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Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: November 04 2018 9:54 PM Title: Chapter 1

So you are taking suggestions for this new alternative chapter, but you don’t want comments in your reviews to reach 75 reviews? Hmm. Kinda contradictory. Lol.

I think you know which idea I kind of want so I’m not sure if I want to make a review/comment about what I want in an alternate chapter.

Also, this wasn’t updated to the most recent page, so I’m not sure if any of the other reviewers will see tour readers challenge. Even I didn’t see this challenge until I was going to ask what’s taking so long with the next chapter. And yes, when is the next chapter?

You also said the most popular choice gets chosen, which is really unfortunate in my opinion. On this website, everyone votes for the same choices for every story. I never win these. Well, I’m not sure about how this will turn out, but I’m excited.

Author's Response: I see the confusion. What I meant was I didnít just want one-word reviews/comments. Iím always open to suggestions, especially yours. But, what Iíll most likely end up doing is reposting the challenge with my next update. Iíve taken a short break to clean up and post a single chapter story in the next few days, then Iíll be back with this one, (and if no one else gives any suggestions, it WILL be yours)

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: October 30 2018 11:50 PM Title: Chapter 1


Of course you can use it! Hopefully, you throw in your own twist to it as well so I can see something new. Also, I would love to see Mrs. Carson have her way with Chris at a smaller size if possible. (Maybe 3 inches?)

Author's Response: I think I can accommodate your suggestion. Check out my Reader Challenge in the table of contents for this story.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 30 2018 4:14 PM Title: Chapter 31

Review 69! Let’s go!

Man, this was a long chapter! I think you could’ve made 2 chapters with this much content.

I think I’m going to look at this chapter again as I make this review. I already forgot the beginning, haha.

What I like about this story, and especially this chapter, was how much the chapters talk to each other. It makes the scenes more memorable, rather than some narrator going “Shannon took Chris and put him in her ass. She held him and then she farted. Chris almost died, but then Shannon took him out.” Yep, much better with actual dialogue.

Loved the scene where Chris just climbed her effortlessly. It shows a new side of Chris that I haven’t seen before. Of course, then Shannon pins Chris right after and there we see the Chris we all enjoy, the feeling of helplessness as Shannon smothers him.

I also, enjoyed the scene where Shannon and Chris are just calmly watching a movie, but Shannon insists they cuddle together. Well, we all know wha happens then. Things escalate and they get kinky.

Then all of a sudden Shannon takes off her panties and I couldn’t help but wonder like Chris, if Shannon was actually going to have sex with Chris. Chris being much bigger now, his dick might actually be decent enough to use. Turns out, it’s too small for Shannon and she just wants to sit on him naked. Nice twist.

Then after Chris was assualted by Shannon’s ass, he leaves and locks himself in his room. I forgot he was 2 feet tall at the moment, so I was initially surprised that he just went to his room without help. Of course, this didn’t last long since Shannon broke the door and decides to shrink him.

I love how the whole situation enfolded. She breaks in his room, and straddles Chris. She basically rides him and scissors him with her legs. Shannon should’ve known how to tie Chris’s hands up or atleast pin him with her legs. A simple schoolgirl pin would’ve worked. Her knees pinning his arms while her butt sits on his chest or face if she desires. That was her one error. She could have pinned him better.

Then Shannon states that only 1 or 2 drops are needed, but multiple drops get swallowed by Chris and we know he is shrinking. I’m kinda disappointed that Chris is shrinking, because he was small for 30 chapters already. I know, 30 chapters.

The only upside to this is that hopefully Rachel’s mom or Noreen get their hands on him while he is tiny too. I know I gave my suggestion when Chris was around 2 feet, but if Chris was in the other giantess’s hands while he is smaller, that would be awesome. Imagine Chris stuck in the front of Rachel’s mom’s panties. Personally, I find that erotic, but then again, it seems to be a long shot. It would be funny to see Chris imagine Rachel and her mom as saviors, but actually they have other plans too.

Or maybe this was all a dream. Hard to predict anything with this new size change and we don’t even know his new size.

Well, Part 1 is over, but I hope part 2 is soon. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Well, your right about a few things: I didnít expect this chapteróor this whole story for that matteróto be so long. What started as a small, multi-chapter story, has turned into a huge novel. The reason this chapter was longer than normal, and delayed, was because I made a last minute change and chose to be true to my word about this chapter being the end of part 1. Basically, I had thought about Chris interacting with someone else while at two feet tall, but I couldnít get my idea to work. This ĒreshrinkageĒ was always part of my plan, and Iím really glad you liked how this chapter turned out. But be ready, there will be a few surprises in the next couple of upcoming chapters (I think youíll enjoy the next chapter particularly well). And I will tell you that thereís plenty of more trouble Chris could to get into....with other giantesses. Check back for future updates. Also, stay tuned for 1 or 2 single chapter stories and review them in the meantime. One other thing Iíd like to ask is your permission to use your idea with Chris and Mrs. Carson with him at toddler size as an alternate chapter. Iíll do a little cleaning up for the final product. Let me know!

Reviewer: Rise8 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 29 2018 8:26 AM Title: Chapter 31

Wow what an ending to part 1. Seems like he got too much of the shrinking potion in his mouth. If he’s about to go micro that will be interesting to see how Shannon cares for him. Likewise if he goes micro that will make exploring Shannon’s body new and interesting for him. If he does shrink that small I can imagine him exploring a landscape only for it to be Shannon’s thong string. Anyway can’t wait for part 2 and to see how all the characters play into this.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Iím not sure if Chris is going to get THAT small, as I like the interactions between him and the giants around him, but itís definitely food for thought. Perhaps I can be more descriptive of the landscapes that Chris explores in his shrunken state, and thereís a lot more trouble that heís going to get into now, I guarantee it! Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, and thanks for reading!

Reviewer: bobbylaws1 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 29 2018 6:45 AM Title: Chapter 31

Happy to see Chris shrinking again. Hopefully he gets smaller than ever! Would love to see him explore the sole of Shannon's foot like a huge open plain or desert.

Author's Response: I will say that what you described is an aspect of shrinking that small that I am a fan of. Right now, Iíll take your suggestion under advisement. In the meantime, I hope youíve enjoyed the story so far and will continue reading and reviewing in the future.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 18 2018 11:42 PM Title: Chapter 30

Ok, being honest. The best part was when Chris was thinking about the other giantesses. I know that right now Shannon is the focus, but I kinda despise her sort of in the same way that Chris wants to escape her.

I love how you mention that Noreen seems like a good choice and I absolutely loved how Chris described Mrs. Carson as a reasonable woman. That makes me excited to see Chris with her!

One thing that stood out to me was how Shannon is collecting times when she had to help Chris. Then she says “you owe me” and I love how Shannon uses that excuse to demand favors from Chris. It’s funny because he needs her and she is independent. So ultimately, Chris has to serve Shannon just to live with her. Hot.

I’m a little sad you mentioned that the conclusion to part 1 is next week. I really want to get to some of the other giantesses soon, and I really am glad you tease me with these thoughts from Chris about them.

You also wanted to know which was my favorite chapters in your story notes and I think you already know my favorite one. It’s when Noreen had Chris stuck in her panties. That was one of the hottest chapters I have seen on this site and I like to reread it here and there. Hopefully another chapter like that comes soon.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Alright, letís take this one paragraph at a time: Iím really glad you liked the foreshadowing of Chris with other giantesses. I figured it would be a good way to keep the other characters in the story fresh since itís been a while since weíve seen any of them. The current chapters are meant to give you insight on just what kind of person Shannon is: manipulative, sensual, playful, teasing, etc. so simply want to drive home that sheís not some fat, ugly women whoís taking care of ChrisóThereís really nothing sexy about thatóshe is someone who is attractive in her own right, or else she couldnít get Chris to do anything sexual with her. Itís her personality that Chris hates, and I want to impart those feelings onto the readers. I hope that gives you a little insight to her character: her role is the ďdomineering giant womanĒ. As for saying that the next chapter is the end of part 1, donít take it to mean itís going to be months before another chapter; far from it! Itís meant to several purposes: 1) Itís a separation between the two halves of the week in the story 2) The writing style of the next half of the story will shift a bit: thereís going to be some jumping back and forth between Characters as how they pertain to the main focus of the story. 3) Iím still actively writing this story and will still post regularly, but I also have some shorter 1-off stories that Iíve been working with on and off for the past few months, so keep your eyes out for those and review them as well. Iím really glad you liked the Noreen interactions. That particular scenario is one of several apparently ďuniqueĒ scenarios of mine that Iíve rarely or never seen at all on this or other similar sites. Trust me, I have several more unique scenarios coming up in this and other stories, so keep reading. I also want to personally thank you for reading and reviewing my story. Itís nice to get feedback you know if people actually like what I post. Otherwise I might feel like Iím wasting my time. So, in a nutshell, thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for my other stories.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 09 2018 5:38 PM Title: Chapter 29

You’re right. This is a steamy chapter. However, I’m not sure what the big deal is that Shannon has Chris in her pussy. I’m pretty sure it happened before so I was kinda confused that Shannon was enjoying this moment a bit too much.

I like that Chris is growing a bit faster now. At 6 inches now which makes him the perfect doll size to play with.

I’m glad you went from Shannon being gentle to Shannon getting aggressive. I thought Shannon being gentle might be fun, but cruel Shannon is so much more sexier. I love it when a giantess gets sexually agressive.

Will there be other giantesses involved with Chris before he reaches 2 feet, or will he be stuck with Shannon until then?

Anyway, I love the chapter! Kinda worried that you forgot about this story. Will there be an update this Friday? I hope so. Otherwise, I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: So before, Chris was only 1/2 inch tall; this time he was 4 inches tall, then growing to six inches. Quite the difference! Also, Shannon was able to convince him of some things she hadnít been able to before. Six inches is a fun height, one of my favorite aware heights! Thereís a couple things Iíd like to do. For this story, and as of right now, this is more alone time for Shannon with Chris, but there just might be another giantess that shows up. I went out of town for a long weekend, so my update came a little late. Iím currently working on the next chapter; Iíll post it as soon as itís finished!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 28 2018 10:59 PM Title: Chapter 28

This was a good chapter, although, I wished Chris grew in this one too. I was thinking Chris would grow faster so he can reach those sexy sizes, but I guess it will take longer.

The back and forth banter between Chris and Shannon was good. I liked how Shannon wants Chris more sexually involved and is very creative on how to lead him him.

I really liked the lotion scene where she moisturized her body one part at a time. I easily pictured he hands in motion, rubbing and gaining pleasure.

We’re the chapter updates always a week long? I feel like they used to be twice a week and now it’s once a week.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the next few chapters!

Author's Response: Yeah, I was fully expecting for Chris to grow back a bit faster as well, I guess I had a lot more to pack in these chapters than I initially thought. I normally shoot for about one chapter a week, though there were some times in the past I posted 2. Though currently, since Iím writing in real time, sometimes these chapters take longer. Once Iím finished with this particular story and the subsequent alternative chapters, Iím gonna try to finish some one off stories to post while I work on the next multi chapter story, and I wonít start posting chapters until probably close to halfway through that way I can stay on a steady posting schedule. In any case, enjoy this time with Chris at these Heights, itís where all the fun aware stuff happens!

Reviewer: Rapha455 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 23 2018 1:28 PM Title: Chapter 27

Good job on both story and sexual foreplay!
Can’t wait for more!

Author's Response: Well, stick around. Thereís plenty more where that came from!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 21 2018 3:38 PM Title: Chapter 27

Overall, a really good chapter.

I’m glad you mentioned the size changes, not just his new size, but also which size he was before. I think one of the most underrated parts is when Shannon said Chris was the perfect size for putting him in her cleavage. The part where she says “perfect size for”. That phrase just makes me excited.

The shower scene was good. Liked how there was special attention on certain body parts and I loved how Chris was fearful of her crotch and ass.

3 inches is about finger size, which is my favorite size for a giantess to interact with a tiny. Big enough to play with, but small enough so the guy can’t fight back and small enough to fit inside some steamy places. If Noreen finds Chris at this size, I might melt.

Before i get carried away, I think I should end the review here.

I can’t wait for the next chapter and hope that another giantess shows up before toddler size. (One inch a day seems to take forever).

I am curious how Chris will wind up with another giantess. The transition of slipping Chris to Noreen was amazing, but I’m not sure you can top that since it was fantastic.

Author's Response: Iím glad you liked Shannonís playfulness in this chapter, but obviously, thereís more yet to come. I know everyone has thoughts about where the story is going to go; all I can say is ďprobably not where youíd expectĒ. There will definitely be more giantesses in the story, so be prepared for anything to happen, while still expecting more fun! As always, thanks for reading!

Reviewer: wisecrack3 Signed [Report This]
Date: September 18 2018 10:01 PM Title: Chapter 26

Oooo, I'm excited for the next chapter, hope Chris decides to willingly play in her Australian Jungle

Author's Response: I can tell you that the next chapter will be long and detailed. Does that help?

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: September 17 2018 2:37 AM Title: Chapter 1


When you say there will be more of the vore narration, did you mean the vore or the narration? Because I’m honestly not a fan of vore, but it was the style of writing and narration that I liked. I see it on giantess videos too. I prefer a giantess say what they are going to rather than them actually doing it. Something sexy about a woman just teasing like that, each idea just messing with a tiny guy’s mind.

Author's Response: Oh, I meant narration in general, not just vore. Furthermore, I like having aware scenarios at the 1-6 inch heights: it allows a giantess to be sweet and playful, yet still tease at the same time. This is something I guarantee you WILL SEE in not only the next few chapters, but several of my other stories as well.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 15 2018 4:05 AM Title: Chapter 26

Wow, I completely forgot about Sue Ann. I don’t think I care much for her anymore. She was a good memory while it lasted. The reminders help, but I think it might be more interesting if Chris has memories of other giantesses besides Shannon or Sue Ann. (I can’t believe I’m saying this, haha).

Chris’s love for feet feels very strange. Sure, he is bigger, but I don’t get how a little size boost just makes him like Shannon’s feet like that.

All the vore fans must have gotten a kick out of this chapter, I mean, that was pretty incredible. The use of the 3rd person narration right there. Shannon just teasing Chris about what she might do to him. I wish more stories would do this. If there is something that a giantess thinks about, but isn’t willing to do, I would love to see her express her ideas, either to the audience, or even better, the tiny guy, which is why you did. I love this type of stuff.

Also, if Chris is going to grow up every chapter, could you mention how tall he is? I believe he is 2 inches now, but I’m not sure. This helps me imagine how Chris interacts with a giantess.

Anyways, glad to see you are back. I see the next 2 chapters are with Shannon, so I’m hoping Chris gets some more action for other giantesses soon.

As for suggestions, hard to say. I loved that Noreen workout chapter and that is hard to beat. There is the toddler size coming up, but we know that will take a while. Hmm. I guess I would suggest that another giantess has some fun with Chris before he reaches toddler size. But if Toddler size is soon, then I wouldn’t mind.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Iím glad you liked the vore narration; I think it cements just how much Shannon likes to tease Chris, plus I think there might be more of this in later chapters. Iíll try to do a better job of detailing how tall Chris is at each stage, as it will be important for the next few chapters. There will be other giantesses besides Shannon in the rest of the story, I just have to get there: gotta keep the story interesting. I canít put everything into this story, but remember, Iím still planning some ďalternative chaptersĒ once the story concludes; plus, this wonít be my only story. I have a few more multi-chapter stories and short stories for the future, so follow me on this site to be kept in the loop. As always, thanks for reading.

Reviewer: flashbat78 Signed [Report This]
Date: September 07 2018 11:54 PM Title: Chapter 25

this is great what next for Chris trap in a other woman pussy with out her knowing he in ther and a why from Shannon

Author's Response: Oh, thereís still lots of trouble for Chris to get into. Still lots of story to go!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 07 2018 4:01 PM Title: Chapter 25

Yes! You are back!

So Chris has begun to grow. We don’t know how fast, but I hope he has some fun with other women at this size other then Shannon.

For me personally, all these Shannon scenes might mean that another character might come into play soon. And if Shannon using using her feet to play with Chris, maybe the other giantess will use something else.

I know other readers will enjoy this and probably the next chapter, so I can’t wait until after that and maybe Chris will grow into more fun sizes for these ladies to play with.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: What I can tell you is that there still lots of playfulness to be had; there are lots of new sizes for Chris to go through. So, if I happen to miss something, donít forget I can always add an alternate chapter once the story is finished. Iíve got at least three in the works, possibly more, including the one you wrote with Rachelís mom. Stay tuned!

Reviewer: mimiru888 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 20 2018 5:38 PM Title: Chapter 1

Well my primary interests in giantess stuff is unaware stuff and butt stuff, so the ending sets it up perfectly; Reminds me a bit of my so far unfinished story aswell lol

Keep up the good work and just roll with the punches, it's your story, write what you like!

Author's Response: Thanks for the vote of confidence! If you like butt and unaware stuff, try reading ďCalling Sister from the BackdoorĒ. You can find a link to it in my favorites section! Oh, and I think youíll like whatíll happen in this story in the first part of the next chapter! 😉

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 20 2018 4:34 PM Title: Chapter 1

Hmm. Chris is growing....interesting. Now that's new and something I can look forward to.

If Chris is growing and you are only going to include a few chapters, what sizes will you write about? If you are still deciding, I like the 3 inch, 6 inch, toddler size(2ft?), and child 3-4 foot?.

I don't think I ever actually consider Chris's size before and I forgot how small he was. I think his size now is a little too small for my taste, but I'm glad you didn't mention it too often so I could imagine Chris at the size I would like to see him handled and that is 3 inches or the size of a finger.

At 6 inches, well he is a perfect human dildo so that's soemthing to think about.

At toddler size, I think it would be funny to see Shannon carry him around and also sit on his lap a lot. I don't know why, but it's soemthing that I have gotten into lately. A sexy woman just sitting on a guy's lap and her butt/thighs just cover his legs up completely. She can grind and gyrate her hips and use him as a cushion. She doesn't even have to be naked, I just like this position.

It could even be a nonsexual thing. Maybe Chris as a toddler would sneak into Rachel's house and find a cushioned single seat arm chair and he sits on it. His legs don't stick out or dangle, they are on the cushion. Then Rachel's mom casually walks in the room, turns on the tv, and sits comfortablely in the chair. She has a small top on and is wearing tight fit jeans that are just ready to burst from trying to contain her body. She has no idea she just sat on Chris. Now Chris isn't completely sat on, but he can't see his groin or legs as they have disappeared under Rachel's mom's butt. In front of Chris is her hair and her back. She hasn't leaned back so this gives Chris some space to look around. He can't move since his legs are pinned. She flips through the channels and finally finds her favorite movie. Then she scoots her ass back and Chris's hips are now under her. He can't even twist to move now. Then at last she leans back and presses Chris into the sofa, her hair shrouding him in darkness and the smell of her hair surrounds him. Chris hopes that she doesn't notice him so he refuses to ask for help. He tries to stay still despite the enormous pressure from her ass. He can feel his legs slowly getting numb and doesn't know how long he can handle this. During parts of the movie, you can tell she is getting excited because her butt begins moving in circles. Chris thinks it must be a romantic movie. He can feel a boner beginning to harden and he hopes that she cannot feel it or there might be trouble. Chris begins to think of random ideas to get rid of his erection, but it is no match compared to the physical dominance of the ass that he is now trapped under. Then all of a sudden, she gets up. Light enters Chris's eyes as he sees Rachel's mom leave his sight. Chris makes a silent prayer thanking whoever is listening for he is finally free. While he was trapped, he did slightly enjoy it. Chris reached for his dick and began to rub one out. Then Chris heard footsteps and they were approaching his way. He just had to get up and hide next to the chair, that's all he had to do. Chris tried to stand up, but his legs failed to move as they are still numb. Chris admits defeat and lies still on the arm chair again hoping she doesn't see him. He got his wish, she didn't see him, but instead another nightmare is about to continue. She stops right in front of him and her butt is facing him, almost teasing him. Except this time, she was naked. Chris's mouth dropped. She bends forward to grab the remote and Chris can see her ass stretch and expand before his eyes. She stands back up and then she begins to sit down again. Chris uses his arms to pull his body as far back in the chair as possible, but still this mom's long legs let her ass reach him. Her ass lands on his legs again, but this time his thighs and dick are free. He is stuck, but not limited. She resumes her movie and she is moving her hips along Chris's shins and ankles. With a great view that he has, Chris begins to finish his masturbation to this experience. Just moments before he was about to explode, her ass slides back to him and plops on his groin. Chris's dick is now bent to the side just aching for release. He can see it just trapped under her left ass cheek and he see the tip sticking out. Chris reaches for his dick, hoping to relieve the tension in his body, but almost on cue, Chris watched as her ass just rolls over the rest of his dick covering it completely. He tries to buck his hips, but as a toddler size, he can't create any motion without the help of Rachel's mom. The pressure was subsiding and Chris thought maybe he wasn't going to explode after all. He could feel his dick slowly begin to soften. Chris then hears moaning on the tv and got nervous. The ass in front of him began to move. His dick was getting hard again. Soon her ass was rubbing Chris very quickly and Chris thought he was he was going to blow his load right now. But then her ass raised up a little and Chris saw his dick aim straight up. "Oh no" Chris thought, and almost in slow motion, he watches as her ass descends right on his lap and his dick enters vagina. Chris immedialty began to panic, wondering if she felt his dick inside her, if he was going to explode inside her, or if it was possible that he could get her pregnant at a toddler size. He did not want to find out and hoped for the best by staying still and thinking of random stuff he hates such as history. While Chris's mind was in panic, his dick was in heaven, ready to explore the fine cave it was in. Chris could feel his dick was harder than ever, but being at a toddler size meant that his member probably wasn't too big for Rachel's mom to notice. Usually he would feel sad, but Chris was relieved. Now he just had to control his arousal which was hard to do when your dick is stuck inside your best friend's mom's vagina. Rachel's mom was enjoying her movie. She loved watching romance movies where a female lead had her way with a guy that she likes. It made her horny and today she felt extra wet, but she wasn't going to complain. It just made the movie that much better. She watches as the female protagonist pins a guy's head between her legs in a school girl pin and then she slides her butt on his face and begins smothering him, bouncing her ass on the guy's face. Rachel's mom wished that was her. Chris then saw the ass in front of him move up and down bringing Chris to the edge. Then she raised her butt a bit higher and Chris's member was free of her butt. Her ass came down and flattened his dick, causing Chris to explode with most of it landing on the side of the arm chair and on Chris himself. Barely any landed on Rachel's mom which he guess was lucky. Chris was exhausted, but Rachel's mom wasn't. She continued to grind on Chris despite his worn out penis feeling very sore. Chris winced as his sore dick was enduring another beat down, but he was surprised he was getting hard again. Then she stopped everything. Chris froze in place. Did she feel his dick this time? Chris felt a hand grab his numb foot and soon he was dragged out from under her and held upside down by his ankle. Chris was eye level to her knees and had to bend his neck to look at Rachel's mom. Boy was he scared. He is now at her mercy. He could see a look of digust on her face. "You're a perverted little guy, aren't you?" She claims. Chris said nothing out of complete shock. Rachel's mom glances at the tv and gives him a sinister smile. "Well, I got the perfect punishment for you". She turns Chris around while still upside down so he can see the tv. He watches as a man is licking between her legs and it looks like he is also tied up. Chris is turned back around to face Rachel's mom. She then wrapped one hand around both of Chris's ankles and raised him until his head was level with her hips. Then with her free hand, she placed it on the back of Chris's head and guided it toward her lower body. Chris turned his head in protest, but Rachel's mom was persistent and turned his face toward her pussy. She pressed his face into her vaginal lips and held him there between her legs. "Lick." She calmly instructed. Chris refused again, but knew he would suffocate if he refused a third time. "If you don't lick now, I will force you to lick and keep you down here all day. And I'm sure we don't want that now, do we?" She said in a sexy tone. Reluctantly, Chris began to lick and she began to moan. She would let Chris have a few seconds of air and then she would drive his head straight back into her crotch, almost wedging him inside. Chris's hands couldn't stop her but were pestering her enough so she took her hair band and tied Chris's wrists together making him helpless. She placed her hand back onto his head and held it there. Rachel's mom began to rock her hips side to side, closing her eyes and listened as the woman on tv moaned in synch with her. Rachel's mom relished the feeling of Chris against her and wanted him to please her all day. She then clamped her thighs around Chris's head and she released her hand from the back of his head. She then reached down and grabbed her tight bra from the floor without losing her grip of Chris and decides to put them on. She moved Chris's ankles inside her cleavage and with the bra on, Chris was dangling from her boobs. His ankles fit so snug between her boobs that she could let Chris hang from them. She released Chris from her enourmous thighs and Chris found himself slightly swinging. He looked up and noticed that his feet and ankles have disappeared in between Rachel's mom's breasts. She began to swing her hips forward gently and soon Chris was moving away from her body and then back toward her pussy. Every time he swung back to her, his face would collide with her vaginal lips and Rachel's mom seemed to be doing this on purpose. She then reached down and picked up a pair of panties with an elastic waistband on it. "This should be fun" she thought. With her hands free, she began to put the panties on, dragging them up her legs. Soon it reached Chris and he saw the panties stretch over the back of his head and his world began to darken. Rachel's mom lifted her panties over Chris's head and let the waistband rest along Chris's neck, forcing his head into her crotch. Chris heard the elastic snap agasint his neck and his face kissed by her pussy lips. He tried to move his head back, but the panties were too tight and held him snug against her. Marveling at her work, Rachel's mom watched as Chris began to struggle. His feet held by her bra and his head was inside her panties. And the best part was that her hands were free to continue her day. She sat back down on her cushioned arm chair and smiled when she heard Chris emit a muffled groan, vibrating her pussy. Rachel's mom closed her thighs around Chris's head and now placed both of her hands on her panties, gently pressing Chris tightly into her. Just then, she heard a door open and heard Rachel's voice. She couldn't let her daughter see her like this, so without getting up, she grabbed a blanket and covered her and Chris up, hoping this disguise would work. Rachel walked in with a disgusted look on her face. "Mom! How many times have you seen this movie? If you want to be pleased like that woman, then please go out and find a real man." Rachel's mom smiled back. "Oh, don't worry honey, I found someone." Rachel had no idea. "Well good" Rachel responded. "It shouldn't be that hard with that kind of body you have mom. By the way, have you seen Chris lately? I'm worried about him." Chris tried to scream but his voice was muffled. "Did you hear something mom?" Rachel's mom then crossed her legs silencing Chris. "I think it was just the tv dear and I'm sure Chris is at the moment. Why don't you go out today? The weathers nice." Rachel smiled. "You're right mom. I think I will. Ok, I will be back soon." And then Rachel left the house. Rachel's mom threw off the blanket and checked on Chris. She lifted the waistband of her panties and looked at Chris's face. It was covered in her vaginal secretions and she could smell it off him. It smelled lovely to her but for Chris, it was awful. With his breathing blocked by sticky fluids and his hands tied up, he stuck his tongue out and began licking around his mouth. Rachel's mom felt a small moment of pity for the boy, but once she saw him lick her juices she laughed. "Mhmm. So you enjoy this! At first I thought you hated this, but now I see your true perversions. I think we both could go for another round. What do you say?" She teased as she lowered Chris's head back inside her panties. "Wait!..." Chris shouted as his head vanished into her panties and his face agasint her crotch. "Mhmm. Well too late now. No need to resist, you are safe with me all day. I wonder how yoga pants would look on us right now..." She smiled. "Mmpfh!" Chris cried out much to her delight. Rachel's mom didn't need a man anymore. She had Chris, and he is all she needs to fulfill all her sexual desires. He can't fight back since he is too small. His only hope is to grow out of this mess. But until then, he was a pleasure pet for Rachel's mom.

Well, I took my idea way too far. But as you can see, if Chris grows a little bit, there are plenty of new ideas to do with him.

Anyway, I hope we can discuss more ideas while we wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Jeez bud! Thatís not a suggestion; thatís a whole bloody chapter! If I donít use it in the main story, this is something Iíd love to post as one of my ďalternate chaptersĒ. I do want to explore several different sizes, and I do like the dildo and toddler ideas (trust me, I was thinking along the same lines), I just didnít want to string it out too long, but a series of shorter chapters with some fun along the way is a good option. Thanks again.

Reviewer: Bobbylaws Signed [Report This]
Date: August 20 2018 6:43 AM Title: Chapter 1

If you're looking for story ideas, perhaps put Chris at this size in a tiny toy boat while Shannon takes a bath?

Author's Response: Hm, interesting idea. Iíll take it under advisement. Thanks for the idea!

Reviewer: Bobbylaws Signed [Report This]
Date: August 20 2018 4:36 AM Title: Chapter 1

Sorry to see the spoiler.  Was hoping for more aware footplay interaction at that size similar to chapters 13 and 14 before he grows.  Hopefully she will grow at the same rate until he is full size and Shannon is huge. Would let the fun continue. Look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, donít give up hope on any interactions, thereís still lots of story left. Remember, itís only Tuesday and Chrisís parents donít get home until Saturday. And, as I stated, Iím still looking for suggestions, so keep Ďem coming!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 14 2018 2:12 PM Title: Chapter 23

I have to admit. The Noreen passing out and believing that Chris being tiny is a dream is very clever. It is a solution that makes sense and continues what you want in your story.

Although, I could argue that Noreen could demand that Shannon shows Chris, and not through some FaceTime, but from face to face and Noreen could see her proof. Well, I think Noreen wouldn't think becuase realistically it would seem silly that Chris would be shrunk.

I like Chris's thoughts about Rachel. Makes me wonder if her mom would show up soon since Noreen won't be in the picture anymore. Or Sue Ann, that's her name. Almost forgot.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Iím glad you liked the whole ďconvincing Noreen it was a dreamĒ solution. Realistically, would YOU honestly believe that someone had actually been shrunk?! As for Rachel, Mrs. Carson, and Sue Ann; donít worry, theyíll show up, just not quite yet. But be patient, theyíll be there soon enough.

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