Website Changes

Jacksmith and I worked out size and category definitions for the content on this website. Some of the tags you have been used to have been changed and sizes attached to each category have been adjusted as well. Authors may find they will need to re-edit size ranges of certain ones of their stories, in order to account for the system becoming more detailed.

Categorizing Size Change roles has been expanded and adjusted from what you are used to. You will see a new system has been put in place to identify the genders of characters growing or shrinking in a story. A capital letter refers to a giant while a lowercase letter refers to a tiny, with m and f representing male and female respectively. For example, the F/m tag means a story contains a giantess interacting with a tiny man, the M/f tag refers to a giant man interacting with a tiny woman, and so on.

So authors when adding stories please make careful attention to the changes and edit your tags for your stories as needed.

You can view all these changes not only on the add story page but also by clicking the definitions link at the top.

I would like to especially thank Jacksmith for his work on this project. It wouldn't have been completed without him. Anyone with further questions about the new categories system should comment here or feel free to email either of us.

Later Days,


--AsukaFan2001 on June 11 2013 8:53 AM 9 Comments
Why the bottom limit of 2.5 nm for nano? That was the plan for my next story :>
- gerald on June 11 2013 11:17 AM

Change "midget" to "dwarf" because that is considered a hateful term by people who really are that size and you risk offending them by having it. They prefer to be called "dwarves" or "little people" instead.

Also, Giga being 1 mile and up fails to do justice for those of us who are interested in giant woman many orders of magnitude larger than that. At least add in a Tera, if not also a Peta or even Exa.

I don't see why you couldn't model it directly after the Metric system.

I also don't like how the smallest scale is 2.5 nanometers. Not that very many stories would go to scales lower than this, but there should not be any hard set limits to either minimum or maximum sizes (in my opinion).

And I don't like "Minikin" sounds like something someone just arbitrarily made up. Never even heard of that before. Why not use Hobbit or something?

So I think it needs some work to be honest...

- Chozo on June 11 2013 11:17 AM

And as for the Age of Characters:

Mature (40-49)

Middle Age (50+)

Shouldn't those be reversed?  Middle Age is called Middle Age becasue that is what it is. Mature comes AFTER Middle Age. Also, why not toss in "Elderly" after Mature? Have that defined as 65+ which we consider a senior citizen in real life.

This age system doesn't make sense the way it is set up and defined.

- Chozo on June 11 2013 11:28 AM

I like the new system. It might need a little tweaking, maybe, but it's a good idea.


Personally, I'm just amused that the 100-500 foot range is labeled "Titan" because that's the height of my Titan characters

- JohnnyScribe on June 14 2013 1:19 PM

I was wondering if you could perhaps make some way of changing a penname? I've been trying to reimage myself recently but there is no point if it means having to either re-post everything on a new account or maintain two separate accounts...

- DollsizeHarlequin on June 26 2013 3:15 AM

I can take a look what are you trying to change your name too?

- Asukafan2001 on June 26 2013 2:39 PM

Hey, sorry, didn't see your reply, i was hoping to change it to DollsizeHarlequin? I'm really liking all the new bits and pieces around the site by the way! Makes finding what you are specifically after and tailoring your story catagories a lot easier and tidier :)  I've been on the site for a long time now and its really grown well into a fun and comfy website to be a part of rather than another bland, cold-feeling set of forum boards.

I dont know much about this stuff but i cant imagine its easy to maintain such an enourmous database of writing and users, not to mention having to sift through all the mindless negative feedback to find the helpful suggestions and compliments hehe :P


So thanks all for working so hard ^_^

- DollsizeHarlequin on July 02 2013 3:03 AM

I went ahead and changed your name for you, DollsizeHarlequin.

- Jacksmith on July 02 2013 6:30 AM

Every author out there, please update your stories to the new categories so that they are accurate and to help readers find your stories better.

- Chozo on July 12 2013 3:44 PM