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Summary: A teenage boy that has dreamed about being shrunken for his entire life finally gets his wish after he tells his girlfriend one night about his secret desire. At first he believes it is impossible but when she finds a way he gets to explore her body and please her in new ways. Please make the teenage boy indestructible and use lots of anal and ass play. Have the female girlfriend be both sadistic with tidbits of care coming out
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Summary: A man who working for "the company at home in his privet lab on a shrink ray has finally finished and decided to test it on himself. He likes it. and after he regrows his wife comes home. the concept of shrinking comes up. and the man decides to suprise his wife that weekend by shrinking her unexpectedly. in the morning his wife remembers that she has two freinds comeing to stay the weekend from another state. the man has to turn over the shrink ray by the deadline next weekend so he decides to shrink his wifes freind along with him and his wife. that weekend while his wifes freinds are in bed hes shrinks his wife for an hour she likes it but wants to shrink her husband. she shrink him to half five inches after regrowing. uses him as a sex toy. shrinks him to two millimeters. dose sum nipple play. when the man regrows he acedentally wakes up his wifes freinds and one of them wants to be shrunk and the other dosent like to be shrunk. so his wife and one of her freinds get shrunk. the one girl plays uses them. to bed. next night the man wants a turn. shruinks his wife and one of her freind. lets them ride his cock. puts them in a comdom. puts the condom on. plays a bit. the wifes freind waits for the wife and freind to grow again. than shrinks them all and plays some more. including putting them in the full condom. go to sleep. wife wakes uo grown again and secretly shrinks the freind who dosent want to be shrunk. puts her in a condom. the husband puts it on with her inside and the husban and the wife and her freind have a threeway. the shrunk freimd likes it. after the one friend regrows they all shrink and live in a dollhouse for a night. where they have some fun
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I was born normal sized but I gradually shrunk. At 15 years old I'm now only half an inch tall. My best friend feels guilty when I realise I will never have sex ever. Luckily he over heard his older sister talking about making a porn vid with her girlfriend. So he made a plan where he'd hide me in her panties and I would pretend to be a doll. His sister is really dumb so trusts him when he says that I am a sex doll and puts me to the test.

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Butt, Insertion, Lesbians, Mouth Play, Unaware Characters: None
Summary: G'day All, I'm a new member to this site, but I've enjoyed reading stories here for years now, but now I have a challenge for someone. The plot : A very chubby woman has been living in her best friends shadow for years, her friend is gorgeous & has a body to die for, she's watched her friend have relationships with some of the hottest guys, but she's never had a relationship herself, one day she tells her friend about a crush & eventually her friend starts dating the guy she likes & she gets very jealous when eventually they get married, he doesn't like her at all because of her weight, the woman has little fantasies while sitting down having coffee & chats with her beautiful best friend having her husband shrunk & stuffed in her dirty panties wriggling around between her dirty hairy pussy lips pleasuring her or wriggling around head first deep in her ass & her friend wouldn't even know or when they have a girls night out & she watches her best friend flirting with other guys while her husband is stuffed in her panties while she's dancing right next to her, it excites her so much. Wouldn't it be great if her fantasies come true. He should be shrunk to about 4 to 5 inches & be indestructible so she can enjoy her friends husband or should I say her new toy for as long as she wants & categories should be couples, bbw, butt & insertion, No feet or vore, Thanks
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: I would love to see a story where two women come into owning a tiny man (>2inches). How is not important, they could buy him at a store, he could be a former friend or boyfriend, etc. Any categories are fine, but feet and ass especially, along with confinement (sock insertion, ass insertion). One girl should be sadistic and the other should think he's cute and fun (but still think of him as less than human).....that, or she should be apprehensive about playing with/owning him but become convinced by her lover. I've seen some stories where one girl hates him and the other girl ends up saving him...happy endings and all that. this story shouldn't be like that! Lesbian get happy endings, not shrunken toys!
Categories: None Characters: None

I want something that has a litle bit of everthing under the giantess catigories size dosent matter but also have a diferences in age

Categories: None Characters: None

Make a story... With a tiny man... In a woman's bed... And some "fun". Ready, set, go!

Categories: Giantess, Body Exploration Characters: None

In a futuistic world where giants and humans live together in harmony, tell the story of normal sized man, his wife (a giantess), and there various sized children.



Categories: Couples , Teenager (13-19), Adult 30-39, Feet, Gentle, New World Order, Insertion, Lesbians Characters: None
Summary: I would like a story about how a pet shop ether shrinks man for pets or turns them into pets. Have freedom on who buys him and what the giantess dose to them. It could be Gental and kind or killing but its your choice on what the Gaintess dose.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Tess is a smart and beautiful girl, she had many admirers but only one boy crossed her mind often. His name was Eric and they grew up together. An extremely rare disease hits Tess and she ends up shrunk! Hoping that they would find help her parents move her to a government testing facility. Now she is moving back and what will Eric think of his Crush's new size.
Categories: Giantess, Body Exploration, Couples , Gentle, Instant Size Change Characters: None
Summary: A girl, who is 6'3 with a gorgeous long body but modest curves is sitting in her room after just getting out of the shower when she sees a black hole the size of a hoola hoop open up by her window, and a fleet of tiny alien ships come through and begin invading her room. The ships are about a foot long, making each normal alien the size of an ant. But they call in backup which are aliens about 5 inches tall. Kill them all but more crush, vore, and foot/mouth/tongue play rather than insertions please.
Categories: None Characters: None

Imagine a world where men are made into sex toys on a massive scale, then sold as sex toys (or various objects) at your local retailer. Imagine that in this world, normal men still exist, but are more or less abused every day. Brought up in school, taught that they will be pleasing a woman's insides from day one. The justice system, sentencing men to special "re-education" programs, or even to the factories that make sex toys.

Some stories that have given this challenge inspiration:

Change Happens by newschool2626

Tutoring by newschool2626

Grafted by closetslave1

If You Can't Do The Time by Silhouette

The Perfect Solution by BigAl

Smoothed by Atkins

Trap by six-inch dildo by johnny hopkins

Carnal by Xxana


I have only a few guidelines:
1. I want to see the "evil" in the female characters, like in Change Happens.

2. Helplessness is the key. Volunteering on the man's part takes a lot of the fun away.

3. No scat. Watersports is cool (that is what squirting is, after all).

Categories: Giantess, Object, Butt, Body Part, Entrapment, Feet, Footwear, Incest, Insertion, New World Order, Sci Fi / Fantasy, Slave, Watersports Characters: None

Here are the rules.

Story has to involve 1 girl wearing Dr. martens boots that crushes tiny men for fun.

story had to involve 1 girl that crushes tiny men by accident.

Story had to involve a cheerleader

you can make as many characters as you want as long as they are from 17 to 23 years old.

Only boots, sneakers (converse vans etc. count) can be used as giantess footwear

There has to be a lot of killing tiny men by crushing them under shoes/boots 

There has to be torture and trapping the tiny men 

There have to be tiny men running for their lives from giantesses.


These are the rules :D think you can make it? Let's find out :D 

Categories: Crush, Feet Characters: None

A middle aged teen and his slightly older cousin starts an odd relationship together.

Characters: FF/m F/m

Shrink: 1 inch, 2 inches, 10, inches

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Giantess, Body Exploration, Butt, Breast Enlargement, Feet, Footwear, Gentle, Growing/Shrinking out of clothes, Humiliation, Incest, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Lesbians, Legwear, Maternal, Mouth Play, Odor, Slave, Unaware, Violent, Vore, Watersports, Object, Body Part Characters: None
Summary: A woman found her daughter shrunk to a barely visible height and now have to protect her from the dangers of the world micro world like ants,little spiders and others types os insects,and she have no compassion for them,also,she is trying to fight against a micro milicia who is trying to get her daughter (this part is opcional).Thanks :)
Categories: Giantess, Crush, Feet, Unaware Characters: None

A month after being shrunk, Ashlyn begs to go back to school. An odd thing to wish for but she longs to return to her normal life. But mostly to see her favorite gym teacher, mr. A.

I'd like a nice PG rated story of a girl's secret crush on her gym teacher. Mostly about how her love is forbidden and unrequited. An admirer from afar. But returning in an odd situation attracts the teachers attention and they become friends; only to increas her love for him ten fold. I prefer the girl to shrink to about 2-3 inches, emphasize the GENTLE/KIND. Also, I'd like a lot of voyeurism (NOT TO BE MISTAKEN WITH VORE! Also NO FEET!

Categories: Unaware, Giantess, Body Exploration, Entrapment, Gentle, Giant Characters: None

"A girl comes home from volleyball practice to discover that toy soldiers are waging war throughout her home. Just like in the Army Men video game series, its the Green versus the Tan armies. After interrogating one of the army's generals, she finds out that the two factions are fighting for control of her home to create a safe haven for all living toys. She does not take too kindly to that, and calls one of her friends over to come help her remove the little things." Just pretend that the little green army men are crushable and edible :)

Categories: Vore, Butt, Crush, Entrapment, Feet, Insertion, Mouth Play Characters: None
Summary: I'm looking for a story about a normal sized woman, a tiny woman , and an even tinier man. This man would appear to be only an inch tall to the tiny woman, who is only an inch herself, so he would be WAY smaller than the normal sized woman. The circumstances under which the two shrink can be whatever you like. Some suggestions: -they are friends/enemies/acquaintances/strangers and just happen to shrink together -the normal woman gets the man as a gift for her tiny girl -anything else you like I am flexible on the size so long as the guy is the smallest and very small in comparison. I am open to literally anything and everything except for giant males but would like special focus on butt (anal vore/butt cheek vore) and feet if you can handle it. Humiliation too! Really emphasize the pecking order/hierarchy dynamic! It's the most important part!
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: 3 teenage girls find a 100 foot tall giantess who enslaves them and keeps them trapped. I would like this to be as violent and torturous as you can make it, I just have a few ground rules: make the girls immortal somehow, make them absolutly terrified, make them wish they were dead, make them never found by parents, other humans, etc., and make them do degrading things for the giantess.
Categories: Vore, Giantess, Feet, Humiliation, Mouth Play, Slave, Violent, Age of Characters, Teenager (13-19) Characters: None
Summary: Hey guys, got some pretty specific wishes... :)


When having sex a Pia is riding Owen as they often do.After a few screams of hear partner, which she she overheard in her extasis she finds him laying under her, being shrunk to round about 60cm. For a while they try to find out what happened and how to turn Owen back. But when she needs her satisfaction again they discover that Pia somehow has control over Owen's seize, when she is aroused. They need a while to get into it and it's mostly Pias wish, but over time they do more and more "Giantess Positions".

CHARACTERS Pia 24 years old, pretty, slim, shoulder-lenght brunette curly hair, green eyes, 174cm Owen 21 years old, sporty-lanky, short dark blonde hair, blue eys, 183cm They are a couple. Pia is really carefree, playful and giggles a lot. When being small Owen get's really scared and overcautious, while Pia takes it pretty lighhearted and makes a joke here and there. She needs to push him when it comes to new sex scenarios, 'cause he isn't too enthusiastic at the beginning. But when she is aroused she get's really careless sloppy and rough. (NOT BRUTAL) She also likes to play mean from time to time for the sake of the game.



It starts off gentle, but Pia gets a lot rougher over time. Owen is gonna be in a lot of a different seizes. Sometimes he's about a meter tall and they have regular sex (she's usually on top) other times he is small enough so his head slides up her p***y when she sits on his face and other times he is seized to be used as a human d***o. Pia always get's her will and barely compromises, the activities are partly against Owens will. As he becomes smaller and weaker than her she also enjoys to playfully bully him, by making him worship and lick her smelly fett and armpits. For the sake of the Story Owen is a lot more robust than an actual tiny man would be and doesn't get hurt. And he also doesn't suffocate when he needs to stay inside her for a little longer.

 Maybe she brings a female friend in the game with her, later in the story. :)



Facesitting, Various Seizes, Insertion (anal and vaginal, as deep as it can get), Playfights



Vore, Brutality, Insures


The rest is up to you :)

Looking forward to the story

Categories: Insertion, Giantess, Body Exploration, Gentle Characters: None