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A teenaged girl takes pity on her younger brother after he gets dumped by his girlfriend.

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Butt, Feet, Footwear, Gentle, Growing/Shrinking out of clothes, Incest, Insertion, Lesbians, Mouth Play, Unaware Characters: None

Younger female cousin slowly grows taller than her older male cousin. This takes years, but is more and more noticeable. As she grows she becomes more flirtacious, and she humiliates her cousin.

Categories: Feet, Growing Woman, Humiliation, Incest Characters: None

Man slowly shrinks over a couple of months. He doesnt get shorter than 4 ft though. Yet his 6 ft tall secretary starts to flirt with him and sexually humiliates him.

Categories: Young Adult 20-29, Adult 30-39, Humiliation Characters: None
Summary: A student has made a mistake.... he has come to class late. As punishment for this his teacher shrinks him. The teacher either puts him in her bra, in front/back of panties, under foot, in female students undergarments, or a females seat. At least one has to be used, and no vore,death,toilet. Invincible is a must, and the age of the students doesn't matter. I dare you!!!
Categories: Giantess Characters: None
Summary: Your sister recently got a new teddy(you), and it becomes her best friend. Have the sister allow her friends to play with teddy and see what happens. I dare you!
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: 16 year old girl who is extremely tall suddenly starts growing. I prefer no sex or nudity although having some elastic bra and panties is preferred. I want her to purposefully crush everything and anything she desires as she rampages through the city to find her ex boyfriend.
Categories: Giantess Characters: None

Tell the dirtiest giantess story you can, the winner should get banned or featured.

Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Out of nowhere a giant colonyship comes into the range of the terran scanners. The colonists where humanoid, mainly female giants who wanted to make Terra their new home. Will they succeed?
Categories: Slave, New World Order, Crush Characters: None
Summary: You had no idea how this happened to you. You were just minding your own business and then the next thing you know you were naked & 1/2 inch tall. A voice in your head told you it wanted to play a "game". You only had 20 lives to get the attention of your giantess family or you would be doomed to live as a bug forever. The voice told you it wiped your family's minds of your existence. You would only return to normal size if you could get them to recognise you as a person.It's a difficult task but not impossible.. *The main character has a mother & 2 sisters. Their ages are your choice. The number of lives is optional. You can give the main character a name but it might be best to keep it in first person (You). Anything goes in this story but deaths should be built up.
Categories: Vore, Teenager (13-19), Mature (40-49), Adventure, Butt, Body Exploration, Crush, Feet, Incest, Toilet, Unaware, Instant Size Change Characters: None

In the comic book universe Wonder Woman fighting Giganta while, but is now exhausted, Diana is likely to get killed Giganat really bad, but just as he is about to step on Giganta (to eliminate it once and for all) is saved by Hank Pym (Giant-Man) , which addresses and wins against Giganta. Then, Diana & Hank get to know ... to be very good as a pair of superheroes is also loving .... Hank & Diana will live many adventures together :-) :-))) RULES : )


Giganta wearing this costume




Hank Pym is the only male giant in this story !!

hank pym can grow up to a maximum of 500 feet !!

Categories: Giantess, Entrapment, Gentle, Giant Characters: None

Hi everybody,

I have a story in my mind, COULD SOMEONE PLEASE!!! DO IT FOR ME!!


[If you don't like the place, time and names!, then you can simply change them, but don't change the ideas]


Categories: Transformation, Teenager, Adventure, Butt, Humiliation, Young Adult 20-29, Body Exploration, Transforming to a Body Part, Feet, Fantasy, Girl shrinks Girl, Incest, Insertion, Instantly Shrunk, Mouth Play, Piss/Poop, Pussy, Pet, Shrinking Man, Slave, Sex toy, Violent/Sadistic, Vore


"there is a tale of the moon princess sara a sadistic girl with the god's power, long time ago, a princess was given a great power like no other, a great throne that no king nor queen could ever had before, and servants that no one could ever count them all.r32;The moon princess Sara, is a fated child who born in the exact moment where the moon at its fullest and brightest form, which the child will inherit the spirit of the moon princess and her powers, to take over her previous self unknowingly by fate"

In the anceint times,in Sumer. Sara a Sumerian girl who lives with her step elder brother and step sister, Gil and Ur, after the tragic death of their parents, 6 years ago.r32;It was the day Sara discovered her powers, since then she went obsessed with it and and trained until she perfected gravity powers,transforming powers and size changing powers, and still a lot more to learn. Will she take over Uruk? and become the queen and goddess of Sumer?

3 years ago, Sarah took a full control of her step brother and sister, she enslaved them and took them as her her own property,since she awakened as the moon princess. However, she considered them her top rated slaves since they are her step family

After the past 3 years, Sara never had the chance to use her powers against others than her brother and sister, playing with them is the only thing she cares about, her love for them grew bigger and bigger until she gave them the permission(or as she thinks) to live within her body.

However, Sara is still in her weak state she can't manipulate her powers freely, for Sara to use her Powers, she only need one finger touch, without touching she can't use her magic, this is her weak point.


Main Characters:

Sara: 18 years old, average tall, perfect body, and so curvy.
Sadistic girl, kinky and playful, but not so violent or heartless.

Loves Ass/Butt/Anal play.
Loves S&M play
Loves willingly slaves.
Loves breaking Unwilling slaves and turning them into loyal slaves.
Hates hard works.
Hates being ignored.
Loves doing her fetishes than go out, and have one childhood friend.

Gil: 22 years old, good average body, he worked part time job in the Inn near their house.

Very sexually active.
Love ass/butt/anal play.
Willing slave.
Hate feet play.
not social.

Ur:20 years old, she's tall, and slim, with long legs and curvy body she didn't continue her studies because of Sara enslaved her.

very aggressive.
Hard to break.
Hate her life.
loves cleaning.
very social and have many friends.


Sub Characters: (you can add more)

Nada: 18 Years Old, Sara’s childhood friend, very sweet personality and harmless girl. she is a little bit meaty. and average tall.

Reima: 20 years old, slim and short girl, and pervert lesbian, one of Ur’s friends.

Mai: Ur’s best friend, not so beautiful from the outside but from the inside.

Shorog: 27 years old, a motherly loving friend of Ur and she’s like an elder sister to her and her friends, Shorog have a tall and slimy and curvy body, with big breasts and hips.



-Sara is the biggest, she can't be shrink by others or shrink her self for others.
- No Giant guy. guy is the smallest, for example: Sara shrinks Gil to 2 inches tall, and Mai to 3 inches tall. or "Sara shrinks Nada to 2 inches tall and Gil and Ur to 1 inch tall.
- Slaves can have a smaller slave or a shrunken girl can have a smaller shrunken girl/guy for her. I recommended this XD, for example: Sara shrinks Nada to 3 inches tall, and shrinks shorog to the size of Nada's finger , and shrinks Gil to the size of shorog's toe.
-Other than that... go crazy XDDDD


[Thank you]

Categories: Transformation, Teenager (13-19), Butt, Young Adult 20-29, Body Exploration, Body Part, Humiliation, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Mouth Play, New World Order, Slave, Violent, Vore Characters: None

I want to read a story about someone turning into a LEGO® character then goes on an epic journey to defeat a villian. Can have any or all LEGO® sets. Must have all the categories listed below or more if you want. CAN'T END IN DEATH!!! Has to have a happy ending.

Examples of LEGO® Sets

  • LEGO® Batman
  • LEGO® Indiana Jones
  • The Lego Movie
  • LEGO® Star Wars
  • LEGO® City
  • Etc.

Categories: Object, Teenager (13-19), Young Adult 20-29, Adventure, Entrapment, New World Order Characters: None

I thought of writing a cross-over between my two stories "The Life of a Giant" and the more recent "The Final Frontier", but then I saw that you could issue challenges on this site, and I immediately thought how interesting it would be to see someone else's take on the event.


So, the challenge is, incorporate a story that involves all the main characters from the Final Frontier and "The Life of a Giant". I won't make it a requirement, but I'd prefer if Arell (the antagonist in The Final Frontier) was not evil this time around. I WILL, however, require that the stories don't get too fetishy. The Life of a Giant was not a 'fetish' story, even though it had giants in it.  So no 'insertion', unnecessary nudity, or stuff like that.


In the Life of a Giant, the giants are 150ft. In the Final Frontier, Arell, and the rest of the Avakonians, are 535ft. For the sake of simplicity, in this story, all giants will be 200ft tall.


Sort of a weird challenge, I know, but I'd be interested to see if anyone is willing to give it a whirl.







Jennifer Stark

Valerie Bradson

Lorraine Pruess

Trent Berlinger


Normal Size People:


Raymond Bradson

Charles Anders

Bradley Peterson

Todd McFinnley

Sarah LaFluer

Randy Fredrickson

Colonel Edgar Stark (I just realized that he and Jennifer share the same last name)

Kevin Ward

Alfred Bowell

Mayor Terry Trayor

Categories: New World Order, Adventure, Giantess, Gentle, Giant Characters: None
Summary: The thing is the school has a change in rules. All girls must wear short skirts, and no shirt, but the boys are 1/2 inch tall. They can't be seen and are invincible. The girls think its just a all girls school now but the boys know the truth.include a focus on one boy(maybe two) including girls of multiple personalities. Also can allow feet, teen, teacher(23-30), ass, boobs, and most importantly unaware.
Categories: Giantess Characters: None
Summary: Your sister pays you to massage her feet. You shrink yourself and do exactly what you said you would. When asked to return back to normal she destroys the devise to grow you back. She then keeps you as her pleasure slave and takes the devise that can transform you into any object. This is your story of how you became the pleasure brother.
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Giantess, Butt, Crush, Entrapment, Feet, Footwear, Gentle, Growing/Shrinking out of clothes, Humiliation, Incest, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Lesbians, Legwear, Mouth Play, Odor, Slave, Unaware, Violent, Vore, Watersports, Object Characters: None
Summary: This is based on the Hunger Games except all of the boy tributes are shrunken and have to survive while the girls fight to the death.
Categories: Giantess Characters: None

I have not seen 1 Doctor Who shrinking story anywhere. I would love someone to make a good one. My favorite pairing would be with rose and I want the whole package.

Categories: Mouth Play, Butt, Slave, Crush, Body Exploration, Feet, Insertion Characters: None
Summary: Your entire family comes to stay over for a week for the Christmas holidays. But your bratty little sister has invited her friends and doesn't want you embarrassing her. So she builds a shrink ray and zaps you with it. You shrink to 2 inches tall and is kept by your sister and her friends all week. They also make the rest of the family torture you and crush you unknowingly. Also he can be united with you hot cousin who is a gentle person but has some FUN with you. You don't die in the story. Maybe as the week goes on the torturing and crushing gets gradually worse and worse for you. Characters: Name. 15 shrunken person. Tiffany. 14 your bratty younger sister. Laura. 14 Tiffany's friend and lover. Louise. 14 Tiffany's friend. Samantha. 18 your older sister who tortured you aswell. Brittany. 16 your hot cousin. Susan. 39 your mum. Darren. 40 your dad. Annie. 23 Brittany's sister. Megan. 9 your other cousin who mistakes you for a doll and plays with you. Benny. 15 Laura's brother who is shrunk and killed. Because there's a lot of characters maybe you are shrunk a few days before everyone comes over and the girls torture you then. Or you are taken by Megan to her house and kept as a doll for your life like in gullies travels. Lots of feet, butt, panty entrapment, insertion, tangled in pubic hair, boobs, pissing, farting, shitting, and some lesbian action.
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Young Adult 20-29, Body Exploration, Butt, Gentle, Growing/Shrinking out of clothes, Humiliation, Incest, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Lesbians, Legwear, Maternal, Mouth Play, Odor, Slave, Unaware, Violent, Vore, Watersports, Object Characters: None
Summary: The first thing on this site that confused me was body exploration. I'm a vore person who enjoys biology, so I took this to be exploring the inside of someones body, not Chijinda crawling up sleeping Narue's skirt. I have yet to see many digestion vore stories, in a sense a soft vore story that doesn't end with the main character blacking out in her stomach, but rather it continues as he travels through her intestines and him beeing sqeezed out of her anus and into the toilet to be flushed, or to be washed off and literally rinse and repeat process. I don't want lesbians, bbw, fury, futanari, maternal, incest or unaware. anything else is fine. Main character must survive at least 'till he's in the sewer.
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Body Exploration, Butt, Mouth Play, Scat, Vore, Watersports Characters: None

Let's do a story with substance. Nothing TOO heavy on details, but enough to establish familiarity. Let's introduce fantasies and gimmicks so profound that they set precedents. Let's write something so immensely erotic that it can get the job done time and time again with mere suggestion. 

On a personal level what I'd like to see is a gimmick where a female(s) grows and a male(s) shrinks and the two are related somehow (one causes the other either directly or indirectly). The changes should be noticeable and abrupt, but never too much at one time. The main idea is to imply that one is walking in a cave which is gradually getting darker, yet pushing forward of their own accord; even in the face of growing danger. 

The guidelines are as follows:

Realism: Obviously it's a fantasy, but make it as believable as possible please.

Character Development: Give em a discription, a background, and some kindve agenda (visible or hidden)

Themes: I can't stress it enough that this is a story. Save the quick and sloppy stuff for another challenge. (Though I do love that as well)

Categories: Giantess Characters: None