can keep this up on a more regular basis

22. Chapter 22: Old Ghosts by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (6212 words)

Been awhile since I was able to get back to this. I will admit that I do have a fair bit of trouble filling in the details. Plus I just had a bunch of stuff to take care of so I apologies in advance that the chapters aren't comming out in the weekly basis that I originally wanted.

23. Chapter 23: Return of the Second by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (3887 words)


24. Chapter 24: The Al'Capone Factor by FleetingMoment [Reviews - 0] (2863 words)