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Reviewer: Charmer Signed [Report This]
Date: May 30 2017 9:59 PM Title: Chapter 21

As great as always CoalWhite! I liked the last part. And Eric getting beaten by a little girl, that part got me laughing. Just how unfit was he? Haha, hope you update soon. Have a good day.

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 11 2017 8:20 PM Title: Chapter 21

"My people are peaceful." A female Elder rapes a female human, and Bret's younger sibling used a human to make up for smallcock. Keep in mind, Elders are totally ok with slavery. 

Eric getting beaten up by a little girl... flashbacks of Arya and Joffrey...

Eric is in denial, and its so obvious Delicate isn't too far off with her conclusions. You can't really blame her for not believing Eric. What Prince would ever be found with an Elder? Do Elders even have a noble class? Eric could have chosen his words more wisley. And he's had this coming.

I wonder of he'll ever be honest with himself? I think he'll only understand if Tor herself said as much.

Author's Response:

I missed you! So glad to see your review. And it was Larson, not Sawyer, who used a human to compensate. Larson is Tor's top-hand. As for Elders having a noble class, not really. There is a central government, but it isn't open daily like ours is. And it's mostly comprised of elected representatives from the local provinces/towns when it does open/convene.

Eric may never come out of his denial, but we'll just see! There is more to this story that has yet to be written. ;)

Thanks again for your review. I always am excited to see your thoughts brought to the table.

Reviewer: mullac Signed [Report This]
Date: May 11 2017 3:35 PM Title: Chapter 21

I'd have loved to know Larson when he was younger - filling out a guy's bulge sounds like a fun way to spend a day!

And ooh yay! More sex scenes! I had feared that last chapter would be the only explicit thing we'd get for a while at least, I'm happy to be proven wrong!

Author's Response: Haha!! You're welcome. As for knowing Larson... maybe that could be arranged through an RP. ;)

Reviewer: tinykev49 Signed [Report This]
Date: May 04 2017 12:28 PM Title: Chapter 20

Loved the sex scene with the tinies!! Please more of that!!! :)

Author's Response:

There will be more! Promise. ;) I'm going to fill out all the tags I've got on the front page. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 02 2017 8:18 PM Title: Chapter 20

Eh, I won't read male Giant content. It's just... very, very off putting to me. I'll allow others to judge.

Awww, Eric's actually in love I think. I thought he tolerated Tor's behavior because of some misplaced sense of freedom. It would appear he truly has feelings for her. Whether or not it's just for her looks is yet to be fult seen.

I think Tor does have a measure of affecfion fof Eric, not to the point Id call it love. But I coukd see her kissing him, but never out of true love or anything like that. I don't know if there is a word to describe what she feels. But then again, she has killed for him.

Author's Response: Not everyone's taste runs the same as mine. So I have no problems with you not reading that section of content. There will be solely female smut scenes in the future. Eric's affection for Tor is genuine, as is hers for him, even if there aren't any clear labels for what they're feeling. I'm glad you reviewed! I had begun to fear I lost you! Haha Thanks as always. <3

Reviewer: mullac Signed [Report This]
Date: May 02 2017 1:16 PM Title: Chapter 20

"Aaw yeah! The description says sexy stuff! At last!"

*First scene is a castration*  

"You motherfu-"


> She wished there was a way to capture the moment. But she did not have an artistic bone in her body. Any attempt she might make to draw the scene would have been futile.  

I see what you did there. I see you. That image is pretty cute though, so I may just give it a go if you really want ;)


And oh my Gawd that sex scene! I have no idea where to start! Which part to draw? I may just do a series of drawings for that, although I'll have to skimp on the colour to get them done in a reasonable time!


This was a super hot chapter - it has everything: vore, cuteness, giant couples (my favourite type of scene btw!), and even a castration, which I guess does it for some people.

Brilliant stuff, keep it up!

Author's Response: Ha! Thanks! Your review had me rolling. I'm so glad you're enjoying my story. I would love to see that fluffy little scene of her watching him sleep. Although that sex scene... I am so looking forward to seeing your work at it!

Reviewer: mullac Signed [Report This]
Date: April 17 2017 5:57 PM Title: Chapter 19

A nice little calm chapter, with some Eric-backstory thrown in - I liked it! :)

Also, I'm working on another piece of fanart for you, but it's taking forever because it's basically 3 pictures in 1!

Author's Response:

OOh... Yay, more fanart! You are such a dear. In trade, I'll do a written comission for you. Any characters, it doesn't have to be mine. Any situation except scat and watersports. Just let me know what you want!

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 16 2017 10:02 PM Title: Chapter 19

"My people are peaceful." So your race chose to begin speaking another language specifically to foster peace... so before that, I don't imagine there was peace.

Eric logic: Tor eats a doctor and his assistant? Eh, I'll tell her it's not cool but other than that I'm content. Tor eats like a dozen guys just doing their job who really didn't have a choice? Eh. Tor attacks every thing with a face in some way? Eh. Tor kidnaps someone? Eh she had good intentions for ME. But his father's wives don't like sweets? YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PERSON, THE ABSOLUTE SCUM OF THE EARTH! LUCIFER CRINGES AT THEE FOR THOU DOES NOT LIKE SUGARY FOOD! 

In all honesty without Tor, I guy like Eric probably wouldn't last anywhere. I mean, who else but Tor could stand him for very long?


Author's Response: Haha!! You just can't beat the logic of a 17 year old boy. And yes, Tor is immensely patient with Eric. That's why he's survived without the luxury of his father's home is because of her patience. Thanks for the review! It's always appreciated.

Reviewer: Simpson3k Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: April 09 2017 7:07 AM Title: Chapter 18

Very well written and intressting plot but i have to admit i was dissapointed to only reach one accidently aproach to the southern region of tor (her pussy) and some g-rated breastplay in 18 chapters while placed alot more kinky tags into your story information.


I mean its ok when not every story out here is filled near burst with sexual interactions but then those stories shouldnt include more tags then, gentle and giantess, perhaps fantasy aswell.


Or was the short mention of antie junes chaireating butt the reason for the butt tag to your story info.. or perhaps the mentioned butt of the horses?


I actually hate such missleading informations. And so readed 18 chapters about a giantess story with butt in the tags without even ever got the main giantess butt mentioned. The description of her ended at her waistline...


Not funny

Author's Response: As I said in the beginning of the story, this is a story with some smut. Not a smut with a bit of plot. I am going to fulfill all the tags. It will just take time. All those fun tags will be filled out in detail.

Reviewer: camehere2 Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 05 2017 8:35 PM Title: Chapter 4

interesting plot

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 02 2017 9:51 PM Title: Chapter 1

This is one of the only stories I have actually "followed". I really hope you keep writing after this. Especially in pre-Modern time periods. Kind of the only reason I keep checking this website periodically. Fantastic chapter as always.

Author's Response:

Thank you! I am flattered that you come here specifically for me. I appreciate your steadfast readership. It means the world to me.

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 02 2017 9:48 PM Title: Chapter 18

"My people are peaceful." Allows a massive stallion to bleed her brother. Keep in mind how hard it is to get good medical care in this time. And how much bacteria is on Idiots teeth. Also has killed countless humans by kicking them across a camp. It's not so much the reason why but it's Tor's disregard for life that speaks volumes for her kind. Her brother doesn't seem to fond this outlandish, either.

Jason will not forgive this. I hope he doesn't do anything to Idiot. Speaking of which how does a horse hate a certain gender? Seems like a bit of a problem of you want to sell it:

Tor: "So he's about nine years old, strong, and fast. Great endurance, you would be remiss not to buy it."

Buyer: "I love it, it would be a great gift for my brother!"

Tor: "Oh... you mean a man would ride Idiot?"

Buyer: "Yes why?"

Tor: "We don't have a refund policy just so you know."

Author's Response:

Haha! Yeah, good thing she doesn't plan to sell him, but use him as a breeding stud. 

As for bleeding Jason, probably not the brightest ideas. She does have Eric, a very vulnerable little human, to look out for. And now she's pissed off what could possibly be his biggest threat. We shall just see what happens! 

Thank you for your steadfast readership of this story. I am truly flattered by it. 

Reviewer: Naoru Signed [Report This]
Date: April 02 2017 9:27 PM Title: Chapter 1

Now here comes the characters I wanted to see so much!!While Eric hasn´t interacted much with them, I trust he will in the future ;)

I like Mick the most, even if he is a wuss. I hope he gets to redeem himself in the future, because he do cares for Tor, and that´s nice. I actually kinda liked either Thomas or Brad, im not sure, the one who said that she got a pretty mare and a nice stallion?maybe because he actually seemed to at least appreciate the horses?those two are still a mistery. And Jason. Fuck Jason, even if it was pretty stupid of Tor to do that, since she has Eric to look over for. She should try to have some kind of tense cordiality at least instead of open warfare. Not that I can blame her for hating them but its still the wiser thing to do.

Author's Response:

Yeah, anger tends to cloud the judgement. It's one of Tor's faults; her temper. Not the brightest, but she let Idiot have a bit of revenge. ;) lol Thank you so much for your review! I hope the reveal of her brothers was worth the wait. There is definitely more to come in the future. 

Reviewer: tingle01 Signed [Report This]
Date: April 02 2017 4:24 PM Title: Chapter 18

Now, Mick totally seems like the type who gets easily bullied, doesn't he ?

As for what Tor did, well I find it obvious that Jason is going to come back to get back at her... and Eric will be the target of his revenge. No matter what angle I look at this, it definitely wasn't a clever thing to do...

She's going to need some sort of leverage to use in the future against her brothers if she wants to guarantee Eric's safety if she decides to stay at the camp.

Thanks for the chapter !

Author's Response:

Oh the things her brothers will do... I'm glad you enjoy my story and am flattered you follow it so faithfully. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: mullac Signed [Report This]
Date: April 02 2017 3:25 PM Title: Chapter 18

I wasn't expecting an entire 2 paragraphs from Idiot's point of view! It didn't reveal much that we don't already know, but it's very interesting to see how he bears grudges (quite like his owner, I guess)

It's quite sad that Mick is obviously the meekest of the siblings, yet even he gets more respect from his brothers than his sister. It's nice to see that at least he does care for her, in his own submissive way. I hope good things happen for the little wuss.

I find it a little odd that Tor is so defensive towards her oldest brothers, even telling them to stay away from her, yet she still seems to follow them? I realise they're at a show (I think?) but maybe she'll ditch them after it's all done. Or maybe she stays for her twin, IDK.

I'm glad you liked my fanart over on Deviantart. I have plans for another one, but work is a priority, after all!

Author's Response:

Cowards rarely have happy endings in westerns, just remember that. ;) Only the bold thrive. As for Tor, all her reasons for staying will be revealed. We've just about reached the halfway point in the story. There is going to be a lot more fun to come in chapters ahead!

Thanks for your review. I eagerly await more fanart from you.

Reviewer: Tigernach Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: April 02 2017 12:20 PM Title: Chapter 18

I'm still with you, enjoying every word... There are so few writers who can turn a GTS story into a western, demonstrating a knowledge of the old west traditions and life,  while mixing it with another genre completely, and making it all work. The lack of respect for women, in the case of some men, (her oldest brother, among others) and the resulting aggressive defense on Tor's part help to make the story more real to me.

Keep up the good work... I'll be here following along.


Author's Response:

Thank you so much! Your reviews are always flattering. I'm glad you're enjoying my story so much.

Reviewer: tinykev49 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 29 2017 1:30 AM Title: Chapter 12

I hope she catches and eats the little humans!!

Reviewer: tinykev49 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 29 2017 12:37 AM Title: Chapter 8

Very good so far!!!

Reviewer: tinykev49 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 29 2017 12:23 AM Title: Chapter 7

She should have laid the little man on her stomach to sleep for the night, They both can feel the 2 men in her stomach. :)

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 28 2017 9:50 PM Title: Chapter 17

"My people are peaceful". Proceeds to allow a massive stallion to bite people. Not that they did anything to deserve her anger like her brothers. Also assails her twin, her only good brother thus far. And placed Eric in her mouth, him knowing she has killed about a dozen people in a month with it.

I think that little joke Tor pulled was good for Eric, however. He needs to keep himself grounded. Her male protection, how pompous. He has to understand what he is now, and consider it. 

I do hope Tor gives Eric a good view of the brawl.

Author's Response:

To be fair, she did warn everyone except her brothers' stablehands. And she sees them, rightly or wrongly, as accomplices to their attempt at getting rid of her. As for teasing Eric, there will be more to come. ;) I've got some ideas I'll be employing. She'll give some things and others will do things and you will enjoy it all, I'm sure. 

And Tor won't physically fight her brothers. They're too big for her to do so, she's learned. So she'll use Idiot as a sheild/weapon and let his bad temper do all the work. 

Thanks for your review! I always look forward to your thoughts.

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