Name: D W (Signed) · Datum: July 01 2020 9:06 PM · Für: May 24

Will Resse ever start to begin appreciating Olivia's massive breasts and the magnificence they are?


When will Resse begin to ask / beg to do Olivia's fingernails and toenails; perhaps even massaging Olivia's feet out of adoring them rather than as a task?

Name: Dawger2 (Signed) · Datum: June 29 2020 1:17 PM · Für: May 24

Awwww! Why does Reese hates his sister so much? I wouldn't mind having a sister who forces me to smell her feet. 


Great work on this chapter btw. Hope to see more Olivia's feet

Author's Response:


Name: AdamX (Signed) · Datum: June 27 2020 12:56 AM · Für: May 23

Olivia is wonderful

Author's Response:


Name: smotherslave101 (Signed) · Datum: June 26 2020 7:23 AM · Für: May 17

Love this story so much its one of the best gentle starts to one of these stories ive seen so looking forward to the rest!!

Author's Response:

thanks :)

Name: D W (Signed) · Datum: June 25 2020 7:45 PM · Für: May 22

I love the conditioning / training that Olivia is putting Reese through.

At 6' 6", adding another inch or two, though great, would make Olivia more freakish more than anything else; but adding muscle mass {e.g. She-Hulk} would be cool.

Since Reese started out at 4' 9", a new measurement of 4' 5" or less, and still shrinking, since Olivia came home would be great to hear.

Is Olivia going to confront Reese's shrinking and servitude to her?  Will Olivia offer Reese the position of being her personal slave, in response to caring for him in his ever shrinking form?  Will Reese see this as his destiny, especially focused on Olivia's ever huge breasts?

Author's Response:

yeah, on day 11 she confronts him about his behavior

Name: b123 (Signed) · Datum: June 23 2020 6:35 PM · Für: May 22
This was an amazing chapter! Really hard not to notice her butt now. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

finally expanding the story beyond him just making coffee look at me go

Name: Rise8 (Signed) · Datum: June 23 2020 5:28 PM · Für: May 22

Poor guy cant seem to take his eyes off her butt at this point lol. Would be a shame if her thong poked out of her pants and made the situation even more awkward for him. ;)

Author's Response:

yeah it would be a shame :( poor guy

Name: b123 (Signed) · Datum: June 22 2020 1:15 AM · Für: May 20
This is a really great story! Absolutely like These type of interaction with Reese and Olivia and how Reese notices the small details that others don’t such as he’s always being hugged to her chest. Would be really cool if there was a unaware scene with Reese and Olivia or Tracey while he isn’t noticed due to his short height. Keep up the great work and can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

I have a few minor "unaware" moments planned like what happened in the latest chapter. But if I ever get far enough along to write the alternate version of the story (where he's a lot shorter) then that'll definitely come into play

Name: Ess-rets (Signed) · Datum: June 20 2020 10:32 PM · Für: May 17

I just discover your story with the new chapter, that is so good ! I love their relationship, the 'soft femdom' in a way, I hope you will continue. 

Author's Response:

i also hope i'll continue lol

Name: jimmyjimmy (Signed) · Datum: November 21 2019 7:59 PM · Für: May 17

I'm enjoying the buildup and slow burn.  Hope to see more.

Author's Response:

another slow burn fan you love to see it :)

Name: MostKnownUnknowns (Signed) · Datum: November 19 2019 5:27 AM · Für: May 18

I like this style. Inner monologue feels familiar...... Lol

Will look forward to more.

Author's Response:

yeah the inner monologue helps me personalize the characters more

Name: Scrumptious (Signed) · Datum: November 18 2019 4:16 PM · Für: May 18
Hi Jess,
I'm looking forward to how this story shapes up. So far so enticing - even if it is mostly the title as well as your good writing style. I do hope that we start to see some action soon.

Author's Response:

Thank you :)

Name: foreignkanto (Signed) · Datum: November 17 2019 8:16 PM · Für: May 18
Hey, enjoying the story so far. I’m a fan of these kinds of slow fade stories. It’ll be interesting to see how their relationship develops over time.

Author's Response:

Thanks, glad you're enjoying :)

Name: duck12345 (Signed) · Datum: November 17 2019 3:40 PM · Für: May 17

Big sister small brother? Yes yes yes! Personally hoping for foot and odour domination, but I'm sure whatever form of domination you choose will be great.

From your summary, this sounds like it'll be very interesting and unique. Can't wait for more. :)

Author's Response:

Feet should come into the story very casually and briefly on day 5. Rubbing and smelling will be a big thing week 2 and by weeks 3 and 4 he'll be doing a lot more for her than most normal brothers do for their sisters :P

Name: D W (Signed) · Datum: November 17 2019 1:10 PM · Für: May 18

I actually wrote out a positive feedback for "Day 1" after you posted it; but this site said I could not post at that time and my comments were lost.

Though I personally would prefer stepsister / stepbrother, you have an interesting story going on.

I like the unrushed aspect of the Dominant / submissive relationship building up between Reese and Olivia.

One thing I am curious about {and had commented on in my first attempt at posting} is will Reese shrink any further?  Will he shrink from Olivia's dominance, or the onset of winter {which would be more than 29 days away since it's the start of summer}.

Definitely do continue.


Author's Response:

Personally, I don't see the difference between stepsibling stuff and blood relation, at least on a moral level. Like, if you find out you were adopted, does that suddenly make it fine to have feelings for your sibling? On a primal, genetic level it's the actual relation that makes those kind of things messed up but from a social aspect, with how people judge you, there's almost no difference. I've never really seen anyone who thinks that things happening between stepsiblings in real life is totally fine, but if they're related it's totally wrong.  So that's why I didn't specify, because I didn't think it matters. "Either it's all OK, or none of it's OK." Also, I tried to make it very clear via Reese's thoughts in chapter 1 (and 2) that he has no feelings towards his sister. That won't change, and she won't develop anything for him either. "Sexual things" will happen eventually (not actual sex), but it will be more about her controlling him than anything. Power, not love or lust. I don't have any plans for either of them to get turned on by any of the experiences.

So with that in mind, and with that being said, it's not important to the story that they're blood related and there's no mention in the story (or do I plan on there being) of Tracy specifically birthing Olivia and Reese with Stuart as the dad. The important part is the relationship dynamic that they share as people who grew up as a "family" together. If you want to imagine them as stepsiblings, I can assure you there won't be anything in the story that will break that head canon :)

Reese won't shrink any further, not as a slow size change at least - although the next versions will see him at around 3 feet, 1.5 feet, and 8 inches. I liked that idea because then I don't have to wonder like I do with other slow size change stories - oh, what if he shrunk just a bit earlier? Or just a bit later? I can see how the interactions would carry out over each size, you know? It'll be awhile before I get around to those iterations but they're definitely coming and I have plans for how they're going to be different and add new subplots, and not just changing up a few words. I think most instant size change stories either have the main character having been at that size their whole life, or they make themselves that height, or someone else does. So I like designing my story like this because neither Olivia or Reese wanted him to be small, but it's a relatively new experience for both of them. 

Whew quite the response haha! Thanks for your feedback and questions though!

Name: Max333 (Signed) · Datum: November 17 2019 5:35 AM · Für: May 17

Loving it so far ! I'm really interested of what's to come, his descent into submission and his sister's way toward domination :D

Keep it up !

Author's Response:


Name: romaescipion (Signed) · Datum: November 17 2019 4:54 AM · Für: May 18

me parece excepcional y se me hara eterno esperar a ver como se desarrolla todo,ver como la hermana le esclaviza lentamente y leer situaciones de humillacion y sumision de vReese,muchas gracias y animo,continua igual de bien

Author's Response:

Gracis! Alegra que te guste

Name: cixelsyd (Signed) · Datum: November 15 2019 4:43 PM · Für: May 17

Exploring the setting from different starring points is nifty! Looking forward to see the different choices made across the parallel adventures. =)

Author's Response:

Thanks :)

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