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Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 24 2018 8:26 PM Title: Chapter 7

Loved it! Perhaps some of that 6-inch ravishing with sister-in-law Karen is in the works? Either way, I’m hooked and can’t wait to read what’s in store!

Author's Response:

There's more in store.  I need to cover his wife for one thing, he he. . I'm just very busy with some mundane life stuff right now...  Thanks a lot for your positive words and continual support Johnsmith. :)

Reviewer: smoki1020 Signed [Report This]
Date: April 17 2018 3:35 AM Title: Chapter 1

Don't worry my review will be short!Great chapter!

Author's Response:

I don't mind long reviews, really I enjoy them. :)

Thanks a lot Smoki for enjoying this chapter and voicing such pleasure!!!

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: April 16 2018 3:15 AM Title: Chapter 7

What a thrilling chapter. Right away the reader finds out a little about life in the carrying case. After the Nurse unlatches his door he unbuckled. Nice to know that his safety is thought of when he is in the carrying cage. Knowing, I guess from experience to come out of the cage when called upon or else risk her Gigantic Hand entering the cage to remove him.
Loved the description of the cold metal table and the colossal omnipotent ladies.
Great choices in having the younger Asian lady and the more experienced grayish doctor. I can clearly see these type of doctors in this situation. Nurse Hikiro moves him from station to station talking to him like he was a baby. The humiliation of disrobing in front of her and then her eventually crumbling it in her hand to dispose of it in her pocket really makes you feel small. You could never retrieve it until she decides that you can have it.
The walk to the weigh in and the head idea for measuring were great.
Loved her All Powerful Fingers holding him in place as she probed him. I will definitely read this chapter more than once.
Once he gets strapped in I love how her Gigantic Face smiles when he struggles to try and get free. I am sure it amuses her as she has seen many other tiny men trying to escape. Dr. Johnson is fantastic as he screams and cusses. She calmly reminds him of the fine print. I think she enjoys her control over tiny men on a daily basis.
Loved how Dr.Johnson explains things to him and grins before he is grabbed and dropped back in his cage. Certainly a punishment for his rude behavior. Now he gets to go back to his caregiver. Great wording. As I said, I will read this numerous times. It was a treat. Will he be examined by Dr. Johnson again in the future. I doubt She will as gentle the next time she see's him.

Author's Response:

Hold on, I'm going to go make a cup of coffee so that I can read your review Diesel as I know that it's going to be very indepth! Ha, ha.!   But I look forward to them so I'll be right back! ;)

Ok, reading now....

Ah, yes well I'm very happy that you noticed the little subtle details once again..  I've actually had some people say that I talk about things that don't have a bearing on the matter but I disagree with them.. Everything counts I theorize and am glad that this little theory of mine is validated by your recognition Diesel. :)

I tried to be somewhat generic with their faces giving the reader the bare bones minimum so that they could feel in the blanks within the framework that I made for them..  In other words I wanted the ready to put their own lady from someone that they know in their real lives on the face bases that they had before them..   I don't really like it when the author does all of the work and says something like "She was a Jenneifer Aniston look alike."   That robs the reader of their own imaginations which I think is unfair.. I'll only break this rule when I have a very powerful character to submit though.

I think you might see those two again further down the road as I know that you enjoy these types of scenes as much as I do going off of past experiences. :)

And yes, she does geta sadistic thrill from dominating and inflicting pain or pleasure... The nurse is a complimentary sister in arms too!

Thanks again for a great thought provoking review Diesel!!!  You might want to become a professional for this community on the matter. ;)

Reviewer: Kane001 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 16 2018 2:23 AM Title: Chapter 7

Man I don't know what was worst for John, the anal probe, the rape, or the fact he'll probably never be able to leave. It's like a snowball effect, the situation just got worst and worst and worst. 

Maybe he'll get a big poster for the wall of his cell that they won't look behind for a while. Looking forward to the next installment.

Author's Response:

Thanks a lot Kane...  It's the old adage, from bad to worse that comes to mind.    And yes, he was really put through the ringer this time...  Hence he was pretty broke down when he was carried back to his minder at the end.

He, he. thanks a lot for the review and comments Kane. :)

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 15 2018 10:22 PM Title: Chapter 7

Back to back medical chapters? I'm so used to the random order that I wasn't expecting another doctor to be in this chapter.

So this is the yearly appointment which John has to take. Just so they can check up on him, right? They are monitoring his size and physical conditions to see if anything has changed. I love how they use every...kind of test. Seemed like it.

My favorite scene was obviously when John was tied up with those restraints and then the young nurse shoved her nipple into his mouth to help stimulate his erection. I'm a big fan of bondage, so this was super sexy. I'm not exactly a boob/nipple fan, but I'm sure John is. If that was me, that nipple wouldn't have helped my erection much. A face full of pussy on the other hand will definately get me going. Imagine a giantess pussy ready to swallow you up and you can let escape with all those restraints on you.

Random side note: I love how you reply to reviews quickly. Makes me feel that my review was important enough to be read, and also you give me time to respond to your replies if necessary.

Anyway, I loved this chapter and I can't wait for that neighborhood soccer mom, Mary from chapter 5 to show up again. I bet John's first appearance to her has got Mary thinking of ways to get herself more aquianted. I'm already daydreaming!

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

I understand what you're saying about a face full of love canal... But you gotta throw the breast guys/gals a bone too...  And that's the fundamental challenge that I face with every chapter.. How to give everyone something..   I've realized that you really can't do that and have it make sense so you have to sprinkle the goodies along the course of the whole story.  It's just keeping people interested long enough to hold out for their particular likes that becomes the real challenge...   Stories can be hard that way...  But if you can keep them that interested to hold out then you've beat the boredom odds.

I had not planned on doing back to back medical chapters to be quite honest.. This turned out to be a accident actually.. But yeah, I would expect him to have all kinds of specialists trying to dissect him in various ways if he were indeed cooperating with a goverment research program..

Actually this was his weekly appointment though Tom.. Not his yearly..  You can go back and double check but I do believe I stressed that. he  he.

I'm glad that you liked this chapter.  I might try to change things up some in a couple of chapters from now.  So be ready, he, he.


Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 13 2018 10:00 PM Title: Chapter 1

I literally check this site everyday for the next update. You’ve got yourself a gem right here. Please keep it going :)

Author's Response:

Well then I'm sorry that I didn't deliver tonight..  I've just been really worn out from a job that I'm doing that requires a lot of physical excertion these last few days..   I'll try to have something soon though.

Hang in there John and thanks for enjoying this story. :)

Reviewer: Layston Signed [Report This]
Date: April 12 2018 5:19 PM Title: Chapter 1

Been enjoying this story quite a bit. I love slow shrink stories, how men go from normal height to being handheld and beyond. I know this story isn't following a chronologic order, but I'm loving how with each size change, his family treats him differently. 

Thanks for such a wonderful story!

Author's Response:

Thanks a lot Layston.  I'm not binding myself to chronological order yet still doing it some however abstinius that it may be if you've noticed..  The first few chapters were spurts to smaller and smaller sizes.  Now that's been accomplished I'll be able to jump around anywhere that inspiration hits.   I didn't want to be tied down to a long slow progression which makes sense for many stories out there. .  I'm guilty of it myself (and not that there's any true guilt to be attached here.) but wanted to break out of that mold for a change and  have been very happy with the liberation that it affords.

I'm sure a creative writing instructor whould have fits when they saw what I was doing here, but writing out of the box never stopped guys like William Burroughs now did it? Ha, ha.

You are very much welcome Layston and please do not be a stranger to comments to upcoming chapters in the future. :)

Reviewer: smoki1020 Signed [Report This]
Date: April 08 2018 4:10 AM Title: Chapter 1

Good chapter!

Author's Response:

Thaks a lot Smoki!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 08 2018 3:56 AM Title: Chapter 6

Hmm. Haven't read this story in a while. Just read chapters 3-6.

The mother in law chapter was nice. She established her role as being dominant and also convinced John to keep their new relationships status as a secret.

Then the sister in law chapter was just an improved version of her mother. She got an amazing ass scene and I loved how she was grinding on John on that couch. While the mother used more seductive words to control John, his sister in law was more physical. I like that, especially a mix of both words and actions so this was nice.

The escape chapter was by far my favorite chapter. Even though it didn't have any sexual situations with the family, I am intrigued by the mother of those 2 girls. Her initial reaction was of shock and soon after she composed herself, began fondling him, I assume to make sure he is real and to convince herself of that fact. As she dropped him off, I love how attached she was to John and her reluctance to let him go while also being careful of making sure he is returned safely. I would love to see this mother again. I think her name was Mary, what a nice name. I forgot most of the other giantess names but not Mary. She is special to me. I hope next time, she decides to have some fun if she sees little John again. She gives me this vibe of a sexy wife who misses her husband and would love to have John as a someone or perhaps soemthing to fill that void in her life. You said she was a soccer mom and I think John could be a stress reliever for her.

Then the doctor chapter. I liked this scene. Not as much as the mother of the 2 girls giantess, but this woman knows how to tease. She uses her sex appeal to seduce John and try to make him spill his secrets. I bet he will tell her about his sexual experiences and even do the same things to him during therapy.

Overall, of the last 4 chapters, the young soccer mom stood out to me, probably becuase she seems like the giantess that I want to please. She is busy, hardworking and has to raise 2 little girls. I think she deserves a tiny man to satisfy her and I would love to see John fill that role. Also, it could be that we haven't seen her sexual interests, but only her maternal instincts to rescue him and that's what attracted me. If she does get a sudden interest for John, I hope she is one of those horny women that decide to use John for her pleasure in secret and perhaps hide him from her husband if he is present. I'm not interested in her little girls, just the mother.

Since these are excerpts, I doubt suggestions or ideas affect this story since you already have a list to write about. My idea would be that when John is about 2-5 inches tall, the young soccer mom might put him down the front of her panties and hide him there. That's my dream, but I assume you already got plans so I doubt that idea will make it in this story.

Anyway, I'm glad this story got a lot more chapters since I last read it. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

I'm sure if the circumstances presented themselves she could always make a surprise cameo again, he he.

I didn't really see the sister being an improved version of the mother however, I actually saw it as a contrast between a mental war and a physical one that each different lady would present for John.  Or at least that's why I was tring to convey.  Whether I succeeded or not is another story indeed. ;)

I liked the escape chapter more than any other too..  I did it to remind the readers that this is not just a suck and fuck fest.  I'm actually trying to write a story (however fragmented the style may make it appear to be)..  And if the readers are only hear for the sex then there will be a few chapters that might truly turn out to be disappointments for them.

As for the doctor or any other chapter that comes along, I'll try to give a different slant on his predicament and those details may or may not be as tantalizing to some of the readers but we can't please everyone all of the time so why even try I figure.

The next chapter might take a bit as I'm going to have to wait and see what situation hits my mind as "truly screwed up" next...  I'll see what comes along because I'm not even sure at this point..  I wish I could say that I'm several chapters ahead and I've got it all worked out but I don't...  Perhaps that's how I'll keep it more spontaneous and orgainic?  Who knows, he he

Thanks a lot for the chapter reviews Tom.. They help me see my chapters even more clearly if you can believe that or not. 

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: April 07 2018 5:01 PM Title: Chapter 1

I'm rooting for his mother in law, but regardless this story is very very promising.

Not like you didn't know already given all the comments, but still..

Author's Response:

Well I wouldn't count her out by any means as she is a main character in this story so just hang in there Rooto and I'm sure she's bound to make another appearance soon. ;)

Thanks a lot for the comments as I truly appreciate them. :)

Reviewer: ColdAtlas Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 07 2018 4:33 PM Title: Chapter 1

First his sister in law and now his doctor? I'm starting to think losing your height is ALMOST like winning the jackpot with girls....that still see you as a person of course.

Author's Response:

He, he, he... Yeah I guess in that respect that puts a good light on his predicament..   I suppose there's a positive way of looking at everything..  I'm glad that you've found it too ColdAtlast! :)

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: April 07 2018 12:39 PM Title: Chapter 6

Love how it starts out with them complaining about being grabbed at will and then Dr. McPherson just reaches in and grabs Shiela. Later she comes back for the shoe. Love how she plays with it between her thumb and forefinger.
Dr. McPherson is a sexual lady who can bring pleasure or pain to get what she wants.
Loved her comment saying I'll be back to collect you. Then when she returns she just lays her hand out flat. She doesn't ask him to climb on, she expects the little man to obey her.
She is a sexual lady. She can give pleasure or pain to get what she wants. Will there be another lady who will give him a needle or a rectale thermometer at some point or both?
Love that his wife has a carrying case for him. Simple, logical and demeaning all at the same time.

Author's Response:

Well we haven't gotten to the medical exams yet Diesel but we will get there rest assure. ;)

And yes, a caryin case would be all of those things which I plan on exploring in a future chapter as well.

The thing about the shoe just seemed like something that might naturally happen as demeaning as it would from John's point of view as sometimes people do and say things without thinking of the immediate ramifications of those actions.

Thanks a lot for noticing the little gems that I sprinkled throughout this chapter Diesel! :)

Reviewer: Kane001 Signed [Report This]
Date: April 07 2018 9:55 AM Title: Chapter 6

That's some powerful theropy. I wonder how his interactions with his family will be when he reaches on inch.

Author's Response:

Probably not... Well he'll have to cross that bridge when he gets there, he he.

Powerful therapy indeed though I agree. ;)

Thank you very much for the comments Kane. :)

Reviewer: 003 Signed [Report This]
Date: April 01 2018 8:01 AM Title: Chapter 1

Very nice, news? 

Author's Response:

What news?  You mean update?

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: March 31 2018 4:07 AM Title: Chapter 5

I certainly don't expect you to put out a chapter every day. Steven King doesn't go at that pace. I was just trying to infer that I enjoy your writing.
I also don't read stories for the sexual parts of the story. I prefer the stories that are about being small and the way people treat you when you are smaller. They treat you as you are less important and often humiliate you and treat you as if you don't matter.
Loving it,

Author's Response:

Yeah I know that you weren't expecting that Diesel..  I was just putting that out there for everyone but didnt' really know how to articulate that so left it open ended.   So not to worry. ;)

I'm very glad that everything doesn't have to be a orgasm fest for you as I suspect it does have to be for some others too!!

Thank you Diesel as always. :)

Reviewer: smoki1020 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 31 2018 12:39 AM Title: Chapter 5

the chapter was fun, maybe he could have ask to the mother of two girls for help or a ride to sheila house. 

Author's Response:

Yeah but then they'd want to let him in for his own safety and his plan would probably go astray once again.  At least that what I had him figuring. ;)

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: March 30 2018 7:33 PM Title: Chapter 5

I can hardly wait until he is in the lab. Having him get needles and maybe a thermometer or something else in his behind would be cool and humiliating. Love Nurse's taking charge or having their own sadistic fun. For as you say, his own good. Nothing like an anal probe in the morning when you are 4 inches tall.

Author's Response:

Oh the lab scene will rear it's ugly head rest assured Diesel..  So please have patience with that one, he he he.

And I think the size that I had him pegged at for that particular scene was 3.25 inches. :)

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: March 30 2018 7:24 PM Title: Chapter 5

I don't think the Mother would have beat the girls to him either. But she didn't have too. If the girls were not there, I think the Mother would have grabbed him herself. Her footsteps would have covered too much ground compared to his tiny legs.
I am greatly enjoying your adaptation of the ISM. I look everyday for it. You have such a grasp on characters and how to make things so lifelike. It makes me feel like I am there.

Author's Response:

True.  Very true.

Making you feel like you're there is my primary goal... That's why details are so important.. As are emotions and mental thoughts of the characters involved..  

I spent a lot of time on this chapter and took my time with it as well..  I don't want to risk over exposure here so ask that you please forgive me if chapters are not submitted every night.  I do have another chapter ready to go though which will explore another aspect of the psychological side of things..

I also didn't want the story to bog down into a sex fest every single chapter either as this would make it very one dimensional..  So hopefully people can bear with it when he's not having his organ drained, he he he.

Thanks again Diesel!  :)


Reviewer: logan9 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 30 2018 6:58 PM Title: Chapter 1

Love where it is going. I like how he got to interact with the enviorment ouside the house. Thanks for another addition!

Author's Response:

I'm glad that you liked the scenery.. I seldom if ever hear about it and now it might interact with the main shrunken protaganist..  

Thanks a lot for appreciating that and voicing it too Logan!!!  :)

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: March 30 2018 6:13 PM Title: Chapter 5

An exciting chapter. I understand his trying to get away but there are so many people and animals to hide from. So many mini adventures and dangers.
Having the Mother eventually spot him sealed his doom. He never could have escaped from her. Having her lackies run and capture him was easy. She need only raise her voice to get him in her hands. Loved the girls wanting to keep him. They will always wish they could have kept him. I was wondering if Mrs. Pedraison would be home? I wonder how she might have disciplined him once the Mother handed him over and mentioned where he was. Cool chapter.

Author's Response:

I decided to end the chapter and not go into that scenario with the Mother in Law (but the thought of her catching him and those reprecussions did definately float through my mind) because I had busted over 4000 words for that chapter and didn't want to risk straining people's attention spans anymore than I probably already had done...   Usually I stop at around 2500 words per chapter so this one was really long.

I think she couldn't have beat the girls to him even if she tried though.. That being the girls main driving ambition at that moment. 

But she did the next best thing and allowed her daughters to do the leg work for her literally.

Thanks again for your thoughtful and indepth analysis of this story Diesel.  It's wonderful to know that some people are definately paying attention which makes me extra cautious now, ha ha ha.!

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