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Reviewer: Foxinbox Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 22 2019 1:28 PM Title: Secrets have to be kept

It took me about two days read all the major/minor stuff from you and notsirk and it has been a wild fucking ride my man. This shit is too good to be free my god, good job on this story and keep up the good work

ps I read The subjugation of rambrandt logan and was wondering if that story is in the same universe as this one cause the minors there have alot more rights that in this story so i figured it might just me sometime in the future.

Author's Response:

Wow, you read all of the Mm stories !? In two days ! You read extremely quick !

Concerning the Subjugation, I'm pretty sure it's in the future of this Universe. I guess if Futanari are now a thing, it's probably because someone fucked up with secret genetic experiments or something.

Kind of what I suspect ahppened at the end of the Dark Age to make MAJORS grow so much !

Reviewer: Grandmaster B Signed [Report This]
Date: February 07 2019 6:33 PM Title: I'm angry, yes !

Nice to see whats going on in the background between the Crossover Special by expanding on the characters histories. Everyone still trying to get into Izzy's pants and failing by acting the usual way by treating Minors as pets/items with no say in any matters.

Wondering if Alejandro might lose it one day and just shut out all Majors from his mind even Shannon and Lindsey for acting like they know what is best for him because he is a Minor. Shannon for being a control freak that might end up hurting not just Alejandro but others because of jealousy. Lindsey for trying to "protect" Alejandro like a baby even though she struck him down and still belittles him.

Cant wait and see if Shannon and Mei's plan backfires spleddly on them for trying to control Izzy and use her as a pawn. This should bring them both down a peg and also make Mei realize she is fucking up her chances with Izzy by acting the wrong way, think she already had an inn with Izzy but this might just make her dead last in the running. This also applies to Lindsey and Sabrina for acting like Majors all the time and not as civilized people.

Thanks for the updates keep up the good work.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review !

Sadly, you'll have to wait a certain amount of time for the resolution of the cross over since the Interlude released tomorrow will be the last bit of it for a time !

But don't worry, it'll still add to the crazyness ! 

Concerning Lindsey and Shannon (and the other main MAJORS) it a balancing act because I want them to be sympathetic but also flawed and deeply ingrained in their mainstream culture. They grew uo in a world where linors are seen as prized possession, not really peoples, in the end.

Therefore, even characters like them can't see the minors as their equals. Shannon truly deeply  love Alejandro, but she won't treat her the same way she would treat a MAJOR fiancé. He won't have any access to the inner working of her firms, for instance.

That being said, balancing those two aspects of the MAJORS is actually a main drive for the story and it adds to the reactions Alejandro could have. Je wouldn't have slapped Lindsey otherwise. And it took him a lot of guts : the last time he truly went against a MAJOR, he lost an arm after all.

Reviewer: Cloud Signed [Report This]
Date: February 06 2019 8:42 PM Title: I'm angry, yes !

Still reading, cool crossover with NotSirk. I enjoy a lot of story, with some sexy, thanks.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the endorsment !

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 05 2019 11:54 AM Title: Farewells

Yo! Nice chapter! I'm still reading. Try not to feel to bad about not having much interaction. Believe me people are still reading. I go through the same thing everytime I post a chapter. You gotta do it for yourself first!

Feel free to skip ahead if you want. I think I've said this before but if I haven't, The special is open ended. If I ever do a sequel to MAJOR/minor it will be after Izzellah finishes highschool and after this crossover at least as far as her first trip to New Orleans. I'd love to see what you imagine for these characters!

Author's Response:

Don't worry ! I won't stop now. I mean, I've written the end of Alejandro and Shannon's story on patreon (and thanks to Afroking kind acceptance, I'll post this very short and very kinky story here once I've finished New Lives). 

As for the timeskip in New Lives proper... well, it'll be to move just after the Special time-frame, so nothing too big, but some great game changes are in the plan.

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 02 2018 3:39 PM Title: Nervousness

I just wanted to say that I'm still enjoying the story, despite having basically nothing to say about it for the last few chapters.

The only thing is that I could do is complain that the chapter ended to soon.

Well, at least thanks for writing! And I'm looking forware to the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review ! 

I'm sorry that I can't make longer chapters, but the current length is the one I'm comfortable with... and to add another bad news, I'll probably reduce the number of chapters put out until the end of 2018 !

I'll try to keep up the good work still and I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters !

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 02 2018 6:16 AM Title: Nervousness

Nice chapter I really like how you nailed Izzy's- wait......Izzy's in this chapter?! Oh, shit! You've caught up!! *hits panic button* I  guess I better get in gear! Seriously though message me so we can collabe and I'll do the same! Get our literal stories straight.

Anywho I think you have a frim grasp on my characters! Izzy especially, her contempt for Shannon feels almost like I wrote it. Wonder if she'll ever get over that roadblock?.....No, probably not. Great chapter! Very hyped for this!

Author's Response:

I sent you a note on DA, but overall, don't worry about pushing chapters out. I can push less chapters out of New Lives so you'll have more time. Plus so far, I intent to mostly fill the blanks of your current chapters ;) 

Thanks for the review by the way !

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 04 2018 3:26 PM Title: Shannon in the place - part 1

Awesome chapter! I really hoped we would see Shannon and Alejandro on the bond plane.

I think both of them really need this. Shannon needs to learn to let somebody else to take control sometimes and Alejandro needs to see how awesome he actually is.

Oh and it was also good fun to see Shannon stomping around.

Thank you for writing and I hope you had a nice break.


Author's Response:

Glad that you're liking it !

Shannon's the ultimate MAJOR : bigger, badder, stronger... and it means she gets to rule everyone. And sadly for her and her tyrannic tendencies, she has fallen in love, with a traumatized Minor who needs more care to be handled and open himself than she has ever believed existed in the world (since MAJORS are pretty unimaginative - at least, that's my take on it- when it comes to non-pragmatic/functional thinking). Letting go of her dominance, even a little, is really hard to her, but it'll be quite rewarding for her to do so.

As for Alejandro, he's a badly traumatized and hurt person, a very fragile being in a world of giants, who has discovered that he couldn't live without that monstrously gigantic MAJOR who is like everything wrong with them up to 20. From base 5. ANd yet, he has power over her, and need to realise it and that he must not abuse it. It'll be a part of the future stories.

I'm happy that you enhjoy the Holodek, I mean the Bond Plane ! It'll allow me to play with a lot of various size and possibilities in the future. I think.

Thanks for reading me and my break was nice. The return to work, not so much, I've have a fire in my throat all day, and couldn't bring myself to write anything today...

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 30 2018 5:46 PM Title: The Beaulac Family

What's happened to Shawna is really tragic. Does she even know what a normal life is? It feels like she's been programmed to except what happened to her as normal from practically birth. I wonder what kind of person her aunt really is to do that to an underage minor and I refuse to see Helena as any better. Heavy stuff man! 

Well at least Lindsey gets to see Izzy soon!...And Sabrina. Actually that hasn't really worked out great for little Lind has it? Also I didn't realize Lindsey was only twelve. That actually makes her a few months younger than Sabrina huh? I was writing her assuming she was at least thirteen. I kinda feel bad now. Like Sabrina's been bullying her! Oops!

Author's Response:

Yep, Shawna's been quite screwed by Life. I hope she'll find someone nice someday.

And don't worry for Lindsey, she'll be 13 in a few days, story times 😉

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 11 2018 11:16 AM Title: Friends at home

Who would have thought the news that one little Alejandro has a GF would draw such big crowds. Well at least Lindsey has some protecting friends.

Also nice to see some Sammy character development and also seeing that she can also talk normally. What kind of speech defiecient is she trying to imitate, a Southern accent? (I'm not a native English speaker, so I have a bit of trouble with determining this).

Also, can we get a 500ft Lindsey?

Thank you for writing! I'm always looking forward to a new chapter in this story!


Author's Response:

Well, Alejandro is a non-entity as far as the media circus is concerned. Shannon, on the other hand.... it's basically Bill Gates but young, sexy and female, actually campaigning for the ultimate minority among minorities and acting privately as she profess peoples should act. It's bound to make waves.

Concerning Sammy's accent, I can preview a little bit of the next chapter : she spoke like that because she had a speech default and her dad started helping her, but then had to "take a tour" and came back changed deeply. So she speaks like that to try and rekindle that time she was happier.

A 500ft Lindsey could come in a dream sequence, I guess !

As always, thanks for the comment.

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 29 2018 2:28 PM Title: Sixth Interlude

Wow, Izzy has a lot of sidechicks.

And good to see that Mei is not completely gone.

Other than that, I actually don't have a lot to say other than thank you for writing!

Author's Response:

The truth is that Izzy is in fact a Djinn's past life and that she knows remember how she made the whole world her harem ! *What a twist!*

Mei will make sporadic appearances when we'll finally reach the weeks where Izzy will be in New Orleans. Often, nakedly domineering appearances.

And has always, thanks for the review !

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 29 2018 1:43 AM Title: Sixth Interlude

Oof! Rejected! Congratulations. You actually made me feel bad for Mei...just a little. Hard to do considering I created the character and know exactly how coldly manipulative she's willing to get. Completely denied, in the shower no less, a minor shower! She's trying so hard! Even taking a babysitter job she doesn't need. How exactly did she manage to snag a babysitting position anyway? Scratch that. The real question is how did Ignacio convince Izzellah to accept a babysitter at all?! That is not a conversation that went well for him, especially if it was Gloria's idea! That poor man! Probably played the baby card somehow. That's the only way Izzy woukd accept that bullshit. 

Another great chapter and you write Izzellah well. Really captured her awkward lust and embarrassment! She's just a hopeless virgin afterall. One small mistake though. Iggy and Gloria aren't married yet. They're engaged. Barely a difference I know. That's it. Really just a detail. Reading your story always feels my head with ideas.

Author's Response:

Dam, I'll correct the marriage soon then ! 

Glad you're liking this Interlude, I was kind of nervous, really. I didn't want to mess things up for your Special (of which I can't wait to read more!).

Mei totally made use of her starlker abilities to learn about the Team having an event and of her Perusasion skills to convince Ignacio. But thanksfully, Izzy was able to take her down a peg !

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 16 2018 1:34 AM Title: One, Two, Threesome

Maybe Shannon should start bouncing up and down when she proposes an idea. That way, Alejandro will be way busy with keeping his footing and has no time to complain lol

And it's kind of fun to see how those normals majors don't want to take Alejandro seriously, but completely understand that they are outmatched when Shannon walks in and submit.

I think Lindsey and Sabrina won't be happy with that last part. One of the few perks of moving away from Winton and working for Shannon was no more Mei. But is seems that Mei, uhh finds a way.

Thank you for writing! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Nah, she can't bounce, she would fall. She's strong, but not THAT strong. But it would definitively work on Alejandro, poor guys is just a man, after all !

Concerning her bullying others, I found that the MAJOR society actually allow for a lot of power plays and change of behaviour. They're all hardwired to be those dominants assholes, but also to respect those they can't take on when fighting them is useless (at least I see them like that). And when a Minor is on the line, even a little mouse would jump at an elephant !

Introducing Mei's demands (yes, plural) will be a major plotpoint of the upcoming "arc" with the characters from the Main Story, I hope I'll manage to do justice to NotSirk writing here !

Thanks you for your comment and as always, thanks for your support.

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 02 2018 8:24 AM Title: About empathy... and sex

Shannon might need more therapy. Sex isn't gonna solve everything Shannon. And go easy on poor Alejandro he's had it rough without you relentlessly pounding him in more ways than one! Take a cold shower! That said they have a remarkably strong bond (heh, get it? have I made that joke before?) Although I'd kinda like to see Shannon get trounced by Al in a bond! I mean Shannon does seem a lot stronger than a tier 2 even though she's not tier 3 so who knows if Al's up to that. Maybe she's like a tier 2.5 even though that's not a thing. There are subtleties to bonding who knows? *shrug* I still wanna see it though. Especially with her getting all whiny about it! Izzy's shaking her head at you Shannon! Geez I wanna see that too. Izzy bonding with Shannon? Would Shannon get into the house?!....What am I even talking about now? Fun chapter good work!

Author's Response:

Well you know... Shannon is a twenty-something billionaire, a five plus meters and ton and kind of super-strong because of it, even compared to her size. I'm pretty sure that if she says that sex is the solution to all problems, sex will comply. And if it doesn't work, more sex is obviously prescribed !

Concerning Shannon's Tier level, for me, she is firmly a Tier 2, but her massive ego and confidence is displayed in the way she uses the bond, as a very blunt and overpowering tool. Hence why she freaks out at the idea of Alejandro being better than her at wielding it (and, spoiler, he is! ANd so are Lisa, Izzy, Shawna... well, every minor, really).

And thanks for the praise ! :)

While I'm thinking about it, if you've some rough ideas about a following to Alex After... i've got a kind of itch to scratch there, and I wouldn't want to derail anything :)

Reviewer: BurritoPuppy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 30 2018 7:01 PM Title: Flaunting power

10 out of 10 really good i would read ot again but i have read another one of their stories

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review ! I hope you'll like the rest.

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 28 2018 1:52 PM Title: Flaunting power

So Shannon has a car. Proportionally it would be about 3 times her lenght, so about 18m ( 59ft) long. This basically means Shannon has more of a monster truck to simply drive over the plebs. I'm gonna use the roaring motor in an electric car as proof of that.

And Shannon is kinda right. She is, by their own standards, way above those highschool plebs. They should listen tot her when it comes to minors ;)

I hope Alejandro can recover his brokenness and he gets to bond with Shannon again, hopefully in the next chapters, so we can see what Shannon looks like on the bond plane.

Also, thank you for writing, its always nice to see a new chapter added to this story!

Reviewer: Lord_Magmar Signed [Report This]
Date: August 26 2018 11:34 PM Title: Farewells

This story is honestly fantastic, I love the characterisation and narrative and the fetish stuff in equal measure.


Although one thing that stuck with me and I think would be cool to see more of is stuff like chapter 4, Shannon dominating people totally is incredibly hot. Maybe a side story exploring her more vicious side?


In any case your writing is fantastic and I hope to see more from you.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the kind review !

  1. Truth been told, I'm always afraid that my fetish part are uninteresting and too few while my normal story parts are too boring for peoples. Glad to hear that you like the two equally.

We may see Shannon utterly domination someone like in Chapter 4 once Alejandro and her will have eased in their Relationship. For starter, she wants to do that to Alejandro ! But other peoples may come in.

It's a teaser but... Remember how Waid's son and girlfriend are like Shannon in size (and the woman is just as well endowed) ? Well, the natural progression after a threesome is a foursome, right ?

A flashback story of Shannon wild years... I hadn't thought about it, yet why not ? But don't hold your breath just yet !





Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 22 2018 3:39 PM Title: The Bond Plane

I'd say you got it right. I find it hard to critique anything so far. A very accurate interpretation. I like Hua-Ju's perspective on it too! The bond being something to be reclaimed from MAJORS who have in a way taken control of it. I doubt many MAJORS would say that though (not out loud anyway). Izzy probably wouldn't agree either. She's to grounded in reality and lacks the imagination to truly value bonding. I think this makes Hua-Ju pretty unique so far. Nice to see Alejandro making a real friend. I can't imagine how Shannon would possibly be threatened by a tiny, portly asian girl, but I'm sure she'll find a way.

Also it's kind sad to see Alejandro us still so damaged. Sad. 

Author's Response:

Concerning Lindsey in the previous chapter : you can't really blame her, it's her parents fault ! How did they dare educate their MAJORS children to be kind and considerate toward their minor sibling !? Truly the works of terrible parents ! Now the poor girl is all twisted with morality and care for Minors and other nonsense, ;p

More seriously, Lindsey's kind of a tool when it comes to the usual MAJOR/minor relationship. But it makes her great to point the obvious problems or highlights the good things. In the same time, she is a MAJOR entering puberty, so she likes to fight, she's boisterous and, deep down, really unsure of herself.

Concerning Kris and his family : we will see more of them, well, Kris will talk more about them. But I felt that it wouldn't make sense for him to reveal everything just yet. Just like Shawna'll be more open about her past and her life at some point. 


Now the actualchapter... I'm glad I didn't fucked up the bond here ! I'm also happy that you like Hua-Ju. I wanted to introduce a Minor with great ideas for her people but too shy/not engaged enough to become an ambassador. Of course, Alejandro is kind of alredy that but since he's fiancé to Shannon, he's almost forced to become an ambassador. Plus I thought Hua-Ju would make for a great foil of Izzy : where one is all about the bond and what it allows minors to do, the other is all about the real world and see the bond as something not so great. And I felt that 'Rando needed a Minor to truly learn the intricacies of the bond, so it's a bonus point but he got one of his kind as a friend in N.O. already, possibly Kris, and Samantha (who's like, the Super Alpha of the School, to be honest). He'll be pretty safe now !

As for how he still sees himself as damaged ? At the start of Dance with Fire or even in the 3-chapter Mac Ferlan Incident, he would have been far worse, believe me. In truth, he's already healed a lot, but he needs to make a final choice : either embrace his brokenness and make it something more beautiful than ever before (à la kintsugi) or forge ahead by fundamentaly rejecting this idea. And he's not ready yet to choose either.

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 19 2018 2:08 PM Title: Kris and Vanessa

Ah, recognizing that it is not nice to hijack someone's dreams for personal gain. Lindsey is basically becoming half a minor, another reason I think she should simply rule.

But on the other hand... Kris and Vanessa are such a cute couple and Kris finally has some family he can rely on.

Well, at least thanks for writing, I liked the chapter!

Author's Response:

Well Lindsey has a rather uncommon background for a MAJOR after all, so she's kind of in a minority (eh) here. But as you pointed out, Kris and Vanessa seems made for each other, somehow, at least physically ! What does the future has for them... Decision, decision...

As always, thanks for the review !

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 18 2018 5:32 AM Title: Kris and Vanessa

Lindsey, Lindsey, Litlle Lindy Lindsey. "tsk, tsk" *shakes head*

How are you even surprised. Most MAJORS think like Vanessa. I dare say she's not really even doing anything wrong here at least from a MAJOR'S perspective. Getting upset won't change it. I mean you had to see this coming. MAJORS see minors as property, or at best children to be coddled or ignored. Vanessa's scheme if you can even call it that is more like starter level MAJOR/minor dating. Of course Kris is a means to an end. Of course she'd want to use him to springboard her career! What he wants really doesn't matter much! And hey if Kris comes to like her that's a nice bonus. You know how rare it is to find a minor partner?! Like 1 in 6700! Don't be stepping on a girls courting plans. Snitching to Shannon! Just deck ker once and move on! Vanessa's done nothing wrong. She's just strategically placed herself in an advantageous position to capture a minor mate. Don't be jealous.

Kris has a much sadder backstory than I thought. It makes me wish it wasn't glossed over so fast. I wanna know what his original family was like. Since he was their coping mechanism how are they fairing without him? Back into drugs? Are more of them dead?! Do they get to see him, like monitored visitation? For some reason I imagine someone withdrawing and the first thing they do is search for Kris to hold him and calm the symptoms. That's kind of sweet and dark. Was he a lottery minor? Like Jackpot Johnson? If you don't remember what that is it's when poor families have lots of kids in hopes of having a minor for the sustantial monentary assistance provided by the government. I just think that'd be a nice element. Either way he's more deep than I originally thought. He went from a 5/10 to at least a 7/10 in this chapter. 

Also it's rough to see Alejandro still feel so isolated at school. He needs real friends. Not just a bunch of thirsty MAJORS either. Sorry Lindsey but that doesn't mean you. You're doing great work but you're still his little sister!

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 16 2018 3:55 PM Title: Fifth Interlude

Ah yes, holiday's that are basically busier than working days, I recognize that. Well, at least we have another good chapter to read!

That comment about Shannon eradicating gators when one kills Alejandro is probably a very valid concern. These Gators should proably be added to the endangered species list just because they could possibly kill Alejandro, awakening Shannon's wrath. But she probably isn't as concerned about gators as Alejandro is, she can just sit on one and it will be defeated! Well, now I think about it, this counts for proably most things that end up under Shannon.

But nice to see Lindsey so excited for a change and Alejandro helping her to get the ceritficate. And of course nice that she can directly make use of her training and knock down Alejandro a peg. Oh and uhhm Izzy will probably love it ;)

Lindsey really deserved to have some fun for all the hard work she puts in to be the best self she can be.

Thank you for writing, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter! heh I should really go to sleep now.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review. It was cool to make a fun chapter with Lindsey, I'll do more in the future now that she has revealed her insecurities ! Plus it's funny to see her taunting Alejandro. 

I hope you'll like the regular chapter out today :) !

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