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Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: May 08 2018 4:51 PM Title: Chapter 1


In my experience many people I have talked to had crushes on many teachers and I think that is common. However, I don't think the giantess part is that common. For me, I like to see my attractive teachers become dominant since as a student, I have to follow their rules and obey them, and who knows what rules they make in detention.

There is also the fact that a teacher usually is seen as more powerful than the student and a giantess is more powerful than the shrunken guy. So that's similar. So a giantess teacher idea works well with me.

For the idea about other teachers holding him. Nah, I prefer Mrs. Wells to be the only one "using" him. However, I think it would be interesting to have a little discussion about Noah in that teacher's lounge. Might make Mrs. Wells a bit wet and excited for future plans with Noah.

Even though we already seen a panty scene with Mrs. Wells and Noah, I would love to see more of that if Mrs. Wells happened to enjoy her first session with him. Imagine a sex Ed class....

Yep. I should stop there before I get carried away. Haha! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 07 2018 9:07 PM Title: Chapter 4

That was amazing!

Especially the second half of this chapter! I loved how Mrs. Wells just tied Noah up and put him in her panties. It's a shame it didn't last that long. She needs to do that more often.

How did Mrs. Wells tie him up? Arms behind back, legs together? Tied up like a mummy with his hands to his sides? She could have positioned Noah any way she wants to.

I also love the lines you gave for Mrs. Wells. ("You know, it's not easy being a single mother," She started, continuing to tie him. "It's lonely, not having a man in the house. And being a teacher, I don't even have the time to masturbate most of the time. That's why, you're going to please me, whether you like it or not.") This part was said at the same time she was tying him up. I can just imagine Noah connecting the dots and his heart beat rising.

Wow! I would love to be in Noah's position. Being tied and told to please my teacher sounds like a dream. If that was me, I would have hoped that Mrs. Wells kept me in her panties all day at school, on the way back home, and then even during her leisure time at home.

Imagine Mrs. Wells teaching her class while a student of hers is being taught of female anatomy with hands on experience. Then Mrs. Wells can got to some faculty/teacher meeting and talk to some teachers about Noah. She mentioned that many teachers would love to get their hands on Noah, so Mrs. Wells should feel special knowing that he is tightly wedged in her pussy. Some other teacher might mentioned that if she got some one on one time with Noah, she might do naughty things to him. Then when Mrs. Wells drives home, the car's vibration will also add more pleasure to the squirming of Noah. By the time she gets home, Mrs. Wells would be forced to relieve herself in her bedroom. Afterward, she might decide to just keep him down there for the rest of the day.

Glad to see you are back! I was worried that you forgot about this story.

Well, I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

She tied him up more like a mummy, like you said. I'm a big fan of bondage, truth be told! 


Thank you! The lines themselves didn't take too long to come up with, I just tried to keep them in-character for her. 


And yeah, I'm sure a lot of people would love that. Truth be told, a lot of the guys I talk to admit to having a crush on their teacher at some point. Maybe it has something to do with this fetish in general? 


Your little scenario sounds delightful! I've been thinking about possibly letting a few of the other teachers get their hands on little Noah for a bit, but I'm not sure if I really want to do that. 


And no, I didn't forget about this story at all! I've just been less able to write recently is all!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: May 01 2018 9:11 PM Title: Chapter 1

I'm glad you loved it, although I was hoping for a greater response than that. You didn't even mention what you loved about the giantess parts of my review.

What parts specifically did you like or would adjust a little bit? Did any part excite you a little bit, and wanted even more details of it? How much of these ideas could possibly be included or at least influenced in your future chapters?

I would love to hear your side of this kind of fantasy and maybe you will have an idea that will surprise me too.

Author's Response:

To be honest, the parts about having the student tied up were my favorite parts, though almost all of it was enjoyable. As for the details... I can fill in the blanks myself, which I might prefer to do anyway. And at least one of your ideas will get into the story, though probably not soon.



And I'm sorry that my responses haven't been very long.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: April 30 2018 1:21 PM Title: Chapter 1

(You also deleted the reviews so I'm glad I still saved my most recent one. I'm going to paste it here since I want to know your response to it.)


I'm so glad you like that idea because it's arguably my sexiest fantasy to be shrunken and forced against a sexy woman's vagina.

Mrs. Wells fits perfectly for the role of a confident woman who loves to take control. Then Noah here fits the role of the submissive who is scared but also excited. (But mostly scared) which is awesome.

I have always had a few sexy teachers growing up and I would happily stay after school just to talk to them since I know I couldn't start any special relationship with them. Sometimes I can could tell they are having a bad day, and I just wish I could please them somehow. I would dream of going down on them, letting them use their hands to force my head between their legs and service them.

When I go online to read about similar stories, unfortunately the student/teacher relationship is often the naughty school girl and male teacher combo and the girl pleasures the man to pass the class or get extra credit. Rarely do I see a female teacher and male student relationship where the male pleasures the female. Bonus points if the woman is in control and making the student please her. That's what inspired me to join this website since a giantess truly resembles how I view women sometimes and love reading stories that treat them like a goddess. It's a shame that men pleasuring women is not as common in the media as a woman pleasuring a guy. However, there are some themes I can connect to.

In the real world, I enjoy the topic of female domination or femdom. Having a woman in control is exciting and breaks the stereotype that we often see. In addition to femdom, I enjoy reading about facesitting and especially bondage which I mentioned in that idea I said earlier. In other giantes stories, before the guy is shrunk, sometimes the woman teases their relationship by letting him know that she is in control and she proceeds to tie him up to her bed. Each limb for each bed post, making him unable to resist what she plans to do to him. I find this super sexy, just anticipating what she plans to do to you while you are all tied up at her mercy. Sometimes she can go even further and wrap up a guy like a mummy, making him immobile. Often the only things unwrapped usually include his genitals, his nose, mouth, and eyes so he can see her power.

For giantess stories, I would love to be shrunken and kept by a sexy giantess all to herself. She can take me anywhere and hide me along her body, and even go about her day while I keep her excited constantly. She can hide me in public and no one will notice except her. I will be her little secret.

I also love it when the giantess is older than a teenager. Most teenagers I see do not have a woman's body, the lack of curves and especially the wide hips. My friends keep praising women with big breasts and butts, but for me, I prefer those features to be small, and I like a nice set of wide hips, because I know what lies between them and sometimes wonder if my head can fit in there. Also, younger women lack the experience that more mature womenn have. Mrs. Wells is in her 40s, so she must have quite the lovely figure that makes Noah excited. Also, there is no mention of her husband which means she probably has a certain craving for pleasure that she hasn't received in a while.

With Noah being tied up Mrs. Well's panties, I can picture her sexy wide hips, surrounding Noah as he gives Mrs. Wells a kiss with her pussy lips. She can even lower her hand and gently press his head into her for more stimulation or if he stops squirming. I can see her wearing tight jeans or leggings that also press Noah tightly against her. She can even cross her long shapely legs, one at a time, confidently trapping Noah inside. No one will know with Noah deeply secured in her sexy groove.

The idea I mentioned combines a bunch of my favorite things. A woman in control, panties, bondage, and female pleasure. Also, the guy becomes a sex toy which is awesome. There is just something very sexy about being a prisoner, held in a tight pair of panties, trapped with nowhere to escape except inside the giantess. The helplessness and being at the mercy of a kinky giantess makes things very surreal. Especially when the panties pulls the guy in for a hug with her most sensitive area, the smells of her excitement and knowing the more you struggle, the more your giantess enjoys it. Sticky fluid coats his body, and he is forced to lick it before it hardens. Every time he opens his eyes, he sees the cavernous pussy ready to swallow him if it weren't for the pieces of thread looped around his wrists and ankles. Each thread holding him in place at the center of her sexy panties where her vagina is lined up to suck on his squirming form.

The giantess enjoys every minute of this. She keeps him down there when she goes to work, when she works out, and also when she sleeps. Being such a busy woman, she needs to relieve her stress as often as she can. A regular sex toy was not going to cut it. Who knows when she will let him out, she might just keep him forever.

I'm so excited for what's to come that I just had to write this!

Author's Response:

This was an amazing review, I LOVED reading it! 


Femdom and bondage are a major thing for me as well, and I do enjoy incorporating it into the occasional story/chapter now and than. And yeah, I noticed that a lot of the student/teacher stuff is "naughty school girl" related. Personally though, I enjoy the almost "predator-prey" relationship between characters like Mrs. Wells and Noah. 



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