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Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 25 2017 12:18 AM Title: Empty Handed

"Mrs. Frost, I thought boys were dumb."

"Yes, that is true for the most part. It appears Oliver does not fall into that category."

"What are we going to do master.....frost?"

"Hehehe, 24 hours you shall have, fail by that time, Oliver will join the dark side and be my apprentice!"

Harmony was torn upon hearing this.


That's how I saw that chapter. Edith Frost is scheming! She's got an ace up her sleave and an Oliver in her sights.

Interesting to note that Oliver wasn't the first one to escape. Hmm. Now the question remains, anyone escaped the compound? Will Oliver be the first?

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: May 25 2017 12:02 AM Title: First Time Away From Home


You got beat to 300. You are 301st.

Reviewer: Shrinkmeister Signed [Report This]
Date: May 24 2017 10:02 PM Title: Empty Handed

Woo hoo... Number 300! After all of the times the sisters have stolen men's lives, even Edith knows what they are doing is wrong..."We have no way of knowing what damning things he may have witnessed or what things he might have overheard". They all know.  With all of their justifications, all of the lies, all of their self importance, they know what the have done and continue to do is wrong and they don't care.  All except one.  Come on Harmony... step it up... 

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 24 2017 9:54 PM Title: Empty Handed

Try try and try again.

But remember, you won't win.

God I hate them...did I mention that?

Nice to see them going at each other...nice comeraderie...or however you spell it.  Let's hope it gets worse. 

Thanks Duggernaut...I love this.



Reviewer: Carycomic Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 24 2017 7:28 PM Title: Empty Handed

Poor Harmony! It looks like, either way, she's coming out of this first ceremony empty-handed.

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 24 2017 6:27 AM Title: No Sleep Till Brooklynn

     Yep.  You nailed them @Shrinkmeister.  If you’d like to nail them some more, I can lend you a hammer, any time.
      One of the things that makes them so delightfully loathsome is the contrast between how the look on the outside and how utterly disgusting they are on the inside.  In a sense you have to (not admire) acknowledge the skill it takes to hide their vileness.

     Of course, they only hide it so well.  The girls that Oliver saw avoiding them on the campus tell us volumes.  To know them is to avoid them.  That must be why they are so into their form of sex.  Real intimacy can be revealing and they have to avoid that.  Of course, with time they acquire the skills to hide the fact that they are really a well stacked pile of sewage and can pretend to be wives and mothers...for a while.
     The natural outcome would be to have them appear on the outside as they are on the inside, but what about if some karmic accident made them smell in a way that revealed the truth of their souls. 
     It would be called “The Mega Pew House.”....hahhahaha.



Reviewer: Shrinkmeister Signed [Report This]
Date: May 21 2017 10:51 PM Title: No Sleep Till Brooklynn

If the sisters were being completely honest with each other, their conversation might go something like…

Getting to her feet, Brooklynn nodded, “Okay,” she said, grasping the thick polished bannister and taking a step down.

“Are you going downstairs?” Sersei inquired.

Brooklynn nodded, “To see Kandi and collect your brother,” she answered.

“My brother?” Sersei paused for a moment.

“You remember, Cam.” Brooklynn explained, “We lied to him, drugged him, kidnapped him, robbed him of is future and have been molesting and sexually abusing. him ever since.  We’ve even begun depriving him of food lately.  I’m guessing he has less than a week to live.”

Sersei seemed confused for a moment, “Aren’t those things you are doing crimes?  I mean, we could go to jail for a long time if we were somehow caught, right?”

Brooklynn then reassured her Omega sister, “It’s ok, we’re Omegas, right?  We can do anything we went.”

Sersei grinned, “Ah, I see then, have fun,” she responded, comprehending the situation and walking down the wide set of stairs with Brooklynn on her heels.

Reviewer: Shrinkmeister Signed [Report This]
Date: May 19 2017 9:04 PM Title: No Sleep Till Brooklynn

Nice seeing that Brooklynn had the common sense to feed poor battered and bruised Cam before she subjects him to more human dildo abuse.  OK... The moment has arrived.  While Brooklynn has shuffled off to round up some grubb Oliver will have a brief opportunity to chat with Cam since his abduction. Go Oliver...

Reviewer: Carycomic Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 19 2017 7:35 PM Title: No Sleep Till Brooklynn

Okay, first of all? I applaud your choice of chapter title. I first heard that song in OUT FOR JUSTICE. So, I've associated it with Steven Seagal, ever since. And that, in turn, means I don't mind so much that you didn't use _my_ pun (lol!).

Secondly; it's nice to see that Brooklynn is going to let Cam rest, recuperate, and replenish before she has her way with him. You might say that he (ahem!) "dodged" the bullet in that regard.

Reviewer: Ancient Relic Signed [Report This]
Date: May 19 2017 5:42 PM Title: No Sleep Till Brooklynn

And now Cam unintentionally gave Oliver a chance to meet him.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 19 2017 5:40 PM Title: No Sleep Till Brooklynn

Hmm. I guess Kandi isn't as nice as I thought. I think I'm sticking with my pick of Brooklyn for my favorite giantess at the moment. Vesper keeps catching my eye, but she hasn't stuck around lately.

Sersei really has underestimated Oliver. She thought he was like every other guy that would fall for the tricks. Well, I think Oliver has to thank Cam for making him paranoid which helped Oliver escape in the first place.

Did Brooklyn just remove the towel when she left...? She must be distracted by Cam that she forgot about the search for Oliver. But what I wonder is if Cam faked his hunger and decides to escape.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 19 2017 6:38 AM Title: Parting is Such Sweet Sticky Sorrow

Now @Carycomic, just because he hasn't doesn't mean he won't. 

I can see the chapter now...(warning: much pandering to follow.)

Singing With Cadence.

     I can see it now.  Deacon hooks up with Cadence, only because we’re in a different reality this Cadence is nice..well, nicer.  When they go to Deke’s room for his performance, they catch Brooklyn and Kandace and a bunch of the others, moving out Oliver’s stuff.
    “What are you doing?” Deacon asks, “where’s Oliver?”
    “Uh...Oliver has gone in for gender-reassignment...” Brooklyn fibs, “He’s..uh .. she’s going to be an Omega Pi and move in with us...”
    “Why am I doubting your story?” Deacon asks.
    Caught red handed, they try to shrink the pair, but Cadence steps in front of Deacon and all the ‘Megs are suddenly tiny.
    “What did you do?” Shouts Deacon....staring at tiny Brooklyn.
    “I didn’t do anything....”Cadence grins, “they did.  I just reflected it back.”
    They gather up the evil tinies and interrogate them...they promptly sing like birds...for Cadence.  (Get it?)  Whereupon she calls her friend ...the less mean Faith...and they head over to the house of Pi. 
    “Yes?” Sersi asks, answering the door.
    “First.” Cadence begins, “why are these weasels following you?  And second where is Deacon’s friend Oliver?”
    “Right through here...” Sersi begins, and tries to shrink everyone....only to have it bounce and make her 3 inches tall.  “How did you do that?” She yells.
    Cadence and Faith only look at each other and giggle.  Because, you know, they’re being mysterious.  Then, they scoop up Sersi, just as the weasels close in (dammit!)
    Once in, Deacon calls out for Oliver while the girls shrink every ‘Meg they encounter.  Oliver show’s up bearing a tiny, improvised grenade launcher, a bunch of nutrition bar pieces, a tiny bottle of vodka, an improvised crow bar , 100 feet of rope and a tiny portable computer playing “raiders of the lost ark.”  He also has Cam and they’re both wearing ninja suits made from scaps of panties. 
    “Wazzup?” he asks Deke, casually. 
    “Me an my super powered girlfriend are rescuing you...” He says proudly.
    Oliver and Cam look at each other and shrug.
    “I guess we could do it that way. “ Oliver concedes.
    “But our plan involved explosions.” Cam quips.
    Once they baddies are gathered by two girls younger than all of them,they realize they have to restore the guys.  That proves to be a tough one, so they call Faith’s mom.  She shrugs and undoes all the damage the weeping stone has caused.  Then she asks “What are you going to do with all the tinies?”
    Everyone shrugs.
    “Share with your sister.” She orders.
    “Awww mom.”
    In this reality Julie got all the mean for the family.   So, thinking they are being clever, they decide to dice for them.  Julie only gets a ‘Meg if the di rolls a 1.
    However, it seems that the di come up a 1 for everyone, except Brooklyn and Harmony (since you all seem to like her, I don’t know why.)
    Faith keeps Harmony nice and safe...mostly.  Occasionally letting Josh and Julien have a go at her while she watches.
    Deke learns a valuable lesson about choosing a girl just for her surface.  Plus when he says that the shrinking thing looks kinda fun.  Cadence lets him screw Brooklyn while they’re both in her panties. 
    Meanwhile...and i do mean “mean”...this version of Julie opens the cage for Mr Chompers ...her pet weasel.

Author's Response:

Interesting crossover. imagine two group of unrelated shrinkers battling each other. could make for an interesting story somewhere down the road.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: May 17 2017 11:10 PM Title: First Time Away From Home


You posted the exact same review 1 month ago, and people responded to it so I'm not sure why are you asking it again. Just read those reviews back then to find your answer.

Author's Response:


Reviewer: Carycomic Signed [Report This]
Date: May 17 2017 10:01 PM Title: Parting is Such Sweet Sticky Sorrow

@pixil8ed: why would he?

He never used "Singing With Cadence."


Author's Response:


Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 17 2017 9:45 PM Title: Parting is Such Sweet Sticky Sorrow

Cam alwasy struck me as a pretty healthy guy.  I goes to show what a diet of yoghurt and grooze gets you. 

Actually we're getting kinda past the "what a way to go" jokes...Cam doesn't seem to have a lot left in him.  Poor guy.  The 2nd most likable guy in the story (maybe tied with Stan) and he looks like he's on the ropes.  I hope the pile of weasle munchies is good and embarrassed by his state. 

Not gonna be swayed by relativism by the way...because Cerys is horrible, doesn't make any of the others one bit better.

Of could all be a con....Cerys is actually rescuing tiny guys...she only says she eats them to cover her tracks...I'm sure she's a real sweetheart. 

Another good one Duggernaut.  Still rockin the writing.


Author's Response:

He has been absolutely depleted by the girls and it hasn't even been a week yet.

Reviewer: Gogblo Signed [Report This]
Date: May 17 2017 9:36 PM Title: First Time Away From Home

Why are so many reviews on here, the chapters are really flat and also not fun to read, just too short. maybe try to put at least 3-4 together into one instead of putting out so many short chapters.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the input. I'm sorry you feel the chapters are flat and not fun to read.

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 17 2017 9:34 PM Title: Parting is Such Sweet Sticky Sorrow

Careful Carycomic...don't want to use up a potential chapter title on puns.

Just forget he said that can stil use it.

Soon I hope.

Author's Response:

I think Cary and i danced around the Brooklynn dodger one...

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 17 2017 8:25 PM Title: Parting is Such Sweet Sticky Sorrow

Hmm. Kandi or Brooklyn. Me: obviously Brooklyn. She loves to be fit and exercise with Cam riding in her panties. Also, Brooklyn just acts like a girl who is a 10. Goes running, wears sporty outfits and loves to have a cute sex toy with her. Also, she is really friendly with people when she talks.

I love that description of Cam's limbs being glued together by Kandi's sticky fluids. Imagine if all drying and Cam is stuck on her pussy.

I can't wait for Brooklyn and the next chapter!

Author's Response:

I think in all fairness you would have to experience both before committing to one.

Reviewer: Carycomic Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 17 2017 5:47 PM Title: Parting is Such Sweet Sticky Sorrow

Poor Cam! Even if Oliver had managed to serendipitously hide out, in Brooklynn's room, he would never have been able to rescue his erstwhile roommate. Cam would have been too exhausted to aid in his own escape and evasion. Hence, he and Oliver would've been an ineffective pair of...

...Brooklynn dodgers.

Author's Response:

Not burst any balloons, but i think we've already touched upon the Brooklynn dodger angle, what we need is a good chapter to bridge Brooklynn back into the story. Oh no i didn't!

Reviewer: pixl8ed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 16 2017 4:50 AM Title: A Deacon of Hope

     Deacon does not come off as a potential big help in this bit, but c’mon....think about where he thinks Oliver is.  Nice, corner room at the ‘Meg house,  weasel bait has her head on his chest, they’re both sweaty and satisfied.  He doesn’t want to poke into that. 

     His Brooklyn-thing could be a huge achilles’ heel, depends on if he gets suspicious before he runs into her again. His fumbling with the poorly thought out code is so natural, but not a sign he’s going to mess it up.  Not really a code btw, it’s a sign/ counter sign type thing.

     I too am suspicious of the new girl...but that’s the nature of the story.  The name sets off alarms, but that weird “time/space defying, alpha predition” thing from the other story, doesn’t seem to be an aspect of this one.  Plus, c’mon, how would they know he’d go get breakfast there?  And it was Deacon who initiated contact.  Though, we have all theorized that he’s a target, because he’s been assigned “that room.”  But maybe,  that room gets assigned a non-target when the ‘Megs have done their “business” to cover up the evidence and muddy the waters.  Imagine you’re working a missing persons case, you’ve gotten to the vic’s place.  You run into a guy there who say’s “no, this is my room.”  It looks like whoever put you on this is confused or at least it looks like you have no crime scene. 
     Odds are they were intending to clear out Oliver’s stuff and get a new roomie for Deke’ asap.  But this lockdown business has their priorities elsewhere. 
    Though, if he comes back from his date and Oliver’s stuff is cleared out.  I would consider that pretty solid evidence that Cady is on the wrong side.  However, if she isn’t and he brings up the ‘Megs, she might give us a local perspective on them.  Remember the two girls that Oliver saw giving the unnamed ‘Megs some distance?  From when he was first exploring the campus?  She might be able to give us a hint as to how the locals see them.  Again, if she’s not one of “them.”

     God!  Who knew paranoia could be so much fun?  (I mean, that hasn’t played the RPG.) 

This is great Duggernaut.  Even very naturalistic, little scenes like this send our brains off in all kinds of directions and into all kinds of speculations.  It really shows what great world you’ve created and what an intriguing story you’ve given us.  Thanks bunches.



Author's Response:

You are suspicious of any girl now because of how amorally ruthless they are in prusuit of their own self serving interests. Not sure what the future holds for Deacon, We shall see.

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