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Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: May 26 2020 5:08 PM Title: Thank You

If I have to guess, which obviously I have to do, I'd say Cyg is now part of Jeanine's subconscious.

Not the ending i was expecting; but quite a nice one.  I like how Jeanine was both a demanding yet compasionate Goddess.

Keep up the great work in your next story(ies).

Reviewer: SheerForce Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 23 2020 3:10 AM Title: A Yelp of Fate

Absolutely love the concept and execution, looking forward to seeing more!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! That means a lot from you, appreciate it!

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: May 22 2020 6:52 PM Title: A World of Their Own

An actual Jewish American Goddess, that's HOT!!!  { Kindly note, no antisemtism meant, rather a true appreciation for Jewish girls like a girl that was very special to me }

I really like how all the citizens bow down and prey to her rather than run scared.

Question, did Jeanine really just shrink the entire Earth?  If this city is one of her own making, rather than an existing city, as you say; has Jeanine created her own city filled with Giantess Goddess Worshippers all magically gathered up and placed in it?

Oh by the way, since me last comment I remember the drawing of the box, or rather the sheep within.  Is it not so much a matter of what Jeanine draws as it is her intention / perception?

Author's Response:

Answers: Jeanine did NOT shrink the Earth, but she did encase it in a cosmic-sized box. As well, she also did create her own magical city of worshippers, with all brand new humans that have their own lives and livelihoods. 

And finally, indeed, the only thing that matters is the intent of what it is that Jeanine draws. What the drawer is trying to draw needs to look accurate, and since about anything could feasibly be placed inside a box, that was a useful workaround for the accuracy stipulation.

Thanks for your kind words by the way! If you look at a lot of my writing you'll know I like to have diverse giantess women. :)

Reviewer: DcZ Signed [Report This]
Date: May 22 2020 2:00 PM Title: A Yelp of Fate

This story is going places. 

Cant wait to see what comes next. 

Author's Response:

Appreciate the feedback! Hope you enjoy what's up next!

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: May 21 2020 6:09 PM Title: Workshopping It

I remember seeing "The Little Prince" at the movies when I was a kid.  I remember the Prince traveling from planet to planet, cleaning out the volcanoes, the astronomer counting the stars, the picture of a hat was an elephant { Hmmmm? }

I think I just got Jeanine's loophole.

What will Jeanine do with her mother?  Will Jeanine decide Cyg is best kept small?

Can't wait until the next chapter.  Great work.

Reviewer: Bletch Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 20 2020 10:25 PM Title: Workshopping It

“How about I make you part of the foundation of my fist?!” o_o

Now the Dark turn begins

Reviewer: Pok420 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 20 2020 6:44 PM Title: Workshopping It

Great story can't wait to see where it goats

Author's Response:

Appreciate the feedback. Hope you enjoy! I've got a surprising amount of material I intend to make from this premise.

Reviewer: Bletch Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 18 2020 5:53 AM Title: A Yelp of Fate

It's a nice story, don't rush into the fetish part too quickly, build their relationship and their discoveries a little bit more in next chapters.

As for the questions, I think it's almost sure she has a power she didn't know she had: when she draws something, it becomes real.

Author's Response:

Thanks very much! New chapter out, so you can check that out. But yeah, this one is building up a low more slowly than most of my stories so you'll probably enjoy it.

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: May 17 2020 7:22 PM Title: Meeting in the Middle

First, a jewish girl.  Reminds me of a very special girl I knew.  VERY NICE!!!

This is really a terrific story.  The connection between what Jeanine drew in Cyg's sketchbook and reality leads to endless possibilities.

I do not wish to influence what your intent is; but hopefully Jeanine realizes that Cyg wants her as his Giantess {or rather her a normal sized woman to his being a tiny man} and that she decides Cyg's life is best spent being her personal tiny in any or all drawings she makes.

Perhaps she could draw Cyg as one of her shoes {shoe insole}, her thong, her bra, her dessert, or simply a very small man to service her every whim {a small man sized to be her dildo or buttplug}?  Hmmm, perhaps when not in any particular use Cyg could be shrunk down to a small charm size, yet still alive dangling as a tiny man, on her bracelet along with her Star Of David.

Great story.  Please continue.

Author's Response:

*writes that all down*

We're still setting the groundwork, but yeah... this story is definitely going to go pretty dark. Or light, depending on one's opinions about endless servitude and unfathomable godlike power in the hands of teenagers. Appreciate the feedback!

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