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I want to read a story that is all about sex, humiliation(aware and unaware) and with every possible fetish or kinky stuff that may exist in your minds. No taboos, everything is allowed. You can also shit on the main character, fuck himher, change his size.l Just try to not kill the main character.

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I have a bunch of ideas and no time or talent to put them into words. Perhaps they will inspire someone to make a story! I'm really into M/f foot-dom scenarios so ultimately that's what I was looking for, but they most certainly can be adapted to other interests and kinks. Without further ado,

1) The main character's a princess in the medieval kingdom of, say, Alannia. The kingdom is populated by humans and lies next to the border of a powerful Elven empire. That empire demands that the Alannian King submits to their power and accepts the elves as the overlords. The King, however, is proud and war-loving, so he tries to fight it. The elves are having none of it and swiftly eliminate him either on the battlefield or via assassination. The queen and the older prince suffer the same fate, leaving my character as the sole heir. She's shy, timid, a bit weak-willed, so in the end she decides to end the conflict by submitting to the elves. In order to keep things in check, the elven empress sends one of her sorcerers to Alannian capital to establish more control over the newest gem in her crown. Said sorc promptly starts to change laws, traditions, and other stuff like that. The princess is not okay with this and marches into the sorc's chambers to confront him about things like "maybe Alannian gold reserves should still be stored in Alannian treasury" and "maybe we really don't need to dissolve the oldest knights' order in the country". The princess does not realize the degree of authority the sorc holds and the sorc finds it appropriate to remind her by shrinking her and stomping the pride out of her.

2) The main character's a young woman, who wants to travel before attending graduate school. Like many other recent college graduates, she's low on money. She finds out about a program, where you can be shrunken and given off to someone for some time as a "companion" in their travels. The idea is that a shrunken person doesn't need much food, airplane tickets and all that crap, so traveling's cheap. But you get to be in someone's possession. She reads reviews, which are mostly positive, and ignores those which are negative. After she signs up, she ends up as a companion to a young, handsome man, who's read the fine print and knows he's free to do whatever he wants as long as she's not physically hurt. He then might find it appropriate to put her on a leash and keep her at his feet for the entire flight...and who knows how much longer!

3) A story about a guy, who's capable of mind-control, shrinking and transformation all at once! He's having all sorts of fun with unfortunate women every day. Perhaps he sees a lovely couple and decides the girl would be better as a foot pet? No problem; shrink her, infuse her with an insatiable fetish and make them both think that's how it should be! Perhaps he goes to a movie theater, decides he likes a seat which is already occupied by a girl, shrinks her and sits on her? Or tramples her miniaturized form throughout the show? Tons of possibilities!

I have more, but this is already too long... I'll be incredibly happy if anyone uses any of these! You can also contact me at smol_eliza#2324 on Discord to talk about similar stuff if you'd like! Peace~

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This would take place in an alternate universe, where everything is basically the same, except shrinking technology is a common thing. It's used in pro wrestling all the time, and no one really has a problem with it. You can choose the wrestlers, but I would prefer that Dana Brooke be the main heel. The story would start off like any other Diva's match, but one of the Diva's would cheat and shrink the other one. They would carry the shrunken Diva away, not necessarily in her hand, and the story would go from here. I'm thinking that the unshrunken Diva would legitimately keep the smaller one, but also have on air time and make it seem like an actual wrestling storyline. Feel free to deviate from my idea, and remember that the tags are optional. That's what I like, but other stuff is A-Okay as well.

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A female scientist clones herself, but shrinks and has to get help from...herself.


I was thinking that the clone would stay unaware of the original for at least most of the story, I also thought that the clone could look younger than the original, but these are all just ideas.

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