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Reviewer: aaron Signed [Report This]
Date: September 25 2010 9:46 PM Title: What Happens

*ps are you taking requests?(sorry but that was bothering the shit outta me.)

Author's Response: yeah post it as a review or send me an e-mail, ill keep my eyes open

Reviewer: aaron Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 25 2010 9:44 PM Title: What Happens

wow... thats awesome. great. the vocabulary was 'big'. lol

but in all seriousness, the whole concepy of this story was spectacular. btw what DA picture/drawing is this from/who did it.
and your descriptions and details are second to none.

its my favorite short story.

ps are you taking request?

Author's Response:

yeah, vocab-wise i felt like taking a shakespearean angle if that makes any sense, and i'm glad you liked the descriptions; that was something i thought my last story was lacking

the pic was 'A Sensual Visit' by MostlyFunStuff (just a wonderful FF artist). just search 'a sensual visit' it should the first one that comes up, its a color illustration

as for requests, y'know, i'll hear your ideas but i can't guarantee that i'll get something done about it any time soon (then again, maybe i will). i'm out of ideas now, so if it's good i might just do i

thnx for the review and the rating aaron, always welcome

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