Name: BovrilH (Signed) · Datum: June 14 2020 7:48 PM · Für: Chapter 1: The Vault dwellers

Splendid story! I got a lot of Metro 2033 vibes from it, with all the factions fighting in an already shattered world. Haven't finished it yet, but with the quality of writing, description and story I shall soon!


Author's Response:

Thanks Robert! I just happened to have discovered your sotry which I'll start on soon, can't wait! :)

Name: SafetyPin (Signed) · Datum: December 26 2016 11:30 PM · Für: Chapter 28 Bintou's final call Part 2. -Oliver- -ENDING-

Excellent ending.

Overall, a well-told story. ♥

Author's Response:

Thank you :)

Name: writer27 (Signed) · Datum: December 25 2016 6:47 PM · Für: Chapter 28 Bintou's final call Part 2. -Oliver- -ENDING-

Saw "ending" and, got a little worried. I'm still wondering what this new FEV does. "Art of War" sequel sounds great! Looking forward to it. Merry Christmas, thanks for updating, and be well.

Author's Response:

Thanks man, very happy you've been around so long and left several comments! I'm almost done with the Art of War and am figuring out when to start publishing it, mainly because I don't want there to be too much space between my stories. The following story, the one that continues after this final chapter, will be focussed on how the FEV works, what chances the 2.0 brings, how the governmental structures within the Empire work and who the Nine Eyes are. There will be a ton of new characters (at least one will "replace" Jane, to put it that way) and, from what I can say so far, it will be at least twice the size of this chapter. So expect at least 60 chapters, and I've already finished 15 of them :)

Again, thanks for your comments. I always immediately recognize your name.


Merry Christmas mate ;)

Name: fredrich (Signed) · Datum: December 24 2016 8:32 PM · Für: Chapter 22 The pleasures of Cadrena Part 1. -Charles & Jane-

So Jane is completely dead now right! It's the way I want to go :)

Author's Response:


Name: writer27 (Signed) · Datum: December 17 2016 3:23 PM · Für: Chapter 23 The pleasures of Cadrena Part 2. -Charles-

"The enemy of MY enemy is my friend". This is certainly a turn I didn't see coming. Be interesting to see if it lasts. Huge drugged up giantess seems to be winning the arguement though. 

Author's Response:

The following up has just uploaded ;P

Name: fredrich (Signed) · Datum: December 04 2016 4:20 PM · Für: Chapter 20 Humans for sale Part 2. -Charles-

This part is pretty unsettling in a good way. I also like it you upload frequently

Author's Response:

Thanks :)

Name: writer27 (Signed) · Datum: November 16 2016 4:57 PM · Für: Chapter 16 Fight the Giantess -Clerence-

I like the story line and am happy at how often you update.

Author's Response:

Nice to hear. I manage to upload frequently because I started uploading when I finished the story.

Name: nexter (Signed) · Datum: October 28 2016 7:25 PM · Für: Chapter 8 Sleep tight

Great story!

Make a sequel with jacob is not yet dead when he speak in the belly of the giantess who remade his nap with oliver from outside!

adds a little scat if possible:-)

Author's Response:

Hehe, like the idea. All chapters have already been written, but I'll definetly add the idea for the future mate ;)

Name: fredrich (Signed) · Datum: October 23 2016 11:13 AM · Für: Chapter 8 Sleep tight

Interesting to read, but I'm hoping for more real size Giantess action

Author's Response:

Got ya covered; from now on every chapter will include at least a single Titan and the graphical perks that come with a setting like that! I'm about to upload chapter 9 where this will become clear

Name: writer27 (Signed) · Datum: October 15 2016 4:28 AM · Für: Chapter 7 Dinner with a Giantess

Its an interesting story to read.

Author's Response:

Thank you! I just hope I can find the balance between story and excitement

Name: Nostory (Signed) · Datum: October 12 2016 5:01 AM · Für: Chapter 1: The Vault dwellers

 Nice story, I dig the Fallout setting. 

Author's Response:

Thanks mate!

Name: littleneil (Signed) · Datum: October 07 2016 10:34 AM · Für: Chapter 1: The Vault dwellers

Cool story! I like the Fallout setting

Author's Response:

Thanks! I try not to over-use the Fallout world, only use references here and there

Name: SheerForce (Signed) · Datum: October 05 2016 2:58 PM · Für: Chapter 1: The Vault dwellers
Tips on dialogue grammar:
#1. With very few exceptions, quotes should always be the last sentence of a paragraph.
#2. There's no need to italicize. Quotation marks work well enough by themselves.

Aside from that, the story seems interesting enough.

Author's Response:

I've been pondering on when to start and end the paragraph. I'll experiment a little with conversations when they're too long. Thanks mate



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