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Reviewer: Slacker28 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 03 2018 5:53 AM Title: Chapter 1: Pilot

Looks like an interesting story, please let me know if you ever consider laking up Matt and Alba again.

Author's Response:

It seems that the series is going well so far.


Yeah, I'll bring it back eventually.

Reviewer: BoozedUp Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 23 2018 8:09 PM Title: Chapter 1: Pilot

Finally something thats above 8th grade reading level, isn't shrink or too short. I just wanted to say I quite enjoy this one, although I skimmed through the original which I do not enjoy as much (magic spontaneous willed growth is not my thing).

One question though, are the tags final? As in, will something new pop up later? Will there be growth of the heroine? Considering the canon of the story, and small (maybe unintentional) allude to it in one chapter it seems like there should be. In any case, cheers!

Author's Response:

Thanks for reading.


No the tags aren't final. It's just what's seen in the story so far. Others will be added where need be

Reviewer: imagin8 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 25 2018 8:34 PM Title: Chapter 1: Pilot

I'm gonna give my most enthusiastic and heartfelt encouragement towards a continuation of this one-shot. I was a massive fan of the original BFG: Angleland, in no small part due to the fantastic bond between the towering Jessica and the courageous Tucker, and their various trials and tribulations. Not only is this pilot an intriguing development many years down the line, but it involves a protagonist who can very definitely shed some light on what happened between J&T ( by virtue of existing, most notably), and could easily stand on its own as a different kind of narrative set in a world that's already established, well-rounded and full of life.

If we're going down a completely selfish route btw; any story that showcases a 9-foot tall, intimidating red-haired girl who seems quite stern, but hints at being secretly quite fair and nice, has my whole-hearted seal of approval on multiple levels, especially when said girl is paired with a relatively small male companion who is both wary of, and beguiled by her. It's a recipe that I think is set up extremely well for your particular brand of adventure, companionship and fairytale drama, and I really hope you plan to write more - there's a decent chance it could become my favourite story of yours by some margin... no pressure though!

Author's Response:

Hopefully it'll live up to your expectations when I get around to writing the rest of it.

Reviewer: lancealot501 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 19 2018 4:42 PM Title: Chapter 1: Pilot

Really like the start up chapter to this story. We seem to have some interesting characters to read about. Are we going to be seeing the return of old characters like the demigodess, nicole, the queen, etc?

Author's Response:

Some old characters will pop up but obviously they will be older. I'm glad that you liked the pilot

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