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Reviewer: giantess jessica Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 26 2018 9:42 AM Title: Chapter 1 - The Exchange

hello i used to write stories on here and i would like to know what inspired you to write? im one of a few woman writters and left to spend time with my infint.

Author's Response:

Hello there ^^, hope you're enjoying the story so far, Jessica!

What really inspires me to write is imagining how happy it makes the people reading my stories (if you know what I mean, wink wink) .As for what inspired what stories I write, the ones so far are just based on classic scenario ideas, roleplays I've done before, and just generally looking at the other stuff people with this interest make. I hope you can get back into writing soon, Jessica! 

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: April 26 2018 9:07 AM Title: Chapter 8 - Their First Kiss

What kisses!  I especially like how Bree feels so insignificant compared to Samantha, her Goddess.  It's a sexy contrast.

Gee, that is a lot of spit.  Surprised Samantha hasn't filled up a bottle cap and made nanos swim-bath in her spit.

It's odd that Samantha was blushing.  Was she really tasting Bree or had she orgasmed, or both?  Maybe tasting Bree made Samantha cum.

Thanks for continueing this story Goddess Lucy.

Reviewer: Dipperhound Signed [Report This]
Date: April 20 2018 1:27 PM Title: Chapter 7 - Picking on the Bullies

Hey the story's pretty amazing compared to other stories on this sight. I actually sent you a contact email thingy in hopes I could ask you some questions if you're down for it. Im fascinated by your work and would like to learn more. Thanks :)

(Btw im 15 so hopefully that's not weird)

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: April 19 2018 11:22 AM Title: Chapter 7 - Picking on the Bullies

Hopefully you will have many more chapters Goddess Lucy.  I am kinda in agreement with Samantha, Bree needs to be more sadistic in her domineering.  She could have ordered Adrian and Betty to each suck one of her feet entirely into their mouths (that is one foot in each one's mouth) and even had Samantha add a bit of muscle to stuff them in.  Shoes made from bullies, he he he.  Heck, with her girlfriend Samantha's backing she could have made them both kneel down and pray out loud to her as their Goddess while all the students in the cafeteria watched on in disdain.

It is nice that Samantha swallowed Adrian, and the tilting of her head back for effect is pretty sexy.

One has to wonder if Betty, alone after her boyfriend being swallowed alive, is going to completely breakdown before Samantha and Bree.  Will they have pity or vengence upon Betty?

What is going to happen to all the students from the small plastic cylinder?  Will they end up as lunch, entertainment, or both?

Perhaps Samantha can suggest to Bree that she should pick out a student or two to enslave for her own personal abuse.  Bree wouldn't necessarily have to whip him/her/them so much as decree various punishments (e.g. one could serve as a saddle on Samantha's shoulder for Bree to sit upon, they could be forced into becoming Bree's fulltime home servants, locked in a pillory and beaten, other's could even sentenced to death by Bree's method of choice)

Thanks for yet another great chapter Goddess Lucy.

Reviewer: Cameron99 Signed [Report This]
Date: April 18 2018 10:36 PM Title: Chapter 1 - The Exchange

I enjoyed the new chapter. I love when people get swallowed alive. The role shift with the bullies was a nice touch


Thanks for the update Goddess

Reviewer: geeman Signed [Report This]
Date: April 18 2018 8:17 PM Title: Chapter 7 - Picking on the Bullies

Pretty good. Typical gts carnage and murder, I agree with Bree, Sam could be abit more creative with her torture methods. Maybe bring an element of psychological torture in addition to physical? I don't know. It was well written. I hope you introduce other "named" characters that aren't killed immediately into this, I think it'll help spice the story up abit.

Author's Response:

Thanks Geeman! Think you got the names switched right there though ;)

I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far! It is pretty typical stuff I think, but I hope I'm doing it in a more interesting and sexy way than others, I just want to give stuff I think is quality <3

And another character or two would be neat, but I think this story only has a few more chapters left in it, at least that's the plan so far. Besides, they're all nano there, Bree's lucky as hell she even got spared~. But I'll try to hang on to that suggestion d3;

Reviewer: Toxenisfun Signed [Report This]
Date: April 17 2018 12:01 PM Title: Chapter 1 - The Exchange

I definitely LOVE the story so far, it's looking well. Could use some more details here and there but that's just my own take. I really like how you're showing that Sam can be at least some what gentle with the nano population with the introduction on Bree and not a complete overlord of the school.

Personally, I've always been a big fan of the personal slave that Goddesses sometimes have. Like Bree is safe from Sam's wrath while the others at her feet are not. I love it their relationship so far and I can't wait to see where it goes next.

My favorite parts definitely have to be the parts where Sam swallows her 'classmates'. It's one of my favorite parts and I can't wait for the next chapter where we get to see exactly what Sam has in store for both the dozens of people of her lunch as well as Bree's personal bullies. I look forward to reading it when it drops.

Reviewer: sporadicx Signed [Report This]
Date: April 13 2018 9:10 PM Title: Chapter 1 - The Exchange

Good god the nano level giantess interaction is so hot. She needs to humiliate them more and start satisfying her deepest desires ;P

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: April 13 2018 12:26 PM Title: Chapter 6 - Lunch Date

Samantha swallowed the train, what an extremely seductive act!!!  One of the best parts of your stories is how Samantha takes control of the areas she enters and the bug sized students there.  Simply put she doesn't allow any ever to escape; they are ALL Her's!  Each one of them.

Bree realizing that Samantha does not see them as human, rather as actual "insects" {So HOT of you Goddess Lucy} yet loves her even more for it, even at her own peril, shows just how much Samantha is God to her.  I hope their relationship continues and blossoms.

Just a guess, are the 40 or so students going to wind up pizza toppings or thrown in her mouth and swallowed alive?  Perhaps a game of 'stay on my food wrapper-plate and per 'chance' get picked up and eaten with the pizza and cookie or jump off my food wrapper-plate and 'definitely' get smashed-eaten'???

I am excited to find out what you, ha hum, Samantha does to Bree's two bullies.

Another excellent chapter {swallowing the train is hot, too bad only two students on it} leading up to a lunch for the ages.

Oh, the explanation of hundreds of thousands of bug sized students for Samantha to crush is a very well done detail.  Bravo Goddess Lucy!!!

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 11 2018 1:59 PM Title: Chapter 1 - The Exchange

Nice story! Thank you for writing it!

It seems Samantha is really good at crushing tiny's, but not as good as Lucy of course ;)

Wouldn't she soon have crushed the entire school? What will she do then?

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: April 10 2018 10:10 AM Title: Chapter 5.5 - The New Power Couple

A really nice set up chapter.  I can almost see the Spalding tatoo on the next chapter to come {volleyball reference}.

The way Samantha traps her tinies is always so exciting, such as the way she is holding the train with her fingers wrapped around it to prevent anyone from escaping.  Samantha literally holds their fates in her hands; what a display of absolute power.

I love how you always throw in a tiny getting squashed or swallowed so nonchalantly by Samantha.  It's like an ongoing joke that spices up every chapter.

It was a big sigh of relief that Samantha repreived Bree, and even better that they are hitting it off and share interests.  That adds a human side of Samantha that makes her tiny classmates seem farther removed from her world; the difference between people like her, humans, and her schoolmates, bugs.

If I may humbly beg a favor of you Goddess-Lucy, I posted my first story "Rachelle's Sweat Pads" I would be greatly honored if you were to read it.  You do not have to, that goes without saying; but I am begging you to please, please, please take some of your precious time to read my story.  I would not be offended in the least if you said "NO!" and left it at that Goddess-Lucy.

Thank you calling me "pathetic little insect" in your last reply.  Hopefully you feel such is the right circumstance to use "insect" appropriately when refering to me Goddess-Lucy.  Thank you!

Reviewer: geeman Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 09 2018 9:25 PM Title: Chapter 5.5 - The New Power Couple

Pretty good. I'm enjoying this. Bree and Samantha make a deadly pair, I think together there will probably be more killing than if it were just Sam on her own.

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: April 09 2018 4:20 PM Title: Chapter 5 - The Crushing Climb

Incredible!  I just read your next chapter, "New Power Couple", at Deviant Art as You Commanded Goddess-Lucy.  It is a terrific set up for your lunchroom chapter. 

I don't want to give away too much here, especially since you were very clear with your command for us to go read your amazing work at D.A.  With that in mind I will say no more here at this time regarding the next chapter, though I did leave a comment for you there.  I hope it is to your liking.

BTW, you never have to thank me for doing as you cammand Goddess-Lucy.  Not simply because you just don't have to; but the truth is it is my honor.  Perhaps I should not be saying this, I have an Obediance Fetish, maybe Obediance Cumpulsion is more like it.

If you don't mind me asking, I understand it's just easier to write "bug", but do you ever call tinies "insect"?  It's simply a matter of opinion, I know, but "insect" seems more demeaning than "bug", as though you would have less respect for an "inect".  Actually, no respect at all for an "insect".  Again, it's probably just me and my imagination.

Thank you again for another great chapter Goddess-Lucy.

Oh, I might be posting one of my own stories soon, finally.

Author's Response:

No problem, I'm glad you're enjoying my stories you pathetic little insect <3

I actually do enjoy using insect sometimes, but bug is easier and insect has a feel you just need to get right. 

And don't worry about talking about the other chapters here, I just finished chapter 5.5 on the same day as 5 so I wanted to wait before posting it here, so I can stay on top of recent stories for longer ;)

And good luck with your story!

Reviewer: tokubetsu Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 09 2018 8:37 AM Title: Chapter 1 - The Exchange

I have created a Deviantart account for the express purpose of commenting on and viewing your glorious works, goddess. Thank you for creating an extra avenue by which we may witness your glorious skills. 

This story is continuing to be a wonderful experience. The ease with which she crushed the winner of her competition should be enough to prove to any bug that she is superior to them in every conceivable way. 

My humble request is that she could deliberately dirty up her shoes on the way to/from school and make it the job of her classmates (if you can call the bugs that) to clean their undersides with their insignificant little tongues. Maybe she could spit some gum out there and really tread it in to give them a truly insurpassable obstacle and a potentially deadly hazard. 

I look forward to any further additions, my goddess. 

Author's Response:

She IS superior to all of them~ they should learn to love their queen though. 

And I'm glad you went to such lengths for big ol' me~ so sweet. 

Hopefully I can give you what you want soon enough in another chapter~

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: April 08 2018 10:36 PM Title: Chapter 5 - The Crushing Climb

Another great chapter.  I am in a bit of suspence however, what became of the gym teacher trapped between the wall and the heels of her gym shoes?

I agree with the previous comment, the winner getting squashed as Samantha casually walked out is a sexy display of her power.  I noticed you did something similar in the last chapter when Samantha licked up a boy and swallowed him without care.  It's a behavior of Samantha's that brilaintly highlights her power and tyrany, LOVE IT.

A question, did Samantha crush the eighty students under just one foot or both?  I ask because you wrote "Whoever doesn't reach the top is going under them" towards the beginging, then "Samantha's foot landed with a thud...", then "...put her full weight on her feet...".  Believe me, it's fantastic either one or both feet; I'm simply trying to imagine what your vision is because so far it's pretty hot.

Two other things.  I did as you asked{???  Hmmm, as YOU COMMANDED sounds better, but perhaps that's just me.} and went to Deviant Art and commented on "Homeroom Havoc" that you posted {under HERToering}.  I hope that is what you wanted from a bug who wants under your feet ; )   

Second, thanks for calling me "little bug" in you responce to my last comment.  That was very kind and extremely hot of you. : ) 

Author's Response:

No problem, bug~. Thanks for another great comment. And for doing as I commanded (you're probably the only one so far to actually listen).

As for your comments. Samantha doesn't really crush teachers, if she did they would have all been stomped on by now, her main prey are all her classmates. Though she did have a little fun trapping the gym teacher between her shoes, he looked just like a cornered ant!

And Samantha is pretty great with her shows of power, she is the Queen of the school after all. Every bit of torture she deals out barely takes any effort. 

As for the feet thing, because there were eighty of them climbing that would take up both of her feet, but if I was giving detail I'd primarily focus on one. 


Reviewer: dalespale Signed [Report This]
Date: April 08 2018 7:19 PM Title: Chapter 5 - The Crushing Climb

I love that she casually crushed the winner on the way out. There's nothing better than a merciless giantess like that. 

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: April 07 2018 2:26 PM Title: Chapter 4 - Warming Up

DAMN!!!  What a fantastic story.  I have to be quite honest, I don't know what's hotter, your incredible story or you calling us bugs and tinies in your intros.  I think it's the later.

Your writing style is very nice. Aside from a few grammatical errors, repeated words, and the paragraph spacing that throw off the easy reading flow of your story, your writing is quite good.

My favorite line, Chapter 3: "it only got worse for them as she pulled her gigantic panties out of a wedgie and covered them with it, sealing them in for good."  SO HOT!  True I'd rather be IN the wedgie, being stuck in the back of her panties is a close second.  By the way, did she take these panties off for gym class?

All I can say is please keep this story going.  Or as Samantha's Bree would say "I HAVE A GIANT FETISH AND YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST I'VE EVER READ!!! P-PLEASE KEEP WRITING GODDESS_LUCY_tinyCrusher!!!"

Author's Response:

Awww, thanks so much little bug~. I honestly love how detailed your comment is, and I'll try to work on those things you mentioned ;)

I'm glad you're loving the story, and lucky for you I was just posting the next chapter. I hope you keep reading, and keep up that lovely praise you're giving me~.

Hope to hear from you again. Thanks! <3

Reviewer: Starlord73 Signed [Report This]
Date: April 01 2018 12:17 PM Title: Chapter 3 - Locker Room Doom

Great chapter this story is one of the best i’ve Read in a while

Reviewer: WootJimbob Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 30 2018 5:31 PM Title: Chapter 1 - The Exchange

Loving this story. Its like all the nanos exist to just to amuse her. Can't wait to see what she does during P.E., and would love to see more later with her Mary Janes.

Reviewer: ssdfc12 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 29 2018 11:11 AM Title: Chapter 3 - Locker Room Doom

I am really enjoying this story. Expecting poor little nanos to be drowned inside her gym socks and shoes, looks like she is not gonna hold back during this PE lesson and work really hard.

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