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Reviewer: johnnyfive22 Signed [Report This]
Date: June 07 2017 7:11 PM Title: Going the extra mile

Great story. I can't wait to see where it is going next. I have a feeling it will be hell for Nick and the boys at Lunch. Love your Chinese stories as well.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Johnny!

Look forward to writing more soon.
My Chinese stories are, definitiely, my favourite to write.


Thank you!

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: June 07 2017 12:48 PM Title: Going the extra mile

Not sure if it's your best ever or not, but definitely one of your best.
1st impression confirmed :)

Author's Response:

Thankos, rooto!

It took me a while to get back to (and probably will take me some time for the next chapter), however, I'm glad it's going smooth so far.

Reviewer: atherfeet Signed [Report This]
Date: June 07 2017 4:29 AM Title: Human Resource

Your stories are always spot on! Nice job for this one too :)

I can't wait to see what happens next, Christine is an amazing giantess.

Author's Response:

Thank you very much!

Glad you like Christine, hoping I can get her to make Nick as miserable as possible >:)

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 07 2017 2:10 AM Title: Going the extra mile

My favorite chapter so far!

I love the spot Christine chose for Nick. All snug up to that tight hole, I'm sure it's better for both of them rather than being stuck under her feet.

I bet Nick is happy that Christine chose to put him down there while wearing a skirt. Imagine if she was wearing yoga pants or tight jeans. He would be pressed up into her. Christine would probably enjoy that.

I like how Isabelle constantly pays attention to her tinies and wiggles her toes often. However, Christine just dropped Nick to her crotch, but didn't think much of it afterward. With Christine's teasing attitude in the first chapter, I was expecting her to maybe pat her crotch or place her fingers on Nick's back to rub him there.

I hope Nick stays down there a long time. Christine is such a great giantess.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Thanks, Tom!

I'm still working out the kinks (hehe) of the characters of this story and how I want them to go. Christine is definitely gonna be more teasing, that scene was just to reiterate just how insignificant Nick, and others like him, are to their giant cohorts.


I'm really glad you're liking it so far. I look forward to writing more!

Reviewer: Odysseus Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 06 2017 9:20 PM Title: Human Resource

Great story so far as usual. I'd love to see Christine out Nick between her butt cheeks though.

Author's Response:

Thanks, Odysseus!

That'll be some ass in-store for Nick. 

Reviewer: methodman Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2017 4:53 PM Title: SWOT

Great story so far, the office setting is a nice touch.

Author's Response:

Thanks, method!

Office settings are always great to do.

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2017 2:33 AM Title: SWOT

Great stuff

Author's Response:

Thanks, Adam!

Sorry about your Steelers :P

Reviewer: Sg20855 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2017 12:29 AM Title: SWOT

Great second chapter, loved the interaction between nick and Christine, especially the way she talks down to him. I also love the female dominant/feminist aspect and hope to see more of it. Great follow up, keep up the good work.

Author's Response:

As always, thanks for the comment!


Christine domination of Nico is going to be a joy to keep writing. 

Also hoping to get more feel for the world by bidding upon the feminist laws and logic throughout. 


Really hoping to capture, not just Nick's despair, but that is all men when I'm finished. 



Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 26 2017 9:01 PM Title: SWOT

This writing is amazing! I love how you portray Christine and Nick. Christine is this dominant, smart, confident woman and Nick is fearful and intimidated by this woman.

Christine enjoys the power she has, not just becuase of her position in society but also becuase of how this world has empowered women to the top, giving Christine control of the conversation.

Nick however, is treading water, living in this world where any mistake will cost him dearly. Can't believe what he once said while being drunk has caused him to lose his position and be shrunk.

What makes this story interesting is the dialogue and how you describe the thoughts of both characters. I enjoy reading about Christine's ideas on how she can use Nick and I like reading about how Nick fears Christine and how he doesn't want to be picked by her.

What lured me to this story was the insertion tag since it's what I'm interested in. However, this writing is good enough that I should enjoy this story even if insertion isn't present.

I think Christine is a giantess that would benefit greatly from Nick pleasuring her. She can continue her work while keeping Nick in her panties or soemthing. (Just a suggestion.)

I like the dynamic with just Christine and Nick. I'm not sure if adding Isabel and her tinies would ruin the story, but who knows, you have proven me wrong with this fine setup so far.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Thanks a lot, TS!

Really glad I'm hitting everything i want to hit as far as style, pace, and process. 

Dialouge really is key in the way i write to help get a character's personality across. So glad that's going well. 


The insertion tax well definitely be used, sorry about the lack thereof so far. I like to prelabel my stories, so that can be a bit annoying if that content isn't there. 

As far as introducing Isabele and her men, I'm hoping to show how other women treat their men while keeping Nick and Christine the central plot. 

Thanks so much for the well thought out and indepth comment!


Reviewer: christiawi9 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: January 26 2017 5:59 PM Title: Human Resource

Love your work, man. The settings and events are always so good and interesting. Really enjoy when one group gains undue power over another group so the feminist dynamic is simply brilliant. Wish more stories used it.

Author's Response:

Thanks, C9!

I always appreciate the comments. 
Group power(I'm not sure what teh proper term would be) stories are always my favourite; completely agree that I would love to see more stories utilize it.
I'm hoping to fit more of the current-day feminism stuff in the story and build upon things that way.

Anyways...glad you like it! 

Reviewer: daftpunk Signed [Report This]
Date: January 26 2017 5:22 PM Title: Human Resource

Love your work! 
I'm wondering how much of a fan of unaware giantess you are? I'd love to see a lot of that kind of stuff!!
For example something unaware related to christine's habit of chewing on things or perhaps barefoot trampling as she taps her foot at her desk while concentrating. Maybe the protagonist stands too close to a 'stress toy' on her desk and is grabbed and squeezed.

The office setting is great XD. Everyone can relate. 

Author's Response:

Thanks, daftpunk!

I'm not too into unaware things, but I like what you mention. I could foresee Nick become an insignificant sidethought to Christine and mistakenly grabbed ;) 

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: January 26 2017 1:00 PM Title: Human Resource

Maybe it's just because because I'm a sucker for Christine's attitude, but this definitely looks like your best 1st chapter so far. Wow!

Author's Response:

Thanks, rooto!


Excited to write more.

Reviewer: Sg20855 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 26 2017 12:27 AM Title: Human Resource

Another good premise for a story. I think it's interesting to have the feminist dynamic added in to this female dominated world to see how that will play out, don't really see that many stories that incorporate that. Hoping for some good F/m foot related content as well, this story looks promising, I'd love to read more.

Author's Response:

Thanks, gq!

Really excited about the opportunity to develop this world. 

And you definitely know I'll have plenty of foot stuff, haha. 

Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 25 2017 10:09 PM Title: Human Resource

Love the setup and dynamic. Can't wait to see their relationship evolve and perhaps discover new characters and their little men...

Author's Response:

Thanks, John!

This is definitely a world i plan to expand and show off. 

Looking forward to getting it written. 

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