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Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: June 24 2017 12:35 AM Title: Angela Awakens

Wow, love Dennys thoughts early on in the chapter. I guess he knew where he would eventually end up. Giving her pleasure should make the rest of his life easier. He may even learn how to survive the experience better over time.
Enjoyed the holding on to her panties part. You really show what it's like to be small. The good and the bad. It's a dangerous world for a tiny guy.

Reviewer: licktoy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 22 2017 10:16 AM Title: Angela Awakens

I loved she masturbated with him inside her panties :-)

The chapter ended in its best and Angela is probably far from giving him a break. His desperate coughing and whining and squirming just intensifies her pleasure. But the erection of his miniature penis will reveal to Angela that her little pet was actually born to serve women like she is. 

Author's Response:

Oh yeah, He's going to become exactly what she wants him to be, ...and, he'll have to learn his place in this gigantic new world.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: June 22 2017 9:37 AM Title: Chapter 1

Hmm. The girl from the video is definately something special, but I don't think she has caught my eye like she did to you. Personally, Im not a fan of twerking either.

Also, I was surprised you recommended me a video that wasn't a giantess video. Now those types of videos are awesome in my opinion. If it has a giantess putting soemthing in her panties, instant favorite.

Author's Response:

...did you see the first one that comes up, if so...skim down through all of them, 'Renegade's' - she has several! There's one where she is on her knees on the bed, (Stuffed animals all around) She's facing you, and she's got a tiny 'Micro-sized' thong - barely covering just the basics, ...and, she does her thing in slow motion!  It's mindblowing! ;`)

Reviewer: licktoy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 22 2017 5:33 AM Title: Melancholy Daze -pt.4

Very nice. Terrified and fascinated at the same time. Dennis's natural submissiveness is waking up. I am looking forward to see how Angela will take advantage of that and will push their relationship far beyond his imagination :-) Mentally (almost?) breaking him.

Now, let's see what Amy has in the store for little Tom :-) 

(Note: I have put this comment under incorrect chapter so I deleted it put it again under correct one.)


Author's Response:

Thank's LT..  Angela's not done yet, ...this will continue for the next chapter, too.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 20 2017 8:04 PM Title: Angela Awakens

Hmm. I thought this was going to be an Tom chapter. Especially with that smooth transition and cliffhanger last chapter.

Dennis felt safe in her panties last time, but now I'm not so sure. Angela sure knows how to grant his wish and she takes full advantage of it.

The flashback story of Angela getting easily bad tempered felt silly. Lol. The guy said a few words and she starts beating him up.

I like how once Angela wakes up, she drops him back in her panties and plays with him. I guess her body felt horny for Dennis deciding to hide down there.

I also like that last paragraph which describes how helpless Dennis feels while inside her vagina. Being forced in and out and nothing to grab onto. He is at her complete mercy.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Thanks Tom.    Yeh, that fight scene kinda ruined it didn't it?  I might edit that out later, ...Hey man, just found an awesome video on u-tube, you gotta check it out!!!

 * Indica Renegade - 'Sexy Twerk Dance'  This girl is absolutely amazing!  Let me know what you think! ;`)

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: June 19 2017 1:13 PM Title: Melancholy Daze -pt.4

Very interesting. Love his fear. He should be scared. Love how everything stops when Maxine enters the room. I am very much loving this story. I enjoy the different fates of each guy. And to know that there are more little men is fabulous.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: June 18 2017 10:21 PM Title: Chapter 1

I got the rubber bands idea from a story on, but Thomthumb has the best use of it that I read recently. It was his "Marriage to a giantes" story and honestly, I memorized the chapter. The main guy's wife's sister mistakened him for some other guy and he was wrapped in rubber bands. The fact that she didn't know it was him was sexy.

I read all the Duggernaut stories and he has influenced me a lot, and I think I influence him as well.

Actually, I don't think I remember any stories from tinyone234 so I guess I can check his stuff out.

As for other Thomthumb stories, his "Shrunken ones" story is gold to me. The giantess "Laura" is by far my absolute favorite giantess on this site. Her ravenous hunger for sex and fun is outstanding as well as her desire to tease and have fun.

Rubber bands, tape, string, glue, bandaids, are all great tools for bondage.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 18 2017 6:10 PM Title: Melancholy Daze -pt.4

Oh yeah, I love the ending! Very interesting and what a cliffhanger!

Denny's situation is interesting. He is beginning to embrace his situation. He feels safe and begins to accept his fate that it probably was for the best. I kinda agree with him. If being shrunken was a thing, I would gladly be played with a sexy giantes.

However, I want Tom to resist Amy, and not accept it like Dennis. I liked how Billy was afraid of Amy and I imagine Tom to be similar. Then Amy could force Tom to do things that she likes.

I love how Maxine was teasing James. Just imagine Mxine teasing Tom about what Amy is like. "Amy will tie you up and keep you inside her for days. She will never let you out of your sight. Tom, if you thought I was bad, let me tell you of a story of a friend of mine called Billy. Oh, Amy. That woman changed his life forever. She used him in ways that you never could dream of." Tom was shocked. "Maxine, what could be worse than being dropped down your pantyhose to your ass?" Maxine smirked. "Lets just say that Amy is a very horny woman and enjoys having.... a living dildo." Tom's eyes lit up. "Oh, also, you could move in my pantyhose. Imagine being all wrapped up, trapped in her pussy for hours. Or tied to her panties as she rubs you constantly with her fingers. Billy told me Amy likes to keep things air tight. You can only smell her as she gags you mouth shut. You won't move as she compresses you down into her pants. Your limbs stretched one by one over her vagina until it begins to slurp you up."

Tom had mixed thoughts about Amy. Sure, she was hot, but is it worth it? Is Maxine telling the truth or just scaring him. Nah, Maxine is just messing with him. Maxine continues. "You wake up with her, probably inside her. She takes you out and uses her you as her soap as she cleans her whole body, including her holes. ALL her holes," Maxine smirked. "Amy will dip you into her breakfast and suck it off you until you beg for no more. You try to eat some of what's left but she prevents you. Amy provides you with a meal with her own orgasm as it splatters your body. You lick as much as you can, worried about being hungry. She sees you have gained your full and decides to tuck you in for the day. She drops you in her panties, savoring the bump you create. Amy presses your face into her clit and lets her panties hold you in place. She goes to work and the heat builds up within her clothes. You struggle and try to escape. Amy notices this and pulls over which now scares Tom. Amy fishes out Tom before he tried anything and takes a rubber band and wraps Tom with it and Amy drops him back in her panties all tied up. Amy arrives at her office and has been working for several hours. Eventually, you might get the rubber bands loose. Amy feels you trying to crawl your way out. Amy crosses her legs, silencing the movement. She loves the feeling of you stuck between her legs and she gets wet and goes to the ladies room. As she reaches down to pick up Tom, he jumps and lands on the floor, only for Amy to pick him back up. Amy seductively threatens Tom and she takes him to her office and closes her door and locks it. She takes some tape and wraps Tom around it, multiple times, only everything above his mouth is free. Tom tried to call out for help but nothing is heard. Amy giggles, as Tom squirms in her hand. She then tells you that this punishment is for trying to escape multiple times. She takes your encased little body and inserts you headfirst inside her pussy. He vagina is sucking you in further with no intention of letting you out. Amy pushes you body way up inside her by pressing the tips of her fingers on you feet and her pussy lips close around you, sealing him inside. Amy rams you inside until you cannot tell which way is the exit. Amy retracts her finger, leaving you to struggle within her. She enjoys the feeling of keeping you there and continues her office work for the rest of the day. When Amy gets home, she pulls you out and you gasp for air. Once Amy sees the you are alive, she thrusts you back inside and tells you good night." Maxine looked at Tom and he seemed hypnotized. "That's right Tom, you are going to be given to Amy, and I think she will never let you go. Perhaps, we should says since I think Amy would like to keep you forever."

I'm so excited! I really, really, really, can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

  H'm, sounds like a cross between ThomThumb and Daugernaut, with just a little bit of Tinyone234 thrown in just to mix it all up, ...Haha, No seriously though, the rubber bands was ThomThumb's idea though, right?

  I remember that part well, but I forget which one of his storie's that came from.  I do seem to vividly recall he 'teen-girl Giantess' in that same storie , though,  the image of her tormenting that poor 'Little' - (as they were reffered to) as she were one of the 'Bigs'.  And her slow tortorous methods of binding her victim's using several rubber bands to bind him up so tightly that he couldn't even move.  

  I haven't read anything of his lately to refresh the old memory, Man, I wish he would put out another story. ThomThumb is the best!  Right now, I'm slowly making my way through 'Lil' Warrior's' 'Annie' and it's really a slow subtle ride, but the build up is well worth it, though.  Another one, that I making my way through is 'Nostromo's tale' "The Schedule"  it's pretty Awesome, too.

  Next chapter should be up soon Tom, can't say for sure how soon, I think this last chapter was the fastest I ever re-posted, (Like two days apart) but I don't think I'll be able to get the next one out that fast!  ;`)

  Thank's Tom!  

Reviewer: licktoy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 18 2017 11:07 AM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt 3

There are so many nice scenes in this chapter :-)

The way she grabbed him from her purse - the thumb from the top to his chest and the ring finger from behind between his legs. Sitting like that naked on her finger = pure helplessness :-)

And then how he repeatedly hugged her middle finger :-) I just liked those finger scenes very much.

I am not extraordinary into large breasts fetish but I love her large areola (dark in my imagination) and firm aroused nipples - being shrunk and seeing this from below would make me feel weak.
Her full wide-set hips swaying from side to side, heavy thighs and butt with few extra pounds make Angela a gorgeous woman in my eyes :-).
And then her thick growth of curly hairs beneath her panties are so arousing. I just cannot wait until Denny is confronted with this beauty. With her smell after the whole day, with her soiled panties. My imagination just runs.

I also love the last scene how Angela tells him he is going to be her licktoy :-) and that he must earn his keep. That was wonderful.

I am really curious what Angela has in store for little Denny.
Maybe she could use her Hitachi magic wand vibrator too ;-). While little Denny would lick her clit she could intensify her pleasure by pushing the vibrating device from behind his little head.

The little tease with the bib reminds a blog-article of a dominant lady where she described how her sub is required to wear the bib when he eats her :-)

Author's Response:

    Haha, yeah, ...that Bib thing was just an impulse item, I thought that I edited that out, ... oh well, WTF! ;`)

  Next chapter, is already up, ...So,   C'mon man, you gotta keep up!  ;)

 Thank's LT!  

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: June 17 2017 4:01 AM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt 3

What a chapter. From his ride in a purse to her picking him up. The perspective from his point of view is great. The fear of grabbing on to just her finger for support. Fantastic. Who knew the dew would be so hard to drink. Love his covering his private parts. Embarrassed in front of a Goddess. Little people and boys do that.
Describing a lot of it by his viewpoint is fun. Angela is going to also be fun.

Author's Response:

Thank's Dee!  We're slowly working toward Jeffery's part, so just keep it cool, ...I'm getting there. 

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 16 2017 3:26 PM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt 3

Wait a minute? You mean there is a 4th part to this? Wow! I thought it would only be like 2 parts and then the story continues from Maxine.

Dennis has mixed feelings right now. Despite all the fear we see in him, he might actually enjoy being toyed by Angela. Of course, her being drunk doesn't help.

I love the descriptions that you give her as she walks and how her clothing stands out.

I'm still not sure what happened with the soda, but I guess it doesn't matter.

This is felt like a long chapter and I enjoy it. I also like frequent updates. Any idea when you might post it?

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Thank's Tom, the soda was a thing that I saw on 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!' the surface tension on the top level of any liquid would almost certainly be a lot stiffer if you were a lot smaller.  Like dropping a small grain or a Pepper Seed in a glass of water - it floats on the surface tension and doesn't get a bit wet. ...most of the time! 

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: June 16 2017 1:38 PM Title: Chapter 1

Poor Billy Little. So he's afraid of women and he doesn't like being in a small cage. Boy, did he pick the wrong fears or what. I envy him though. Being small would be very interesting if the right person gets you. If it's the wrong person, well.

Author's Response:

Thank's Dee!

Reviewer: Nothingness Signed [Report This]
Date: June 16 2017 8:37 AM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt. 2

You do a good job at showing how powerful women can be towards men even without the said men shrinking which makes the control of power they have over men all the more erotic. I still can't help but pity the shy guys like Dennis and Billy though but I guess that's because I can relate to them having been a shy fellow myself (and still kinda am) once. Awesome work, man!

Author's Response:

Thank's. I'm finding that the descriptions are extremely important. In order to visualize something happening, it takes a well-described setup. The phrase, 'Little things mean a lot' comes to mind, ...describe everything that you can, the more details - the more real it will feel.  I'm still working to improve my skills every day, and I know that it could be a lot better, ...but, the writing process is something that can always be improved, ...I'm always finding something else that I could've done a little better...  

Reviewer: licktoy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 15 2017 9:22 AM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt. 2

Very nice chapter!

Same as in previous chapters I like the level of detail. E.g. when you described how Angela slid to the edge of her seat and her thighs spread apart :-) Or the whole scene how Angela got Dennis into her palms. I also like very much you describe smells.

The best part was how Angela loved to tease Dennis to make him blushing and embarrassed. She simply enjoyed "torturing" him :-) And he could do nothing about that. Or more precisely his personality (good man, but weak and maybe a bit shy?) prevented him to do something. So Angela's natural dominance started to smell Dennis is the right man for her :-)

So now Angela finally got Dennis. He is shrunk and helpless in her power which gives her endless possibilities to dominate him :-)

I am really really looking forward how this continues. How she will become more and more demanding and poor Dennis will be more and more like her slave :-)

Author's Response:

  Thank's LT!  I'm just letting my imagination take over, ...I can't say for sure how many chapters this part will be, but, I told myself when I started this, that, I'm not going to rush it!  Lol!  The slow process seems to work better for me. The focus being on subtlety and visualizations - and the idea of keeping a steady flow going -  creating a good personality for the characters and maintaining it the same, throughout the story. And, always maintaining a constant underlying fear of the unknown in the background.  That's my recipe! I hope it works!  ;`)

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: June 14 2017 11:52 PM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt. 2

Fabulous chapter. From Maxine gripping him to her raising her voice. Angela's,dennis is that you?Great description of each of their hands. The description of what it's like to be in a was fun to read. The heat from going outside. Nice touch. Loved it. Really well written. Another marvelous chapter.

Author's Response:

Thank's Dee!  I try to make it seem as real as I can, ...hopefully, I'm getting better at this! :)

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 14 2017 9:59 PM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt. 2

I love how fast the pace is with this chapter. Maxine brings Licpet to Angela, Licpet tells the story, Angela tells her side of the story, Angela takes Licpet home and is about to celebrate. Lots of things happened and that's what made this a great chapter. A great balance of dialogue and action.

Also some great narration. The line about Maxine holding him up like a human sacrifice: perfect! He knows his life is over so it is quite a great analogy.

After hearing about the backstory, I feel bad for Dennis. He was being faithful and his wife was trying to set him up for a divorce. That's a great test to put on a spouse to see if they are committed to the marriage but once they have proven it, then they should stay married. Stacy should have asked Dennis to spice it up, but instead she just gave up.

I love that part when Angela was thinking about having Stacy react to a shrunken Dennis. Just imagine Angela putting Dennis in her cleavage and she hugs Stacy and the two of them are squeezing Dennis and his ex-wife has no idea.

So there is a part 3 to this? Then after this is diesel's chapter, or will Tom get a chapter in between or soemthing? I know Amy is really anxious for her little man coming home. So am I.

Well, I can't wait for the next chapter no matter what happens in it. I just hope the next one after Friday's update is soon too.

Author's Response:

I'm just letting my imagination take over, ...can't say how long it will be right now.  After I get to a certain point then I might start to see the direction, but that's a little way down the road...

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: June 12 2017 12:17 PM Title: Chapter 1

Jeffrey and Suzie greatly appreciate it.

Author's Response:


Reviewer: licktoy Signed [Report This]
Date: June 12 2017 3:49 AM Title: Chapter 1

Another alternative could be if Suzie is Maxine's sister.

But in case the giantess does not have to name Suzie (if it is ok for Diesel) then other alternative would be that Jeff would belong to Melanie - I smell she has an interesting personality too.

Author's Response:

Ah yes, so many choices! '`)

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: June 11 2017 11:31 PM Title: Chapter 1

Melanie could have taken more than 1 tiny for herself. Maybe she had some physical tests and only 1 passed. Melanie was about to execute the losers but Twinkie made her let them go. One of them was Jeffrey.

Maybe Melanie took Jeffrey, but Twinkie knew him so she let him free.

Or Twinkie got Jeffrey, thought he was cute and being her pet felt wrong so she let him go.

Melanie could have made a bet with Maxine and Melanie won, earning Jeffrey. Maxine actually liked Jeffrey and wanted him. Twinkie broke the fight and kept him for herself, but since she wasn't that into jefffery, she became forgetful and lost him.

Jeffry and his friends were chilling by the store. They have been shrunken by a while but we're happy that they found each other. The lawyers spot them, but Jeffrey was the only one to escape.

Jeffery had a roomate named Tom. Tom saw a gorgeous woman running toward them. She stopped at a bench to catch a breather, and spotted Tom. Tom raised his hands, ready to be picked up. Jeffrey watched from a distance. He thought Tom was crazy. Jeffery saw what looked like Tom talking to the woman. After a few minutes, she placed Tom inside the front of her workout shorts and kept on running. Jeffrey felt jealous and wanted a hot woman too. Then he saw Suzie.

Suzie sees the lawyers and she spots a tiny guy stuck in the glass necklace. He looks like he is calling for help. Suzie confronts the lawyer and reluctantly hands him over. The guy tells Suzie thank you and she takes him home with her. Meanwhile, the lawyer had a spare guy.

Jeffrey was in love with 40 yr old women. He saw the lawyers but noticed that they held tiny guys captive. He ran and found Suzie hoping she would be different.

Melanie was playing with Jeffrey and accidently drops him. She shrugs, knowing that she could get another. Jeffery runs away but a little girl finds him. Jeffrey demands that the little girl hands him to her older sister. The little girl says that's her mom and gives Jeffrey to her mom anyway. Suzie receives Jeffery with a sadistic smile on her face which scares Jeffrey.

Thought you might want more lawyer ideas.

Also, yes! I'm ready for Tom to be devoured by Amy! Of course, we know he won't be devoured in her mouth. :)

Author's Response:

   Isn't it strange, how at first, you would think that there weren't really too many ways to go with this, but then after really letting the imagination take over, ...there are a multitude of variations that could actually take place!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: June 11 2017 1:12 PM Title: Chapter 1

Alright. So we got a chapter for Diesel coming up. Let's see. He wants to be called Jeffrey and his prefered giantess is to be called Suzie. She is a little over 40 and loves to wear high heels, especially pumps. (Black is her favorite color.)

We could have Jeffrey be in one of the cages and Maxine accidently bumps that cage on the floor and it creates a small opening for Jeffery to escape. Suzie meanwhile is taking her daughter to Maxine's office for some medical stuff and Jeffrey wants to get her attention. He approaches her black pumps and hits them as hard as he can trying to get her attention. She sees him and keeps him.

We could have him be initially with a lawyer, but from what I remember, this lawyers kept this tinies in check and I don't see them losing them. Unless, maybe one of them trips and that necklace holding a tiny Jeffrey will fall out of her cleavage and break, freeing Jeffrey. He is currently in a parking lot where the lawyer trips, and she can't find him becuase he blends in with the pavement. Jeffrey runs to hide and once the coast is clear he ventures out. Then, out of nowhere, this high heel steps right in front of Jeffrey causing him to jump and that jump is noticeable to the woman who happens to be Suzie.

Maybe Maxine wants to play with Tom, but she accidently takes Jeffrey. Jeffrey is very obedient, calling Maxine ma'am very often and this brings a smile to her face. Maxine decides to reward one of her coworkers with such a reliable tiny man and she gives him to Suzie as a gift for her to keep.

Perhaps Suzie is working at the company and is suspicious of Maxine lately. She follows Maxine to the room full of cages and when Maxine is gone, Suzie sneaks in and she looks into a cage and sees a guy named Jeffrey. He looks cute to her, but Jeffrey is scared of her. Suzie is fascinated and takes him out of the cage and holds him. Jeffrey is mentally shifting his pants and Suzie savors the moment. Suzie decides to keep Jeffrey as leverage to blackmail Maxine, but later she finds other uses of Jeffrey and decides to keep him a secret.

These are a few examples that I came up with based off the guidelines from Diesels reviews.

Author's Response:

Hey, Tom!  Appreciate the input a bunch!

   It's really nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of!!!

  Well, since we know very little about Melanie Kershaw and Twila Jackson, that actually allows us to open up more ideas.  From what we 'do' know, Melanie is the dominant one, and Twila, (or. Twinkie) is the gentler one. Jeffery could be the prisoner of either one.  And, Suzie could be one of their secretary's, or maybe their receptionist?

  If Jeffery, is one of Maxine's captives, then he would have also been one of her patients too. So, that would include him in with the same group that you and LT are in, ...I was drifting more toward having Jeffery drawn into a separate branch of the story, - And, at the same time, making use of the 'already setup situation' with Melanie and Twila... ya know?  I mean, it's almost like Melanie was created just for little Jeff!  Lol!  I don't know, we'll see... Next chapter will be a continuation of 'Melancholy Daze' and then, after that - I'm hoping to get back to Thomas Speedman.  Amy's going to devour him alive, know that, right? ;`)  

  Thank's Tom!  



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