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Reviewer: Gtslover4 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 18 2018 1:27 PM Title: Chapter 21

Let me first say that I like how much detail you go into what the girls are wearing, the colors, etc. you could have easily said Beverly walked in wearing shorts and a top. But the detail in what color and type of shirt it was, also even mentioning what color the jeans were, all that is great. Not only that but the hairstyles and jewelry you describe is nicely down too.

I appreciated more Blair and hope to see more of her, she is so big I figure the tremors she would cause, could alone flip cars and cause buildings to fall.

As you can tell with my own story, I enjoy my gts couple stories and I see that you are maybe laying the foundation for Thomas X Bree? Its nice to see Bree is on the busty side, I would imagine not counting Blair, Beverly, or Sophie, she has the largest breast in the story so far? Also how tall is Bree? I'm trying to paint a picture of how even though she is peaceful and gentle, she could still be intimidating and powerful. I remember you commenting on my use of having a gentle giantess still display power over a tiny, I'm eager to see if you will take a approach to this as well with maybe Bree.

Maybe Thomas will get the treatment from other tinies that Zeke got once people found out he was dating a giantess. It would be funny to see him coping with all the attention and special treatment he gets just from dating a giantess, except him telling everyone that his girlfriend won't hurt you would be legit, unlike Zeke's statement about Beverly. Maybe Thomas tries to get Bree to make his hometown her turf to stop Beverly from causing trouble when she visits Zeke.

I'm having fun brainstorming all the possibilies of Thomas X Bree! Maybe down the road she will shake her insecurities and show him what's under the hoodie lol!

Author's Response: Thanks man. As you can see, I take going into the details of clothing seriously lol. Also, I like the hoodie joke you made about Bree XD. Took me a bit to understand it. Yeah, it does seem likely Bree and Thomas would be a thing, huh? And yeah, Bree does have a large rack. Let's just say they're really BIG. I'd say Bree is a bit tall for a girl. If she had a normal height, I'd put her at 5'7 at most. You could say your story has giving me some ideas on how powerful a gentle giantess can display her power without trying and as gor Blair getting more time... I can only say you might enjoy the future chapters that are yet to come. A stand off against Bree and Beverly over City Block Y, now there's an idea... Thanks for the thought out review, dude. It's always nice to see people point out the subtle things in the story like clothing description oh and good luck witb your stories if you do plan on finishing them. ;)

Reviewer: lightwing Signed [Report This]
Date: February 14 2018 5:22 PM Title: Chapter 21

Yo, longtime lurker here.  First off, I want to say you've made an interesting world with a lot of possibilities.  The characters are interesting and your descriptions of them, including their clothes and thoughts, is phenominal and makes it easy to visualize what they look like and how they behave.

Second, I particularly love stories that keep me hungry for what happens next, for more info on the world, lore if you will.  The way you casually drop little worldbuilding details here and there is one of my favorite methods of storytelling since it keeps me guessing and trying to fill in the blanks with my imagination.  Fetish fuel is great and all, but a good story as the meat with the fetish as seasoning and sauce is best in my opinion.  Reeeally looking forward to future parts.

Author's Response:

Thanks a bunch, Lightwing! I appreciate how much you appreciate descriptions and possibilities of the story. I'm glad someone enjoys the little worldbuilding here and there.


I'll admit, with previous reviews pointing out the blanks that I've made, I've become some what insecure about how long I can carry out the story without ruining it completely but your review gives me some hope I can give everyone the explanations they deserve. Thank you dearly for coming out and giving your time to leave a review. :)

Reviewer: IamtheWalrus Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 13 2018 3:50 PM Title: Chapter 21

Hey buddy! This chapter was a god-send to me! For reasons I won't get into, today sucked hard! But seeing this newest chapter certainly breifly lifted my spirits. lol. Also, the reason I haven't responded much since the last chapter is because of my mother having the flu. Anyway, let's move onto the review. One last note, I'm pretty tired so forgive me if this review isn't up to my usual standard. lol. We can always talk later. 

Maybe its just my current state of mind but Celcila struck me as a little nasty this chapter. Granded, most of the times it was understandable or even somewhat warranted, but still. Perphas part of the reason for this opinion is because she was giving my favorite charatcers a hard time? lol. 

Speaking of which, as usual, Gwen and Trisha were the highlights of this chapter for me. Trisha was great with her admiring Celcila, with the feeling appearing to be mutual. lol. I'm not shocked that Trisha is into woman who look like girls, given her relationship with Gwen. And speaking of Gwen, I loved her blunt and nasty quipping with Celcila! lol. 

Tiffany singing "Let it go" was really adorable, and I also liked Anika and Mildred being in awe of how someone who has been quite brutal to them can sing so innocently. Nice little contrast there. lol. 

So, Celcila finally knows that Ankia and Mildred were taken. Barring something shocking happening in the next chapter or so, it appears that they will be leaving this story. As I've said before, I'm conflicted on that idea. But, as I've said before, the opening this leaves for Tiffanty to get a hot 30-something lesbian petist is quite fitting! lol. If you are thinking of going with this idea and would like help with devleoping it, just say so, okay?

Loved the forced nature of Bev's apology and the fact she had a guy up her backside. 

I had kinda of forgotten abnout how imposing Blair was, but I was pleased with that. lol. By the way, roughly how much taller is Blair than most giantesses, like how many feet would you say she has on them? I ask because I'm thinking Anaya should be a simialr height. Also, Blair unknowingly sitting on Ankia and Milderd seems like a fitting last trail. 

Interesting developing having Justin come in to share his sad story. The highlight of that scetion was seeing that Tiffany was pretty much unfazed by it, showing how far she has to go. lol. I'm glad that's the case. Means we get to see her develop a lot more. 

So, great chapter and I'm looking forward to the next one! :) 


Author's Response:

Hey man. Sorry to hear about the bad day. My life isn't so peachy right now so I feel for you. I recommend your mom gets a glu shot, pronto!


I figured you'd call out Cecilia since she was arguing with Gwen lol I felt it was necessary seeing as they have opposite personalities and opposite beliefs of tinies. Again, I might consider your idea and if I do, I"ll be sure to ask more about it via email.


I figured Beverly would definitely be the type to give a insincere apology to a tiny she tried to kill and to do it with a tiny up her butt ;) and as for Blair, I'd put her at a 2 feet taller than most giantesses. She's abnormally tall like if you want to use regular height for a giantess who's 5'4, Blair would be 6'11. Yeah, Tiffany still has a lot of work and her callousness to Justin's impairment proved that.


Thanks again for your reviews as always, IamtheWalrus

Reviewer: MarsyMan Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 13 2018 6:18 AM Title: Chapter 21

Been a long while, but it's here! I'm so glad that this story has finally returned :D And I have this huge review to spout my thoughts I guess. Sit down, grab your popcorn, and prepare to be bored senseless! ^.^

So, what I really loved about these chapters was the further push of the supporting characters towards the spotlight. I really like the progression in how they've been edged in and even though they were abruptly introduced, this time to breathe has definitely been great in developing them all and helping to differentiate them.

Furthermore, Cecilia has 100% revealed what I thought about her with the whole argument over whether or not she has any real friends. That showed a lot of cracks in her very hard persona towards other giants - showing her insecurities with connecting/conversing with people her own size.

Tiffany seems to be sort of getting along with the other group members, and her interactions with Cecilia really put into perspective how much of just a shy and nervous child she really is - especially in situations where she is non-dominant. (Ironically, exactly like how Cecilia puts forward dominance in order to mask her own insecurities). Additionally, the hook at the end is quite enticing - makes me really hope that there are more chapters on the way soon!

Now, before all this I just want to clarify that none of this ruins the story for me, and I hate to be the guy nailing the 'No Fun Allowed' sign on your lawn. But I see you finally explained the whole distribution of media thing. 

I initially thought you were teasing me with Brooke wearing a Nirvana shirt and Adventure Time merch. But I'm glad you fully explained how the media of tinies is so heavily incorporated into the giants lives.

But, like, have you seen that Simpsons episode where Homer goes back in time and has to make sure he doesn't touch anything in case he alters the future - how any miniscule alteration can minorly or drastically change the course of history.

Basically the concept it uses is that if someone were to go back to, say, the year 1990 and bump into someone on their way to work - it may lead to that person missing their train, leading them to be late for work that day, meaning they promise to stay overtime for their boss, meaning they don't go out with co workers that evening which would've been the evening he met his soul mate - so he doesn't have any children or the specific children that would've been born. From that one little bump into someone, there's a huge chain reaction that leads to someone not being born that would've had a huge impact on the people around them. Do you get that theory? Any change not matter how insignificant can completely change the course of history unknowingly. 

So, personally, I can't really get behind the thought that bands like Nirvana, shows like Adventure Time or comics like Deadpool existing identically to how they do in real life. With a gigantic alteration in this universe being of an alternate dimension of giant women going in and out, rampaging through cities would cause more than a few alterations in time.

Like, wouldn't it be extremely possible that Kurt Cobain or Pendleton Ward were living in major cities before their success and were killed in rampages - or any of the people who would've influenced them to make their art.

And also what the giant world would have had significant influence on tiny media considering all the catastrophic attacks.

Like in this universe did catastrophic events like WW2 or other wars happen? With all the giantess rampaging in cities around many countries probably would've had enough on their plate/they might not have been able to go to war with all the costs of damages. 

Though, it's pretty obvious that both have had influence on American media within the last 70+ years - meaning many things have been created or not created due to all those people dying and the cultural/economical changes to many countries in the world. Like its safe to say a lot of anime wouldn't exist nor would a lot of comic books/cartoons that where created in the wartime effort during WW2. (Meaning Disney would be a lot different - possibly no Kingdom Hearts. And Captian America wouldn't have been such an icon - meaning no Deadpool)

So say those events did happen, if there were rampages in cities every other day, wouldn't the impact of them not occur?

And the vast increase of people dying and lives being drastically affected increase exponentially? (Meaning huge changes to culture and entertainment)

God... sorry about all this. I can live with the inconsistencies - they don't ruin the story or anything for me, it's just... are there any other explanations that are coming? Like, are the giants a recent thing? They don't really seem to be with the boy at the end being saved quite a few years ago. But maybe? I don't know, I'm just confused *~* Perhaps I'm just over-analysing this to the extreme.

If they are a recent thing then the Deadpool movie probably wouldn't have been made cos the world would be in such shambles. That would suck :P

Anyway, glad you're back either way, I will always ultimately love this story - even if a few things bother me. Keep on doing your thing! ;>

Author's Response: Hello, MarsyMan. First off, thank you again for leaving another one of your reviews. It was very clever of you to point out a comparison between Tiffany and Cecilia. I don't think anyone has pointed out Tiffany's shyness around other giantesses. You've also made an incredible observation about how the rampages should have made some serious altercations in the normal world. I'm sorry if some things bother you in the story. I know it could be a real pain reading something you might enjoy only for there to be possible plot holes or things in the story that don't add up. Initially, I didn't think Giantess Bully was going to be a story that would be this long and in all honesty when first started writing this, I didn't really have a big plot thought out. Eventually, I started coming up with some ideas that I thought would be really fun but sadly, that was my flaw: Coming up with fun ideas. I didn't really think through the more realistic, non-whimsical things that would explain this and that which is a huge dent in a story I would like to believe, became more elaborate. However, I think I can still give you and other readers some explanations. For one, to give you a hint on your question, noticed how I haven't actually mentioned any real cities. It's usually City Block Y or O. I did also think beforehand about how the giantesses could wipe out the population of normal sized people completely to the point of extinctions. There is also the warp holes that have been brought up in the story. Who is to say there are not other dimensions out there besides the one Thomas, Zeke, Anika and Mildred live in and the one the Giantesses live in? How did the warp holes come into existences? Were they manmade or dare I say, "giantess-made?" ;) Again, I appreciate your concerns about how there are some questionable things in the story. It helps me to know what needs to be address and shows you are involved in the story. :)

Reviewer: GhostWriter44 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 12 2018 5:40 PM Title: Chapter 21

Whoa! I read the first chapter to this a while back and had seen you updating it pretty consistently, but i had never brought myself to continue reading it for some reason and boy do i feel like a fool. This story is amazing! One of the best on here in my honest opinion. I love how you write the violent scenes so vividly! And while the violet parts are definitely my favorites (and i hope there are many more to come), i still enjoy the story you have woven into it. Can’t wait to continue reading!

Author's Response:

Thank you! ^^ That means a lot. As you already know, I've also enjoyed your Teenager's Plaything story as well.

Reviewer: combine45 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 05 2018 2:46 PM Title: Chapter 20

I gotta give you massive props for the Beverly nightmare sequence. Probably the smuttiest sexiest thing you've done felt like it could be real and in her character, but finding out it was a dream made it even better because it goes to show the huge effect her actions are having on Zeke's mental state while she's never meant to hurt him and in fact has been a rather sweet and loving girlfriend to him. The fact that its indirect makes it seem that much more sinister and powerful. 

Author's Response:

You can always count on nightmares to show the disturbed mental state of a character. You couldn't have broke down the unintentional pain Beverly is inflicting on Zeke any better. Thanks for another one of your reviews, combine45.  

Reviewer: IamtheWalrus Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 01 2018 10:39 AM Title: Chapter 20

Hey buddy! Its so good to finally see this story be updated! I'vew been looking forward to this. Also, thanks for the shout out to my story! That really made my day to see. :) Anyway, onto the chapter itself. 

This starts out on a good place with Zeke's nightmare. The hotness of the early part clashes nicely with the horror of the later part. I may have mentioned this before but I also enjoy that you are exploring the toll that Bev's nature plays on Zeke, as well as Bev really loving Zeke. It adds some nice depth where they easily couldn't have been any. 

Moving on, let's talk about Anika and Mildred. It appears that they may be leaving this story soon. I have mixed feelings on that. On the one hand, it would be the best option for them. But on the other, I kinda like them suffering at the hands of Tiffany and Sophie because its hot! lol. I'll just have to wait and see how things go at the meeting. 

On a side note, if Anika and Tiffany are taken out of the story, I would like to offer a suggestioin that I know likely won't be used. lol. Here it is anyway. What if as a way to help slate Tiffany's desire to kill and domiate tinies, Thomas asks Gwen how she found Trisha so Tiffany can find a petist who would willingly be owned by them? And of course, if you did this, the tiny woman in question should be a lesbain, so Tiffany wouldn't get worried that the new little lady might steal Thomas away. Let me know what you think of this idea. Like I said, I'm all but ceratin that this won't be used in anyway! lol

Also, I was a little shocked to see Tiffanty actually kiss Thomas. Has she done that before? And does that mean that her feelings for Thomas are developing more maturely? 

The copcept of the giantesses basically copying tiny culture for their own is interesting. I like it! lol 

But as you shouldn't be shocked to learn, the scene with Gwen and Trisha was my favorite! I LOVE those two! Also, I like how Gwen was lusting after the Indian cuties! Gwen's mentality in general is my favorite in this story, kind and humane but unthinking and treating tinies like beloved objects or pets. I always hope there is more of them in this story, and I eagerly await the arrival of Gwen's birthday party. 

This chapter was a delight and I hope you keep up the good work! :) 

Also, sorry about not reaching out to you in a while, I've been distracted too. Want to respond talking via email? 

Author's Response:

Glad to know the shout out made your day, man. :) Hopefully if you have the time or if you plan on continuing your story, we can see more of Anaya's amorous antics AND your other ideas ;)



Yeah, the affect Beverly is having on Zeke's mentality is very apparent. Let's just hope it turns out good for him. As for Anika and Mildred leaving, anything could happen.



Now there's an idea. Tiffany getting a petifist, (ideally a hot lesbian because hell yeah!) to cope with her tendencies sounds awesome. You know me too well, IamtheWalrus, how I don't usually use the sexy ideas (shame on me) you give me but who's to say I won't surprise you and everyone else. This idea of yours does give me an idea though so I might consider it.



I can't say Tiffany sees Thomas romantically. The way she kissed him could probably be compared to a little girl giving her puppy a kiss. I think one could say although Tiffany has some respect for Thomas, she still sees him as something that's hers like for example she picks him up without his permission sometimes.



How did I not know Gwen and Trisha were your favorite? ;p Gwen being at that age where she's just horny is probably why she's like that lol and soon we will see her birthday :D



We can talk via email whenever you like. Thanks for the review as always.

Reviewer: Gtslover4 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 31 2018 10:50 PM Title: Chapter 1

I want to say I've followed this story a while and finally felt I should review. It's one of my favorites and I enjoy your style of writing. It's a random comment but I love how moments like when Tiffany tosses the car over her shoulder in the first chapter, or the vending machine later on. Or Beverly poking fun of the girl's breast size. Attitude and what is said are things I really enjoy with stories like these.

I like how you have made a wide range of unique characters, I feel the general theme of the story is the movement toward ending rampages. Something tells me Bev is one rampage away from Zeke breaking down on her. I could totally buy into the idea of her crossing her fingers and telling him she is done, only to sneak out at night or something. Tiffany on the other hand, I halfway expected her mom to make her join her on a rampage, which she would discover Thomas was influencing her daughter, but maybe she doesn't care so long as Tiffany is happy. Tiffany could by her own go back to rampaging if the next meeting ends in disaster I feel. Lastly I think there is no giants because the giantesses need the tiny men to have children, but they can only give birth to girls. It would explain why the cultures are basically the same.

Author's Response:

Thanks for taking your time to leave a review, Gtslover. Glad to hear you like the little things in the story. I feel like thye character's attitudes and a few arguments here and there gives a story some spice so I make it an effort to add those things when it's appropriate.



That really does sound like something Beverly would do and yeah, Sophie can always turn the tides on Thomas's efforts in changing Tiffany. You make some really excellent points here! 



I do plan on explaining more about the giantesses and whether giant males exist or not but man, you really broke down a lot of things. Makes me happy to know so much people are involved in the story. Thanks again for the review.

Reviewer: geeman Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 31 2018 12:09 PM Title: Chapter 20

WHOO! I thought you'd abandoned this story! I'm super happy to see it back! The dream sequence with Zeke was probably my favorite part of the chapter just because of how plausible it was. I'll give her credit tho, Beverly isn't really a good person imo but she DOES care about Zeke. Anyway the rest of the chapter was okay, I liked the bit with Cecillia where she talks about how they use things invented by tinies and enjoy their culture but still kill them. REALLY powerful words she gave there! It's really funny seeing her contrast in how she treats other giantesses vs how she treats tinies. She's all cutesy, nice girl with tinies but is a snobby prick to any giantess, even those that don't kill tinies! It makes for funny moments imo!

As for Tiffany, well she's attached to Thomas and basically will do almost anything to keep him happy at this point. I can see this backfiring if he pushes his luck but the fact that he came back to her even tho he had a way out speaks volumes, he definitely won alot of points with Tiff methinks. I'm glad this is back, I'm hoping for more updates soon!

Author's Response: Haha! Yeah. It really has been a long time. Don't worry though, I had no intentions of abandoning the story. Life got in the way at one point and when I actually did get free time again, it was serious writer's block and a sense of insecurities about my writing. Still, not a day past when I couldn't help but think about the story and what I wanted to happen. Looking back at you and everyone else's reviews gave me courage to keep writing. Cecilia is a unique character. It's night and day with her when it comes to giantesses and tinies, respectively. I guess what makes it interesting is how she's not only huge, at least compared to the smaller folks, but has an seemingly infinite amount of money yet is ridiculously loving to the smaller population. Her words about the hypocrisy her kind displays is pretty much like an activist. The concept of her treating the smaller race better than her own kind is pretty funny now that you mentioned it. ;p Beverly is a lost cause as far as I'm concern. Her sadist nature though has been dragging Zeke down which as we can see is playing on his mental state. You're right about Thomas. Let's hope he doesn't overly use the influence he's been having on Tiffany. As for Tiffany, I do have some ideas to make her stand out more. One of those ideas might shock you all but who knows what the future tells, how the story might unfold and what is expected next. As for updates, I will tell you all if there will be another hiatus. I had my work schedule managed to be more reasonable so I don't believe there will be another delay, at least not as big as this one. Thank you for your reviews as always, geeman. I always look forward to your thoughts and opinions :)

Reviewer: lord_ne Signed [Report This]
Date: January 31 2018 12:53 AM Title: Chapter 1

Im kind of confused as to whether giant men exists in this world. Thomas makes it seem like they don’t, but then in chapter 19 when Trisha is talking about Gwen’s crush on this Jeremy person, she says: "Gwen, I see the way you look at the dear when your mom invites him and his parents.” This seems to imply that Jeremy and his parents are people who have an equal social standing to Gwen and her parents, which would mean they can’t be tinies, they must be giants.

Author's Response:

Thank you for pointing out the mistake. The real chapter 15 has been uploaded. I can definitely see the comparison to this Enju to Tiffany. The confusion will be cleared eventually. That's all I can say.

Reviewer: lord_ne Signed [Report This]
Date: January 30 2018 11:35 PM Title: Chapter 1

Chapter 14 and Chapter 15 are the same, and I think the real Chapter 15 is missing.

Reviewer: lord_ne Signed [Report This]
Date: January 30 2018 9:32 PM Title: Chapter 1

Rereadibg from chapter one before I read the new update, and I realized that Tiffany basically looks like Enju from Black Bullet.

Reviewer: johnrussi Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 30 2018 2:08 PM Title: Chapter 20

Glad to see this story is back! I remember reading it a long while back and thought it was fun. I like how all the different characters have moral compasses that point to how they should treat tinies!

Def giving this a follow since I hadn't already!

Author's Response:

Thank you, johnrussi. Your praise is much appreciated. I look forward, like so many others, to more chapters of Puberty as well. 

Reviewer: Maned74 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 10 2017 2:46 AM Title: Chapter 1

Still alive? Maybe not...

Author's Response:

I was dead but thanks to necromancy, I'm back.

Reviewer: lord_ne Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 16 2017 8:07 PM Title: Chapter 1

Update plz.

Author's Response:

It's on its way! :D

Reviewer: lord_ne Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: October 27 2017 9:57 PM Title: Chapter 19

"...window washer for an executive *office building* was cleaning a window of the *sixtieth floor*...she had to *kneel* just to look at him..."

Finally! Some indication to the size of the giantesses! Now I can obsessively try to calculate their height compared to humans. Let's begin:

Firstly, how high up is Anthony?
According to the CTBUH tall building height calculator (yes that is a real thing. I'm also shocked. Link below) a 60 story office building is 257.4 meters (844.5 feet) tall. Subtracting out the height of maintenance areas on the roof, the height of the 60th floor window is 249.6m (818.9 ft). We can therefore assume that Cecilia's eyes are at a level of approximately 818.9 ft in height while she is kneeling.

Now the question becomes: if that is her eye level while kneeling, what is her total height? This question depends heavily on what one considers kneeling. According to Wikipedia, there are two types of kneeling:
"Vertical kneel: where both the thighs and upper body are vertical – also known as "standing on one's knees"
Sitting kneel: where the thighs are near horizontal and the buttocks sit back on the heels with the upper body typically vertical."
Basically, while kneeling, one's thighs can be at any angle from completely vertical to completely horizontal relative to the shins and the ground. As such, all numbers past this point will be given as a range. Based on measurements o took of myself kneeling, one's eye level is at between 68% and 57% of their full height. Given these numbers, we can find Cecilia's full height using the equation (818.9 / {0.68 to 0.57}) which gives us 1204.4 to 1436.8 ft as Cecilia's height.

Finally, we use this height to find the approximate ratio between human and giantess height. Since Cecilia is not presented as being particularly tall or short compared to other giantesses, we can assume she is around average height for a giantess, and is therefore equivalent to an average height woman of 5' 3", or 5.25 feet. Using the equation ({1204.4 to 1436.8} / 5.25) gives us a ratio of between 229.4 to 1 and 279.7 to 1 of the height of giantesses compared to humans. Given the uncertainty as to how average Cecilia's height is, the most I can say with confidence is that, on average, giantesses are between 200 and 300 times the size of humans, meaning that the average giantess is between 1000 and 1500 feet tall.

CTBUH tall building height calculator:

Wikipedia kneeling:

Author's Response:

Welp, I didn't see that coming. :/ A tall building height calculator I mean. When I started writing the story, I used the Giantess Converter to determine the height of the giantess in the story but never thought to calculate the buildings they were surronded by.


Your impressive calculation skills has this half-baked writer stumped. My intentions was for the giantesses to be able to interact better with the smaller folk so I decided to have their height be around 120 ft. tall. 


This has to be one of my greatest mistakes while writing this story and thank you for pointing it out. I might have to redit this chapter by changing the floors and height of the building. I apologies for this error.


Reviewer: HuzToru Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 22 2017 3:39 PM Title: Chapter 1

Besides some spelling mistakes here and there, this story is the shit. I really like the interactions between the characters for instance. Not to mention, the way thick/curvy women are portrayed as well. Honestly I really like Blair and Sophie. I guess thick milfs for the win. Anyway, keep up the good work my dude :)

Author's Response:

Thanks man. :) It's been a while and I hope all is well with you. Have I mentioned that I suck at proofreading and spelling? I know a few people have been pointing that out so I better get my act together and fix them! P.S. I'm also a fan of MILFs ;)

Reviewer: lord_ne Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: September 02 2017 11:51 PM Title: Chapter 1

HrErYr rLrIrTrTrLrErKrUrRrIrBrOrHr,r rWrHrErRrEr'rSr rTrHrEr rNrErWr rErPrIrSrOrDrEr?r!r Sorry, force of habit. Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying this story, and hope you update soon.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! :) I've been really REALLY busy with a new job but I plan to update soon.

Reviewer: MarsyMan Signed [Report This]
Date: July 23 2017 2:46 AM Title: Chapter 19

Seeing as you asked a direct question, I meant Asuka Langley from Evangelion. Although, those traits are what I personally got from Asuka's character - others may see her as just a hateful snobby rich kid - which she basically is at face-value throughout the show. But I think her character goes way deeper than that. (If you haven't seen Evangelion, ignore all this)

Oh, and yeah soz I meant to say Gwen :/ Just a little name mix up :3

See ya!

Author's Response:

Ah. Another anime I could put on my list to watch lol 

Reviewer: MarsyMan Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 21 2017 12:59 PM Title: Chapter 19

Sorry for not writing this review sooner. My stupid-stupidness didn't see this new chapter in the Most Recent page when it came out >:( Which is unfortunate as I really look forward to each chapter... stupid me and my stupid sleep schedule. Earl stupid of stupid town - his royal highness King Stu Pid IV - baka of bakas.

Anyway! I LOVED this chapter! It did everything it needed to and more - fixing the only real gripe I had with this story (there being too many characters introduced at one point) by sprouting off and giving focus to each one individually. With them being interesting and given distinguishable qualities that didn't fall under eccentricities. That's a really impressive feat! Their characters were subtle but also blatant (meaning they were easy to get the gist of) in their approaches - especially considering how many were introduced. 

I already know that this review is gonna be a long one so I'm gonna do this to structure it better:

Intro: (Thomas and Tiffany) 

At this point, (continuing on the thought of Chapter 18 being a turning point), I think this is as far as Tiffany and Thomas go in their development. As in, I think the way their interactions and everything have reached the point at which they've excepted each other and the only further development will be when this solace is disrupted - to test how much they actually and truly feel for each other (which has been done - but not to a dire extent).


Definitely have a better grasp on her now - getting a sort of Asuka vibe. Her personality to me is that of someone how does care about what she believes in, but also on the other hand, also does it because it makes herself feel like a better person in a situation where she is dominant.
Maybe, that's why she decided to mother these tinies because people in the giant world saw her wealth and power and where too intimidated - maybe that's why she decided to become the center of these people's lives - as she couldn't connect with people in her own world.


To me, she seems like an interesting character to be developed. I want to see more scenes with her in the future to flesh out who she is - what type of person she is and whether or not she turns out to really care for her tiny. At this point she just seems confused so I wonder what it'll be like when she inevitably breaks - either in acceptance or denial. If you get my drift. I just mean that I think she'll be interesting to watch grow.


Possibly my favourite of all the new characters. She's just an embodiment of absolute innocence within this story of arguably detestable/flawed natured characters. To me she's the only truly innocent and likeable character right off the bat of their introduction - like she isn't hiding anything. Whether that'll change or not I don't really know. But for now I appreciate her as being a relaxing and gentle character.


What can I really say about that interlude?

...more like Inter-LEWD

Awww fam yeh cuz that was like bareeeeeeeee jokes man init bruv. Like - no neck, mothers. I swear down. You chatting my language?


I've seen quite a few reviews already hypothesising the impending situations that may challenge Beverly's character so I don't think I need to here. But I have to say, I do see their relationship getting rather bitter-sweet/tragic by the end...

Regardless, I'm PUMPED to see what happens next. I've been enticed in this story since the first few chapters. And whilst I was initially drawn by the centralised narrative (and I'll admit a bit apprehensive about all the new characters coming in all at once). I now love the very natural direction the story has taken. I look forward in seeing what comes in the next few chapters.


(Just a tiny note, I noticed a few spelling errors here and there - like the very last word. I don't mean to be rude by saying this. I just thought making it known to you would be best if you were unaware)

See ya! ;)

Author's Response:

Author's Response:

Hey MM! Man, you guys are killing with the reviews! Thank you so much! I guess chapter 19 was the best chapter so far. Btw, you're not a baka lol Sorry about some of the mispellings and grammar errors. It's sad that I actually thought I proofread this chapter properly -_-


I think I'm the real baka here...


Your analysis on the girl was interesting but just to clear any confusions, Gwen is the giantess and Trisha is her tiny lol I was actually more intrigued with your analysis of Bree. ^.^ She really does appear sweet and innocent, doesn't she? In fact, when I wrote her part in this chapter, I originally wanted the mother to reject her even after she sees Bree trying to comfort her son but I couldn't bring myself to have the titaness sweetheart go through that. The way you weighted out Bree's innocent nature compared to the other detestable/flawed girls from the meeting had me thinking I was reading a wikipedia page about an anime character's bio. It really got me hype lol.


Your deduction on Cecilia's kind treatment of the tinies to fill in that empty hole she has was another clever character analysis on your part. You truky have a sharp mind, man. I'm honestly a bit intimidated. :')

As for Tiffany's and Thomas's relationship, I have a feeling you and the other reviewers have an idea of whats going to happen next and the same goes for Zeke's and Beverly's relationship.


Thank you again for yet another review and btw, which Asuka from which anime were you referring to?

Author's Response:

Hey MM! Man, you guys are killing with the reviews! Thank you so much! I guess chapter 19 was the best chapter so far. Btw, you're not a baka lol Sorry about some of the mispellings and grammar errors. It's sad that I actually thought I proofread this chapter properly -_-


I think I'm the real baka here...


Your analysis on the girl was interesting but just to clear any confusions, Gwen is the giantess and Trisha is her tiny lol I was actually more intrigued with your analysis of Bree. ^.^ She really does appear sweet and innocent, doesn't she? In fact, when I wrote her part in this chapter, I originally wanted the mother to reject her even after she sees Bree trying to comfort her son but I couldn't bring myself to have the titaness sweetheart go through that. The way you weighted out Bree's innocent nature compared to the other detestable/flawed girls from the meeting had me thinking I was reading a wikipedia page about an anime character's bio. It really got me hype lol.


Your deduction on Cecilia's kind treatment of the tinies to fill in that empty hole she has was another clever character analysis on your part. You truky have a sharp mind, man. I'm honestly a bit intimidated. :')

As for Tiffany's and Thomas's relationship, I have a feeling you and the other reviewers have an idea of whats going to happen next and the same goes for Zeke's and Beverly's relationship.


Thank you again for yet another review and btw, which Asuka from which anime were you referring to?

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