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Reviewer: redcars Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 07 2019 6:31 AM Title: Chapter 11

Just my new fav now. I enjoyed everything from start to finish. So lovely written no more hot written and it was just pure bliss to read. I enjoy the most when Ashely just turns someone and then ignores him totally I also liked the ending how he thought he was free and then just turned over into another sock.

Reviewer: mikeesan Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 05 2019 11:13 AM Title: Chapter 11

Just fantastic...

Reviewer: pete445 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 05 2019 6:53 AM Title: Chapter 11

Outstanding chapter. Just wrote down two parts I saw a little typo, no big deal though:"I am your God," Ashely with a very sadistic toneHe rarely say daylight anymoreYes I would love more chapters like this from some random guys perspective and it like this, it was sooo gooood. But dont just make Ashley diappear or not be mentioned I totally liked it like this how he has his parts too.Thank you so much for writing. And again structuring your plot so damn well. This story is totally the best. Or Ashley is just. That pest problem part with the religions at the door was sadly soo damn short Would totally enjoy another turned into tiny pest plot. But the ending also was so good like the entire sock idea. And how he has pain everytime Ashely was walking and the smell was terrible for him and literally swallowing the sweat. A bit too little gaging of him about it haha.

Reviewer: Gogblo Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 05 2019 1:29 AM Title: Chapter 1

that part with the god and bugs Iam your god was awesome but everything else are truly a god. of writing.

Reviewer: arselover Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 04 2019 10:55 PM Title: Chapter 11

Dude!!! I did not even register towards the end of your last sentence, asking about it, that this was a flashback. What a wonderful idea. Lol I really did not register it. I was a bit confused later at the end because of the college parts and I was like.. wait a minute. And the house part too with the parents and Ashely not living in the college flat anymore. Now it all makes sense. So this story playe like 2-3 years before the mains tory I guess? I really enjoyed that. One thing I want to say dont do any flash forwards though. I wouldnt want Ashely to be older actually as in the main story. I also like this out of a person who gets transformed perspective and then mix it during the story of Ashely coming around and then write it out of the transformed perspective. This is so hot. So yes, totally do more of these. I wouldnt mind to find out some flash back plots too where Ashely was between 13-17 or so before he went to college, and in the main story he is 19 I think right. I have so many fantasies honestly you already did a few of them so amazing in your chapters. Maybe a toilet paper transformation where someone became a single sheet of toilet paper and Ashely wiping with it of how the shit smear rocks over his tongu as the sheets surface. Then maybe Ashely doesnt look properly while letting the spilled sheet fall and it falls over the toilet onto the floor, flushing leaving. Some dead silence. Then another boy enters notices the toilet paper with a disgusted look while pissing and aims his dick to the side spalshing piss over it for 2 seconds. The toilet paper totally just a transparent shit stained yellow thing, with a hole where the piss stream hit it, the person totally in pain. The sheet would dry over two days and baking with the toilet floor, like you know how it couldnt get removed anymore and they are totally baked together. And it rot there for weeks looking up of boys taking shits and piss. Then maybe one teen cuming and a cum fotnain splash on it too. Maybe the cleaning lady then casually wipes the floor and the paper rolls into a dirty looking paper ball, but still remains next to the toilet. And then another day a boy steps with his sneaker on it, it glues with a wet smaahsh into the boys sneaker treat, and then again drys in there. And the boy then steps into dog shit later. Wiping off his shoe on rgass the little paper ball dissolges, and then is eaten by a dog maybe even too, becoming made into dog shit. I had this "circle" idea once with things getting worse and worse and worse of bad luck. I just enjoy really nasty and cruel concepts the most.

Reviewer: camehere2 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 04 2019 10:24 PM Title: Chapter 11

I have to correct my last review because. This chapter is totally now the best chapter of the entire story. From the bgeninnung to mid to end part. There was nothing I did not like. Seriously... the only thng which could even had made it a bit better if you had Bucky even go through hell a bit longer during his suffering, crying and all but that was just a minor thing. This is now my favorite chapter of you ever and mostly the best you ever wrote. I totally enjoyed this perspective and the best was how Ashely didnt reacto to his please he was just an object now, a sock, and Ashely didnt care.

Reviewer: gtsfan91 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 04 2019 9:46 PM Title: Chapter 11

Oh just saying I think the 3rd person narrator totally fist perfect for this story, dont change it Or at least for ever. I thing the all knowing one fits so much better than a I perspective for this kind of story :-) Did not see any mistakes too.

Reviewer: gtsfan91 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 04 2019 9:44 PM Title: Chapter 11

Was hoping for an update on this story and you did not disappointed XD Totally amazing chapter. I don not want to say as usual because all of them are special. Thhank you for writing. I really enjiyed the sock theme too.

Reviewer: fatal15 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 04 2019 9:21 PM Title: Chapter 1

Would love to see some stories from other people’s perspectives.

Reviewer: Gogblo Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 03 2019 4:45 AM Title: Chapter 10

mosty the best of the story so far. just wow. hot hot hot. Hope to see this continued obviously. I would like to see more like this just awesome.

Reviewer: Gogblo Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 03 2019 4:44 AM Title: Chapter 9

what an amazing chapter. I just love this Ashely guy so much.

Reviewer: Anonymous--Friend Signed [Report This]
Date: March 16 2019 2:19 AM Title: Chapter 10

I think Ashely's powers could be also used remotely. I mean, I can imagine a situation in which some dude after being a troll to an unknown guy in internet, is then manipulated and transformed before being transported in front of a cute sexy boy, realizing he was the one he was bothering … then, as Ashely started to explains the situation with his wonderful cruelty, the guy then suffers the last part of his humiliation, by realizing his new purpose on life by being turned into something “special” for Ashely’s fun XD…

Reviewer: Anonymous--Friend Signed [Report This]
Date: February 05 2019 1:59 AM Title: Chapter 1

"I'm such a nice person..." ... wow! That's phrase, that inner thought of Ashely is simply delightful, an amazing insight of how he sees his playthings.

I’ve to say that the chapter 10 has been one of the best tf stories I’ve read, I usually prefer inanimate transformation scenarios, but this one was a real pleasure. I love how you stablish characters, with their own proper motivations, this makes the transformation process and the realization of their new reality something extraordinary to read, one can actually feels their emotions and their shock and above all, the exquisite cruelty of Ashely’s.

The victim just screams "why??!!"... and the only reply Ashely gives them is “I was bored” or a "Why not? XD" ...

I just love how he treats them, with that joyfull naturalness, mixed with a sense of indifference that actually accentuates his cruelty… I like to think on, what would a person think with the power to turn others into any objects on them? It would be better to consider them as useless individual rather than useful items? I mean, like in chapter 8, one could think that all was some punishment over Tod, but at the end, when Ashely explains his simpler reasons the whole story acquires another tone, a better one XD. or like in chapter 2, when he considered it would be rude to ask Daryl if he minded getting him a hot dog, turning him instead … that was so great… It is like whit the delivery guy, when his transformation was to make something useful of some guy who has none importance as a person to Ashely.

But you show us how that’s is not a mere utilitarianism from his part in which people are just mere potential objects, but actual “playthings” in which their utility is related with the mood of Ashely, which recognize the trauma and pain of his victims and delights in it at the same time it doesn’t implies the great del for him.

As I say it, exquisite XD    

I love clothe transformation, but that implies some idea of having a tf person around for some time, and one of the things I enjoy of Ashely’s tf is the almost immediate dismiss on his victims, turning them into just disposable momentary things (with some exceptions, as the toilet guy X/), so instead of having some guy as his thong (which would be awesome XD), or using some random guys as new insoles for his sneakers, I can imagine him more using a pretty girl in some restaurant as a Q-tip or as toilet paper, just because he needs it, but also, having a really good time by turning some annoying fella into a pimple and enjoy on his pain at the moment he squishes him. Or some dude as a candle during a blackout, a great opportunity to make other “improvements” in some other people XD


For his physical appearance, I have imagined him sexy and petite, something like this .. However, with black hair, not blonde… for some reason I imagine Sammy being blonde, but not Ashely. However, I imagine Ashely whit a mischievous look in his face ….


Reviewer: clubby88 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 30 2018 1:15 PM Title: Chapter 10

thebest chapter. incredible hot. pure hot. through and through hot. I read this just today and I loved it. the only thing I would maybe liked more was if you put more cruelness into the tfed guys that they suffer and hate everything. I wold also like to see if they become a body part or object not to die or fade away, they stay but cant say anything. and g through just a nightmare. especialy here being a penis and vomit out Ashely body fluids every day is so damn hot.

Reviewer: redcars Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 18 2018 3:07 PM Title: Chapter 10

I also loved Ashely making this guy who was not even gay his bitch how he whispered and throat fucked him and ugh it was soo so so good. totally the best chapter so far by far far. Ashely is just amazing, how he speaks how he acts, I like him actualy use boys and abuse them in this way and he then doesn't care. would enjoy more chapters in this way.

Reviewer: redcars Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 18 2018 2:53 PM Title: Chapter 10

one of the best you ever wrote. the tf part and him pissing out his mind and how ashley ignored him and was brrr cold... and the vomit cum. and just the masturbate in bed. one of the best you ever wrote. hope you will do more like this in the future. 

Reviewer: adamnight Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 11 2018 11:40 PM Title: Chapter 10

you got me so much with this chapter, penis tf was just incredible, especially the details of his suffering and surprise. the best parts are always the surprise and then ashely just be shut up or ignoring, or im not finished yet, and him ignoring his cruel work.

Reviewer: mikeesan Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 11 2018 11:07 AM Title: Chapter 10

Left you a review on discord. You made my day with this chapter.

Reviewer: arselover Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 11 2018 10:19 AM Title: Chapter 10

thanks so much for this new bj chapter and just the tf is just in my taste. I enjoy raunchy plots the most and scat and watersport are my favs. so good chapter, mostly the best so far? I also found the idea of two people joining into one object interesting, ex and bj together as his penis.

Reviewer: pete445 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 11 2018 4:51 AM Title: Chapter 1

It is purely remarkable how you structure your chapters so well. So many writers on here just rush their stories and honestly, most are complete garbage. I was always a fan of longer plots and I love Stephen King books, they are actually rather long and have long introductions before the true horror happens. And you write in a similar way and I hope you always will stay this way. The whole intro with the kinda asshole girlfriend and the cinema part was so good and fun to read. It just makes the entire plot better. I honestly enjoy you writing longer chapters and delay the good parts. It adds up to the highlights of the story. And it fits so well of Ashely turning into this sadistic monster who also doesn't care or give a shit. I just love how kind he was just at the party and then enjoying being cruel later than even ignoring what he did and just went on with his teenage life, and the fap in the bed was the highlight. I hope you won't close this story too soon. Please don't. I could easily see it have 20 chapters in one year by now, and honestly, it won't get boring or anything. This story is too good to close it. Thanks for writing!

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