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Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: July 26 2018 2:36 PM Title: Chapter 6 - High School Humiliation

So, since you didn't kill me the first time, here a few more assorted random ideas...


  • show at least Connie or her mom when they learn about the new iss, or the reason why; maybe have one of them appreciate the intention to help her friend, except it doesn't buy Phoebe anything
  • mom/granma disagreeing on how to take care of her behavior? ("you're too soft" isn't very likely)
  • as part of her rehabilitation, Megan gets to keep Phoebe, so she will learn that her outburst didn't help Megan or whatever the principal comes up with
  • Mrs Garcia feels guilty (for her friend) and tells her Phoebe's secret???
  • The whole year is for her outburst, she still has 16 days of ISS :D
  • A bunch of "I was going to (for the 16 days), now instead..."
  • After the year is over, getting back to the old habits is hard, especially for Connie; somethng should stay anyway to prevent future misbehaviors.

Last, while not terribly important, by tutoring I meant Connie having to do some private tutoring herself since she's a teacher and I guess she hates the idea (her stepchild should be 2x better than everyone else!); but to be clear, GO ON WITH WHATEVER PLAN YOU HAVE, these unorganized proposals are mostly to remind you that we care about the story.

Author's Response: Youíve got some good ideas. Out of curiosity, what do you think it would take for Phoebe to get out of her year-long punishment? What type of compromise would she or Connie have to consider?

Reviewer: Tinyman345 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 18 2018 5:06 AM Title: Chapter 6 - High School Humiliation

I know you already did it in family foot slave but it would be pretty cool if you had Phoebe get tortured by a group of teachers including her mom. That chapter in FFS is so neat and it would be cool to see something like that but maybe with a different game they're playing or something like that.

The story will probably be great regardless of what you write. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response:

Thanks!  I suspect poor Phoebe will end up in the teacher's lounge at some point.

Reviewer: sok06 Signed [Report This]
Date: July 18 2018 1:20 AM Title: Chapter 6 - High School Humiliation

this has become one of my favourite stories so far

Author's Response:

Thanks you!  I hope you continue to enjoy and that I don't disappoint.

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 17 2018 4:27 PM Title: Chapter 6 - High School Humiliation

Sometimes religion gets out of hand but this seems like the best church ever, feel a little bad for Megan but still awesome church.

Author's Response:

Agreed!  Wish there was some reality to this fantasy, but alas, it's all in my head.

Reviewer: Psn01 Signed [Report This]
Date: July 17 2018 3:37 PM Title: Chapter 1 - Cum to Mommy

Glad you continued and really like when mom wears phoebe.i would like to see them two more

Author's Response:

Connie will have plenty of opportunity to punish her daughter :)

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: July 17 2018 3:25 PM Title: Chapter 1 - Cum to Mommy

Any chance you could specify "updated on 20180608" or "updated revision #2" or similar for this chapter? It always says "updated" even if it's the same as it was when the last chapter came out :)

Author's Response:

Hmmm...I saw an "updated" on ch.1, but I couldn't honestly tell you what I had updated when I did it.  To avoid further confusion, I removed that.  Thanks!

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: July 17 2018 3:18 PM Title: Chapter 6 - High School Humiliation

Good to see Amy being such a good sport about losing her fall social toering :)

(don't get me started on winterlude, especially since I like the word "winterlude" and you took that away)

Did you plan this from the start? Because - based on me writing a total of 0 stories up to now - juggling between Phoebe and Megan won't be easy with their ISS time being so different.

Re ideas: I already told you I like Jacksmith's idea more than my own(*), but with the year long ISS it may be nice if Megan&others make peace, she&Phoebe become girlfriends and she can trample Phoebe while her new friends watch (maybe telling them they're jealous etc, you get the idea I hope).
No other good idea, but now I'm dying to see some reaction from Phoebe's mom (was she there btw?).
I think I already said I was curious about *routine* changes in Phoebe's life; now even more, except I'm hoping you spend some words on Phoebe's mom/grandma learning about the ISS extension, as well as discussing what to do about it, especially how to fix her behavior in the long term.

Oh, and her mom is a *teacher*, she should mention something about how that makes it worse, or give Phoebe some private tuition, or be comforted by colleague/principal with Phoebe there, or something (did anyone say "brainstorm"?)

I had a few ideas before this chapter, but none of them terribly good, and I'm sure I'm approaching the comment size limit, so I'll shut up for now :D

Oh, no, wait, there's one thing I didn't like: it's the jump from 2 weeks to a whole year, it's just personal taste but I would have preferred 1/2 intermediate steps.

Now I'll shut up for real. Maybe.

It appears that a surprising number of Bibles mistranslate the passage, you wouldn't believe it!

(*) just for the record, it was that Phoebe finds herself on the right side of ISS for once but gives up to her urges and switches place.

Author's Response:

I'm not sure how the Fall Social will play out.  It's changed a lot in my head.  We'll get there eventually :)  Also, of course Phoebe's still going to suffer through "Winterlude" (hehehe), but we'll have to see what her plethora of teachers decide to do.  Who knows, Phoebe may have to get a summer tutor, but it's so far away, and I'm soo excited to introduce the tutor!  

Regarding planning...well, sometimes I have thoughts and ideas as to what I want to do, but then when I'm typing away, sometimes, things progress more naturally towards a different path than intended.  That usually yields some of my more risque and perverse moments, which are super fun, but then I'm left trying to figure out what the next scenes will hold.  

I like some of your ideas.  I'm certainly thinking of keeping Megan as a potential girlfriend, or at least someone who maintains a crush on Phoebe and wishes to free her from her foot obsession.  Maybe after Kristin graduates at the end of the school year, Phoebe turns her attention to Megan.  We'll see.

Regarding the jump to the whole year...yeh, I came very close to editing that and keeping it to just the rest of the semester, but I felt that in the moment, Phoebe was so angry with Principal Christine for punishing Megan that she would absolutely have told her off like that.  Maybe her mother will be able to work something out for Phoebe, we'll have to see.  

I appreciate the review and thoughts, my friend.  Hope you continue to enjoy the story and it's evolution.  

Reviewer: Afroking Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 17 2018 12:16 PM Title: Chapter 6 - High School Humiliation

I loved the chaper. The devious Amy getting Megan is great and Phoebe's friends laughter at her plight was great. 


Would love to see Phoebe put in the hands of Kristin for a few Chapters. Serveing Kristin both in school and at home at diffrent sizes. Would love to see a 2 foot Phoebe at her friends feet.


Always nice seeing a new chapter. thanks for the work

Author's Response:

I'm pretty sure something like this can and will be arranged :)


Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Luidgi Signed [Report This]
Date: June 29 2018 5:55 PM Title: Chapter 5 - Crushed by Pastor Christine

This is very good. Here's hoping you didn't bite more than you can chew, you are in for a long story here and I know since I write stories too that sometimes it is hard to maintain the paec and keep ideas and motivation fueled.

In any case, don't give up, this story is so good.

Author's Response: Thanks for the encouragement. This is definitely turning into a very long story. 50+ pages and Iím only to Wednesday morning. Life is getting in the way, as well, so progress will be slow. I know I wonít be able to scribe every moment of Phoebeís punishment but I hope to keep what Iíd docíd Interesting and entertaining. Also, Iím always open to ideas. Feel free to contact me via my profile.

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: June 19 2018 3:33 PM Title: Chapter 5 - Crushed by Pastor Christine

Just a quick silly question - other than PE, will it ever matter if Mrs XYZ (Lathrop, Garcia, ...) teaches $subject1 or $subject2, or are they all going to be "teachers" period?

Will/Can Mrs Lathrop get Phoebe during working hours?

Author's Response:

There might be some classroom designations.  I see a potentially very humiliating health class and study hall in the future, as well as Principal Christine using both Megan and Phoebe as an example during a student assembly.  Are there other ideas or suggestions that you'd like to see?  

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 18 2018 7:28 PM Title: Chapter 5 - Crushed by Pastor Christine

I get the feeling much like with Judy Stevens in Jacksmith's universe that the adults here as well as the brattier youngins are just using the portasizers as an excuse to by tryrants or jerks etc.

Author's Response: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: June 12 2018 8:58 AM Title: Chapter 3 - Discipline & Domination

First and foremost, I love anything that changes how long her iss will last; wether her teachers accept it as an excuse why she couldn't study or not is up to them of course.

More seriously, since she has some time to think about what she has done, she's grown up to come up with something like "can I do my chores AFTER I'm done with homework please?".

Otoh Mrs Lathrop may have the same idea and, dunno, ask her why she didn't ask before, or why is she taking so long with her homework, or many other options (Littlelee's Mom14.jpg comes to mind :) - but in the meantime I'm waiting to see her doing her chores while in ISS...


Given her daily chores, I'm mildly curious to see what Mrs Lathrop will do when Phoebe misbehaves; and if I understand correctly, she's in ISS during the week, but she'll spend the weekends with her family, right? Just curious to see Connie's reaction :D


About Megan: what Jacksmith said :D

Author's Response:

Yes, the intent for Phoebe's next ISS is that she'll be at home in the evening/weekends where she will continue life in its "normal" status, chores and extra-curricular punishments, as intended.  I'm trying to figure out the next steps for Megan & Phoebe as they'll be with Principal Christine at the same time and shrunk as well.  I'm taking a few days break to let my thoughts percolate on this story line.  Although your suggestion about chores after homework would potentially allow for her to recover her grades to the point where she could be back on the basketball team, and at a later time, be subjected to Coach Bergman's cruelty :)

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 11 2018 11:11 PM Title: Chapter 4 - Mopping the Floor with Megan

I feel kind of bad for Megan, Phoebe wanted it at first but Megan seems to be a victim of circumstances. 

Author's Response: Yep, and now she is learning a very valuable lesson, much to our entertainment

Reviewer: Jacksmith Signed [Report This]
Date: June 11 2018 4:34 PM Title: Chapter 3 - Discipline & Domination

Nice of you to say.

In response to what might happen next, this may well be way off-the-rails of what you intended, but I like the thread you started where Megan is romantically interested in Phoebe, but shrugged off for the time being. It would be a nice bit of character development, as Phoebe embraces how much she enjoys what happens to her, to have her finally be the one to actually request that someone shrink and play with her, rather than be forced. If it was with Megan, we'd see a sort of consummation of latent feelings for one another, with Phoebe fully revealing herself, and maybe Megan discovering she doesn't mind being the one in charge.

That was more words than I intended to use, but you get it.

Author's Response: Youíre in the vicinity of what I think will happen between Phoebe & Megan. Just depends on how the story ebbs and flows. I have plans but they change frequently.

Reviewer: treblig01234 Signed [Report This]
Date: June 11 2018 12:30 PM Title: Chapter 3 - Discipline & Domination

I want to see Phoebe watch Megan worshipping kristine 

Author's Response: Weíll have to see what happens :)

Reviewer: Jacksmith Signed [Report This]
Date: June 11 2018 11:09 AM Title: Chapter 1 - Cum to Mommy

Nice to see you back. Your earlier stories were some of the first macro stories I recall reading, so it’s fun to see a continuation.

Author's Response: Thanks! I have been reading some of your work as well and there are not many authors I try to aspire to be like, but you are definitely one at the top. You have some great ideas for how the shrunken people in your stories get used and humiliated.

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: June 09 2018 7:32 AM Title: Chapter 2 - Megan's Meddling

Surprising that it was Megan of all people... and don't worry, I was joking about Sunday :)

Author's Response: Sunday is a long ways off in this story:) And poor, poor Megan. The things that are going to happen to her just because she tried to be nice to Phoebe and stand up for her.

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: June 08 2018 11:20 AM Title: Chapter 1 - Cum to Mommy

Random notes about the updated version as I don't have the time to read chapter 2 right now :( ...

- unless the plan is to make the 1st time special, it looks a bit too hard to be a daily chore
- how long does it take? if she has too little time/is too tired to study properly, and her grades go down... :D
- (if you haven't already) have a look at Little Lee's thread at (her granma's appearance reminded me of momgran*.jpg, etc).
- “Phoebe, dear,” Katherine started, “I don’t want you to ruin the nice shine on my shoes, so I’d prefer you to actually lick the insoles of my shoes please.” -- glad to read this, so many stories don't think about it!
- when you mentioned she couldn't clean the toe section I expected them to help by shrinking her :D

It's Friday now - Sunday is so close!

Author's Response: I appreciate the feedback. In reality, the time frame before Phoebe was imprisoned for the remainder of the evening by her mother was only supposed to be about two hours tops. Time is difficult to portray due to the amount of words it takes to describe some of the scene. It might take a couple of paragraphs to describe the feelings of the protagonist as she is imprisoned in a sock as well as the feelings of the antagonist as she pulls a sock on, for example. But then, think about how long it takes to pull a sock on, which isnít but just a few seconds. Donít expect that this will be written about in a daily basis, sorry You read my mind regarding grades. Iím certain poor little Phoebe will have a chance at redemption for her inadequate insole cleaning soon :)

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 08 2018 10:23 AM Title: Chapter 2 - Megan's Meddling

You do wonderful work my good man.

Author's Response: Glad you like. Just hang on, thereís plenty more to come.

Reviewer: Luidgi Signed [Report This]
Date: June 07 2018 2:45 PM Title: Chapter 1 - Cum to Mommy


Okay that was even nicer. Thank you for this great work, I cannot wait to read more.

Author's Response: Someone mentioned the idea of introducing Phoebeís grandmother into the mix. I had not ever considered it until then and it seemed like a great opportunity to do so with this edit. Glad I didnít disappoint. Next chapter will be several days in development as thereís a ton of dialog to set up some plot points and thatís not my forte so Iíll take my time and try to not sound forced.

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