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Reviewer: muammar Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 19 2018 5:17 PM Title: Tiny Dancer:Special Edition Part 1

V11, write a sequel - Housesitting with Bethany! This is a really cool story

Reviewer: aaron Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 10 2017 10:03 AM Title: Tiny Dancer:Special Edition Part 1

The little addition of Mike doing an already naked strip tease dance, lol. Yet again you fine a way to perfectly immerse me into this story/series. The only thing I would've liked to have seen is that when Linda commenting on Mike's well endowed shaft she'd have laughing compared it to her exes sub par appendage. But other than that this flowed absolutely seamlessly with your story.
Also I haven't had a chance to comment but I very much so enjoyed the dream type sequence from HWB because it involved Steve being in that tiny scaled down replica of his house with your awesome attention to the most minute details. I honestly can't wait to see what you add next for Bethany and co.


PS did Linda take Mike and perfume with her to the funeral?

Author's Response:

Thank you, Aaron! Yeah, so when I get a chance to write but cannot commit to new material I tweak what is already there. Good idea about Linda comparing Mike's naughty bits. Take him and the perfum to the funeral? I honestly don't know. It's something for me to think about. I've been rereading LTI and looking for openings to add stuff. So far not inspired but that could change at any time. Thank you very much for your comment, it lets me know my stuff is still being looked over by more than just myself!

Reviewer: Jacksmith Signed [Report This]
Date: June 13 2017 11:26 AM Title: Tiny Dancer:Special edition Part 3

Whew, okay, finally read through that whole chapter. There's a lot in there worth covering. Overall I think I was most interested in the beginning and ending especially of this block. I always enjoy seeing giant characters digging into the privacy of the tormented tiny, just to add another layer of humiliation to the whole thing. Also interesting to me is the idea of Linda enacting these things on Jesse and Steve partly out of revenge on her son's behalf for their cheating, even while continuing to want her son punished for his own misdeeds. It gives Linda's character some moral gray area which I hope will continue to be explored later.

I admit I was a bit less into the middle third of the chapter, but more because it was tailored less to my specific macro tastes. I was puzzled over why Linda takes so long to directly address Jesse with speech, since she had so much to say to Mike earlier. Particularly where Jesse is first being silently manhandled, some of the detail and Jesse's pleas started to feel repeated. Again, that's ultimately not reeeally a complaint, since having more in these types of stories is always preferable to having less, at least as far as I'm concerned. The eventual move to Linda's crotch and the brief interaction between the two cheaters was a pleasant shift.

The section with Linda watching her son get some personal release was great, and I almost wished that bit was further fleshed out. It was a nice way of demonstrating how fast Mike has degraded as a person, that he'd do that with so little prompting.

I'll be moving on to the last chapter soon. There's lots to like here.

Author's Response:

I'm right with you on all points. Yes, I should explain or addend Linda's silence to Jesse. Yup, the middle third wasn't my favorite either, though it was nice to write something that (in my mind at least perhaps not on the page) was almost absurdly Lovecraftian. The interaction between the cheaters slipped in there in my last revision. It had turned to reading like horror/catastrophy in my mind and I wondered how I could hammer that point home. Having them "meet" seemed especially terrible. Thank you for the compliment. Sometime, hopefully soon, I'll turn my attention to crafting something sparser and tighter. :)

Reviewer: Jacksmith Signed [Report This]
Date: June 12 2017 12:27 PM Title: Tiny Dancer:Special Edition Part 2

Another good chapter. I'm glad the characters engaged in some different types of interactions here; the first chapter's action is enjoyable, but might've eventually gotten stale if it wasn't changed up, which you did here. The toe painting bit was darkly amusing. Also amusing was your take on another trope which Black/Ace Jack uses often too: the tiny son hidden while the mother talks to a girl who, unaware of the son's presence, mentions she finds him cute, but is ultimately downplayed by the mom, just to humiliate her listening son. It's one of those esoteric elements you mentioned, which I always enjoy seeing done well. One thing I find a little odd is that Linda keeps referring to him as her stepson, when I seem to remember he's her adopted son, not stepson. Not that it really matters, though I tend to prefer the adopted angle better. Anyway, that's all for now - I'll read the remaining two chapters soon, though it looks like I have quite a bit left by wordcount. In future stories, I probably would split those massive chapters up into smaller bits. Again, great stuff.

Author's Response:

coolness. hey, I've just tweaked the third installment again in case you've got a stale version. The hidden son part was AceJack's which I reinterpreted. I am somewhat confident you'll know when Acejack's original story runs out and I am left to my own devices. To me at least it's pretty apparent. Ace's story actually ends right when the mother tells him she is going to paint her nails with him, but does not go into how she is going to do it, obviously. Yeah, stepson, adopted son. I had not noticed that before and you're absolutely right. This is why concept is different from finished product and should never be confused as I have done. BTW this was in smaller chapters at one time, something like 23 of them I think. I rewrote it after I hit one view per word and posted it in the huge chunks it is in now.

3 & 4 are more interesting to me because I was left without Ace's skeleton to adhere to. They also relate and set up where I went with the other, later arcs. I am still unable to square the circle of smut v. story. This is difficult when you are a hopeful novelist IRL and happen to create some trash for your own entertainment tht you post online. I tend to work on this stuff when I have writer's block or have most of a day stolen from me.

I wish you much creativity.

Reviewer: Jacksmith Signed [Report This]
Date: June 06 2017 10:55 AM Title: Tiny Dancer:Special Edition Part 1

All right, so I'm finally actually sitting down to read this story through rather than jumping around as I have in the past. As I've mentioned before, we seem to share a lot of similar tastes, so as you can imagine I was a big fan of the action and heavy descriptions. It's interesting seeing the clear inspiration for Loving Visit used as a jumping off point, since the set-up is there and similar, but your writing style is so opposite to the more spare, faster moving Black/Ace Jack's. I probably tend to prefer a style like yours that really languishes in the details. It's nice to see a story in this kind of subject matter so readily deal with the pathos of the characters' bizarre encounters. I'm really enjoying getting such a thorough look of the situation's macro psychology. When I was first reading, it seemed like Linda's dialogue was so constant, almost like a running commentary of the action, that I was momentarily thrown (generally, I'd argue most macro writers use too little dialogue rather than too much). Ultimately I think I just recognize it now as a very specific idiosyncrasy of the story's world and your style, so that's not necessarily a critique, just an observation - if nothing else, it makes your story unique. In case I havent made it clear enough, I really dug this first chapter and will continue reading, in chronological order this time. Linda is a great giantess and the subtleties of the size difference with her son is well explored, especially when it comes to foot and hand action. Keep it up!

Author's Response:

Wow, thank you very much for your compliments and insights and for taking the time to post a review!
My detail level is off the charts, and while I know that is a fatal though rare weakness in writing, thankfully I don't take this stuff too seriously and allow myself
to wallow in it in this one instance. I would argue that my subject matter is... well... really esoteric. People seem to fixate on feet, on vore. etc. I think that's
great and I love reading a good footcentric tale. I am certain that being lucky enough to catch some "Land of the Giants" episodes as a child impressed upon me this
further macro interest in handheld, for lack of a better term. While most of the other subgenre of tastes in macro I could argue are symbolic/erotic statements,
especially statements of power and domination, the "handheld" aspect (to me) is natural. It's what we do, what sets us apart from other life on this planet, what gave
us fire, refrigeration, war, clothing and satellites. If someone finds a tiny, and they're an average person, what will they first do? Pick the tiny up and bring them
close for an examination and a talking to. That instinctive and basic scenario already reeks of a potent, total loss of the tiny's sanctity as a person, and their
status as an object. Everyones stories short circuits that and gallop off to put them underfoot, or in mouth or whatever. I love it, but something seemed woefully
absent to me.

That's a very interesting comment about Linda's dialogue. It delights me to hear other's people's perceptions and to ponder other's experience of something, especially something I've created. I'm not sure where Linda came from or what I was trying to accomplish. There is a definite clear and unique voice there. To me, she is a serious minded woman whose career required someone with a formidible focus. I realized that in the few non-macro pornos I saw (in my youth) and the few domanitrix I've known who explained what/how they work- (they were random friends believe it or not. People gotta pay for college credits and rent however they can I guess lol) there was a pattern of bawdy, sexually-charged questioning... "You like this?" "Are you a bad ___?" etc. I tried to tone that down, taking out the artifice of forced eros and have Linda often end a bit of dialogue with a rhetorical question. Somehow I found that to be a good descriptor of easy, confident domination for her. It also seemed nicely erotic.

I have radically overhauled this story so much now that I hope I have not ruined it. You'll let me know, right? Seriously, I come to this site to read your stuff. At
one point there was Black/Ace Jack and you were "that other guy who does really intriguing things I hope to see more of" Now B/A Jack has dropped off the face of the
earth (may he be under the dominion of giant women someplace nice). I dig your stuff and I am always wondering what your take on things is, where it comes from, why is it underplayed here, built up eloquently there. It isn't an exaggeration to say that this story arc is a response to Jay, Jack and your creations. My point has been to hit as hard as I can those few who might appreciate something like this. Burnout be damned. Peace.

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